Chapter 1229: Schrdinger's Cat

Wu Yu waited for four days to pass.

Given how weak the Primordial Spirit of his real body was, it had entered hibernation, so Wu Yu basically treated the Heaven Devouring Avatar as his real body now.

It was not as complicated as before. A lot more straightforward.

When he used the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm as the key for the Gateway to the Jambu Realm, he was still a little nervous as he prepared to return.

Not because of the Ancient Emperor.

The Ancient Emperor's real body might still be on its way from the Pu Yuan Sky Palace. He evidently could not stay at the Pu Yuan Sky Palace for long.

Whether he returned or not, he could not easily deal with Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar without any blackmail. Wu Yu could leave when he wanted.

And after splitting off a huge part of his immortal spirit, his real body would definitely be much weaker.

Wu Yu was even confident that in the near future, he would return to the Jambu Realm and kill the Ancient Emperor's real body here.

The fluttering of his heart was due to the result.

Whether Luo Pin had managed to attain immortality.

He used the Gateway to the Jambu Realm to enter the Jambu Realm. He appeared in the sky above the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

The immortal-level fight had not brought about many changes to the mortal world.

Perhaps if he returned to the Immortal's Capital now, he would still be Emperor Yu in the eyes of the Yan Huang Tribe.

After all, immortals and mortals walked in different worlds. Mortals were ignorant of the grave changes that had shaken the Jambu Realm.

As Wu Yu headed for the East Sea, it seemed like the Ancient Emperor had not yet returned from the Pu Yuan Sky Palace.

In these four days, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar grew easier and easier to control. He guessed that his body was improving greatly. He might even have passed dao calamities. The immortal spirit's continuous growth made Wu Yu's devouring capacity reach a fairly high ceiling.

He was very alert and did not feel very hungry at all. Seeing beauties also did not make him lose his reason like before.

This could only mean that any enemies he devoured would instantly make him stronger.

But he was still nervous and jumpy.

He came closer to the East Sea, where the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas was.

The sea region was very peaceful.

There were few sea region demons in the east, and many ordinary fish and prawns.

The marine life in the sea looked free as they swam about. In reality, there was death everywhere - the larger fishes ate the smaller fishes, who ate the shrimp.

The ocean world was also where the strong ate the weak.

This rule held true throughout the entire Heavenly Domain, including the 8,000 Sky Palaces.

But he was still distracted.

He was afraid.

Afraid of Luo Pin failing.

The Great Trial of the Immortal Dao was inevitable, and he could not help at all.

All he could do was wait for the result.

If she failed, the blow would be even greater to Wu Yu than losing his real body.

Much, much greater.

His real body still stood a good chance. But if she died during the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, she would be gone forever.

Wu Yu might feel like half of his life had disappeared.

The closer he got, the more scared and flustered he felt.

Towards the end, even his breathing had all but stopped.

Before, with Ming Long by his side to talk to him, he could take his mind off things. But now he was alone.

"Forget it. The result is already out. I'll just go get it over with!"

He could not bear the suspense, so he charged madly towards the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas at his fastest speed. Before long, the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation was before his eyes.

"Luo Pin."

Wu Yu said hoarsely as he stood before the spirit design, his heart thumping furiously.

For a while, no one responded, but there was a stirring inside. Evidently, he had been heard.

Wu Yu could hear his own heart beating loudly.

Thump, thump, thump!

The entire world was silent.

His eyes were wide. It felt like all sound had been erased from the world.

"Who is it?"

The fog before him changed and the spirit design turned transparent. A few mystical dragons appeared, and their leader was no longer Luo Pin, but the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon.

Behind him were the seven Esteemed Elders and an assortment of mystical dragons, large and small.

This meant that the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao had already taken place.

Wu Yu could still smell the scent of a difficult trial in the air.

"Where is Luo Pin?" Wu Yu could hardly breathe.

They were looking at him with hatred and loathing, but no sorrow.

"Wu Yu! You're not dead! You're still a great enemy of the mystical dragons. You dare to come to Dragon Palace of the Four Seas? Are you disrespecting us? The Ancient Emperor will return at any time and slay you for good!"

The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon snapped at him.

"I asked you WHERE IS LUO PIN!?" Wu Yu roared.

He was the man who stood at the apex of the food chain. His roar shook the entire Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation and sparked fear in the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon and the others.

The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon was also intimidated by the white-haired, red-eyed man. They still remembered that this was the body which Wu Yu had used to fight the Ancient Emperor.

Therefore, even though they were in Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, they were still a little afraid. But actually, Wu Yu no longer had the Somersault Cloud and therefore could not enter.

