Chapter 1220: Procreation

This was the flaw of the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Underneath such talent lurked a demon.

If Wu Yu wanted to use this talent to win back his body, he had to be aware that the Heaven Devouring Avatar would not just become strong by devouring its way to the top. Before, it had been limited by the awareness of the real body's Primordial Spirit. Now it had far surpassed the real body's Primordial Spirit and was in an unstable state. He had to continue using Immolate to become more aware, and not continue devouring.

But he had but one chance. Wu Yu did not have much room for second-guessing.

"If I lose my real body, I will have lost too much. Who would be willing to let another use their own body and mystiques, and to appear in the Heavenly Domain with their name?"

Wu Yu could not stand it.

Therefore, even though Ye Xixi was worried, Wu Yu was insistent. He chose to head to the Stellar Realm. There was a path to the Great Ancient Ink Realm there.

There would be sufficient immortals there.

Right now, Wu Yu's two bodies were still linked, so he could speak to Ming Long.

"I'll tell you the truth. In this situation, it's very hard for you to accept the loss. You should just try gambling in one fight. But if you fail, you have to bear the responsibility of your decision. After all, this is not something you can change. It's pretty good that you can continue living. Besides, I don't think the Heaven Devouring Avatar is too bad. As long as you can control yourself, I believe you can continue to grow stronger, whether you need to get revenge or reunite with Luo Pin." Ming Long was not joking around anymore. She was serious, and there was a bitter sadness under her solemn countenance.

Her dreams of reincarnation had failed.

Once the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor succeeded, Wu Yu would be severed from her forever.

"If he succeeds, and is willing to reincarnate you, perhaps...."

"Don't say that. I won't accept the favor of your enemies. Wu Yu, we are good friends. Even like family, who have watched each other's backs for many years. Do you agree?" Ming Long asked tearfully.

"Must you be so emotional...." Wu Yu's heart was heavy and twisted.

Ming Long smiled. "Alright, then. But regardless, where there is life, there is hope. This world is vast. Victory and defeat are not yet set in stone. I believe in you! No matter what you want to do, go and do it!"

Actually, they did not need to exchange many words. Wu Yu knew her well, as she did him. She actually understood him even better than Luo Pin did. Only, Wu Yu could not see what she truly looked like, or touch her. But after such a long time, Wu Yu had long thought of her as family.

Not a big sister, but not a little sister. Not a lover either. Wu Yu did not know what the relationship was, but there was a companionship that was hard to leave behind. They often fought and teased. Only when their connection was on the verge of being lost did he know how hard it was.

Fortunately, there was still hope of reunion.

Wu Yu opened the Gateway to the Stellar Realm. He told the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others to wait here, then he entered the Stellar Realm. It was still peaceful, and the moons above shone brightly in a starlit sky. But at this moment, Wu Yu's only interest was flesh and blood. These scenes of beauty held no meaning for him.

He could immediately smell where the life forms gathered, just like a beast could follow the scent of blood. Especially near the five powers, the gathering of experts smelled sweeter, and Wu Yu immediately locked on to the location of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect.

Along the way, he was looking at this world as the Heaven Devouring Avatar for the first time.

With a different body, what he saw was different as well. The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's legacy was rebellious and destructive. The Heaven Devouring Avatar was devouring and thoroughly destructive.

One caused mischief, one devoured things. The feeling was different. It felt like the Heaven Devouring Avatar's perspective was a level higher.

His snow-white skin; glowing, red eyes; and flowing, white hair gave off a demonic feel, accentuated by his black robes. He was like a demon, and gave off a completely different aura compared to his real body's dominance. But both styles were very clearly elite beings.

He reached the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect.

Wu Yu flew above the Snowy Moon Valley. Without the Somersault Cloud, he realized he could not easily enter the Snowy Moon Valley's spirit design. However, since he still had the power of two demon immortals, he easily smashed it.

When the spirit design crumbled, a voice demanded, "Who is it!?" Yueling Yi, wearing pink, flew out brandishing her sword. She immediately spotted Wu Yu, and she cringed in fear. "You again? And why are you so different from last time?"

"Get your sister here," Wu Yu said.

