Chapter 1218: Immolate!

Separated by the multi-colored spirit design, Wu Yu could not see her too clearly. He only knew that the mystical dragons could not get close to her.

Perhaps today she would undergo a great transformation. It was always trials that made one grow.

The last trial had helped her grow a lot. Before that, her life had been a bed of roses, free of even the slightest unhappiness. She had grown to power smoothly, and assumed the mantle of Lord of the Four Seas.

Otherwise, she would not have barely scraped through the third dao calamity.

Her bright and unlimited future reassured Wu Yu that he had not dragged her down.

And at least her hurts of today could be healed by time.


All was dead silent.

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor controlled Wu Yu's real body with one hand. And then, while Wu Yu was completely unable to resist or even speak, he threw him into the Ancient Soul Tower.

He was thrown into a world of yellow sand and boulders. The first level of the Ancient Soul Tower.

No matter how Wu Yu leaped, he could not leap out of the Ancient Soul Tower.

"Don't be thinking of the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm either. My Ancient Soul Tower has additional restrictions. Even if you have the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm, you can't go out to other worlds."

The Ancient Emperor said to him. He did not care about what Wu Yu did inside.

This was an immortal treasure of the gods, and the Ancient Emperor was absolutely confident that Wu Yu was trapped. There was no doubt about that. Next, he would also throw Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar inside. And then his goal would be 95% complete.

Through the eyes of Feng Xueya, he understood the Ancient Demon Realm well. He knew that the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi could not go anywhere. As long as Wu Yu was restrained, they, too, would be tied.

After Wu Yu's real body had been locked down, he turned to Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. The huge beast had struggled heroically for a long time under Soul's Sunset. 

"It's not even seriously injured. Amazing," the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor marveled.

The godlike body of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was his greatest surprise today. He had not expected this.

Although it was a little difficult to deal with, it was still manageable.

"Wu Yu, are you convinced?" Outside of Soul's Sunset, his hands were idly clasped behind his back as he looked at the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

His powerful body was struggling hard. His crimson eyes had been giving the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor the death stare since the beginning.

At that moment, he was a berserk beast. He was incredibly famished, and the hunger permeated every bone and organ of his body.

The finest delicacy was before him, but he could not swallow it!

"Roar!" Wu Yu could not hold back the low roar of a beast.

"A pity. As scary as it is, it is nothing more than a beast." The Ancient Emperor chuckled. He must’ve been enjoying this moment, as everything was in his control.

"And now your legacy, your Ruyi Jingu Bang, your mystiques - all of it is mine. I will become the new you. I will bring your name to glory in the Heavenly Domain. Of course, your body's abilities will also become mine. I will very quickly find a new Immortal Fusing Seed. Before then, I'll shut you up for a while."

He had expended all of the Genesis Immortal Panaceas that he had bought, in order to make the Immortal Fusing Seed for Wu Yu's real body.

Therefore, he would simply lock Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi away in the Ancient Soul Tower for now. Wu Yu could not escape.

"All of this is mine now. Amazing. I have waited for this day for so long."

The Ancient Emperor sighed. He felt that his luck was amazing. So many goodies, and all of them had landed on his lap.

Wu Yu had not even replied at all. His red and hungry eyes just stared.

The look in his eyes was terrifying. They were so ravenous that even the Ancient Emperor felt a tinge of fear that he would be eaten.

Hunger! Hunger! Hunger!

Perhaps for Wu Yu, it was not just hunger now. The most primordial attack trigger for the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was hunger, but the Ancient Emperor also triggered higher forms of need. He had been humiliated and angered. He dreamed of ripping that flesh mouthful by mouthful.

He had to do it mouthful by mouthful. He would love to resist the urge to swallow him whole.

"I want to eat you."

Wu Yu's red gaze overflowed with malevolence as he spoke to the Ancient Emperor in a low voice.

"Haha, you little animal. All you know is eating." The Ancient Emperor laughed so hard, he doubled over.

He was too drunk on his victory. Today had proceeded too smoothly. Even though Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was stronger than he had expected, things had still gone according to plan.

"Each time you get that complacent, you had best remember the feeling of your flesh being ripped by me."

Wu Yu repeated. His voice was hoarse, but there was a dreadful promise embedded in that dryness.

However, the Ancient Emperor only laughed harder than ever.

Wu Yu was still telling himself the same story.

In order to live, the lizard could sever its tail.

He had grown up by the sea, and had also seen many crabs cut off their own legs in order to confuse the enemy and avoid danger.

Today, he could lose his most precious real body.

But he wanted to survive. Revenge was only possible if he survived.

Besides Return and Replicate, the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast still had one more skill: Immolate.

Wu Yu did not even know that he could "Immolate".

It was after the first time he had been subdued, when he had been out of options, that such an ability had been triggered. His body told him that he could Immolate!

Actually, Return and Replicate had also only appeared when the need had arisen.

Immolate was very simple.

