Chapter 1214: Soul's Sunset

The last time they parted, Wu Yu had not imagined they would meet again under such circumstances!

Within the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, there was little to be said. The pair could only face the sea of troubles together, standing against the immortal that controlled the world.

They were helpless to resist!

Therefore, Luo Pin could only hold Wu Yu's hand, a resolute look in her eyes that conveyed her determination palpably.

"I remember you said that you once came across a huge obstacle in your transition from a mortal to the path of cultivation. It was that Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. He is like the Ancient Emperor. But in the end, he was dust in your world."

"The problem is, can I meet another Feng Xueya, or another Sun Wudao?" Wu Yu asked.

"No. This time, you must depend on yourself. On ourselves," Luo Pin said.

Wu Yu nodded gravely. He, too, knew that no one was coming to save him this time. Only he could save himself! And his family. And his friends.

Therefore, all his hopes were placed on the Heaven Devouring Avatar. Wu Yu had to defeat the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor head-on. Even if he could not, he had to fight till the end. At least the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others had already returned to the Ancient Demon Realm. This was not the worst case scenario. It was not a complete loss of their forces.

The grudge of killing his master, of stealing his body, exacerbated by the bone-deep hunger of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. The eyes of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast were just about dripping with blood.

"What is happening?!"

Many mystical dragons had come running after sensing such a powerful aura within the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas.

Luo Pin, seeing that the other mystical dragons had been alerted, ordered them with a fierce face, "Seven Esteemed Elders, Dragon Monarch. Listen to me. Take the dragon children and enter the Enslaved Dragon Formation. Hurry!" 

The Dragon Monarch, the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon, and the seven Esteemed Elders had all arrived. They first spotted Wu Yu, and immediately flew into a rage. The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon said, "Wu Yu! Our Dragon Lord is about to face the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao. Are you here to disrupt it on purpose!? Get out immediately, or we fight!"

Luo Pin sharply said, "This is not about Wu Yu. The Ancient Emperor is threatening Wu Yu with the destruction of the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation. Wu Yu was forced to come. Heed my command!" The seven Esteemed Elders could see that the Ancient Emperor and a huge beast were circling outside. They were just about to ask what it was, when the huge beast and the Ancient Emperor began a heated fight.

As if a demon immortal and immortal were fighting!

"Quick, bring them into the Enslaved Dragon Formation!" Luo Pin was very anxious. Given the situation now, the Enslaved Dragon Formation might be the safest place.

"How is that possible? The Ancient Emperor must be lying to him. It is impossible for him to break the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation. It was created by our ancestors. Besides, isn't Wu Yu the son of the Ancient Emperor? Dragon Lord, are you sure of the situation?" the Maple-Leaf Zephyr Dragon asked.

Perhaps because it concerned Wu Yu, they did not take Luo Pin's order seriously. After all, they were the seniors, and they suspected that Luo Pin's judgment was clouded.

This doubt had wasted much time.

Their suspicions and wariness of Wu Yu was aggravating.

But Wu Yu could only focus on the battle with the Ancient Emperor.

He was fighting with all his strength. He used the power of all eight demon immortals to use the Immortal Jiuying's Nine Levels of Purgatory!

This was the Immortal Jiuying's elite mystique. Layer after layer of Nine Levels of Purgatory enveloped the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, sending his body into nine different realms of hell. This was like nine times the power of 10,000 Levels of Hell!

Wu Yu still had many mystiques. After the Nine Levels of Purgatory had taken effect on the Ancient Emperor, he would use the others. He now had close to 30 different mystiques, and each one was a superb demon immortal bloodline mystique!

But in that instant, the Ancient Emperor broke out of Nine Levels of Purgatory. Wu Yu's most confident mystique had been broken by the Ancient Emperor as easily as tofu. For Wu Yu, this was unbelievable.

His worst fears had come to pass.

The Ancient Emperor was even stronger than he had expected!

"Lifeless Blood Lightning!"

Blood lightning filled the skies, and all the mystical dragons were pale with fear. None of them could have unleashed such a powerful Natural Mystique.

This mystique would definitely be able to wipe out every single expert of their tribe! Even the Phoenix Supreme would have died to it.

But the Ancient Emperor dragged out the Ancient Soul Tower, which created a black sphere that enclosed him within. The violent Lifeless Blood Lightning struck the black sphere, creating enormous ripples on its surface!

But it was unable to break through!

"Soul's Lamenting Curse!"

