Chapter 1228: New Conquest

Although ghostly immortals and demon immortals were different in nature, their methods of cultivation and the core of becoming a demon immortal or a ghostly immortal were similar to an immortal. 

When a ghostly immortal achieved dao, he would fuse his Primordial Spirit with the accumulated Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to form a ghostly spirit, similar to an immortal spirit. 

When a demon immortal achieved dao, he would fuse his Primordial Spirit with the accumulated Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to form a demon spirit, similar to an immortal spirit. 

Ghostly immortals would form ghostly immortal bodies, enter the Longevity Ghostly Realm, cultivate the Longevity Ghostly dao, and eventually become nine-yuan ghostly immortals. 

Demon immortals would form demon immortal bodies, enter the Longevity Demon Realm, cultivate the Longevity Demon dao, and eventually become nine-yuan demon immortals. 

The paths and natures were different, but the models were similar. 

In the Great Ancient Ink Realm, excluding the external immortals and ghostly immortals, Wu Yu now knew how many local immortals and ghostly immortals were around. 

There were roughly a hundred-odd local immortals. Based on the memories he had devoured, they should be all in the Longevity Immortal Realm. This was because it was unlikely that an immortal could surpass the nine tiers of the Longevity Immortal Realm in just 2,000 years in a greater realm. 

In fact, this would be an extremely daunting task even in the sky palaces. 

Wu Yu required more memories to have a rough understanding of how strong the hundred-odd immortals were. 

However, based on his estimation, the eight demon immortals in the Ancient Demon Realm were all first tier Longevity demon immortals. Otherwise, Wu Yu wouldn’t have been defeated by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor after devouring all eight of them. 

As for the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, he was likely not higher than a nine-yuan heavenly immortal. 

Other than heavenly immortals, there were thirty-odd ghostly immortals. 

Demon immortals didn't have a stop over time and would basically head to the Demon Immortal Realm right away. 

Those thirty-odd ghostly immortals were naturally all in the Longevity Ghostly Realm. 

The numbers of immortals and ghostly immortals weren't considered high. Based on the memories that he had devoured, the Great Ancient Ink Realm was considered relatively weak among the 3,000 greater realms. Although it was classified as a greater realm, there could be huge differences between greater realms. For example, the cultivator that Wu Yu had devoured previously had been to another greater realm in the vicinity called the Great Trigram Roc Realm. It had over 1,000 immortals and over 500 ghostly immortals. 

Naturally, the Great Trigram Roc Realm was nothing in comparison to the entire Heavenly Domain. 

Initially, Wu Yu was in a hurry to devour frantically in the Great Ancient Ink Realm so he could fight for his main body in the Jambu Realm. Now it wouldn't be necessary. The Ancient Emperor had gone to the Pu Yuan Sky Palace and had succeeded, so Wu Yu didn't have to hurry now. 

Therefore, he decided to return to the Ancient Demon Realm. The Full Moon of Nanshan and others were still waiting anxiously for him. 

The Ancient Demon Realm had the lurking danger of the season of massacre. Moreover, there were only demons. That palace wasn’t suitable for Wu You, Jiu Ying, and Su Yanli to live and cultivate. Wu Yu was prepared to bring them over to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. 

And there was also Princess You Xue, whom Wu Yu would want to cultivate in this place. It was a shame that the Jambu Realm wasn't appropriate for them to return to now. 

In the Great Ancient Ink Realm, they were 10 times more likely to become immortals. In this place, achieving immortalhood wouldn't be an extremely difficult task. Perhaps over a certain period of time, there would be people achieving immortalhood. Most of them would choose to ascend immediately. 

Therefore, after he regained his composure, Wu Yu opened the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm and returned to it. 

Indeed, the five of them were waiting anxiously for him. When they saw the white-haired, red-eyed Wu Yu return alone, they roughly understood what had happened. 

However, they were surprised by how calm Wu Yu was. 

"How was it?" 

Wu Yu pursed his lips before reiterating the sequence of events. To be able to reiterate such disturbing and infuriating events so peacefully also was also an impressive feat.

After he was done speaking, everyone was silent. 

Wu Yu had lost his most precious main body and immortal's legacy. All of a sudden, the five of them didn't know how to console him. 

This was because they knew they definitely couldn't withstand the blow if they were in Wu Yu's shoes. 

"Fortunately, there's a glimmer of hope. You probably have thought it through and I won't be able to console you. All I can say is that I'll always accompany you in your conquest ahead. Regardless if it is reclaiming your body, killing the Ancient Emperor, or wandering the 8,000 Sky Palaces, I, the Full Moon of Nanshan, will join you." The Full Moon of Nanshan patted his shoulder. 

"Big Brother Yu...." Tears were streaming down Ye Xixi's face. She didn't know how to act. This was because she felt like Wu Yu was in great misery now. 

However, the truth was, Wu Yu had been through that stage. 


Fortunately, Wu You was still here. 

Initially, Wu You didn't know much about martial cultivators. 

Therefore, for a very long time, she felt like she couldn't blend into the world Wu Yu and the rest were in and couldn't help them. 

Now she probably had a better understanding.

However, it was no longer about cultivation. This was about one's life. 

