Chapter 1224: Asking the Great Sage

Crushing a mortal with more than 100 times his strength, the Ancient Emperor could not fail.

Besides, the entire setting was within his own immortal treasure of the gods.

All was within his control.

The only thing he regretted was that he wished he could see Wu Yu's crying and begging face. Who knew that Wu Yu was so stubborn, and silent until the end.

It was as if he was oblivious, or as if nothing was happening.

The second phase of the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing was truly beginning. The Ancient Emperor would rob Wu Yu of his primordial spirit and make it his own. His memories would be retained, but his emotions would not.

This was a relatively smooth part of his plan so far. The more difficult part was the nurturing of the Immortal Fusing Seed. It had been completed a few years ago.

Therefore, to him now, it was like success flowing after his hard work.

Wu Yu had devoured so many demon immortals in this short period of time. To think that now it would be his turn to be devoured.

"A pity. Not for me, but for you. I had thought that you were the best hope to let the Great Sage's legacy shine in this world. But you hit against this wall." Ming Long was still trembling and weeping.

Wu Yu shut his eyes, and ignored her too.

"In the future, I'll choose to slumber as well. I won't wake again." Ming Long said listlessly.

"You can have him restore you to a body." Wu Yu suddenly said.

He was currently in the stomach of the Ancient Emperor's partial immortal spirit, which was a golden lake full of liquid. There were many tentacles in the golden liquid, which were piercing Wu Yu's primordial spirit. They were absorbing all that he was. It had already begun.

"Forget it. After so long, my previous desire has waned. Even if I can be reborn, the world is meaningless without you. So, forget it."

She was not joking. She was serious.

"I don't want others to give me rebirth. I only want you, Wu Yu."

Her words were grave, unlike her tone before. They were heavy, and reflected her innermost thoughts.

For her, being resurrected by others was meaningless.

What she waited for, wanted, was not the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

Wu Yu was a little speechless.

Even she needed him.

His family and friends all needed him.

Of course, he could not just be "digested" like that by the Ancient Emperor.

If his primordial spirit was dissolved, then his real body would be gone.

From now on, he would lose his real body, the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's legacy, and Ming Long.

So the Ancient Emperor might be a hundred times stronger than him, and in control of everything.

Devouring the primordial spirit might be the final step. Once he succeeded, Wu Yu would disappear for good.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar would no longer be able to feel the presence of his real body.

"Not a good feeling, is it? If you are afraid, and want to beg for mercy, you can let it all out, Wu Yu. I won't laugh at you. After all, this is your last chance to express your will in this world."

The Ancient Emperor said with a wicked smile.

His partial immortal spirit sat cross-legged, focused on digesting Wu Yu. In time, he would succeed.

Perhaps in just a quarter of an hour, his long-time dream would be realized.

He could not hold back the delirious triumph bubbling in his chest.

But he could not declare it to the world either! After all, this was a secret, and it was best for it to remain so.

"Will there still be any place in the 8,000 Sky Palaces that I cannot go?"

"Immortal Su Sang, I've chased you for so long, and you've always snubbed me. Next time, you will pay the price."

"As will all the people who looked down on me before."

Ancient Emperor's eyes were turning red. He recalled all the past slights, and the frightening new rise he would soon enjoy.

Wu Yu still did not reply. He increased his speed, angrily devouring Wu Yu. The tentacles in the lake had plunged into Wu Yu's primordial spirit and were furiously sucking. Wu Yu's primordial spirit had been in a human shape, resembling himself. But now it was fusing gradually into the golden liquid he was submerged in.

"Great Sage, what should I do?"

From start to end, Wu Yu had been asking him. In his mind, the Unparalleled Monkey King was bathing in flames, staring intensely at Wu Yu.

What did the Great Sage want to say?

But he said nothing.

"Great Sage, can you give me an answer?"

Wu Yu asked him urgently.

The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, Victorious Fighting Buddha, stared at him with fiery eyes.

"I don't want to lose everything."

He gritted his teeth. He knew that he was fading. His memories, and everything that he was - it was being stolen by the Ancient Emperor.

But it was by someone more than a hundred times stronger. He could manipulate Wu Yu's primordial spirit with ease. The only thing he could not control was Wu Yu's thoughts.

But he could devour Wu Yu completely, and force him to not think.

The Great Sage gave no answers.

"I am not satisfied."

But the weak would suffer, would lose what they had. Not being satisfied was of no use.

