Chapter 1226: An Avenging Heart

That's right. That was Ming Long and the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

They were now within a unique space of the Milky Way Suppressing Godly Metal Treasure. 

Ming Long was usually trapped in this place. Obviously, she had miraculously survived till this day and had not vanished because of this place. 

When the Ancient Emperor's partial immortal spirit wanted to kill Wu Yu's 1% Primordial Spirit, the Ruyi Jingu Bang had magically protected and brought him here. 

Evidently, the Ancient Emperor wouldn't find this place. At the same time, this meant that the Primordial Spirit of Wu Yu's main body wouldn't die. Although he was still fragile, he could continue living. 

When she saw Wu Yu appearing in this place, Ming Long was dumbfounded. She shook her and said, "It's great that you are still alive. Moreover, you might have a chance to turn the tables around again to reclaim your own body in the future. That's your own physical body after all. It is just that the chances might be slim as his immortal spirit will only get stronger.” 

Wu Yu understood the reasoning. The truth was, Wu Yu could barely resist him when he was in the stomach of the partial immortal spirit. If the conditions were all the same but the Ancient Emperor didn't have the support of the spirit design, Wu Yu would have stood a chance to turn the tables to reclaim his body. 

However, the Ancient Emperor was cautious and spat Wu Yu out. He gave up on the 1% and was prepared to kill Wu Yu. 

Theoretically speaking, he might have the opportunity again in the future. 

However, as time passed, the chances of that happening would diminish. 

Even Wu Yu had to admit that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor could now easily control his physical body, possessed his memories and mystiques, and could easily become him. Most likely, despite failing to kill Wu Yu, the Ancient Emperor was now basking in the euphoria of having a bright, new future. 

"I'm a little tired." Wu Yu wanted to just take a nap. 

"Have a good rest." Ming Long pursed her lips as sorrow gleamed in her eyes. 

She let Wu Yu rest his head on her lap, placed her arms around his head, and leaned on him. Soon, Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit entered a dormant state. 

"My Heaven Devouring Avatar and I will claim back what is mine one day! I'll let the Ancient Emperor meet a tragic end." 

Wu Yu talked while dreaming. 

Ming Long reached out her small hands to caress the face of Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit. Hearing what he said, tears were rolling in her eyes. 

Vaguely, she could hear the agitated laughter of the Ancient Emperor resounding. 


"It has finally ended." 

In the ink-black world, the black sun in the west had set and the golden sun from the east had risen into the sky. The dullish ground, black grit, and rocks were dyed in a shade of gold under the illumination of the golden sun. 

In the dark forest, the white-haired, red-eyed young man blankly looked into the empty forest. 

After devouring, he would be in a satisfied state for a brief period. 

That's the period he would have the clearest mind. 

Regarding the details of the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing in the Ancient Soul Tower, Wu Yu was clear on most parts. It was only till the Primordial Spirit of Wu Yu's real body was left with 1% that his memories became a little vague. Nonetheless, he knew that the Primordial Spirit of his real body was now being protected by the Ruyi Jingu Bang. At the very least, he had left his roots behind. 

At the same time, he kept a slimmer of hope. Now Wu Yu saw the possibility of re-devouring the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. 

He wasn't too far off. 

He had no option but to admit that his main body was now seized by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. In the future, he would be using Wu Yu's body, his dao, mystiques, and even his name. In the 8,000 Sky Palaces, he had inherited an elite immortal's legacy and would rise up like a superstar. 

Perhaps all the glory would gather upon him. 

For now, Wu Yu could only live as the Heaven Devouring Avatar, perhaps only in a deserted and dark corner of a greater realm. 

This was a fact and he admitted to it. This was the outcome of a mortal defeated by an immortal. It was destined to begin with and had no uncertainty. 

Only by admitting one's defeat could one walk out from the shadows of it to explore the roads ahead.

"In the past, I desired to be an immortal and jump out of the mortal realm. I wished for longevity, eternal youth, and to live a carefree life as an immortal.

"But now I've lost my body, let alone become an immortal." 

Perhaps for a brief instant, he seemed to have lost the goal of his life and became lost. 

This was the destruction of one's dao. 

Fortunately, he still had his Heaven Devouring Avatar and a group of close friends and relatives. He still had Luo Pin. 

The Heaven Devouring Avatar had also brought him hope. Although the torment of desires was encompassed in the hope, he wasn't afraid. 

To fight desperately when confronting mortal danger! 

"Now I'm at the lowest point in my life." 

Looking at the body of his second Primordial Spirit, he was a little lost. 

He lifted his head and saw the golden, scorching sun. 

"My goals have changed. From becoming immortal to avenging." 

To avenge Feng Xueya. 

And more importantly, to avenge himself. 

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had seized his body. 

He would rise through the sky palaces with Wu Yu's name. 

As for Wu Yu, he was left with Heaven Devouring Avatar. No matter how strong he was, he didn't have the same steady sensation he had with his main body. 

And now hatred had flooded his mind. Only the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was left in his mind. 

His desire for revenge was even more intense and explosive than wanting to become an immortal. In fact, he only had one goal in mind: take revenge and reclaim everything that was his. 

