Chapter 1213: Purpose Accomplished

"Wu Yu, you're actually very lucky. You kept this legacy alive. You've already fulfilled your purpose.

"After all, you're a mortal. In terms of intelligence and experience, you're still deeply lacking.

"Next, I will take your place and let the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's mantle shine brightly.

"Don't worry. One day, I will let the name of Wu Yu ring throughout the sky palaces and immortal domain. The immortals and ghostly immortals of the 8,000 Sky Palaces and 10,000 Levels of Hell will all fear your name.

"At that time, you will have done your ancestors proud. You can leave this life with no regrets. As for my name, it still remains unremarkable. Therefore, I'm doing you a great favor."

All was finally revealed.

The Ancient Emperor would use his dao and experience to bring the name of Wu Yu to glory. He felt that this was "helping" Wu Yu.

He felt that Wu Yu's purpose in life had already been fulfilled, and he could leave this life in peace. And then leave the legacy to more able people to continue letting it shine.

Immortals' legacies were the hardest to obtain. The only way was to steal one, and even so, to align one's heart with an immortal's legacy to the fullest, the conditions had to be perfect. It rarely succeeded.

But there was the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, for whom the stars had aligned.

All was silent above the sea.

Wu Yu knew the truth now.

If only he had known sooner.

Perhaps before, he had been conflicted by the Ancient Emperor's identity as his father. But it was all crystal clear now. He had nothing but pure hatred for this person.

He had killed Wu Yu's benefactor and master, threatened his loved ones, and now he wanted to take Wu Yu's body and become him!

This was just about the worst enemy in the human realm.

Wu Yu hated him. Hated him so much he was shaking from emotion.

The Ancient Emperor said, "If you're obedient, I won't disturb Luo Pin. I'll let her cultivate and become an immortal beast in peace. She can become one of the mystical dragons in the sky palaces. Given her Primordial Immortal Dragon bloodline, her future is very bright. Since you love her so much, I will continue this splendid tale. When I reach the sky palaces, I will realize your wish, reunite with her, and write your story of star-crossed immortal lovers. What do you think?"

This starkly showed how despicable he was! How immoral!

"I had thought that I was barbaric. But to think that an Ancient Emperor like you would open my eyes. You're even worse...." the Full Moon of Nanshan spat.

"That's right, trash! We'll kill you!" Ye Xixi said, her eyes afire.

The Ancient Emperor burst out laughing. "Don't get hasty. I'm still searching for a way to split my immortal spirit. When I do, all of you will be me as well. As for me, when I have three elite immortal legacies, all of your names will echo around the world, all thanks to me. Now that you know the truth, the Immortal Fusing Seed might have its growth stunted. But it doesn't matter even if it takes 100 years. I'll have to let Wu Yu's name shine first. Don't worry. None of you can hide from me. I can choose not to bother Luo Pin, but none of you will escape from me."

He stretched out a hand and a black and gold pagoda appeared in it.

It was the Ancient Soul Tower. Wu Yu had spent a long time inside.

He was about to attack.

He did not attack the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation, but instead targeted Wu Yu and the others directly. If they were trapped inside the Ancient Soul Tower, even Wu Yu's Somersault Cloud probably would not be able to get him out. Because it was a world with no horizons, and therefore it could not be leaped out of.

He was still thinking of writing an immortal love story with Luo Pin in the future, in the identity of Wu Yu. Therefore, he did not attack the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation!

Wu Yu even suspected that he might be unable to break it. He might be trying to scare Wu Yu into returning!

Now that he knew his ambitions, Wu Yu did not wish to affect Luo Pin for the moment. But that was impossible. If they fought, Luo Pin would definitely be alerted. Unless the Ancient Emperor thought that he could take Wu Yu down without a fuss.

"Stop dawdling. Get into the Ancient Soul Tower. No fuss, and she won't know. I'll take good care of her. No need for you to worry," the Ancient Emperor said with a lazy smile.

And at this time, his Ancient Soul Tower was exerting a terrible pressure on Wu Yu and the others.

There was nothing stronger than his hatred!

Wu Yu's anger built and built, until he felt that it was about to burst out of him!

Whether the Heaven Devouring Avatar was up to the task or not, he wanted to fight.

When his opponent attacked, Wu Yu did three things.

Firstly, he sent a prepared Message Talisman to Luo Pin, telling her the truth of everything, as well as the promise that he might be able to handle the fight, and it would not affect the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas.

Secondly, he took out the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm, for the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi to return to. It looked like there was nothing good to come of their lingering. Wu Yu was not afraid that he would threaten Luo Pin, and so the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi should make haste and leave.

