Chapter 0123: Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword

He could be seen pondering deeply for just a quick moment.

Perhaps Yang Qing's death had affected him tremendously. He turned his head towards Lan Huayi and spoke, "What you've said isn't wrong. We have to protect our posterity. But do you have a complete plan? Once they leave the Bipo Mountain Range, things might be even more dangerous."

Lan Huayi dryly replied, "I have already planned for it. Naturally, I know how to help them leave safely. Even today, our borders are probably being watched by our enemies. We have to personally escort them and let them enter the Sky Region Forest. Furthermore, it has to be done on foot, not on Immortal Cranes and Heavenly Cloud Rocs, towards the East Imperial Kingdom. So long as they hide within the Sky Region Forest, Jiang Xie will be searching for a needle in a haystack." 

If one were to head west from the Bipo Mountain Range, not too far away was a pristine and unblemished area known as the Sky Region Forest. Although it was called a forest, it was actually a group of mountains where within grew numerous trees that were incomparably large and tall. It was as though it was a world of giants. It was said that in the center of the forest could be found a tree over 100 zhang tall. It was almost as large as a mountain. 

This was a place where mortals could not reach.

Passing through the Sky Region Forest would allow one to arrive at the East Imperial Kingdom.

"East Imperial Kingdom?" Upon hearing this name, the look in the listeners' eyes changed.

"If we were to lose the Bipo Mountain Range, the bountiful and ever-changing East Imperial Kingdom would indeed be a good place for them to develop." Elder Shentu nodded.

"If we were to personally protect and escort them into the Sky Region Forest, it would be possible to evade the eyes of our watchers. Once they have entered the forest, even if we would like to search for them, it would be exceedingly difficult, even more so for Jiang Xie himself. Furthermore, I feel that we should let a single elder accompany them and let them enter the East Imperial Kingdom," Lan Huayi continued.

It was true that her plan seemed almost foolproof.

All of this was to leave the Heavenly Sword Sect a way out.

She knew that Feng Xueya was extremely protective of his own. After personally witnessing the death of his disciple, their points of view should not differ.

Understandably, after a moment of deep thought, Feng Xueya replied, "Then let us do as you propose. However, given the disciples' personalities, I do not believe that they would choose to leave."

Lan Huayi gave a mirthless smirk. "They are just a bunch of kids. Just come up with a few excuses and trick them. You don't need to worry. You can calmly reinforce the 10,000 Swords Formation."

It had taken this many years before they could come to a mutual understanding. 

Feng Xueya paused for a moment, his gaze finally resting upon Elder Shentu.

"Shentu, I leave this task of escorting the disciples to the Royal Palace to you."

Yet Elder Shentu seemed shocked before he hurriedly replied, "Sect Leader, I want to stay here...."

"Protect them. This is a task of even greater importance. Once they have arrived safely, if we have yet to lose, you can rush back and assist us. That would not be too late."

"Alright then...."

This was a direct order.

Feng Xueya then once again immersed himself in his thoughts. Only once he was convinced that his plan had no holes did he allow Lan Huayi to continue with the preparations. He knew that Lan Huayi was only concerned with Lan Boli and Lan Shuiyue's wellbeing before coming up with such an idea. Night Wishes for Snow and Wu Yu tagging along was just an afterthought. 

However, to leave behind some seeds for the Heavenly Sword Sect was indeed the most important of tasks.

After all, the battle here at the Bipo Mountain Range would be one to the death. 


Several days later, Wu Yu was in the final stages of cultivating the Inner Vajra Buddha. All of a sudden, Night Wishes for Snow, Su Yanli, and Mo Shishu had rushed over on their Immortal Cranes to wake Wu Yu up.

Night Wishes for Snow said, "The Sect-Protector has asked the four of us to come and see her. Let's go."

"Alright." Wu Yu immediately made haste to his Immortal Beast Garden and grabbed an Immortal Crane before ascending to the skies. The group of them then made way to the never-before-visited Stained Glass Sky Peak.

This was the one mountain on the Bipo Mountain Range that possessed a snowy peak.

"We have no idea why Master has summoned us; we were in the midst of discussing why," Su Yanli told Wu Yu.

Mo Shishu gently fanned himself and spoke vulgarly, "If I guessed right, it must be that Lan Huayi wants to betrothe Lan Boli to Eldest Brother and match Lan Shuiyue to Junior Brother. It will be a cause for celebration. It's only a pity that Su Yanli and I are still single. Perhaps we can get together as well..."

"You can go and find a hundred female junior disciples for yourself." Su Yanli couldn't be bothered with him.

Of course, he was merely joking. There must have been something serious that was happening.

Flying their Immortal Cranes, they arrived at Stained Glass Sky Peak not long after. They dismounted at the bottom of the mountain and proceeded on foot upwards towards the Stained Glass Palace. When one looked up, the palace was akin to the crowning jewel of that mountain.

"We're here."

The gates of the palace had already been left open for them.

When they entered this pristine and beautiful palace, they discovered that Lan Huayi was sitting on the throne above. Below her were her four disciples. Lan Shuiyue was there, and Wu Yu had not seen her for some time. Even today, when she saw Wu Yu, she did not dare to look at him directly.

"Since everyone is here, I will get to the topic at hand." Lan Huayi's gaze swept past everyone, yet it seemed as though it lingered slightly longer upon Night Wishes for Snow and Wu Yu.

Following which, she spoke again. "I have an extremely crucial task for the group of you."

The eight of them listened on with rapt attention.

They were truly the group that was both the youngest and most outstanding amongst their peers.

