Chapter 1219: Great Trial in Three Days

In this "harvest", the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had come for five fruits.

They were Wu Yu's real body, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Amongst them, the most important was Wu Yu's real body. It was no exaggeration to say that obtaining Wu Yu's real body was already half the battle won for the Ancient Emperor.

As for the other four, they might not be usable for now, but they were his eventual goal.

Of course, his original plan was definitely to take them all down. And he had not thought twice about being able to do it.

The first hiccup was that Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had devoured the demon immortals and become stronger.

The second hiccup was that Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar could not only become stronger, but could also use Immolate.

The third hiccup was that Wu Yu had already prepared to give up the real body. The key to his escape, the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm, had been left in Luo Pin's hands.

This was not even like giving up a rook to save the king. It was more like giving up the king to save the rook.

Without question, Wu Yu's real body was the king here. It was the most important piece. But with his real body being locked down by the Ancient Emperor, he had to abandon that body in order to have a chance.

Therefore, he had decisively cut off his metaphorical arm.

Just like the lizard. Just like the crab. All to survive.

Although he had lost his real body, hope remained. He had not involved the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi and he had not lost the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Therefore, considering what the Ancient Emperor had planned to harvest, he was the one who had failed today.

Given his preparations and his natural advantage and talent, being unable to reap all five targets was unthinkable - it was a freak occurrence. He had only managed to reap one of five.

Granted, it was the most important one.

But to the Ancient Emperor, this was a thorough failure!

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar took the Floating Dreams Pagoda and Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm and vanished from under his very nose. The Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation again turned peaceful. He was rooted to the spot.

From the start, he had worn a smug smile, knowing that all was going according to plan.

But now, he flew into a terrible rage, his features contorting.

"WU YU!!!!" The Ancient Emperor whirled about and charged into the Ancient Soul Tower, shouting, "Get back here immediately! Or you'll pay an even more terrible price!"

Within the Ancient Soul Tower, Wu Yu met his cold gaze equally icily.

He had thought it all through already. Being able to live on today was already a win. Asking for too much was rejecting reality for what it was.

He said, "Don't worry. I will come back. But that's after I go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. The day I come back, you will die. Wait for me."

He was no ordinary smart person. His cleverness was in survival. His meaning was clear. He would continue to devour!

Until he had the ability to kill the Ancient Emperor.

"Aren't you afraid of becoming the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord? If you lose your reason, and the sky palaces learn about it, they will send heavenly soldiers down to kill you!" There was a fire in the Ancient Emperor's voice. He was truly angry now, and this put Wu Yu in a wonderful mood.

"So, you're scared now? Ancient Emperor, from the moment you made this plan, I was destined not to rest until you were dead. Enjoy your endless suffering from now on."

The Ancient Emperor gave a cold laugh. "You dare to anger me? Do you believe that I won’t destroy the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation again?"

He left immediately, appearing outside the spirit design again. Before him were Luo Pin and the other mystical dragons. They were all bunched together, and not pleased at all.

Wu Yu could not see her.

She was currently in the clouds. Today had changed her. She had grown cold, intense. In the wind, her white hair blew out wildly, a sign of her strong aura. Mentally, she seemed even a match for the Ancient Emperor.

"As for me, I will cross the Great Trial and reach immortalhood in three days! For the rest of time, I will be watching you. No rest until you're dead," Luo Pin declared to the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

In the past, this would have been suicidal. This was blasphemous.

"Dragon Lord...." The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon and the others were naturally afraid, but Luo Pin was a changed person now. They did not dare to stop her.

The Ancient Emperor snorted. "You're called a genius, and you let it go to your head. Less with the big talk. I recall you barely made it through the third dao calamity. Stop bragging. You'll be lucky to get out alive. Haha."

"Wait and see, then."

She said no more, but turned and walked back into the ranks of mystical dragons.

She would immediately prepare to challenge the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao.

"Dragon Lord, so much has happened. Your state of mind and plans are disrupted, and you are also injured. How about some time to recover, a few months even...." the older dragons called anxiously to her retreating figure.

But Luo Pin ignored all of them. The look in her eyes was unshakable, and an incredible faith was in them. It was something that she had never had before, and also what she needed the most.

She was different now.

Those eyes were extremely cold.

Nothing in this world could change her mind anymore.

The mystical dragons did not dare to meet her eyes. Only when she stormed back to her dragon palace did the mystical dragons understand. The infamous Great Trial of the Immortal Dao. Within three days, it would arrive!

