Chapter 1215: Heaven's Lightning

The Ancient Emperor appeared outside the spirit design, regarding Wu Yu and Luo Pin with a smile.

If he could really break the spirit design, then he would have a handle on Wu Yu, given the relationship between Wu Yu and Luo Pin.

This had originally been his plan.

Wu Yu was helpless. This was his final stand. He had no other place to back away to.

Wu Yu  could definitely bring Luo Pin to the Ancient Demon Realm. But in such a short amount of time, he could not bring the entire mystical dragon tribe to another world.

Of course, besides Luo Pin, the rest of the mystical dragon tribe and the seven Esteemed Elders would not forfeit the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas for the Ancient Demon Realm. 10 breaths' of time ago, they would have never entertained the idea that the Ancient Emperor could break this spirit design.

And now that the Heaven Devouring Avatar was beaten, it was too late.

Wu Yu could bring Luo Pin to Ancient Demon Realm. After all, he only cared about her. Unfortunately, Luo Pin could not. She was a member of the mystical dragon tribe, and she bore a duty to them.

If she could abandon the mystical dragon tribe for her love, then she would be letting down her entire race.

She could not do that, and Wu Yu could not let her do that.

He was desperately trying to get his Heaven Devouring Avatar out of Soul's Sunset.

But if he could not defeat the Ancient Emperor, it was all wasted effort.

Wu Yu had no other backup. He could only depend on himself, to fight with the heavens, to fight with the hells, to fight with immortals!

If he lost, he would die!

And at this time, even if he were dead, it would make not even a tiny ripple in the vastness of Heavenly Domain.

"Actually, I've studied your Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation for many years. I already know where the vital points are. And you stupid dragons think I can't break it? How full of yourselves you are. I simply did not wish to break it."

As the Ancient Emperor spoke, he already began to move. With the Ancient Soul Tower in one hand, he charged into the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation.

"Man the formation, to your places!"

At Luo Pin's order, the seven Esteemed Elders and Dragon Monarch surrounded Luo Pin after taking care of the children. All nine assumed places within the formation.

With Luo Pin as leader, they each used their spiritual power to activate the spirit designs, as the Ancient Emperor charged. They elevated the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation several levels, to its peak condition!

The rainbow-colored ball that was the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation echoed with mystical dragon roars. Billions of shadows of mystical dragons swam on it. The elements of wind, fire, water, earth, and lightning crossed its surface, killing any who would touch it!

"Yan Huang Ancient Emperor! The Dragon Palace of the Four Seas is sacred ground! Immortals cannot enter either! If you do not heed our warning, we will wound you severely with our spirit design! Our mystical dragon ancestors in the sky palaces will naturally hold you responsible! We advise you to leave immediately, or bear the consequences!"

Dragon Monarch Shackled-God Rogue Dragon said sternly, his face pale.

"Oh? How scary. I'm completely spooked. Haha. Just by your useless creation? Back then the mystical dragon tribe was glorious. A pity that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord destroyed you all. Oh right. Have you forgotten? That huge beast outside. Isn't it the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord which destroyed your entire mystical dragon tribe? That's Wu Yu's body, by the way. This means that Wu Yu is the progeny of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. You should release the spirit design, and allow me to go catch Wu Yu, and take revenge for you."

Ancient Emperor laughed casually.

"That's the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord?" The seven Esteemed Elders and Dragon Monarch were shaken!

They did not know the truth.

"Indeed. Your Lord of the Four Seas has been fraternizing with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's descendant. Very loving." Ancient Emperor smirked coldly.

"Wu Yu!"

The seven Esteemed Elders were even more enraged now, but the object of their rage had now switched to Wu Yu.

"Wu Yu is not my son. Is his real identity the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord? Why do you think I came to kill him? What are you thinking? Betray your ancestors, and fight for the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord?" The Ancient Emperor's laughter was even more mocking now.

"Dragon Lord!" The seven Esteemed Elders were completely sold, especially given the facts before them. Wu Yu's appearance was indeed the exact picture in their records.

Therefore, they blamed Luo Pin for being blinded to the truth.

They could not help but relax their guard, because they had been fooled by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's words, and now sided with him.

Wu Yu knew that the situation was even more dire now.

Luo Pin was bearing all the stress alone, after the seven Esteemed Elders and Dragon Monarch gave up. The Ancient Emperor's entire force bore down on her alone. She was the one who had been on the verge of challenging the Great Trial, and now she was expending all her strength here!

After his verbal assault on the seven Esteemed Elders, he immediately flexed his strength which he had been hiding. Instantly, the entire Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation wavered, and then vanished!

The great Dragon Palace of the Four Seas shattered like the dragon palace of before, exposed to the world.

