Chapter 1227: Longevity Immortal Realm

The Ancient Emperor himself did not know that absorbing 99% of Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit would be of such great help to the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

But while the foreign partial immortal spirit of the Ancient Emperor was mostly in control, he was unable to fully sense the presence of the avatar. 

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was like an arm of the Ancient Emperor. The Ancient Emperor could not control Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar, but because he existed, the stronger he grew, the less likely Wu Yu was to lose control and descend into madness.

This was perhaps the only good news today. At least up till now, Wu Yu had established full control over his body, and perhaps even had some room for devouring.

Besides, each time the Ancient Emperor strengthened Wu Yu's body, Wu Yu could feel it.

As the Ancient Emperor was an immortal with an immortal spirit, he naturally could do this, having a more profound understanding of dao compared to Wu Yu. Therefore, when he first gained control, there would be a period of time where he had successive breakthroughs. Although Wu Yu did not know how much he could strengthen Wu Yu's body in a short period of time, Wu Yu could test it with his own devouring limit.

"This way, my Heaven Devouring Avatar can also rapidly grow stronger. It will be worthy and able of finding a way to break the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing. After all, the Ancient Emperor did not truly succeed. There must be a method in the vast Heavenly Domain that can allow me to win back everything.”

His devouring and Replicate could serve him well in the immortal domain. As long as he did not lose control, there would be no problem.

Wu Yu felt that the Heaven Devouring Avatar probably had frightening potential for growth right now, even while maintaining his sanity.

"It's time to establish my ground."

Gaining his body back would be no easy task.

He knew very little of the immortal domain.

He had a lot of general knowledge about the Great Ancient Ink Realm, which was far more than many other places.

"In order to get my body back, I might need to go to the 8,000 Sky Palaces. But to get there, I have to rise as an immortal. My circumstances are special, and I definitely cannot rise up. Therefore, I need to find another way to get into the 8,000 Sky Palaces. For example, how did the Ancient Emperor go to the Pu Yuan Sky Palace?"

Just from devouring that person's memories, he did not know. He also did not know how to get up to the sky palaces besides ascending.

The native immortals of the Great Ancient Ink Realm could remain for some time, but they were only postponing their ascension. If they truly ascended, they could not treat it lightly.

"I have to remain calm and take this step by step." Wu Yu knew keenly that many things could not be rushed. Rome was not built in a day.

The Ancient Emperor's ferocious rise had allowed him to shake off the red haze and become calm.

His goal, in summary, went like this: Get strong, enter the sky palaces, seek a way to break the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing, win back everything, kill the Ancient Emperor.

The third and fourth steps were the most crucial. He had to grow stronger now, and to do so, he had to enter the sky palaces.

Calm! Calm....

He was recalling the memories that he had devoured.

Besides gleaning information that he had gathered about the Great Ancient Ink Realm and other realms throughout the Ancient Emperor's centuries of life, Wu Yu had also gained information about immortals and ghostly immortals.

Understanding immortal cultivation levels was very important for Wu Yu.

"Mortals need to have a complete dao in order to pass the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao. Once they succeed, a complete dao enters their Primordial Spirit, and they can become immortal. Only then can they rise to the sky palaces.

"A Primordial Spirit that has become one with its dao and the Violet Kingdom, and drawn in all its Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, will evolve into an immortal spirit. An immortal spirit is the core of an immortal's spiritual power. It is where one will temper the spirit. It is everything to an immortal. Even if an immortal's body dies, the immortal remains alive as long as the immortal spirit survives. With just a suitable vessel, the immortal spirit can survive for quite long. It can even be reborn.

"An immortal's spiritual power is called immortal energy, which results from the merging of Primordial Spirit and Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. It can be used for immortal techniques, which are far more powerful than dao techniques.

"Besides the immortal spirit, one will also be graced by heaven, and one's body will be transformed into an immortal body. An immortal body and immortal spirit are everything to an immortal. It is also the key to ascending. An immortal body is far greater than a mortal's body. Mortal bodies will last 600 years at most, before it must disintegrate. But after becoming an immortal, one has a yuan of life. Which is 129,600 years."

From 600 years to 129,600 years. That was the difference between a mortal and an immortal!

This was also the difference between Wu Yu and the Ancient Emperor!

From a pool of billions of mortals, only one immortal would emerge.

An immortal spirit that integrated the dao, the Primordial Spirit, and Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. That was the core of an immortal.

After one attained immortalhood, one would have an immortal body with a lifespan of 129,600 years. This was where the immortal spirit would reside.

Ming Long had also lived for one yuan, but it was different for her because she had been sleeping most of the time. Otherwise, she would also have faded away.

