Chapter 1212: Immortal Fusing Seed and Genesis Immortal Panacea

Wu Yu hated to be deceived. 

And he almost completely trusted the lie that the Ancient Emperor had weaved. 

He thought his rise, his mysterious encounters, and fate were all arranged by him! 

He thought he had a mother in the Su Yu Sky Palace! 

He thought he was the son of the Ancient Emperor and that he was Emperor Yu! 

But now, the smile of the Ancient Emperor was telling Wu Yu that all of this was just an elaborate lie, and he had fallen for it. 

The first step of his scheme was to kill Feng Xueya. 

That was Wu Yu's most respected person. No matter the heights he achieved, he had and would always see him as a fatherly figure. 

Wu Yu hated himself for not being able to protect him. 

However, who would have thought he would fall into the scheme of the guardian immortal of his world? 

Perhaps the Ancient Emperor had his eyes on Wu Yu when he was still weak. 

This wasn't a catastrophe that could be neutralized with one's intelligence. Instead, this was destiny not giving him a living opportunity.

And now, the Ancient Emperor had not destroyed the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation. Luo Pin was safe and she might not even know about what was about to happen outside. 

Wu Yu thought about it and did not inform her in advance. 

He was thinking of his chances of success if he jumped into the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation and took Luo Pin away. Naturally, he would make sure that the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were out of here first. 

The chances were slim. However, the issue was even if he could bring Luo Pin away. If the Ancient Emperor shifted his fury onto the other mystical dragons in the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, Wu Yu would let Luo Pin down. 

It wasn't easy for the mystical dragon tribe to recover to its current state. 

Therefore, this wasn't a viable option. 

The only solution was to kill the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. 

As long as he was dead, the world would be peaceful. 

If Luo Pin wasn't alarmed, it would be even better. This was because Luo Pin was nearing the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, and this was the period when she could not afford to be distracted. 

The circumstances weren't as desperate as Wu Yu had imagined thus far. 

Perhaps if he could buy more time, there might be changes. 

At this moment, the Ancient Emperor was about to show Wu Yu that he had the ability to destroy the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation. 

Wu Yu recalled Wu You's reminder. Today was the day that he definitely had to keep his cool. 

He kept his composure and reminded himself to remain calm. "I want to know what your motives for these setups are. You could have made your move the moment you noticed me. Why did you endure till now and even took the risk that I might never return from the Ancient Demon Realm?" 

He had no plan in mind. Perhaps if the Ancient Emperor explained his motives, Wu Yu might find a path ahead. 

Seeing the Ancient Emperor again, Wu Yu was uncertain if his Heaven Devouring Avatar could defeat him. 

The Ancient Emperor glanced at him and stopped. Wearing a smile, he said, "This is where you don't understand. I had to ensure that your Primordial Spirit reached a relatively stable level before I could plant the Immortal Fusing Seed. When you were in the Ancient Soul Tower, you finally reached the minimum threshold under my assistance. Now that a year has passed, the Immortal Fusing Seed has started to mature. Initially, I would have chosen to act later. However, Luo Pin will become an immortal a little sooner than I've expected - perhaps she will achieve immortalhood in the next few days. Therefore, even though the Immortal Fusing Seed has not fully matured, I have no other options.

After all, the Immortal Fusing Seed grows best under natural conditions. Once you learned the truth, your anxiety would end up affecting its growth." 

He was an immortal, and this was the world he controlled. Now that Wu Yu was back, he was like a turtle in a jar. Therefore, the Ancient Emperor wasn't worried that Wu Yu could come up with any tricks. 

Since the beginning, he had schemed against Wu Yu. 

"Rest assured. Your sacrifice will be of value. Because of you, the Heavenly Domain will definitely have another supreme expert. That will be me!" 

The Ancient Emperor laughed heartily. 

"For such handsome rewards, even I wouldn't mind taking the effort to weave a story to deceive you. However, you didn't trust me fully and ran to other realms. The only shame is that as long as the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas is still here, you still have to be back no matter where you are. You only have yourself to blame for sinking into this vortex of love!" 

He was patient in letting Wu Yu learn the truth. This was because the time was ripe for him. He no longer had to worry about Wu Yu's anxiety affecting the growth of the Immortal Fusing Seed. 

It sounded horrifying that everything was under his control. 

Not only was he way stronger than Wu Yu, he had also targeted Wu Yu with his scheme. Wu Yu finally understood that the Ancient Emperor had allowed him to roam freely because he didn't want the growth of the Immortal Fusing Seed to be impacted. 

"What is the Immortal Fusing Seed?" Wu Yu asked. 

While asking, he was trying to think of a solution. No matter what he thought of, the key point was to ensure the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi's safety. 

Now that Luo Pin wasn't in danger, Wu Yu was slightly more relaxed. 

The Ancient Emperor waved his hand and said, "Oh well. I'll let you know the truth. After all, if no one found out about the elaborate plan that I came up with and I had no one to talk to about my easy success, that would be boring." 

He was casual while speaking. One would easily believe that everything was under his control. 