While the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was laughing maniacally, the Heaven Devouring Avatar's black scales suddenly blazed with crimson fire. The fire began from his eyes and then spread throughout his body. Finally, the only thing not burning with a deep red was the singular white horn!

Immolate like crazy!

Just like he had said, he would make the Ancient Emperor forever remember that, at the height of his arrogance, someone was waiting to eat him mouthful by mouthful!

The Heaven Devouring Avatar could devour, and it could also regurgitate. Through the power of Immolate!

In three breaths of time, he had immolated the power of a demon immortal, condensing it into an incredible attack!

In these three breaths of time, his entire body had turned scarlet. He let loose a roar from under Soul's Sunset, which shook the skies itself. It shook the entire Jambu Realm, and he blasted out with his own strength!

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was still laughing! "Impossible!" 

He immediately looked over at the flaming beast.

"Nine Levels of Purgatory!"

The scarlet flames immediately rose several times over. He had burned off the power of three demon immortals at once. After it ended, he would be much weaker. But for now, he used this Immolate ability to grow much stronger!

Nine Levels of Purgatory, enhanced by scarlet flames, again caged the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!

Wu Yu could clearly see that he was trapped within, frowning hard. It was difficult of him to get free immediately, but the Ancient Emperor was still smiling coldly. He pulled out a sword of black and gold, which was another immortal treasure of the gods!

It might be even more lethal than the Ancient Soul Tower!

"You're trying to kill me like that? Dream on! Naive! Haha!"

Even after immolating three demon immortals, the Ancient Emperor was still unruffled. The damage that Nine Levels of Purgatory inflicted was far from killing him.

Wu Yu again burned another three demon immortals' power!

Right now, he only had two demon immortals’ worth of power. After it was used up, he would be easily squashed by the Ancient Emperor.

These three demon immortals’ worth of power again cranked up the power of Nine Levels of Purgatory a notch!

But the Ancient Emperor continued to laugh loudly. He was not at all worried. He turned his intense focus on cutting his way out of Nine Levels of Purgatory.

He felt that Wu Yu was too naive. This clearly would not kill him, but Wu Yu still insisted on such a meaningless struggle.

"Ignorant! Naive! Fool! You cannot protect what is yours, but that is all to be expected. It is all too easy to deal with a worm like you!" the Ancient Emperor gloated as he sliced through layers of hells.

He could see that Wu Yu's strength was on the verge of waning.

But Wu Yu did not continue his madness. He suddenly appeared outside of the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation!

And within the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation, somebody rushed out.

Luo Pin!

As she did, the brand on her shoulder burst into flames that engulfed her.

But in this instant, she delivered two things to Wu Yu's hands: the Floating Dreams Pagoda and the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm!

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had not expected these two things to be with Luo Pin.

Before, Wu Yu's real body had met briefly with Luo Pin, and that was the only time he could have handed something so important to Luo Pin.

But if it was so important, and tied to his escape, how could he have not left them with his real body?

The Ancient Emperor had even taken special care to reinforce the Ancient Soul Tower so that those two things could not escape him. Given his abilities, he could definitely seal the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm within the Ancient Soul Tower.

Perhaps from the start, Wu Yu had already figured out what could escape and what could not.

Ao Yang's appearance had been unexpected, but it had not changed anything.

All it had done was restore the spirit design quicker and give Wu Yu more chances.

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar took hold of the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm and the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

But he would never forget the girl who would brave the flames to deliver these things to him.

In the flames, she was still smiling amidst the heat!

She did not cry, and did not rage. All Wu Yu could see was warmth and trust in him.

She was charred black by the flames, but her perfection would forever be etched into his heart.

She said, "Wu Yu, nothing has changed. We will meet in the sky palaces."

After such a great disaster, and all that suffering, she had still dashed out amidst the punishing flames, to speak words of care to Wu Yu with a smile.

"If I don't die, I'll see you in the sky palaces!"

That was all that Wu Yu managed to choke out.

He was on the verge of tears. Not because he was afraid, but because being able to win her favor was an even greater honor and privilege than an immortal's legacy.

Ao Yang had given her that brand, but she had charged out without even a bit of hesitation.

Finally, she had concealed her sadness from Wu Yu. She had shown him a warm smile. Whatever came of Wu Yu's life afterwards, he would always remember that they had parted with a smile, just like the last time, and they would eagerly go on to their next goal.

To reunite in the sky palaces!

Even if the heavenly rules and restrictions stopped them!

Even if the mystical dragons demanded duty of her!

Even if life and death tried to tear them apart!

She did not hesitate, and Wu Yu did not either.

That moment lasted an eternity.

Finally, Wu Yu pushed her back. He did not wish to see her suffering outside.

The Ancient Emperor did not give him much time either.

The slightest hesitation, and he would lose everything.

He had no time to wait 15 minutes for the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm to open.

He casually grabbed the Gateway to the Divine Battle Realm and rushed in with the key.


When the huge Heaven Devouring Avatar vanished from this world, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor broke out of Nine Levels of Purgatory.

To stare stupidly at the empty space before him.

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