This was also why the Ancient Emperor's partial immortal spirit was terrifying, even though it was just a portion. It could crush a mortal's Primordial Spirit without question. The fact that Wu Yu could even do some reverse devouring was a miracle in and of itself.

While an immortal spirit had no finite lifespan, it would become very weak after losing its immortal body, and was easy to kill. Even when hiding in other vessels, it would be unable to have much strength. Therefore, immortals were unwilling to lose their immortal bodies. Especially after their cultivation, the immortal body was also a key part of their strength.

Immortals naturally had to continue cultivating. They were not set for life after becoming immortal.

Actually, Wu Yu had been under a false impression. He thought that one could live forever after attaining immortality. Now he knew that this was not the case. A newly risen immortal had one yuan of lifespan. It was not eternal.

Even though the immortal spirit was eternal, it depended on having an immortal body.

Of course, one yuan of time was already hard to wrap his head around.

And the person who was devoured had also learned the details of the first immortal cultivation level.

There were also cultivation levels for immortals.

There were elite immortals and normal immortals.

There was a disparity in strength.

From the first level of heaven to the 8,000th level of heaven, the higher it was, the stronger the immortals were. It was said that the strongest, the Jade Emperor, ruled the entire Heavenly Domain.

The first cultivation level of an immortal was the Longevity Immortal Realm.

The Longevity Immortal Realm was the beginning of an immortal's journey, where longevity was sought.

There were a total of nine tiers in the Longevity Immortal Realm.

Mortals who had just ascended would be in the Longevity Immortal Realm. These people were called heavenly immortals.

Those that had just ascended and were at the first tier of the Longevity Immortal Realm had one yuan of life. They were also called one-yuan heavenly immortals.

In the Longevity Immortal Realm, each tier you cultivated would grant you a total of one yuan of life, or 129,600 years.

Therefore, when you reached the second tier of the Longevity Immortal Realm, you would have two yuan of life, for a total of 259,200 years of life.

And so on.

Finally, at the ninth tier of the Longevity Immortal Realm, one would have nine yuan of life, for a total of 1,166,400 years of life. After 1 million, you would be called a Million Heavenly Immortal.

Nine-yuan heavenly immortals could live for nine yuan, which was more than 1 million years. As long as one was not killed, they would be as good as immortal.

This was longevity.

Which was why the cultivation level was named Longevity Immortal Realm.

But Wu Yu knew that the Longevity Immortal Realm was only an immortal's cultivation foundation. There were also immortals past that cultivation level, who were the real terrors.

A pity that in that person's memories, there was nothing about the subsequent cultivation levels.

In the records, the Jade Emperor's full name was: Impeccable Supreme Jade Emperor, Utmost Venerated Wonderful Natural Maitreya of the Golden Towergate in the Bright Heaven.

The Jade Emperor had cultivated for more than 1,750 yuan (each yuan being 129,600 years) before assuming the mantle of Jade Emperor.

By rough calculations, he had been alive for more than 2 billion years before assuming his current position. No one knew how long he would remain in it.

These records all came from that person. Whether real or fake, Wu Yu did not know.

For him, one yuan was scarily long already. He was not even 100 years of age. Thinking of 1,750 yuan creeped him out a little.

Therefore, he was still in doubt.

Of course, regarding the Longevity Immortal Realm, he felt that it was real.

"I wonder what tier of the Longevity Immortal Realm the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor is at. What yuan heavenly immortal is he?"

It was difficult for him to find out.

Besides cultivation level, Wu Yu also learned that those at the Longevity Immortal Realm had to cultivate a Longevity Immortal Art.

A Longevity Immortal Art would refine one's immortal body and nurture one's immortal spirit. It would grow both of them from one-yuan heavenly immortal level to nine-yuan heavenly immortal level.

There were countless Longevity Immortal Arts, with good and bad ones.

Each Longevity Immortal Art had nine tiers, but each was different at different cultivation levels. The good Longevity Immortal Arts could be cultivated more quickly and would result in a more complete immortal body and immortal spirit. It was an important foundation for immortals and was therefore very important.

Nine-yuan heavenly immortals could have huge disparities in fighting ability because of their Longevity Immortal Arts.

Wu Yu guessed that the Invincible Vajra Body had a Longevity Immortal Art in it.

The Ancient Emperor might even take to it quickly and use it to train Wu Yu's real body. Of course, the prerequisite was for Wu Yu's real body to reach immortalhood. Since it was the Ancient Emperor, that should not be difficult.

"A pity that I cannot personally forge my immortal body and immortal spirit.

"But I will get it back. Just wait and see...."

Knowing about these immortal cultivation levels was of great help for Wu Yu's devouring and his future plans.

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