Chapter 1223: Partial Immortal Spirit

Between heaven and earth, the golden vortex and black vortex spun and meshed amidst a crackle of the two types of lightning. They drew closer and closer.

High above, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was also getting closer to Wu Yu. His body was parallel to the ground, his back facing the sky, his face towards Wu Yu. His expression was grim.

He had thought that Wu Yu, who was completely under his control, would be terrified and fearful.

But instead, within the black vortex, his eyes were shut, his body relaxed, as if he were asleep. But he could also see the power of the Invincible Vajra Body glimmering gold from his body.

The Ancient Emperor was not sure as to what was happening.

Wu Yu was chanting scripture and Visualizing the Inner Ape.

"Purposely feigning calm?" The Ancient Emperor shrugged.

The Immortal Fusing Seed was already limiting Wu Yu's entire body, under his will.

The Genesis Immortal Panacea had already penetrated Wu Yu's body, which was the basis for him being able to control Wu Yu's body.

Without the Genesis Immortal Panacea, his immortal spirit would not be able to do anything even if he entered Wu Yu's body.

Even though he had the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing.

He had to have the Genesis Immortal Panacea and the Immortal Fusing Seed, and change Wu Yu's body in a certain way. Only that would allow him space to enter.

"You can just go to sleep. As you’ve always wished, you will become immortal and your name will shine gloriously in the 8,000 Sky Palaces. Countless people will worship your existence. Your name will echo in the Heavenly Domain."

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's demonic voice came to him.

Wu Yu did not move at all. He ignored him completely.

He was in his own world. In his heart, in a sea of fire, the Unparalleled Monkey King stood, covered in golden flames. The Ruyi Jingu Bang was in his hand, and he was indomitable!

His expression was not at all cowed. Superior - he was steeped in domination.

Wu Yu was like a junior who was full of respect for the Unparalleled Monkey King.

His heart was clearing and clearing. Wu Yu had almost forgotten the situation he was in. All he had in his heart was "his" dao.

Through the eyes of the Unparalleled Monkey King, the world he looked at did not seem so vast anymore.

He was not being recklessly arrogant. He, too, had been through endless trials, and he had endured all of them to eventually reach this state of mind.

It was as though nothing in the world could kill his dao.

"Still ignoring me? Trying to conceal your terror? It's useless, Wu Yu. I know that having another person use your name and body, stealing your Primordial Spirit and your legacy, and making your name remembered for a million years... It must be unbearable. But you have no choice but to bear it. That is your destiny."

The Ancient Emperor was, after all, but an ordinary immortal. That was why his joy was too naked now. Even his words had a secret pleasure that was hardly concealed.

Before, Wu Yu had thought that Hao Tian was a high and mighty immortal. And then he later learned that he was but a puny martial cultivator.

For the longest time, Wu Yu had also treated the Ancient Emperor with such worship. And now, he found him like a common person. He, too, was prone to being carried away by happiness, or losing his reason from anger.

But Wu Yu was still helpless even though he had seen through him. His real body was trapped in an immortal treasure of the gods, like a shark in a net.

"Your life's purpose is over. Will you not even say anything?"

As he said this, the golden and black vortexes were on the verge of meeting and fusing amidst the dense web of black and gold lightning.

The lightning flashed and crackled everywhere, leaping from one spot to another.

Within the black vortex, Wu Yu had already been completely swarmed by both types of lightning. His flesh was being assailed by it.

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor spoke again, but still there was no response from Wu Yu.

Given his arrogant nature, he was naturally angered by this.

He sneered, "Silence will not hide your fear. So you choose to pretend. Then I won't show you any mercy. Enjoy the feeling of losing your sense of self."

Call him talkative, if you would.

Actually, he wanted to see Wu Yu's fearful face. That would have heightened his sense of accomplishment.

But Wu Yu's attitude had denied him that pleasure of toying with his opponent.

This would only fuel his need for domination even further. He clearly felt that losing one's self would undo anyone with fear, no matter how calm Wu Yu appeared.

"Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing, begin."

The Immortal Fusing Seed that he had made out of the Genesis Immortal Panacea had completely infiltrated Wu Yu's body and was beginning to change his body.

If you compared Wu Yu's body to a dao treasure, then Wu Yu was the master, but it was now changed so that both of them were masters who could control this body.

Next, the Ancient Emperor would completely submerge Wu Yu into his own body and create a whole, singular body wholly under his control.