Attain immortalhood, or die!

As for Luo Pin, she had forgotten all that she had prepared. On the basis of her faith alone, she would challenge heaven's will, heedless of her wounds!

"Asking for death."

The Ancient Emperor was still sneering.

Luo Pin left, and things fell even more quiet.

The Ancient Emperor had to calm himself down and introspect.

He knew that Wu Yu had left successfully, and he had also lost the handle of Luo Pin on him. It was basically impossible for him to get the Heaven Devouring Avatar to come back.

Unless Wu Yu was confident he could kill him.

He could not catch Wu Yu. After all, it was very difficult for him to go to other worlds.

"If he wants to continue living with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's body, it's basically impossible. Once he starts a panic and the sky palaces are alerted, he will be killed at any time! Therefore, I actually do not need to worry about him.

"After all, he can't even control himself. He will descend into madness sooner or later. The craving to devour will slip out of his control and he will become a devouring beast. Once there's a big commotion, his death sentence will be sealed.

"Therefore, there's no need to worry about that punk. He can't go very far. As for Luo Pin, once I master this legacy, she can do nothing to me. I will reach heights that will far eclipse her.

"As for the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, I should hunt them down beforehand. Of course, they are dullards, and will understand their immortal's legacies much slower than I will. As long as I remain stronger than them, and I know their secret, I will be able to find them one day.

"Therefore, the most important thing for now is to quickly use the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing. After all, this is a rare opportunity. Once I succeed, I will have accomplished my main objective, although some fish might have slipped through the net.

"For me, being able to get the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's legacy is already enough to change my fate, and allow me to reach the pinnacle of the Heavenly Domain! Given my immortal's potential, after I inherit the legacy, my cultivation level will definitely skyrocket! No one will be able to stop me. It will probably not be an issue to succeed with it quickly. Then, even if Wu Yu devours, he might not even be faster than me. As for his Heaven Devouring Avatar, the chances of it going mad and being killed are at least 95%! After I grow stronger, I can go and hunt down the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi. That's enough."

His greatest advantages were his dao and his speed.

These were enough to leave the pair far in the dust. More importantly, only he knew the secret of the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.


He understood the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord incident well. He knew that the body was not easy to control, and was in danger of going bestial at any time. Besides, he was very sure that Wu Yu, while maddened with rage, would go on a devouring spree. At that time, he was sure to cause a huge commotion and then subsequently be sealed or killed. That day was not far away. Back then, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had met a similar fate.

Although he was still dissatisfied, it wrestled with his impatience to quickly complete the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing.

"The objective is indeed not yet complete, it is merely delayed. No rush. No rush."

The Ancient Emperor thought about the new life that he would lead at the pinnacle of the Heavenly Domain. Even though there were imperfections, he still smiled.

He had waited for this day for too long.


Wu Yu was in no mood to take notice of the Divine Battle Realm.

After reaching the Divine Battle Realm, he used the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. After an excruciating wait, he returned to the Ancient Demon Realm.

There were no more demon immortals in the Ancient Demon Realm. All of it was their territory.

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were waiting anxiously for him.

When the white-haired, red-eyed Wu Yu appeared before them, they cried with joy.

"Where's your real body?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked urgently.

"He was too strong. He snatched it. The fact that this body of mine escaped was already incredible luck." Wu Yu shook his head. 

He had to first talk to them and ease their worries.

Hearing this, their faces tightened. They understood the implications.

Wu Yu had lost a lot.

Wu Yu had originally thought of sending a clone to tell them, but then he suddenly realized that when he lost his real body, he had lost all his mystiques as well, including the Somersault Cloud, Unshackled Doppelganger, and the Eyes of Fire and Gold.

Perhaps someone else would use his body and his mystiques in the future.

"What next? Any way to turn the tables?" The Full Moon of Nanshan was still quite calm.

Wu Yu said, "I will go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. I will see if I can gather enough power to crush him. He's probably going to start soon. I have to make good use of the time."

Ye Xixi said anxiously, "Big Brother Yu, can you really devour like this? There has to be a limit, right? Won't it be very dangerous? Is it controllable?"

Her concerns were not baseless.

The devouring of the Heaven Devouring Avatar was demonic. Who knew when one would lose their control and awareness?

Especially after using Immolate, Wu Yu was extremely hungry.

Even more ravenous than before. He was so famished that he was going insane. Even when facing the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, he felt an urge to eat them.

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