Chapter 1232: Butchering God Sect's Leader

Wu Yu was too lazy to listen to his introduction, as he already knew. He said, "I'll be taking the king-class Imperial Residence of Jiuli Central City for a hundred years." 

"Ah!" The teenager almost screamed out loud. His face was shuddering as though he had swallowed a duck's egg. 

The deal today was shockingly huge. 

He answered immediately, "Sir, you have good taste. Let me assist you with getting the administrative matters completed. The king-class Imperial Residence of our Jiuli Central City is indeed the best. All the martial cultivators living there are the best and all of them are Dao Querying cultivators. On most days, they organize dao preaching activities and martial contests for the younger generation. The commoners can't even enter Jiuli Central City, let alone live within your king-class Imperial Residence.... It is just that the fees for a hundred years are a little high...." 

"Money isn't an issue. Just get it settled for me as soon as possible," Wu Yu said. 

"Alright! Sir, you are truly forthright!" Encountering a rich and potentially influential figure like Wu Yu brightened up Wang Yanwu's day, and he was swift in handling the matters. The city lord of Jiuli City never investigated the backgrounds of individuals behind deals like these. He knew that the more affluent the person was, the more he wouldn't like to be investigated. Therefore, Wang Yanwu wouldn't question Wu Yu's background. 

Soon, the administrative matters were completed and Wu Yu obtained the controlling core of the spirit designs of the king-class Imperial Residence. The Imperial Residence with serial number 978 would be his for the next 100 years. 

"Sir, this is your Imperial Residence. Why don't you give it a name? We will write it down!" Wang Yanwu stared at Wu Yu with envy. 

"Heaven's Equal...." Initially, Wu Yu wanted to name it “Heaven's Equal Residence.” However, he recalled he had lost the legacy of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. 

"Heaven's Equal Residence?" 

"I'll call it the Heaven Devouring Residence!" Wu Yu changed his mind. 

"How domineering!" Wang Yanwu sincerely felt so.


“Heaven Devouring Residence” and “Heaven's Equal Residence” weren't in the same league. One was just being equal to heaven, while the other was devouring it in full. 

"Sir, I'll lead you guys to the Heaven Devouring Residence right away. This is a Message Talisman to me. If you encounter any issues, even the slightest ones, you can always look for me. As long as I can help, I will never say no. If you need someone to run errands, you can call for me too." With this deal done, he would get a substantial commission. Therefore, he was unusually excited. The wealth he would receive might allow him to break through to the Dao Querying Realm. 

Although he might just be an errand guy, working for the city lord of Jiuli City was a symbol of status. When he walked out of the place, other martial cultivators would treat him with great respect. 

Wu Yu chatted with him and found him to be a great guy. Moreover, he knew Jiuli City well. If Princess You Xue and the rest had matters they didn't know of, they could look for him too. 

In front of Wu Yu, he was humble and kept a low profile. He led Wu Yu and the rest to Jiuli Central City personally. Jiuli Central City was the equivalent of a city within a city. It had elite Defensive Spirit Designs and only allowed martial cultivators that resided within to enter. Compared to other Imperial Residences, this place was indeed of higher class. Many subordinates of the city lord resided in it. 

The Heaven Devouring Residence was huge and slightly larger than the Temple of Heart and Spirit. The land was vast, with mountains, rivers, and fields that one could grow immortal essences in. There were also several large palaces that were great for cultivation. Wu Yu handed the core control of the Heaven Devouring Residence to Princess You Xue so she could form a blood bond with it to control the place. 

"This place is really great and the spiritual qi is very dense. You can wander the world at ease while we remain here." Wu You was satisfied with this place. 

This was indeed better than the Ancient Demon Realm. Not a single human could be found in the Ancient Demon Realm, and one would likely go crazy from being cooped up. 

Spending money here had bought them protection from the city lord and a vast place like this. 

Each of them chose a palace they preferred, and this place was more than enough for four. 

Wu Yu checked out the Defensive Spirit Designs and verified that they were extraordinary. He estimated even seventh tier Dao Querying cultivators couldn't forcefully break into this place. At the very least, they would take a long time to break in. 

Naturally, Wu Yu wouldn't just rely on the Defensive Spirit Designs to ensure their safety. He would also leave all his Dao Querying puppets behind. 

For example, the Elusive Firefly could be kept with them to protect them at all times. Others like the Black Phoenix, the Silver Qilin, the Golden Mystical Dragon, and the Puppet Wu Yu could be stationed here. Puppet Wu Yu could even be passed off as the real deal to follow them out. 

The city lord was only a 10th tier Dao Querying cultivator, similar to Puppet Wu Yu in battle strength. Therefore, safety wouldn't be an issue at all in Jiuli City. 

They could make friends, cultivate, and go on adventures in this place. Typically, unless they were in life-threatening dangers, Wu Yu wouldn't let Puppet Wu Yu help them out. They still required real battles and opportunities for trials. 

"Sir, I shall not intrude further. If there's any instructions, you could always look for me." Wang Yanwu left after bringing them over. Wu Yu even gave him an advanced dao treasure as a tip, shocking Wang Yanwu with his generosity. 

They took half a day to familiarize themselves with the Heaven Devouring Residence. 

