Chapter 1216: Ancestor Ao Yang

Throughout this entire process, he and Luo Pin had been conversing at length.

When Wu Yu said these words, the Ancient Emperor finally stopped smiling. He stretched out a hand from behind his back, saying to Wu Yu, "It should have been this way from the start. After all, I have no evil intent towards the mystical dragon tribe at all. It was you who decided to implicate them."

Actually, he could have subdued Wu Yu at any time, and did not need him to surrender.

But Wu Yu still had the Somersault Cloud and therefore could relocate. If he was willing to abandon Luo Pin, it might still be a risky endeavor.

"No...." As Wu Yu walked towards the Ancient Emperor, Luo Pin tugged at his hand from behind.

The pains of a love, soon lost.

Wu Yu struggled free of her. He was certain now, free of his doubts as he walked towards the Ancient Emperor docilely, coming to stand before him.

He could not burden Luo Pin, and could not let her bear the crime of letting the entire mystical dragon tribe down.

"Very well. A man of will."

Perhaps the Ancient Emperor himself was a little excited. In a short moment, he had used some immortal technique to capture Wu Yu in a golden vortex.

Wu Yu's real body had been immobilized. He had succeeded easily.

After all, he was the owner of this world.

"The look in your eyes is exquisite! But what can you do to me?" The Ancient Emperor smirked.

Wu Yu had successfully submitted to his purpose. A better person would take up the legacy.

Having obtained Wu Yu's real body, he was already 90% of the way to success.

Therefore, the Ancient Emperor was not in a hurry at all. From start to finish, all was within his control.

"Now get out of Dragon Palace of the Four Seas," Wu Yu said.

"But of course."

On this matter, the Ancient Emperor still kept his promise, leaving the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation.

After being destroyed, the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation was automatically repairing itself. The Ancient Emperor had not managed to destroy it completely. The spirit design could repair itself, but it would take some time.

Of course, this time was enough for the Ancient Emperor to threaten Wu Yu with Luo Pin and the others.

As Wu Yu left, he saw Luo Pin. His real body was being controlled, while his Heaven Devouring Avatar was immobilized under Soul's Sunset. It was probably about done as well.

Just one failure, one small step, and he had lost it all.

The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon appeared behind Luo Pin and said piously, "Evil is repaid with evil. Everyone, rejoice. Luo Pin, open your mind. Focus on challenging the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao. That's what's most important to you." 

Luo Pin ignored him. She was still looking at Wu Yu.

She was in a dilemma.

Before her was her love, who she wished to save but was helpless to.

Behind her was her duty, which she had to protect, the fragile mystical dragon tribe.

If she fought for Wu Yu, she would lose the mystical dragon tribe. If that happened, she would not only bear the condemnation from her kin, but also her own conscience.

Wu Yu knew her agony.

"There is no need for sadness before the end of everything."

Seeing her so sad burdened Wu Yu's own heart. But he could not show it. That would only compound her pain.

Wu Yu had never once thought that he would lose everything.

But everyone knew that all that belonged to Wu Yu had been thoroughly ended.

The only good news now was that the Ancient Emperor would no longer target the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. He seemed to want to take down Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar next.

And then, with the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi would not be able to escape their fates either.

The shadow of death loomed over them, unwaveringly.

Wu Yu would never forget her look in that moment.

He had no background or pillar of support. It was too difficult to face the Ancient Emperor alone.

And now, perhaps both his real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar were about to fall into the hands of others.

He was willing to submit to the Ancient Emperor without resistance, if it was but exchanged for peace of mind for the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas.

Actually, if there was a shred of hope in the fight, perhaps Luo Pin would abandon everything else and fight. But against an immortal, her strength was like an ant's. It was impossible.

Perhaps the world was just too bleak.

But in the next instant, hope flared in Wu Yu anew! His Heaven Devouring Avatar still struggled, but it could not get out!

However, high in the sky, a huge wind started to blow, ripping the clouds and fog aside. Suddenly, a glittering light lit up the place.

Within the light, a warp began to descend slowly, as though it were a tear in the fabric of space itself.  In the next moment, a huge, red dragon head extended out, to the amazement of the mystical dragons!

The dragon head was huge, and surrounded by a lot of immortal qi. It was on a completely different level from the mystical dragons of the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas.

Suddenly, this majestic mystical dragon appeared! It was not of this world, it was a real immortal beast! 

It had obviously come from the sky palaces!

To think that a real mystical dragon immortal beast had appeared. This was definitely providence for Wu Yu and Luo Pin!