"Give up! A day ago, our Dragon Lord successfully passed it! She has ascended to heaven and is a heavenly immortal! You can no longer touch her! Give up on her! From now on, you won't be able to meet again!"

"A toad trying to wed a swan. Dream on."


"How could our Dragon Lord be with an enemy like you? Give up! She only wants to kill you!"

The mystical dragons heaped scorn and abuse on him.

But while they were raining insults on him, Wu Yu was instead laughing loudly.

Because he had already received the news he wanted.

He turned to leave, filling the seas with his laughter.

He was in no hurry to depart, instead heading towards the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

"She has succeeded."

He did not know what sort of tribulations she had been through.

She had indeed changed, accomplishing the most important step in one's life.

She had succeeded, and her future would be limitless.

Just this alone was enough to please Wu Yu.

He was truly happy for her. Whether he succeeded or failed in the future, at least she would be well.

That was enough.

He knew that she would never surrender her oath to reunite in the sky palaces.

Therefore, he could not give up either.

Joy and surprise flooded his heart. A few days ago, he had found a new and more intense goal - revenge!

And now another goal - to reunite in the sky palaces - burned just as strongly alongside.

His desire for this goal was similar to his urges to devour or procreate.

In the ocean, he had traveled a long way, allowing the cool seawater to soothe his mental state back to calm.

He knew that he should be on his way. Because she had gone on ahead in the struggle, and he could not lag behind. After all, he was the man.

Besides, the Ancient Emperor was also furiously improving his body.

He prepared to return to the Jambu Realm to bring a group of people to the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

Before he went, he wanted to bring Princess You Xue with him. She was his ally. Before Wu Yu headed to the Dark North Kingdom, the two had already communicated. He briefly told her of all that had happened.

Wu Yu had not truly died, and so she could live.

"Actually, I've been very uneasy all this while. So something big did happen."

Wu Yu asked her, "If you stay here, you can take your father's place in the future and become the Dark North emperor without any issues. If you go with me, I will bring you to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. There, your chances will improve tenfold, and you can also return. What do you choose?"

Princess You Xue's eyes were brimming with tears. "Of course I will come with you. This place is dead boring. I want to see the world outside. I'll go talk to my daddy. He will definitely agree."

Also, if she did not wish to stay there, she could definitely return here. It was no hardship for Wu Yu to send her back.

Before long, Princess You Xue came back with an answer. Her father had agreed.

She knew how to tell the Dark Sea Emperor what had happened in a way that elided over the struggle between Wu Yu and the Ancient Emperor. Otherwise, the Dark Sea Emperor would have jumped out of his skin with shock.

After Wu Yu reached the Dark North Kingdom, the Dark Sea Emperor personally escorted his daughter out. Princess You Xue stepped out into the night breeze in a black dress. Her inky eyes were grave and clear. Wu Yu was familiar with every part of her body. She was indeed a beauty.

"Emperor Yu, I entrust my daughter to you. You must take care of her," the Dark Sea Emperor said.

"Daddy, don't worry. I'm going out to see the world,” Princess You Xue said coyly.

"Alright. I won't bother you youngsters. But your father has less than 100 years to live. Remember to come and see me before I die. Let me know if you’ve reached immortalhood." The Dark Sea Emperor had tears in his eyes.

He was still quite unwilling to part.

However, he had to send Princess You Xue away. This could be her chance to reach immortalhood. That was his dream! But it was too difficult for him now. He could live vicariously through his daughter.

"Treat her well," the Dark Sea Emperor said to Wu Yu.

"Dad." Princess You Xue was blushing at his words, as though Wu Yu was absconding with her.

"Don't worry." Wu Yu was also thinking that she would have a better chance in the Great Ancient Ink Realm, and he was willing to give his friends better chances.

"No time like the present. We'll be leaving now. Don't worry, it is easy to return," Wu Yu said to him.

There was actually one more thing that Wu Yu had not said.

The next time he came back, he might first put aside some time to kill the real body of the Ancient Emperor.

This time, the Ancient Emperor was absent.

But the next time, he would definitely kill him.

Afterwards, returning would be easy.

As the Dark Sea Emperor sent them off, Wu Yu prepared to return to the Ancient Demon Realm, with Princess You Xue in tow.

He looked to the south. Nangong Wei was still at the Nanyin Demon Continent.

"A pity that I can't bring her as well."

Firstly, their relationship was too complicated.

Secondly, the Phoenix Supreme would not allow him to take her away.

Besides, she would not want to go with him.

And so he gave it up.

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