He needed Wu Yu's memories, his understanding of the legacy. He needed his connection with the Ruyi Jingu Bang, or he would not be able to get the legacy at all.

At the moment he said "begin", the golden vortex and black vortex had finally connected.

And then, accompanied by a huge cluster of dense lightning, they began to merge.

Above Wu Yu's head, drastic changes were happening as the two vortexes met. All of the changes were targeted at Wu Yu. Above, a golden silhouette appeared behind the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. It had eyes of gold and blue, and was the immortal spirit that he had separated.

Compared to Wu Yu's second Primordial Spirit, this was probably much more defined.

"Still not scared yet?"

The Ancient Emperor's voice seemed to come from far away, although the separated immortal spirit was right before him. He flew towards Wu Yu with a bristling escort of lightning. All the lightning within the two vortexes was gathering at his partial immortal spirit, and being incorporated in. The partial immortal spirit grew stronger and stronger!

In a flash, he had gathered up all the black and gold lightning in the Ancient Soul Tower. He was frightfully strong, and definitely able to crush Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit!


The partial immortal spirit of the Ancient Emperor grunted. Seeing Wu Yu's eyes still shut, "acting tough", he was even more infuriated. He said no more, but immediately began the Body Seizing.

He had already succeeded in the Immortal Fusing portion.

Of course, the success of Immortal Fusing was to be expected. Body Seizing was the most important step.

Wu Yu's corporeal body could not resist the imprisonment of the Ancient Emperor. His powerful partial immortal spirit could not be stopped as it invaded his body.

It was like a serrated knife tearing its way in. Wu Yu was in agony. Not physical agony, but a spiritual one!

It was like the saying that two tigers cannot share one mountain. If a body had a Primordial Spirit fighting with an immortal spirit, it would naturally result in a clash. As the weaker one, Wu Yu immediately felt the pressure.

It could be put this way: if the body was a boat, then the Primordial Spirit was the captain. Now another captain had appeared, and this one was much stronger. The boat needed a captain to determine its course. With two, there would be a fight.

This was the situation inside of Wu Yu's body currently. When a new contender entered, Wu Yu lost direct control of his body. Of course, his opponent had not been able to wrest it yet.

Ordinarily, Body Seizing would require the Ancient Emperor to find Wu Yu, kill him, and take his body.

But the Ancient Emperor did not wish to do this. He not only wanted to seize Wu Yu's body, he also wanted to merge Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit into himself. This was because Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit was very important - it held the fundamentals of Wu Yu's dao, his memories of dao and mystiques, and the connection with the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

He was not willing to give up on these, and so he had used a higher level forbidden immortal technique, which was the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing. In order to retain all that was Wu Yu and then use his own knowledge and experience to bring it further faster.

Within his body, Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit could not hide.

The Ancient Emperor's partial immortal spirit was here to devour it.

His partial immortal spirit, bolstered by the lightning, was like a titan within Wu Yu's body. With the Immortal Fusing Seed embedded in him, Wu Yu was too insignificant against him.

This was the great difference between their spirits. Wu Yu's was still a Primordial Spirit, and not yet immortal.

"You can't escape now," the Ancient Emperor crowed.

Outside the body, black and gold clashed in a frightful mess, circling Wu Yu's body.

As for the Ancient Emperor's real body, it had retreated some distance away. He had become a little more shriveled and pale. He looked frail. After all, he had divested away the best part of him for the partial immortal spirit. What remained was what he had more or less abandoned.

Of course, it would continue to guard the Jambu Realm in the future and fulfill its duty, allowing him not to call attention to himself. It had a purpose.

The more important part was in Wu Yu.

Against such a monstrous titan, Wu Yu was at an extreme disadvantage.

He was in despair because he had seen this coming. All that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had taught him - he could not give it up.

Now his body was not his own. Even chanting the scripture of the Invincible Vajra Body was useless. But he still used Visualizing the Inner Ape.

"Your avatar is very good at devouring. But that's not the real thing. That would be my devouring."

The huge partial immortal spirit reached out with a pair of enormous hands to clamp around Wu Yu. His body was only so big, and he could not run anywhere. His opponent's strength exceeded his by more than a hundredfold, and he knew that he probably would not be able to escape his hands.

He opened his huge mouth, about to swallow Wu Yu.

At this moment, Wu Yu was still seated in the lotus position, his palms together. He was as immovable as a mountain, and equally expressionless.

"Still feigning toughness."

The Ancient Emperor sneered again. He opened his mouth and swallowed Wu Yu without mercy.

And then he began to digest.

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