A huge surprise that bolstered their conviction. Even Ming Long said, "I have to say, your luck is too good! I thought you were a goner, about to be devoured by the Ancient Emperor. But perhaps the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation alerted the mystical dragon up in the sky palaces! Wu Yu, grab hold of your last chance!"

Wu Yu was overjoyed as well. He had been racking his brains for a way out, but the descent of this mystical dragon from the sky palaces was something he had not counted upon. He looked at the huge dragon head, its flames reddening the clouds. A delirious joy took hold in his heart.

As expected, the mystical dragon trumpeted, "Who dares to break the protective design that I, a mystical dragon immortal beast, have set in the mortal realm!? Who dares to slight the mystical dragon tribe?!"

The huge, flaming dragon immediately locked on to the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

This serendipitous development had stunned the entire mystical dragon tribe, who had never seen a mystical dragon ancestor descend before.

The mystical dragons in the Enslaved Dragon Formation all poured out, including the seven Esteemed Elders and Luo Pin. They were all overwhelmed.

A mystical dragon had never come down from the sky palaces before. It was a miracle that had never happened before. They all bowed and chorused to the mystical dragon from the sky palaces, "The Jambu mystical dragon tribe pays our respects to the ancestor from the sky palaces!"

With Luo Pin leading them, they cheered loudly. Hot tears ran down Luo Pin's face, not because of her ancestor, but because with his arrival, there was hope for Wu Yu.

Only a mystical dragon from the sky palaces could foil the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's plan!

As the mystical dragons cheered, the heavenly mystical dragon harrumphed and then glared at the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. "Was it you who broke our spirit design?"

"Revered ancestor, it was that person indeed," Luo Pin hurriedly said.

The immortal mystical dragon looked at Luo Pin and was surprised. "To think that such a rare Primordial Immortal Dragon like yourself would be in the mortal realm, and almost about to reach immortalhood as well. When you reach the sky palaces, you might very well grow to become a great pillar of strength for our tribe. However, immortals are talking now. Don't interrupt."

The Primordial Immortal Dragon had made him very happy, but clearly the immortal mystical dragon was also very superior in his ways. He only acknowledged the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

Wu Yu was overjoyed to see the mystical dragon appear. He felt like he had been saved from the brink of death. But he saw that the Ancient Emperor seemed to have expected it. Perhaps he was faking the composure, or perhaps he had truly anticipated this. In any case, he said, "Report your name. This lesser realm is under my guardianship, and you are trespassing on my mortal realm. You not only did not ask for permission, but also accuse me of crimes?"

Evidently, the Ancient Emperor was unafraid of him.

That was not good.

Luo Pin's delight had fallen a little as well.

The immortal mystical dragon said, "Pretty bold of a little immortal like you, guarding this mortal realm. Of course, I never change my name wherever I go! My name is Ao Yang! I am from the Sixth Midsummer Treasure Sky Palace. I am authorized to enter any mortal realm with a mystical dragon tribe. Now I ask you: was it you who destroyed our spirit design?"

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor said seriously, "Indeed. But I did not harm a single dragon, and the spirit design is restoring itself. I broke it to catch a criminal. As this is the world I guard, I have the right to do so. Even if you report me to the Heavenly Palace, it's no use."

"This is the criminal you caught? A mere mortal? What crimes has he committed that you must apprehend him yourself? By what I know, you might be the guardian immortal, but you can't frequently appear in the mortal realm!" the immortal mystical dragon Ao Yang said rudely.

Yan Huang Ancient Emperor countered, "That's my private business. It's crossing the line for you to intrude. Whatever I do, naturally the Lesser Realm Inspector is watching. You have no need to poke your nose in how I guard my realm. You have no need to go overboard either. Once the spirit design recovers, I will not cause any further trouble for the mystical dragon tribe. Do not worry. There is no trouble. Please go back."

Through their conversation, Wu Yu now knew why the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor did not dare to truly break the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation, or hurt Luo Pin and the others. Because the immortal mystical dragons would come knocking. A pity that Wu Yu did not know this from the start. Otherwise, he need not be threatened thus by the Ancient Emperor!

But it was too late now. He had already been subdued by the Ancient Emperor. At least his real body could not even move an inch.

Wu Yu looked at the immortal mystical dragon, who was hesitating. After all, there was no business with the mystical dragon tribe, and he could not be bothered with these trifling affairs. Therefore, he said, "This is the first time, so I won't quibble with you. But if I learn of this spirit design being broken again, I won't let you off."

The Ancient Emperor was as unmoved as ever. "Don't worry. I've already caught the person. I won't bother the mystical dragon tribe again."

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