Wu Yu wasn't in a hurry to leave and gathered with Wu You and the rest. They chatted and walked around as Wu Yu made arrangements for them to live in Jiuli City. Wu Yu estimated he would probably not leave the Great Ancient Ink Realm in the near future. Therefore, if there was any issue, a Message Talisman would do. 

"You will be going against an immortal in the future. You have to keep to your core and never forget about who you are," Wu You reminded. 

"Sister, rest assured. I have a clear mind now." Wu Yu nodded. He could still sense that the Ancient Emperor was making breakthroughs at an extremely quick pace. Their Primordial Spirits were in balance now. In fact, Wu Yu was starting to lag behind and had great room for improvement. 

When he got Jiu Ying, Su Yanli, Princess You Xue, and Wu You settled down, night had not fallen. Wu Yu decided to bring them around Jiuli City to familiarize them with the place. Jiuli City was huge and had grounds for various trials and trading premises. There were also lots of entertainment venues. The Full Moon of Nanshan had slipped away on his own as he knew Wu Yu would probably leave only tomorrow. 

"That guy! A leopard really doesn't change its spots!" Ye Xixi said with disdain. 

"This is his dao!" Wu Yu chuckled. 

All of a sudden, he recalled how frightening his urge to procreate was. If he was controlled by his desires, he would probably be more promiscuous than the Full Moon of Nanshan.... 

Arriving in this vast realm, Jiu Ying, Su Yanli, and Wu You were exceptionally excited. They were interested in everything and bought a large number of items. Seeing them gradually integrate into this realm, Wu Yu felt more assured. They were looking forward to their lives in this place. Obviously, they were more interested in achieving immortalhood. 

After close to six hours, they had not visited all the places in Jiuli City. This place was simply too huge. Nonetheless, they found some places for trials which they could visit frequently in the future. They also bought information on the Great Ancient Ink Realm so it would be easier for them to move around in Jiuli City in the future. This information had a clear introduction of the entire Great Ancient Ink Realm.

Soon, the sky was turning dark. The golden sun was setting, but a large part of the sky was already shrouded in complete darkness. Many shops started closing, and no one would move around at night. 

They were on their way back to the Heaven Devouring Residence. 

As for the Full Moon of Nanshan, there was nothing much to worry about. They just had to shout for him when they left. 

The people on the streets were rushing back to their homes. The night in this realm was pretty intimidating. 

"Try to move around in the dark as little as possible in the future," said Wu Yu. 

The moment he finished his words, Wu Yu felt powerful tremors. They were almost back in Jiuli Central City and could see the royal palace equivalent of the City Lord Residence a short distance away. The strong tremors were coming from that place. 

"An immortal? Ghostly immortal?" Wu Yu didn't expect to encounter an existence like this on his very first day in this place. He was curious about immortals and ghostly immortals beyond the Ancient Emperor. Therefore, he asked Ye Xixi to lead the rest of them back. 

"Big Brother Yu, be careful!" Ye Xixi reminded him. 

"Yeah." The truth was, there was nothing to be afraid of. Wu Yu had the equivalent strength of two demon immortals now. Even though he might just be at the first tier of the Longevity Immortal Realm, he was still stronger than a typical 1-Yuan heavenly immortal. 

Wu Yu only took several steps towards the City Lord Residence when that guy showed himself. In the sky above the City Lord Residence, a man in a black, long, and loose robe appeared. He had a rather emaciated stature, long, unkempt hair, and a frightening sinister aura surrounding him. He gave off the eerie vibes of someone that came from hell, and ordinary ghostly cultivators couldn't be compared with him. Wu Yu was certain he wasn't an immortal, but a ghostly immortal. 

When Wu Yu saw his face, he was certain of his identity. This person had a sinister look, his eyes were dullish green like a specter’s, and savage vibes surrounded him. His appearance couldn't be considered as gruesome, but others wouldn't dare to look him directly in the eyes. That was a level that had exceeded a mortal. Similar to a demon immortal or an immortal, he had been through a life metamorphosis. At the very least, his life span had increased from 600 years to 129,600 years. 

This person had definitely achieved immortalhood within the last 2,000 years. As long as he lived, he would have endless years ahead of him. 

Wu Yu recognized him. 

The Great Ancient Ink Realm was ruled by some elite super sects. They occupied territories and divided the world. Among which, those that could be considered as elite would at least have immortals and ghostly immortals stationed within. 

Jiuli City was protected by a sect known as the Butchering God Sect. The sect leader of the Butchering God Sect was a ghostly immortal that still remained in this realm. He had been a ghostly immortal for over 500 years and was still a 1-Yuan ghostly immortal. 

The Butchering God Sect wasn't considered elite in the Great Ancient Ink Realm. However, the Butchering God Sect's leader, Xiao Yuntian, was the ruler of this region. In this region, he was equivalent to the Ancient Emperor in the Jambu Realm. At least several hundred cities like Jiuli City were considered to be dependent on the Butchering God Sect. 

Wu Yu wondered what the Butchering God Sect's leader, Xiao Yuntian, had in mind to visit Jiuli City personally today. 

Before Wu Yu had time to ponder about it and after seeing that Xiao Yuntian had descended to a certain height, he saw the city lord of Jiuli City rushing out to welcome the arrival of the Butchering God Sect's leader before the black sun rose up in the sky. 

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