Chapter 1221: Black and Gold Sun

"What are you looking at?" 

Perhaps Wu Yu's gaze was too fervent and too invasive. Although she was walking ahead of him, Yueling Xuan still felt it. 

When she turned around, saw where Wu Yu's gaze was fixed on, and how rapid his breathing was, Yueling Xuan was anxious and enraged. Her face turned red and she said, "Don't act recklessly! Or I will... commit suicide...." 

Right now, Wu Yu was overwhelmingly stronger than her. From him, she felt a terror that only an immortal could bring her. There was nothing that she could have used to threaten Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu was just like a wild beast. 

"Calm down." He took a deep breath, shut his eyes, and turned away from Yueling Xuan. 

He thought about Luo Pin. The image of her in his mind was vivid, as though she was standing before him. It was then that Wu Yu regained his composure. 

The two intense desires of devouring and procreating could set his body ablaze at any time. 

"Let's go. You aren't my type," Wu Yu said solemnly. Fortunately, he could curb himself. 

"What do you mean?" Yueling Xuan was shuddering in fear but wasn't pleased with how Wu Yu had said she wasn't his type. 

However, at the thought that she would be finished if Wu Yu was overwhelmed by his primitive instincts, she shut her mouth immediately and accelerated down. She said, "After we get down, it will be fine after I disarm a spirit design for you." 

Along the way, she had disarmed several spirit designs. They should be nearing where they wanted to go. 

Wu Yu looked away so he wouldn't see her while following silently. 

Below him, he saw a deep and black vortex with purple thunderbolts ravaging within. After she disarmed the last spirit design, she said anxiously to Wu Yu, "You can get in now. Enter through here and those thunderbolts wouldn't touch you. You will only be attacked if you come from the other end." 

"In other words, as long as you are sufficiently strong, you can still return from the other side, right?" asked Wu Yu. 

Yueling Xuan retreated to a corner and answered uneasily,"Ye... Yeah." 

Wu Yu entered the vortex and noticed that the thunderbolts really weren't attacking him. Both of his legs sank in, but when he tried to get up, he could feel the thunderbolts getting restless. These weren't ordinary thunderbolts, and their power wasn't inferior to the heaven's fire that Ao Yang had used to imprison Luo Pin. 

While sinking, Wu Yu's eyes were fixed on Yueling Xuan. This left her petrified, and she couldn't wait to hide away. Wu Yu's gaze was too fervent and full of aggression. Looking at her pretty face and silky boobs as he sank further down.... 

Yueling Xuan was terrified and could only pray that Wu Yu would be gone as soon as possible. 

She was really afraid Wu Yu would jump out and unleash his fury on her on the ground. After all, she knew she couldn't resist him at all. 

"Sect Master!" At this moment, the Pentamerous Moons darted in anxiously. 

Initially, Wu Yu only had two legs into the vortex and had not left completely. Driven by his desire to procreate, his eyes were fixed on Yueling Xuan. 

She was too stunning. 

However, when the five old ladies came... Although they were stunning beauties when they were young, they had lost their elegant appearances by now. Nausea surged up to his throat, enabling him to overcome his desire. Without delay, he dove into the channel. 

"Sect Leader! You...." The Pentamerous Moons had a quick glance and finally were at ease after noticing that Yueling Xuan wasn't hurt. 

However, they saw her slumping to the ground. Her body was flushed red and she was drenched in perspiration. One could see relief in her eyes and also a little disappointment as though she had lost something. 

The Pentamerous Moons were people with their own stories. Looking at Yueling Xuan's conditions, they were confused. How could Yueling Xuan be so attracted to Wu Yu with no clear reason? They knew she had made up her mind to cultivate alone since young and had never considered getting a dao companion. 

"He's too frightening." Yueling Xuan finally reacted and coughed several times to mask her embarrassment. 

The Pentamerous Moons didn't delve deeper as they knew this was embarrassing for Yueling Xuan. 

"What kind of existence is he? Fortunately for us, he has left our realm." 

"Yeah. I don't remember him being like this the previous time. This time, he even overwhelmed us directly. Moreover, his demeanor and looks were completely different." 

"Perhaps he has experienced something?" 

"Let's not be bothered by him. He has headed to the Great Ancient Ink Realm and will never be back." Yueling Xuan's expression chilled and she was the first to leave. Everything that happened today had shaken her dao. She wanted to return to a place where she could be alone to think about things calmly. 

After all, she knew her body well. Now that Wu Yu had left, she still felt a little shameful. 

It wasn't that she had never encountered a genius that was interested in her.

However, how could one ever possess such an intoxicating attraction? 




"When I become incomparably powerful and have countless descendants... could the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord occupy the entire Heavenly Domain?" 

Wu Yu was pondering this question when travelling towards the Great Ancient Ink Realm. 