"Do you remember what you lost when you were crowned for the very first time? As long as you have a goal and are willing to fight for it, there will always be hope of reclaiming everything that belongs to you. The Spirit Severing Powder made you lose everything, but the Ruyi Jingu Bang allowed you to reclaim everything. You might have lost the Ruyi Jingu Bang, but perhaps your Heaven Devouring Avatar will allow you to reclaim it. I know you have a strong will and heart. I'm sure you are more aware of the path ahead and how to control yourself than us." Wu You had grown up with him. In her eyes, Wu Yu had not changed much. He was still that resilient and intelligent younger brother of hers. 

"No one is victorious in battle forever. Victory or defeat are both common in warfare. This time, you could see it as him occupying your territory, almost dooming your kingdom. However, you still have the capital to rise up again. As the old saying in the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom goes, ‘Dong Yue Wu has lots of talented citizens. Making a comeback is always possible.’ When you eventually meet him again in the sky palaces, who will emerge victorious is not cast in stone." 

Cultivation was also a battlefield. 

It was even so in the cultivation of immortality! 

"Sister, I understand." 

One could say that Wu Yu was victorious in this exchange. 

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was equivalent to an army of 100,000 with time to lay an elaborate trap to besiege Wu Yu's squad of a meagre 100 men. It was logical to assume that the 100-man squad had no chance of survival. Yet Wu Yu was able to deal a counterblow in the most perilous situation and had almost annihilated his opponent. Although Wu Yu had lost half of his men, escaping from the siege of an army of 100,000 men could be considered a victory. 

Moreover, he had a chance for another battle in the future. When the time came, Wu Yu might not just represent a 100-man squad. Perhaps Wu Yu would have an army of a million troops even if his opponent had the same. The final victory would be determined then! 

This analogy was apt. 

Wu Yu had gotten over it. Whose life wasn't fraught with difficulties or challenges? In the past, he rose up again after he was hit by the Spirit Severing Powder. Now he even had the Heaven Devouring Avatar with him. 

If one doesn't hone himself in failures and challenges, how could one emerge stronger? 

"Moving ahead, I'll bring you guys to settle down in the Great Ancient Ink Realm. In that place, everyone will have the hope of becoming immortals or demon immortals. For me, I'll have to continue ahead for revenge," said Wu Yu. 

"No problem. I wasn't interested in cultivation in the past. Now that we have reached where we are, it would be great if I could walk a little further. As for Dong Yue Wu, it's a shame that we can no longer manage it. The establishment of our ancestors is finally going to end in our hands." At the thought of this, Wu You appeared a little dejected. 

However, she had no other solution. She couldn't return to that place. 

Wu Yu placed his arm around her shoulders and said, "One day, we will return to that place openly." 

The Jambu Realm was where Wu Yu's home was. 

If the Ancient Emperor was dead, he naturally could return. 

Now their goals were clear. Wu Yu was going to take them to the Great Ancient Ink Realm to settle down. After which, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi would follow Wu Yu in his endeavors. 

They would continue to strengthen themselves while searching for a way to enter the sky palaces. 

Obviously, Wu Yu would leave behind a large number of puppets, including 10th tier Dao Querying puppets, to protect them. 

Moreover, it would be convenient to return, no matter where he was. He could always enter the Stellar Realm and get to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. It wouldn't take long.... As long as Yueling Xuan was willing to cooperate. 

"Oh, right, Big Brother Yu! Are you going to take a look at the Jambu Realm? Didn't you say Big Sister Luo Pin would be going through the trial in three days? There are so many uncertainties surrounding the trial and she is going through a hard time. Will there be danger? At this point, the Ancient Emperor probably isn't in the Jambu Realm. You could still bid your farewell to her," Ye Xixi suddenly asked. 

Wu Yu recalled her final gaze. He shook his head and said, "Rest assured. She will be fine. If I went, I would end up disturbing and distracting her." Wu Yu thought about it. He had bidded farewell to her. He wouldn't have to do so again. There would be a day when they eventually had to part. Entangling again would only pile on to the misery. 

She was someone that could shine brightly in the sky palaces. 

Wu Yu wouldn't want to disturb her now. 

"But you could at least verify it?" said Ye Xixi worriedly. 



The truth was, Wu Yu was a little afraid to face the truth. He was afraid to hear the news of Luo Pin perishing. That would be too severe a blow for him. Therefore, he’d rather know the answer several years down the road. He preferred to believe that she would definitely cross the hurdle and ascend to the sky palaces. 

However, when Ye Xixi brought it up, he felt an intense desire. He realized he would have to face it eventually, even if she had died. He shouldn't be pushing and tormenting himself for decades before trying to find the answer. 

He had confidence in Luo Pin. 

However, the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao was more brutal than anything else. If one failed, it would mean death. Moreover, Luo Pin had failed once already. 

Would she still fail again this time? 

At this point, half a day had passed. 

Perhaps she had started to ready herself for the trial. 

Wu Yu took a deep breath and said, "In three days, I will return to take a look." 

At that time, the outcome would likely be known. 

If she was dead, Wu Yu would be in worse shape. He would have lost more. 

However, the world was brutal to begin with. It was impossible for everything to be smooth sailing. Therefore, his heart was pumping faster than anyone else’s at this point. 

"Relax." The Full Moon of Nanshan patted his shoulder and looked into distance. 

Everyone was silent and waiting. After three days, the answer would be known. Now they were praying for a good result. 

"Luo Pin." 

Wu Yu mumbled her name softly. 

In his mind, she still gave him a smile while going through the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao. 

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