"All of you might know that our Heavenly Sword Sect will enter a battle of life and death against three parties. The strongest combatants are those who possess the power of the Jindan. Thus, we also need to obtain the strength of an additional Jindan combatant. In this period of time, I have been in contact with a Jindan expert. He has agreed to help us, but we have to satisfy one of his conditions."


This was a great thing. Yet they did not understand what any of this had to do with them.

Lan Huayi continued to explain, "He is an eccentric. He only seeks to raise disciples. Till today, he has had ten, and all of them are geniuses amongst geniuses. His conditions are as such: if the Sect Leader and my disciples are stronger than his, he will be willing to help us. Since time is tight, you have to immediately go and challenge them."

For a brief moment, the eight of them stared at each other in dismay.

Night Wishes for Snow replied, "Sect-Protector, a question. Just how trustworthy are his words? We only need to prove that we are stronger than his disciples?"

Lan Huayi nodded her head. "Exactly. This is an old friend of the Sect Leader, and they have not been in contact for a while. He simply wants to let our disciples spar."

Such a person existed in this world? How strange indeed.

However, this world was wide and vast, and eccentrics came in all shapes and sizes.

Wu Yu had always wanted to help in some way, and it seemed as though the opportunity had finally arrived.

"In just a moment, the Sect Leader and I will personally send you to the Sky Region Forest, and Elder Shentu will escort you to the East Imperial Kingdom to find this person. As we are afraid of being discovered by the Zhongyuan Dao Sect and the demons, you will not be taking your Immortal Cranes and will get to the East Imperial Kingdom on foot. As time is tight, your task is crucial. The Sect Leader and I will stay here temporarily to protect the sect and thus cannot escort you the entire distance."

Looking at Lan Huayi's serious face, it truly seemed that the situation was at a turning point.

"Go back and prepare your things. The three of us will await you at the Stone Gate of a Thousand Swords. Go!"

After speaking, she got off the throne and left through the door. A blue light flashed, signifying that she had already made her way towards the Stone Gate of a Thousand Swords.

The group had suddenly been burdened with an immense task, and everyone found it hard to accept.

Night Wishes for Snow said, "This is a critical task. We cannot waste time. If you do not need to make preparations, head directly for the Stone Gate of a Thousand Swords."

Frankly speaking, there was not much to prepare, as everyone's treasures were already on hand.

"Boli, how about your side?" Night Wishes for Snow asked.

"We are heading there directly." Lan Boli gave a warm smile. Yet in it could be seen traces of bitterness. 


In a brief moment, with the two eldest disciples leading the way, the group of eight arrived at the Stone Gate of a Thousand Swords. They had been moving covertly and thus not much of a disturbance was made. When they arrived, Feng Xueya and Elder Shentu were already there. 

"Master." Wu Yu and his seniors approached.

Feng Xueya looked at them. "Elder Shentu will explain the rest of the details. Remember to stay safe and just aim to defeat your opponents. If you are unable to, do not blame yourself. You are the Heavenly Sword Sect's disciples. You are the unyielding and unfearing sword cultivators. In the future, do not let your master down."

This situation was getting urgent, and everyone felt restless.

The silver lining was that they were able to assist the Heavenly Sword Sect in a time of need. This would be a grand battle, and everyone's hearts were ablaze. This would very likely determine the fate of the sect, and all of it rested upon them.

"Wu Yu."

Feng Xueya suddenly called for him.

"Respected Master!"

Feng Xueya reached into his Sumeru Pouch and retrieved the immortal root that Wu Yu had found in the Valley of Immortal Fate. "I have spent some time investigating this object, and it truly is an immortal root. However, I do not know what sort of immortal root it is. If you reach the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm and wish to use this as your immortal root, it is purely up to you."

Wu Yu understood now.

It might be an immortal root, but no one knew what its use was, whether it would be an excellent one or a mediocre one.

However, just by seeing the strength of the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike, its foundations could not be bad.

Following which, Feng Xueya took out another object from his Sumeru Pouch. It was a sword. When the sword appeared, even Night Wishes for Snow seemed to be startled by its presence. 

The left half of the sword was pure black, while the right half of the sword was pure white. It was a longsword immortal treasure. The sword was extremely broad and wide and seemed to weigh over 30,000 catties,[1] and it possessed an Immortal Treasure Spirit Design. The design was emblazoned on the edge of the blade. Just by looking at it, one could feel its skyrending sword qi. It was clear that this sword was a lot more awesome than the Golden Bauble of Day.

"This is the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword. It possesses a Heavenly Yin Formation and a Heavenly Yang Formation, a twin formation that allows its might to exude in all four directions. It's extremely fitting for your Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike. Hereafter, this is now yours."

Wu Yu felt extremely touched as he received this sword.


This could even be separated into two distinct blades, one black and one white. Both swords were narrow blades, sharp as thorns.

"Let's go."

Before Wu Yu could inspect the weapon, Feng Xueya shooed them on. They did not use the Immortal Cranes but proceeded on foot. Once they had gotten past the Stone Gate of a Thousand Swords, they immediately rushed west.

While traveling, Wu Yu asked Night Wishes for Snow, "Senior Brother, what kind of place is the East Imperial Kingdom?"

"It is the eastern nexus of the entire Dong Sheng Divine Continent. It is a place where martial cultivators congregate. There are innumerable experts, and also mighty cultivators who have surpassed the Jindan realm." Night Wishes for Snow's eyes also seemed to contain some yearning at this point.


It looked as though what was ahead would be a splendid experience.

After receiving the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword, Wu Yu was absolutely bursting with excitement for the future.

1. TL Note: One catty is 600 grams.

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