Wu Yu sensed it. The Great Sage had faded away. He would never help him again.

"Are you telling me that no one can intervene for me in this world? To change everything, I have to depend on myself?"

If you depended on the protection of others, you would never be able to become truly strong.

One had to depend on oneself for everything.

Even now, Wu Yu was still resting his hopes on the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, but the Great Sage did not tell him anything.

Soon, he only had a dim consciousness left. The Ancient Emperor had already taken much of him.

Only the innermost self was still awake.

"I must depend on myself."

Wu Yu came to this conclusion, after endless musing.

In this vast world, no one could save him. The struggle of the road to immortality depended on him alone.

Him alone!

Him alone!

But he knew how powerful the Ancient Emperor. How could he do it alone?

It was easy to want it. But to accomplish it, that was too difficult.

He no longer used Visualizing the Inner Ape, but now opened the eyes of his primordial spirit. All that was left was his head now. The golden liquid had already covered his shoulders, and the body of his primordial spirit was completely dissolved.

The Ancient Emperor was at the final step.

"Finally willing to face it." The Ancient Emperor sneered.

Wu Yu looked at everything around him.

He looked like a wreck.


Fusing, devouring, it was all so familiar, as the Heaven Devouring Avatar's abilities. But he was actually the one being devoured now.

All that was left was his brain.


"I've already seen most of you now." The Ancient Emperor continued to boast. He was very satisfied.

Wu Yu's head looked down. The golden liquid had already dissolved most of his primordial spirit.

There was too much contained in his primordial spirit.

The Ancient Emperor was at the final step, and the golden liquid surged towards Wu Yu. It covered his remaining head.

His scalp was starting to dissolve.

"I alone!"

But what should he do at this time?

Most of what he had was plundered, and only the core of Wu Yu remained.

"Why can you devour me, but I can't devour you?"

The other half of his body, the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast had a thought.

He was submerged in the golden liquid right now.

And he still had a mouth. Therefore, Wu Yu opened his mouth and started gulping down the golden liquid frantically.

Although only just his head was left, but it was intact, with a mouth, throat, and other orifices. It was sealed, and not exposed.

The rest of Wu Yu's body had already dissolved into the golden liquid, and dispersed throughout the partial immortal spirit. The current golden liquid was the mixture of Wu Yu and the Ancient Emperor's dao, of his Mystiques and memories.

Wu Yu drank mouth after mouth. While he had no devouring ability, unlike the Heaven Devouring Avatar, he vaguely knew how to do it and what would happen after he devoured.

He used these changes to begin a struggle with his primordial spirit. And despite him not originally having the devouring ability, in this primordial spirit battle, it was working!

The tentacles plunged into his brain sucking out the last bit of primordial spirit he had.

As for Wu Yu's primordial spirit, he opened his mouth, and swallowed up huge mouthfuls of the golden liquid. He was using the technique of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, and trying to Replicate it as best as he could. While his real body could not have devouring abilities, but under such circumstances, his primordial spirit could gain something by swallowing!

As he drank up the golden liquid, his neck started to lengthen. And then his shoulders started to come back!

Of course, his opponent was also devouring. As he increased his speed, Wu Yu's shoulders and neck again vanished.

"Dream on!"

Wu Yu drank and drank like a man possessed. He only needed to open his mouth, and he could inhale it all up, like the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. After a furious struggle, his shoulders again grew back.

After all, it was a primordial spirit and an immortal spirit. They were not as agile as bodies of flesh. Being able to devour and change was their limit.

Although it was but a small change, it was enough to make the Ancient Emperor sweat, and then grow angry.

"Damned rebellious primordial spirit. You dare to resist me? See if I don't destroy you!" Ancient Emperor screamed.

Wu Yu laughed. "Destroy me then. But then you can't get all of my dao and Mystiques. As long as there is a break, I want to see how you will fill the gaps in the legacy back in."

"You dare threaten me?" Ancient Emperor howled.

"Why can't I? You want to take my body? Not so easy! After tonight, I guarantee you nightmares every night!"

"You're too full of yourself!"

"We'll see about that!"

Wu Yu's speed of growth was the equivalent of his opponent's devouring.

This was a fierce battle. Actually, the Ancient Emperor still held the advantage, and Wu Yu's skull continued to shrink. But no matter how small his resistance, he continued to hold his primordial spirit head in a complete shape, so he could continue to fight!

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