This goal lifted his spirits. 

If he didn't get revenge and failed to reclaim his body, he would be too embarrassed to meet and spend the rest of his life with Luo Pin in the sky palaces with his Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

"The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor...." 

In the Great Ancient Ink Realm, a deafening roar reverberated throughout the sky. 

His anger, fury, and murderous intent raged like blazing fire. From today onwards, this would become the reason for him to give his all in battle. 

"I refuse to believe that I couldn't control the Heaven Devouring Avatar. I refuse to believe I can't reclaim everything that belongs to me! I refuse to believe I couldn't kill the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!"

The body of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast brought with it brutality, violence, anger, and frenzy. Combining it with the state of mind that Wu Yu had, Wu Yu would probably change. He would likely become the nightmare of many people, immortals, and ghostly immortals. 

"Ancient Emperor, I'll leave my body and name with you for now. There will be a day when I return to reclaim them. At that time, you will be ripped into ten thousand pieces. I'll shatter your immortal spirit and vanquish you for eternity!!" He was currently in human form. However, this seemingly small body encompassed fury and hatred that could shake the entire realm. 

He desired revenge and had set reclaiming his body as his target. Compared to his previous goal of achieving immortalhood, this desire was more than 10 times stronger. 

And that promise to meet again in the sky palaces. 

The girl was stunning and unforgettable for eternity. The day she charged out of the spirit design and smiled at him despite flames torching her.... Although Wu Yu had been dealt a severe blow, he had no reason to give up now. 

In the deserted forest, there were few people around. 

The anger of hatred and surging murderous intent swept through the world, seemingly causing the Great Ancient Ink Realm to shudder. 

After all, he had the power befitting of immortals currently. Within him, he possessed the strength of two demon immortals. 

"This isn't the end, it’s just the beginning." 

3,000 greater realms, 90,000 lesser realms, 8,000 Sky Palaces, and 10,000 Levels of Hell! 

In this vast world, he wasn't just the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord that was trapped in the Jambu Realm. The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord could only devour mortal martial cultivators, while he could target immortals and ghostly immortals as well. 

Jumping out of Jambu Realm and arriving in the Great Ancient Ink Realm was like a caged tiger arriving in a forest with small animals! 

Wu Yu didn't know if it was a fortune or misfortune to encounter an opponent like the Ancient Emperor in his lifetime. Regardless, gaining a resolve 10 times stronger than before after losing his main body was an unquestionable fact. 

From today onwards, Wu Yu changed. Perhaps he had become a devil. Perhaps he could intimidate the immortal domain. Nonetheless, he knew he was still himself. 

Losing his main body would mean he had lost various mystiques. Therefore, he saw it as discarding the excess. In the past, he possessed too much, and that distracted him a little. 

Various mystiques, various transformation art, the Invincible Vajra Body, the Great Way of Immortality Art... 

And now it was all simple and direct. There was only one thing left. He wouldn't have to gain enlightenment, refine immortal medicines, or fashion spirit designs. All he needed to do was just devour! 

After which, he would gain everything, including dao, mystiques, and immortal techniques. 

What he had to do had simplified and his goal had been narrowed to a single one. That was to head to the 8,000 Sky Palaces, look for a guy named Wu Yu, and seek revenge. 

He gradually calmed down after the explosion of hatred in his heart. 

The Ancient Emperor was certain Wu Yu wouldn't be able to control himself and wouldn't live for long after becoming the second Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. 

However, Wu Yu didn't think the same. He was different from the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Moreover, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was simple-minded and without intelligence, while Wu Yu knew Replicate. 

When he used it, no one could tell the difference. 

When the Heaven Devouring Avatar reached a new level, Wu Yu had felt that the combination of Return, Devour, Replicate, and Immolate was a lot more frightening than his main body. 

The negative side effects were restlessness and hunger. 

However, Wu Yu suddenly felt his mind clear up extensively. He could still feel the vague and indescribable connection with his other body. It wasn't just the remaining 1% of Wu Yu's main body, but also the partial immortal spirit. 

The connection didn't allow communication or control. Perhaps this had something to do with the Ancient Emperor assimilating Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit. 

However, the Ancient Emperor might not be aware of an amazing thing. 

The balance between the Primordial Spirit of the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Primordial Spirit of the main body - it still existed. 

When the Ancient Emperor's partial immortal spirit absorbed 99% of Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit, the balance had shifted to between the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the partial immortal spirit of the Ancient Emperor, and the 1% remaining Primordial Spirit of Wu Yu. 

This was a surprising realization. 

At this moment, the Ancient Emperor's partial immortal spirit, together with the 1% remaining Primordial Spirit of Wu Yu, were over 10 times stronger, or perhaps even several dozen times stronger, than 100% of Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit initially. 

The result was a clear-minded, partial immortal spirit. Although they couldn't communicate or affect each other, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was able to regain a clear mind from his state of berserk. 

"This means that as long as the Ancient Emperor uses my body, any improvements he makes, I'll be able to do the same quicker and more ferociously than him. At the same time, I could maintain my rationality!" 

The greatest issue - controlling the desires that had been bothering Wu Yu - was now resolved. 

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