This was the Red Devil's mystique. Many crimson characters appeared around the Ancient Emperor, but they were solid. These characters formed a long, crimson blood vessel that wrapped around the black sphere. Normally, it would have wrapped around the Ancient Emperor and destroyed his body. But it was still unable to penetrate the defenses of the Ancient Soul Tower, which was an immortal treasure of the gods.

Wu Yu used many different mystiques in succession, all backed with the combined strength of the eight demon immortals. He even used the Green Emperor's illusion techniques, but nothing was able to break through the defenses of the Ancient Soul Tower.

At this time, how could Wu Yu not understand that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was completely reasonable in expecting to destroy Wu Yu?

If he had not boldly devoured the eight demon immortals, he would not even be able to stand against him. Everything he had - his body, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Floating Dreams Pagoda, or friends - would become the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's spoils!

They were at completely different levels! This fight was extremely unfair to Wu Yu. He had probably spent less time cultivating than the Ancient Emperor had spent cultivating. He had grown up in a world belonging to the Ancient Emperor. This was the Ancient Emperor's home. Here, everything he did was under the Ancient Emperor's supervision. In fact, his growth to where he was today had been completely by the Ancient Emperor's grace. He had "reared" Wu Yu, just as if Wu Yu were livestock in his Jambu Realm stable!

Now that he was all fattened up, he could be slaughtered!

How to describe his hate?

Wu Yu had never wanted to torture someone to death so badly before! And now he had found such a person. He felt sickened and humiliated by such a depraved battle. He dearly wished he could skin him and rip out his tendons!

"I say, you really have balls. So you ate some small demon immortals. Having lost your limits and reason, you might pose a bit of a threat to me. A pity that all that you did was within my calculations. My intellect far surpasses yours. No matter how much you jump up and down, all I see is a silly monkey. When I'm happy, I'll play with you. I let you grow to such a level - you should be grateful to me."

The Ancient Emperor said smilingly, as if all was within his grasp.

He transferred the Ancient Soul Tower from his left hand to his right. His eyes turned cold, and the power of an immortal brewed within. In a flash, a mighty burst of power exploded forth from the Ancient Soul Tower, and the Ancient Soul Tower began to expand, until it was above Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar.

"I don't like to see you prance around," the Ancient Emperor said. He looked at Wu Yu as if he were a house pet.

"Soul's Sunset."

Perhaps this time, he finally used the Ancient Soul Tower's spirit design seriously. Wu Yu did not know if an immortal's spirit design was also called a spirit design.

Soul's Sunset. Within the Ancient Soul Tower, the golden part began to shine with golden runes, countless runes that held countless spirit designs within each stroke. These spirit designs activated, creating golden light that bathed the entire area. It was unavoidable.

This spirit design bore down on top of the Heaven Devouring Avatar's head. It was a spirit design that targeted the Primordial Spirit, and he felt like he was a mortal sinking into muddy quicksand. The entire world was shut off from him, and the more he struggled, the deeper he would sink. His Primordial Spirit was being completely devoured by Soul's Sunset!

"I think you will need to surrender in less than 30 breaths of time. Stop struggling. Watch carefully while I get your real body." The Ancient Emperor's lighthearted voice came to Wu Yu.

Humiliation! Rage! Hatred! Kill!

But what use were these? These emotions filled his heart. He wanted nothing more than to destroy his opponent, but he was outclassed. The Ancient Emperor was almighty, treating him like a house pet. Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was like a bull caged in an iron pen - he could not move. He could only wait for his death.

In contrast, the Ancient Emperor was superior and in control. He had the cultivation level to dominate all. If the eight demon immortals had come to the Jambu Realm, they would have all died.

Wu Yu had always wondered if the Ancient Emperor could really dispel the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation. After all, he had never done so before this.

If he couldn't, that meant Wu Yu was safe. Although the Heaven Devouring Avatar was being crushed, if Wu Yu's real body was safe, then Luo Pin and the others would not be blackmail for Wu Yu. Wu Yu could bear just the loss of the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

After all, between the real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar, Wu Yu would naturally choose the real body, born to a father and mother. That was the body he truly felt at home in. Besides, it had mystiques that had unlimited potential. Against such a big threat, Wu Yu could definitely accept just the loss of an unstable Heaven Devouring Avatar.

But after shutting down the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Ancient Emperor appeared before Wu Yu's real body. Of course, the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation was between them.

Only now did the seven Esteemed Elders feel fear. They hurriedly went about their preparations, moving the dragon children into the Enslaved Dragon Formation. It was still not too late. The Dragon Palace of the Four Seas was empty in a flash. But Wu Yu knew that even the Enslaved Dragon Formation would not stop the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor if he were able to break the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation!

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