The palaces belonging to the mystical dragon tribe were exposed to the world, and the spiritual qi accumulated here began to dissipate. If this continued, the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas would soon become an ordinary place.

The Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation had been destroyed!

So the Ancient Emperor did have such destructive power.

But he had capitalized on Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar, in order to make the destruction that much easier.

As the seven Esteemed Elders turned on Wu Yu, their distraction was the perfect opportunity for the Ancient Emperor.

Whether the Ancient Emperor could destroy it if they were all defending their hardest - no one would ever know.

A huge rumble.

Wu Yu's eyes turned red.

Before him, Luo Pin was enduring the tremendous pressure from the Ancient Emperor. As the spirit design broke, she was injured, and sent flying backwards, her face bloodless.

When Wu Yu caught her, her body was limp, as though she had lost much of her strength. She was completely exhausted.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help you......"

Tears leaked out from her clear eyes, tumbling down. She was truly heartbroken and in pain.

This made Wu Yu's heart ache all the more. It was his own weakness that had caused this.

He had thought himself excellent, but this day had come, when he could not even protect his own lover.

To watch her hurt, to watch her cry.

To look at her, looking back at him in pain and misery......

To look at her, fingers pressed against the lines of his palm, so weak......

This moment struck him like lightning.

Heaven's lightning.

He looked up at the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, whose hands were clasped behind his back. He looked at Wu Yu like a benign and smiling father. He looked at Wu Yu and Luo Pin. "This won't do. After all, your ancestor destroyed the mystical dragon tribe. What business do you have holding the mystical dragon tribe's Dragon Lord like that! Her heart is broken beyond all repair."

As the spirit design broke, Wu Yu could have taken Luo Pin and fled to the Ancient Demon Realm. But she could not abandon the mystical dragon tribe, so that was impossible. It was even more impossible now. 

"Wu Yu, put your hands away! Unhand our Dragon Lord! The Ancient Emperor will deliver justice to you!"

The old mystical dragons were still in the dark. They still stood with the Ancient Emperor, speaking up on his behalf.

"Shut up!"

Luo Pin held on. She floated in the air with Wu Yu's help.

She looked at the Ancient Emperor, and then the mystical dragon tribe behind him. The spirit design had broken. The greatest bastion of the mystical dragon tribe's defense, shattered on the ground.

"Luo Pin, you are bewitched! It could even be said that your close relationship with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's spawn disrespects your teachers and ancestors! You have dismissed our grudge! It is blasphemous! Snap out of it! Wake up! Will nothing but Wu Yu's death make you see reason? Ancient Emperor, act now!" Shackled-God Rogue Dragon said with a terrible anger.

To Wu Yu, it was already hopeless.

He saw that Luo Pin, in her agony and pain, still had to fight these lies.

He was a man.

How could he have put her through so much.

She was weak, and accosted by slander. In the mean time, the Ancient Emperor was manipulating the strings, a puppet master laughing at Wu Yu.

"You go first. Don't worry about us. He won't dare to kill us. We have our ancestors in the sky palaces protecting us. Leave quickly."

Luo Pin knew that he had the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. If the struggle lasted for a while, there was still a chance.

But Wu Yu knew clearly that the chances were slim that her ancestor in the sky palace would appear. They could not even contact them usually!

"Don't be silly. If I thought like that, I wouldn't have come here today."

He looked at her with deep feeling. He reached out one finger to wipe a tear from her eye. His heart was utterly broken. Sourness and anger raged in hsi heart, but he knew that this was all the price he paid for his own weakness!

"Cultivation is plunder! The strong rule the weak! And within those rules, the least I can do is to protect those dear to me!"

He had noted these words not long after he entered the world of cultivation. They remained relevant even now.

Cultivate! Plunder!

At this moment, he no longer struggled. He made a very clear decision. He could not see Luo Pin suffer for him anymore. He could not see her in pain for him. Otherwise, he would not deserve the love and care she had for him.

A lizard, in order to survive, was willing to break its own tail!

A crab, in order to survive, was willing to snap off its own leg!

Then he, in order to survive, in order to take revenge, in order to protect everything - why couldn't he sever one life of his!

Today, he had dropped into the deepest valley. It was the darkest moment of his life. He would lose much. The Ancient Emperor plundered it all. It was his everything. He had been naive and dreaming, to think that he would lose nothing at all. He would lose everything!

If even the lizard and crab could do it, why couldn't he?

If an earthworm could survive after being cut in two, why couldn't he?

In the end, what the Ancient Emperor wanted was his real body.

For him, pitiful, weak him, he was not able to care about anything more. He could but care about what was before him.

Therefore, he said to the Ancient Emperor: "Alright. I surrender. I will let you take me away. But you must leave the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. A gentleman's agreement. Agreed? I swear I will not resist."

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