Chapter 1231: Wang Yanwu

Regarding the suns and moons, Wu Yu noted that only the Ancient Demon Realm and the Jambu Realm were alike.

The Stellar Realm, the Divine Battle Realm, and even the Great Ancient Ink Realm they were now in were all different.

The Great Ancient Ink Realm had no moon, only a black sun and a golden sun.

When the golden sun was in the sky, it was day. When the black sun was in the sky, it was night. The night here was especially dark, because the black sun absorbed light. Even if everyone in the Great Ancient Ink Realm was a cultivator, they would still be affected by the darkness.

For now, those like Su Yanli could not even see very far. Perhaps only Wu Yu could move freely without creating any light. 

He knew that when the black sun was in ascension, it was night for the Great Ancient Ink Realm, and people seldom moved about here.

Just like the mortals of Dong Yue Wu, who were unable to go out without candlelight.

Here in the Great Ancient Ink Realm, even if one used candlelight or other light sources, most of it would be absorbed by the black sun.

Therefore, nights in the Great Ancient Ink Realm were very inconvenient, and few moved about.

The phrase "the dark night and howling wind promises a murderous night" came to mind.

"Near here, there is a castle called Jiuli City. It is huge, and has more than 3 million people usually. It is governed by a city lord, and is much more peaceful than the wilderness. The spiritual qi there is rather dense as well. It is not far from here. I will arrange for you all to go there to cultivate, and you can make friends there as well."

They obviously had no objections to Wu Yu's arrangements.

Given Wu Yu's speed, Jiuli City was only a quarter of an hour away. If anything happened to them, they could quickly return to the Stellar Realm via the Gateway to the Stellar Realm and then beg Yueling Xuan for passage to reach this place again, before heading to Jiuli City. It was faster than Wu Yu's return from other places in the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

Besides, Jiuli City was a rather large city, enough to meet all their cultivation needs. Here, anything was for sale, and anything could be traded. The spiritual qi was also tens of times more dense than in the Jambu Realm. Even Princess You Xue's Dark North Capital paled in comparison by far to such a cultivation environment.

Wu Yu would brief them on the basic information about the Great Ancient Ink Realm. With their wits about them and Wu Yu's help, they would grow very quickly.

"All the territory in Jiuli City belongs to the city lord. His ancestors created it, and it has endured until today. If you wish to stay in Jiuli City, you can either pay hefty rental fees or choose the better way, which is to ‘buy property’ directly from the city lord. Of course, you do not buy for eternity, but only for a certain time limit, say 10 years or 50 years. Within the bought period, the property belongs to us. It is all equipped with Defensive Spirit Designs that we control. Besides that, buying property from the city lord also grants us protection. Others cannot barge into our property without authority."

Wu Yu knew all of this from the person that he had devoured.

This was the social structure of the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

There were no immortal kingdoms here, unlike the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Instead, like the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, they had sects that made up the world. There were many sects here, and the powerful ones were controlled by immortals or ghostly immortals. Some sects had also created their own cities, which were protected by the sects. There were big and small cities - the bigger of which were more stable. There were also smaller towns and hamlets, which were basically martial cultivators bunching together to fend off dangers.

Jiuli City was a well-established city that was protected by the Butchering God Sect. The leader of the Butchering God Sect was a ghostly immortal.

Although he was a ghostly immortal, Jiuli City mostly consisted of martial cultivators, and the Jiuli City Lord was also a martial cultivator. Ghostly cultivators were a slightly weaker force in the Great Ancient Ink Realm, but when they joined forces, they were nothing to be trifled with.

There were many cities like Jiuli City in the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

With Jiuli City as their home base, it would be easy for them to blend into society.

Wu Yu led them towards Jiuli City. They could not see anything, and only knew that they had arrived when they saw a huge, black shadow on the horizon.

"It's night, so the city gates are all sealed and the Great City Protecting Spirit Design has been activated. We can't go in for now. We'll go in at sunrise. Let me tell you about this world first."

After all, if the four of them were to stay here, Wu Yu would have to help them blend in. It was best for them to know some simple things, or others would suspect. Wu Yu did not want them to spend all day at home either. Cultivation required interaction with others.

Princess You Xue and the others all listened intently.

As the black sun crept westwards, the golden sun slowly rose from the east. When the golden sun cleared the horizon, the world slowly started to light up. One could see the thick gates, dozens of zhang high, gradually opening.