He had just finished speaking when Yueling Xuan and the Pentamerous Moons all rushed over, thinking that there was some external enemy who had broken the spirit design. Yueling Xuan had the Beckoning Moon Divine Spirit Sword in hand, and her soul almost left her body in fright when she saw the white-haired man standing before Yueling Yi.

"Yueling Xuan, take me to the Great Ancient Ink Realm." Wu Yu's blood-red eyes locked on to her.

Seeing that it was Wu Yu, Yueling Xuan was not so afraid. A bit of anger returned, and she flew up. "Are you toying with me? I even opened the channel for you last time, but you ran away without a word. Now you're back at it?"

She was guarding Yueling Yi, and surrounded Wu Yu together with the Pentamerous Moons.

Being commanded by Wu Yu like this was humiliating. Therefore, she decided to push back a little. After all, he had no hostage now.

"I said, bring me to the Great Ancient Ink Realm!" As Wu Yu spoke, he clawed with his hand, and Yueling Xuan was gripped by a stupendous force. Wu Yu reached out with a hand and clamped down on her neck, making her unable to move. Yueling Xuan finally faced the dread of being near death. Only now did she realize that Wu Yu was not the same.

"Release her!" The Pentamerous Moons did not know what was happening, but they immediately reacted to their sect leader being handled.


Wu Yu roared. He used a sonic mystique that belonged to the Azure Dragon and sent the Pentamerous Moons tumbling away. Some even flew 3,000 li away. They would have to be very skilled to even climb back to their feet.

"Release my sister!" Yueling Yi was scared half to death, but she still rushed up upon seeing Yueling Xuan in trouble. She ended up being clamped by Wu Yu's other hand.

These comely sisters were in his hands now, their lives at his mercy. Seeing their pale faces, staring fearfully back at him, Wu Yu felt a sense of power flow through him, stoked by their fear. His stomach rumbled loudly, and these two looked like dainty delicacies to him. They could fill his stomach. A little, at least.

"No!" Wu Yu hurriedly cried, breaking out in cold sweat.

Wanting to devour the moment he laid eyes on someone - how dangerous was this?

The sisters were thoroughly frightened now, dissolving into tears. The pitiful beauties made one's heart ache for them. But all Wu Yu wanted to do was eat them. How could he be so uncomprehending of other emotions?

He quickly released them, saying, "I'm sorry. It's a little hard to control myself right now. Let me go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm quickly. That's best for you. Any later, and I might not be able to control myself, and I will kill you all."

"You go. I'll take him." Yueling Xuan was the sect leader. She had recovered quickly, and guessed from Wu Yu's words that he was unstable.

And the first thing she thought of at this time was for her little sister to leave first. The depth of their sisterly relationship was in the details. Wu Yu approved of her. Yueling Yi had not run away either, and had come tackling him.

"No... No...."

Yueling Yi was speechless from fear.

Yueling Xuan was frustrated, but she moved quickly. She again drew the spirit design and then entered it, first calling for Wu Yu to join her.

She knew that it was best to talk less and quickly send Wu Yu on his way. That was the best solution.

She did not want to face such a scary Wu Yu again. She could feel that the power of immortals was present.

As for her, about to challenge the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, witnessing an immortal's strength was very important.

Entering the dark channel, they headed deeper.

As Yueling Xuan walked in front of him, another type of impulse actually took over. It was one that superseded his hunger. It was stimulation from the beauty and quality of Yueling Xuan!

Put simply, it was the urge to procreate.

Actually, eating and procreating were the two most primal needs of beasts.

Even mortals fundamentally lived for these two needs.

To eat, to live, to continue living.

To procreate, to leave a legacy, to continue life.

These two impulses were very normal. Even if one reached immortalhood, they would still be present.

Cultivation simply replaced eating with spiritual qi. It was also a form of consumption. Procreation went without saying. Immortals also left behind descendants.

But this impulse of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was extremely powerful.

Yueling Xuan's mature sexuality and beauty, here in this dark place, exerted a powerful attraction on Wu Yu.

The impulse of procreation was definitely triggered because Wu Yu had a flesh and blood body.

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