Chapter 1230: A Vast World

Returning to Ancient Demon Realm, the party had swelled to seven.

When the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others saw that Wu Yu had even brought Princess You Xue back, they knew that Luo Pin was fine.

If something had happened to her, then the devastated Wu Yu would not have the presence of mind to pick up Princess You Xue "along the way."

The party was now seven, all youngsters, three guys and four girls.

Of course, Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi were on different levels in cultivation level and fighting ability. Therefore, their paths in the future were different.

Wu Yu and the other two might quickly reach immortalhood and head for the 8,000 Sky Palaces.

As for the rest, Wu Yu would only keep them in the Great Ancient Ink Realm, where they would try to attain immortality.

Wu You, Jiu Ying, Princess You Xue, and Su Yanli were all young. Amongst them, Princess You Xue was the most accomplished. Wu Yu had brought her along so that she could also take care of the others.

At least they were now in the Great Ancient Ink Realm. In addition, the cornucopia of resources that Wu Yu could provide them would make it fairly likely that they could attain immortality, especially Princess You Xue.

Wu Yu had already told them of his plan.

The four of them knew that Wu Yu had his own goals and that he could not stay in one place forever.

They were all full of enthusiasm about the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

It was different from the Ancient Demon Realm. The Ancient Demon Realm had beautiful scenery, but not the makings of a society. The population consisted only of feral demons that could not even adopt human form.

As for the Great Ancient Ink Realm, there were also demons, but they were like the demons in the Jambu Realm. There, Jiu Ying's bloodline was also considered rare.

However, because there were no demon immortals present, demons were not held in great esteem in the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

"Let's go."

For them, who had come from the Jambu Realm, the Great Ancient Ink Realm was truly special. Even the Full Moon of Nanshan had not been to Stellar Realm before.

Wu Yu took out the Gateway to the Stellar Realm.

And then he brought them all to a new space.

It was just like Wu Yu's own reaction when he had come to this world for the first time. When they saw the beautiful Stellar Realm, the starry sky, and the five moons, they all oohed and aahed, especially the four girls.

It was too beautiful.

"If not for the fact that this world only has stellar glint and no spiritual qi, I would want to stay here," Ye Xixi said with shining eyes.

"It's indeed beautiful. Magical... especially those five moons. When I was at the small kingdom of Dong Yue Wu, I didn't even know that such a vast world existed...." The most profoundly impacted by the vastness of the Heavenly Domain was Wu You. 

Princess You Xue looked at Wu Yu. She knew that without him, she would never have been able to see such a world. She could not possibly have known so much.

To think that back then, she had agreed to the Soul Manipulation Blood Design to save her life - that was undoubtedly the right choice.

As for Jiu Ying and Su Yanli, they were from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, so their world view was even narrower than Princess You Xue's. Therefore, they were also profoundly shaken.

"The Stellar Realm is like the Jambu Realm - one of 90,000 lesser realms. Next, we will be heading to one of the 3,000 greater realms, called the Great Ancient Ink Realm. Although it is not as pretty, it is even more majestic."

Seeing their satisfaction, Wu Yu was happy as well. It was just like his own first reaction. He wanted Wu You to be like him and live for a long while. He wanted those who had helped him out before, his friends, to all see such a day. And now he had done it.

His only regret was that Feng Xueya, who he had wanted to repay the most, was gone. Luckily, Su Yanli was still around. She was Feng Xueya's disciple, one whom he had doted on like a daughter. Perhaps their master would be comforted by this.

The group went to the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect, but this time Wu Yu did not barge in. He showed Yueling Xuan some face by asking for an audience at the door of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect. Seeing Wu Yu like this, the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect people were very anxious. In less than 10 breaths of time, Yueling Xuan had come huffing over, angry and vexed at seeing Wu Yu again. "Didn't you go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm?! Why...."

She had thought that she was rid of Wu Yu. She was fearful to see him again.

"I'm sorry. This time, I wanted to bring some kin and friends over, so I have to trouble you once more. Don't worry. I just want to go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. I will not disturb you." This time, Wu Yu had controlled himself, and spoke very politely to Yueling Xuan.

"You...." Yueling Xuan was definitely conflicted. She felt exceptionally shamed by the incident previously. Fortunately, Wu Yu had left, but now he had appeared again, and seemed like he would continue to come frequently. She did not know how to deal with her feelings.

"Sect Leader, here is a gift for your troubles." Wu Yu pulled out a seraphic dao treasure from his Sumeru Pouch. It was a necklace that shone like the stars. It was beautiful, and many of the Stellar Tribe members gasped upon seeing it.