"The Immortal Fusing Seed came from the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing. This immortal art came from a long time ago, and the conditions to be met are extremely demanding. It is actually a restricted immortal art and no one really uses it anymore. I only found this immortal art that is restricted by the heavenly rules by chance. For most immortals, this immortal art has no use as the conditions are too demanding. First, the Immortal Fusing Seed has to be planted in someone who is way weaker than oneself. Moreover, this has to be done without the person knowing or noticing. Otherwise, it won't grow to the mature stage even in 100 years. Next, the Immortal Fusing Seed requires the best Genesis Immortal Panacea. Just the Genesis Immortal Panacea alone cost me all my accumulated wealth over thousands of years. Now I'm really broke. However, there's finally returns from it. After all, I'm about to succeed.” 

The Ancient Emperor stared at Wu Yu, happy with everything he was seeing. 

"So you mean you are going to rely on the matured Immortal Fusing Seed to use the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing to claim my body? So you can become me?" Wu Yu stared at him while enunciating each word. 

He could now feel the so-called Immortal Fusing Seed. 

It was the word "Yu" that was on his forehead. The ancient word that had suddenly appeared was the Immortal Fusing Seed that the Ancient Emperor had planted. Through the years of cultivation in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, it had now matured. Wu Yu had thought that the Immortal Fusing Seed was proof that he was a prince. 

Once, he used his second Primordial Spirit to seize the body of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Now the Ancient Emperor was about to use the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing to claim his main physical body. 

The Ancient Emperor nodded. "You are pretty smart. The only shame is that you were born in my realm. How could you possibly get away with such an elite immortal's legacy? That belongs to me! Soon, I'll be you, I'll be Wu Yu. As for Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, he will just be a puppet that will just guard this small realm forever." 

He was indifferent while explaining and kept a smile on all along. Now he was looking at Wu Yu as though he was looking at a piece of art that he had created. 

"You would want to discard your identity and body to become a mortal for an elite immortal's legacy?" 

The Ancient Emperor answered, "You are really short-sighted here. Although my path to immortalhood was smooth, I have reached a bottleneck and can only guard this small realm. You are just a mortal, but you inherited the legacy of an elite immortal from the Heavenly Domain. If I become you, with my dao, drive, and comprehension ability, I will grow to become the most elite immortal in the Heavenly Domain several times quicker than you do. Tell me now, if such a good opportunity presents right to me, why wouldn't I take the effort to slowly pull you into my trap?" 

After explaining, he questioned Wu Yu with a smile while seemingly waiting for Wu Yu's response. 

"Years of setup… Using the Immortal Fusing Seed and Genesis Immortal Panacea… Spending so much effort and attention... All this to ensure that I could replace you perfectly without others noticing! Wu Yu, you are a mortal from the lowest level and yet I'm envious of your encounters. You have no idea how frightening your legacy is. And of it will all become my fortune...." 

Wu Yu finally understood. 

Indeed, he was afraid that the Ancient Soul Tower was his setup back then. The Immortal Fusing Seed was definitely planted at the ninth level, when he was unconscious for three days. 

The Ancient Emperor had organized the battles in the Ancient Soul Tower so he could easily, and with reason, plant the Immortal Fusing Seed into Wu Yu. The so-called Ancient Emperor's dao musings and his enlightenment before the golden titan was just a way to let Wu Yu grow stronger rapidly. 

He had succeeded. 

Wu Yu couldn't have done anything. He was weak like an ant then. Even if he was suspicious, how was he going to stop an immortal from scheming against him? 

He couldn't have avoided the elaborate scheme that the Ancient Emperor had weaved. 

The Ancient Emperor's plot had started when he was still in the Dark North Kingdom. Through the Ancient Emperor's Edict, Wu Yu was brought to Yan Huang. This was the first step. 

Subsequently, the Ancient Emperor did not stop with his setups. Till today, the prey had been raised to a level that he could cull. Therefore, he started pulling back his net. If he waited further, the prey might rip the net apart and escape.

When Wu Yu lost the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm, the Ancient Emperor was panicking. 

"Not many in the sky palaces know about the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing. This is because it is against the heavenly rules and restrictions. However, I'm using it in a lesser mortal realm, so this won't be considered breaking the rules. What I'm trying to say is that for someone like you to appear in the mortal realm, it's a great blessing for the immortal that is guarding this place. However, no one else will know about it. In the future, I'll be you. Everything that is yours will be mine. I will replace you to achieve immortalhood. Eventually, I will rise up in the sky palaces and become the most elite immortal. I'll fulfill all your dreams. Think about it. Don't you find this amazing?" 

The Ancient Emperor had started to open up. 

Having done so many things in the dark, he wouldn't feel satisfied if he didn't let Wu Yu know how he was being targeted. 

Causing horror and desperation to his enemy by letting them know about his meticulous plan was an oddly satisfying experience. 

He was frightening. 

So frightening that even with his Heaven Devouring Avatar, Wu Yu still felt like he probably couldn't stop him.... 

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