And then the city guards came out, manning the gates, and the flow of people began. They were all martial cultivators, and the middle-aged ones were at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm or Dao Querying Realm. Elite experts were everywhere. Su Yanli and the others were considered weak here.

Luckily, the people of the Great Ancient Ink Realm did not look noticeably different from those in the Jambu Realm.

Wu Yu's troupe of seven headed in as well. He knew that the city guards only did a cursory check, unless there was a criminal on the loose. Otherwise, they just sat here to keep the order.


Many of these guards were at the Dao Querying Realm. They were all courageous and loved fighting. Of course, being able to work for the Jiuli City Lord gave them an arrogance that warned the crowds not to bother them.

Jiuli City was fairly huge. Although not as big as the Immortal's Capital, it was about the same size as the Dark North Capital. The city walls were inscribed with many spirit designs. This entire city was built out of spirit designs. Its defenses had nothing to do with the rock walls - the Jiuli City Lord's ancestors had left these spirit designs behind, and they were the real treasures.

Wu Yu's bunch was all youngsters, and they looked odd, drawing quite a few looks. As they walked past, even the city guards threw a few glances their way. But because the leader, Wu Yu, looked quite unsettling, they did not dare to look for trouble either. After all, powerful people often appeared here. Some were usually very low-profile, but if you crossed their path, not even the city lord could protect you.

They had learned such street smarts after all these years. Under no circumstances disturb the strange folk. Therefore, although they had quite a few beauties in the group, the city guards and onlookers held themselves back.

Wu Yu walked into Jiuli City and saw that the scale of spirit designs surpassed the Dark North Capital's. It was about the same as the Immortal's Capital, although it was but an ordinary castle city. Although it was not as big as the Immortal's Capital, it was built on a place overflowing with spiritual qi. There were probably underground spirit veins that caused the spiritual qi to be manifold that of the Immortal's Capital's. This was the greatest difference from the Immortal's Capital. It was also why Wu Yu had brought them here.

Normally, there were 3 million martial cultivators in this city. They had plenty of opponents to train against and could grow slowly. They could participate in all sorts of events, train, and also have many people to exchange dao with. In addition, the wealth and resources that Wu Yu had given them would put them in good stead.

When they entered, they passed through all sorts of streets, seeing all sorts of shops selling dao treasures, immortal essences, immortal medicines, precious treasures, talismans, and other valuables. There were also inns where one could stay for a few nights. Wu Yu felt like he had returned to the Immortal's Capital. It was indeed a bustling place. There were especially many inns.

This was because when the black sun was up, it was pitch black. If one was assaulted on the streets, you wouldn't even know who had killed you. Murder and robbery were constantly happening, and the city guards could not possibly patrol against them. Therefore, they would simply look for the bodies when the sun rose. If one did not have strength or wealth, one could not possibly stay in a large city like this.

Wu Yu first needed to establish a base in this place. Therefore, he sought out a place called the Designation and Planning Hall of the Black Jade District. The place he was in was part of the Black Jade District in Jiuli City. Because it was built by the ancestors of the city lord, they were fully furnished with Defensive Spirit Designs. They were sold to the martial cultivators to stay in. They were called auxiliary palaces, and also property. Wu Yu wanted to buy an auxiliary palace. As for the place of sale, it was the Designation and Planning Hall.

He naturally wanted to buy the best.

The Designation and Planning Hall was huge. Even after he entered, the grand architecture and glittering jewels spoke of wealth.

Those that could buy auxiliary palaces in Jiuli City were definitely people who could handle themselves. Therefore, as he walked in, a person immediately came to attend to him. This person wore purple robes and his features were handsome. He was not old, perhaps a youth at the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. He looked like a sharp and alert person, and anyone who could work here was definitely competent and also someone of influence.

He immediately took in the white hair and red eyes, which made him feel a pang of fear. He asked, "Great one, are you in need of an auxiliary palace?"

Wu Yu nodded.

This youth was experienced. He knew immediately that this sale would go through.

Because Wu Yu had breezed in with a powerful aura, and all the people with him looked noble indeed. He was definitely a rich one.

"This humble creature is called Wang Yanwu. I am a minor official here. Does the great one know about the properties that our city lord offers? I wonder, which sort are you looking for? Of course, you get what you pay for. The most expensive have the best Defensive Spirit Designs and are the safest. The city lord will even personally assign people to patrol it, to prevent intrusions. For example, Jiuli Central City's auxiliary palaces are closest to the city lord’s residence...."

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