"I hope that this establishes our friendship. I'm sorry that I have to trouble the Sect Leader again," Wu Yu said very sincerely, fastening the Purple Star onto her slim wrist.

"I...." The mighty Beckoning Moon Sword Sect leader was at a loss before Wu Yu, unsure of what to say.

"Sis." Yueling Yi had come forth as well. She also knew about the previous incident. Back then, Yueling Xuan had been acting strange when she emerged, and later she had assured her that nothing had happened.

But she suspected otherwise. And now, watching them both, she suspected Wu Yu of having done something bad!

But she was also afraid of Wu Yu.

"Follow me, then." Yueling Xuan coughed once. She stowed the seraphic dao treasure without a word, then struggled to maintain the dignity of a sect leader with an emotionless face. She turned and went towards Snowy Moon Valley.

"Many thanks to the Sect Leader!"

Wu Yu led his party after her.

Along the way, the Full Moon of Nanshan asked with a sly glance, "Not right. Something's not right! Those two beauties are both interested in you! Especially that sect leader! How her heart raced when she saw you! Did you do something naughty to her!?" 

"Don't talk nonsense."

"Fufu. Given my expertise on beauties, you must have. I say, I couldn't tell, Old Wu. You're normally so upright. When no one else is around, you're such a player." The Full Moon of Nanshan opened his fan of babes and chuckled gleefully.

"Rubbish. Big Brother Yu is not that kind of wanton person like you," Ye Xixi said.

"Oh you little girl, you don't know his true self."

"I know your true self!"

Actually, Wu You and the others were rather reserved, and even Jiu Ying trended shy. However, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were different. They laughed and chattered, easing the tense atmosphere. They knew how to make the road go easier.

"Sis, that Wu Yu really didn't do anything to you, right?" Yueling Yi asked quietly.

"I already said he didn't. Stop talking nonsense."

"No, I mean, if he did, you can't let him go. See, he's got so many vixens flocking about him. You have to snare him with your charms. I think you look much better than them."

"Stop your nonsense!" Yueling Xuan huffed.

"Alright." Yueling Yi stuck out her tongue. She looked back at Wu Yu and sniffed.

At Snowy Moon Valley, Yueling Xuan and Yueling Yi went in together, with Wu Yu and his group following behind.

Yueling Yi kept looking around, as though trying to detect some trace of Wu Yu's "crimes" from before.

But before she found anything, they reached the entrance.

"Sis, I want to go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm to take a look as well."

"Be reasonable. There's no stellar glint there, and you can't reach immortalhood there. You can't go."


Yueling Yi could only watch as Wu Yu's group went in.

As Wu Yu left, he said to Yueling Xuan, "Sect Leader, if I have to trouble you again, I will come to you directly. Don't worry. I won't have so many people with me next time." 

"Next time?" Yueling Xuan was stunned. So he would come again.

She was both ticked off and curiously happy. A conflicting feeling.

"You wouldn't happen to have taken a liking to him, would you?" Yueling Yi suddenly narrowed her eyes.

"Shut your mouth, you," Yueling Xuan said crossly.

"Take out that present for a look. A love declaration," Yueling Yi said slyly.

"Didn't you get a sword last time too?"

"That's different. You lied to get it. He's such a sincere guy, why would you trick him?"



They again passed through the Stellar Realm to reach the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

Compared to the Stellar Realm, the Great Ancient Ink Realm was not as beautiful. However, there were a few other adjectives that were more suitable.

Which were: grand, majestic, vast, impressive, serious.

The entire world was rigid.

The entire world was sturdy and practical.

Of course, the most obvious difference was the spiritual qi. They had first experienced the spiritual qi at the Ancient Demon Realm, which was several times more dense than that of the Jambu Realm, before they had come here. There was a transition of sorts.

The Great Ancient Ink Realm's spiritual qi was at least 10 times more dense than that of the Ancient Demon Realm's, even in the wild!

This meant it was dozens of times more than the Jambu Realm, and that one was dozens of times more likely to reach immortalhood here.

The first time they came to this world, even the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi found it difficult to adapt to, let alone Jiu Ying and the others. After all, they had come from the Stellar Realm, which was starved of spiritual qi.

It was like going from hell to heaven.

"This world is a miracle." Jiu Ying was not good with words, but his description was spot on.

For him, it was indeed a miraculous place. Given his bloodline, rising to demon immortal was definitely possible.

Besides, there was a difference from the last time that Wu Yu came.

Last time, the black sun had been setting in the west, while the golden sun had been rising in the east.

And this time, there was no golden sun. There was only the black sun.

The black sun was in the center of the sky.

The black sun did not radiate light, but absorbed it.

Therefore, there was not much light to see - the whole sky remained pitch black.

It was like night in the mortal realm.

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