He could sense the changes to the Heaven Devouring Avatar clearly, especially after he surpassed his main body. The two desires were exceptionally intense. 

He felt helpless. 

Now he felt hunger and excitement. One was enough torment for him. How was he going to endure and survive if he had to resist the two desires? 

Fortunately, he arrived in the Great Ancient Ink Realm, which took some of his attention away. 

He had finally arrived in a greater realm from a lesser realm! 

3,000 greater realms and 90,000 lesser realms! Among which, the Great Ancient Ink Realm was probably relatively small compared to the other 3,000 greater realms. 

When Wu Yu found himself on this jet black continent, he was deeply stumped. 

This was definitely a place that could sustain a large number of immortals and ghostly immortals. 

Looking across, he could see himself surrounded by a vast and endless ink-black mountain range. Dawn was breaking just now. 

He could see a gigantic, scorching hot sun rising slowly from his horizon in the east. 

That scorching sun illuminated the land with endless, brilliant light, dyeing the ink-black land with a shade of gold. 

However, this wasn't the only phenomenon. 

When he turned around, he could see an equally scorching sun slowly setting down in the horizon. 

What was frightening was that it was a black scorching sun! 

While the scorching sun from the east was releasing endless golden light, the black sun in the west was absorbing all light in the area, sinking the west side of the world into pitch-black darkness. 

A golden sun and a black sun. 

Revolving around on opposite ends. 

This was unbelievable. 

Without a doubt, this realm was huge. 

It was far larger and more vast than any realms that Wu Yu had seen. 

As for the spiritual qi, there was nothing one would pick against. The spiritual qi in the Ancient Demon Realm was already incredible at five or more times denser than the Jambu Realm. 

As for the Great Ancient Ink Realm, it would probably be ten times denser than the Ancient Demon Realm. Moreover, the form was slightly different. The atmosphere wasn't filled with dense spiritual qi mist. Instead, an invisible and slightly dullish spiritual qi filled the atmosphere and had greater effect. 

Standing on an ordinary spot, Wu Yu felt like the spiritual qi had even exceeded the territory of Azure Dragon, where spiritual qi had fused into the seawater of the Fishing Dragon Region. 

In this place, spiritual qi had assimilated into the air. While breathing, one could feel it. 

In fact, Wu Yu even found a greater qi. It wasn't in huge quantities, but it was extremely nourishing. Wu Yu believed it had something to do with immortals. Most likely, it might be immortal qi or even immortal essence qi. 

When he picked up the sand and earth from the ground, he realized even these ordinary things had become unusually tough under the nourishment of spiritual qi. Evidently, this was a realm that could support many immortals, ghostly immortals, and even demon immortals. 

In this realm, there would only be more experts and secrets. Wu Yu initially wanted to wander this realm. He would have never expected the incident with the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor to happen. 

Now that he was here and looking at this vast, majestic, and endless realm, he didn't feel the same excitement. Instead, he was anxious. This was because he had to find targets he could devour in this realm. Only then could he return to the Jambu Realm, defeat the Ancient Emperor, and reclaim his body. 

Only strength mattered now. He wouldn't have time to consider who was kind or evil!

The two desires were related and would cause him restlessness. 

Moments ago, Yueling Xuan was too titillating to him. The lethal attraction had caused him frustration, which was now accumulated and not vented. After he arrived in the Great Ancient Ink Realm, he picked up the smell of flesh and blood. The two desires together would be sufficient to overcome his rationality. 

Following the smell of flesh and blood, he advanced expeditiously. Right before him was a dark forest, and he darted into the depths immediately. 

"Who's there!?" 

In the depths of the ancient forest was a small, mobile palace. In fact, it was like a seraphic dao treasure similar to the Temple of Heart and Spirit that one could bring away at any time. 

When the person in it discovered Wu Yu, he rushed out. He was a middle-aged man with a giant physique. He held two hammers which were both seraphic dao treasures, and he was at least a seventh tier Dao Querying cultivator. 

When he saw Wu Yu, he berated, "I've hidden myself all the way here and yet you guys could find me? How troublesome! Didn't I just kill several of your useless disciples?" 

Wu Yu didn't say a word. The desire that he had restrained from Yueling Xuan was unleashed on him, completely devouring him. 

Obviously, he wasn't trying to procreate with this hunky man. 

Instead, he devoured him. 

This would at most alleviate his hunger. 

Wu Yu didn't make the first move. Rather, that man charged towards Wu Yu, seemingly wanting to take Wu Yu's life away swiftly. 

This infuriated Wu Yu further, seeing that the prey was provoking him. 

With the strength of demon immortals, he grabbed him and devoured him in full. 

His emotions stabilized a little after having something to digest. 


The most important objective he had was to devour his target's memories. Through devouring, Wu Yu could understand the Great Ancient Ink Realm clearly and gain the knowledge of this place from someone local to it. 

He also learned where he could find immortals and ghostly immortals. 

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