Thirdly, he had the Heaven Devouring Avatar emerge from the Floating Dreams Pagoda to attract the Ancient Emperor's attention.

He was already prepared for this.

When the Message Talisman flew out, the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm was already behind Wu Yu. He had discussed it with the others. They, too, knew that they would be of no help in this battle. They would just die. Therefore, they left it to Wu Yu and directly went through the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm.

The main reason they could enter the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm was because the Heaven Devouring Avatar had appeared to stop the Ancient Emperor's movements.

Otherwise, the Ancient Emperor would probably have been able to stop them easily.

In the face of his swift response, the Ancient Emperor laughed. "There's no point hiding in the Ancient Demon Realm. Once I become you, I will have mastery over the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. Where can they hide from me?"

He was especially terrifying.

He was completely unafraid of the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others returning. And right now, he had a greater interest in the Heaven Devouring Avatar. He looked at nothing else but it.

"Incredible. It's like the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord reappearing. To reach such power, he will definitely be one of my greatest pillars of strength in the future. Wu Yu, you are really lucky. You got this in addition to an immortal's legacy. My compliments. A pity that it will be all me from now on."

The Ancient Emperor laughed mercilessly. Perhaps he was truly excited that all these great things had been delivered to him.

Besides, he could see clearly how strong the Heaven Devouring Avatar was, but he was fearless. Wu Yu felt that he might have underestimated his cultivation level.

And now, only the real body and Heaven Devouring Avatar were facing the Ancient Emperor.

Wu Yu suspected that he could not break the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation.

But he could not leave. Otherwise, what if he could break it?

Only killing him would grant him peace!

Ease the grudge of killing his master and stealing his body!

He might have never hated anyone more than this before. This haughty and devious Ancient Emperor spurred hate in him like never before. He wanted to kill him a thousand times, ten thousand times over!

As the Heaven Devouring Avatar, Wu Yu wanted to devour him!

He was driven mad with hunger, his stomach rumbling loudly.

He could not help it, turning from the white-haired, red-eyed human form to the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast.

He was born for battle. Black scales, huge wings, keen horns, red eyes, a viciously long and sharp tail, spines jutting out from knees and elbows - every inch of his body was a weapon.

Especially those razor-sharp fangs, glinting with a vampiric light. The Ancient Emperor looked like prey before Wu Yu.

"Splendid! Magnificent! But not yours! It's all mine!" The Ancient Emperor's eyes widened as he laughed loudly, unable to stop. He was full of admiration towards the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, and not at all afraid, unlike the demon immortals.

The Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation behind the Ancient Emperor started to dissipate. Wu Yu could see her appear in the spirit design. She heeded Wu Yu's words and did not come out. They had thought that they would next meet in the sky palaces, and not under such circumstances.

Wu Yu could see the anxiety and tears in her eyes. Wu Yu had told her everything in great detail and said not to come out into the Ancient Emperor's trap. He would be able to snatch her up even easier then.

If the battle ended badly, Wu Yu could choose to escape, as long as the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation could hold out.

They were too far apart to speak, but one look connected them.

This was perhaps the most terrifying challenge of his life.

The Ancient Emperor turned back, a little angered. "This is not good. What good does it do to let her know? If I were you, I would have chosen happiness for her. Her future was bright, but you chose agony for her. You'll make her lose her way? Wu Yu. You are too selfish."

He wore a sadistic smile throughout his admonishment. "Unless you think that devouring a few little demon immortals will allow you to take me on? You know nothing of immortals. Just as well. I will show you the disparity. Only then will you know surrender."

He put the Ancient Soul Tower away.

Wu Yu's real body used the Somersault Cloud to leap into the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation. He appeared by Luo Pin's side, something the Ancient Emperor could not easily do.

Actually, the Heaven Devouring Avatar could enter too, but Wu Yu could not take that bet. If the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation was broken, he would be in deep trouble.

Right now, the only thing he could bank on was that the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast could take on the Ancient Emperor....

One was a famished beast.

The other was a devious immortal.

Standing by Luo Pin's side, Wu Yu was conflicted, unsure of how to face her.

"This is not something that you could have avoided. Fate brings difficult hurdles to us. Just like how I failed last time. But aren't I standing here, back from the dead? Don't worry. We will not be defeated."

Luo Pin hugged him. Her warm embrace calmed his aggravated self back to a semblance of calm.

"Defeat the strongest enemy with a quiet heart," Luo Pin said.


Her look gave Wu Yu a ferocious confidence in his fighting will.

But faced with the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, the Ancient Emperor only laughed derisively.

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