Chapter 1211: Meeting

At this moment, all eight great demon immortals had been absorbed by one body, the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

All their dao and mystiques were digested.

The eight great demon immortals were all of different types of demons. Other than the Immortal Jiuying, who was not really considered a beast from the land, there was a bird demon, a tree demon, and an insect demon. The other four of the demon immortals were sea region demons: the Azure Dragon, the Green Emperor, the Red Devil, and the Quintessential Tree Demon.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar now had the powerful means of all the major demon tribes. He was extremely powerful and was invincible.

He could also transform completely into any of the eight great demon immortals and roam this realm freely.

After devouring the Quintessential Tree Demon and understanding its dao rapidly, he returned to the Floating Dreams Pagoda to save time. In a short period of time, he had gathered all the powers and essences of the eight great demon immortals into one body, his avatar.

At this moment, from the perspective of his real body, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was really an intriguing existence.

It was already a lot more powerful than his real body.

What was intriguing was that the daos that he had absorbed from the demon immortals did not affect Wu Yu's real body’s Primordial Spirit. These daos were only active in the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

However, if Wu Yu's real body needed one of them, he could borrow it.

It was just that the great transformation of the Heaven Devouring Avatar could not distract Wu Yu now. His entire mind was occupied by thoughts of Luo Pin. His heart was always drawn to another realm.

He returned directly to the Unbounded Warship.

The Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and the others were all very nervous and had waited for a long time.

As the Heaven Devouring Avatar was in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, the avatar's great transformation did not scare them.

The Full Moon of Nanshan looked very dejected as he asked, "How is it?" 

"I have already devoured the eight great demon immortals. Now I can be considered to be at that level." Wu Yu's expression was still calm. Although the Heaven Devouring Avatar was very hungry, he could endure the hunger.


They had all thought that Wu Yu had gone out to hunt only the Crimson Blood Roc Demon.

So they were all shocked and a little bit scared.

"Won’t you lose control?" Ye Xixi asked timidly.

Wu Yu said, "Don't worry, I won't. More than half a day has passed. I’m going back to the Jambu Realm to fight the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor."

He had come here to bid farewell to them.

"There are no more demon immortals here. You can roam freely in this realm. The gateways of the eight realms are all in my hands. If I can't come back, I will still try my best to get the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm back here. Nanshan, I entrust them to you." Wu Yu had to make arrangements for the future.

The Ancient Demon Realm was already very safe now.

Weaker demons like the Little Roc Demon would never be able to find the Unbounded Warship, so the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others could stay here or go to other realms.

"No, I won't agree with your plan." As soon as Ye Xixi had heard Wu Yu’s words, she said hurriedly, "The Ancient Emperor had already said that we should all be present. You can't go by yourself. Otherwise, Big Sister Luo Pin will be in danger."

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "Don't be rash. In fact, I think that the Ancient Emperor may not be your match now. Don't be too nervous. We'll all go with you to the Jambu Realm. It is only when he releases Luo Pin that we can have a chance to beat him."

Wu You also added, "I also think that since you have reached such a level…. The Ancient Emperor may not be your match, so let’s play safe. After all, now you have a trump card that he is not aware of. You can still trick him at the beginning. When he releases Luo Pin, it will not be too late for Nanshan and Xixi to come back."

Actually, Wu Yu knew that what the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi said were not about strategies or plans. They had already said it before Wu Yu had gone out to devour the demon immortals. They did not want to abandon Wu Yu and survive without him. Since they had been fighting side by side for such a long time, they were very close and were like family. Since they were family, they would never let Wu Yu take risks alone.

And they were all targets of the Ancient Emperor. If they did not go, and the Ancient Emperor was angered by their absence, Luo Pin would be in great danger. If this would cause irreparable consequences, like Luo Pin’s death, Wu Yu would be greatly traumatized. 

Actually, Wu Yu was very moved by the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi’s words.

They were not afraid to die in their confrontation with the Ancient Emperor.

In this life, it was a blessing to have such a group of friends by his side.

They were all Wu Yu's most important people now. He looked at the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, Jiu Ying, Wu You, and Su Yanli.

He needed to make a decision as soon as possible.

Seeing him struggle to make his decision, the Full Moon of Nanshan patted Wu Yu on the shoulder. He looked seriously at Wu Yu and said, "Brother, we all have our fates in life and death. In this life, I have travelled and explored the world freely with you. Even if I die, I, the Full Moon of Nanshan, will have no regrets. Maybe this will be the most important battle in my entire life. If I don’t go, I will live in regret."

"Yes, I am also not afraid of death! I will witness with my own eyes when Big Brother Yu takes revenge for your master and my parents."

They were both so determined and eager. The Full Moon of Nanshan was no longer joking around, and tears had filled Ye Xixi’s eyes as she feared that Wu Yu would not agree to bring them along to confront the Ancient Emperor.

Wu Yu struggled to make his decision.

"If there is an accident, both of you will have to come back first. At the very least, we cannot allow the Ancient Emperor to succeed in snatching all the immortal's legacies. What he wants are the immortal’s legacies that the three of us have. "

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was too greedy.


Ye Xixi was overjoyed that Wu Yu had finally agreed with them.

She was really afraid that Wu Yu would insist on fighting the Ancient Emperor alone.

Once he had made his decision, Wu Yu did not hesitate anymore.

The Unbounded Warship, Wu You, Jiu Ying, and Su Yanli would all remain here.

"Sorry, I can't help at all." Jiu Ying had not spoken much.

"There's still a long way to go. I'm not going to die," Wu Yu said.

Jiu Ying was a gentleman.

"Junior Brother, it's never too late for an honorable man to take revenge," Su Yanli said with concern.

She knew without doubt that Wu Yu would have wanted to take revenge today, but in reality, this was never an easy feat to accomplish. Hence, he had to remain calm and not act rashly.

Finally, Wu You said, "If you put your mind at rest, you will be invincible."

Of course, she knew that Wu Yu was barely suppressing the raging anger in his heart.

Anger, hatred, and many more negative emotions had all gathered in his chest. It was like a huge volcano compressed into a tiny space. Perhaps at the moment when he saw the Ancient Emperor, these suppressed emotions would explode violently.

She knew Wu Yu - her younger brother's temperament had not changed since childhood. He was a hot-blooded, straightforward, and daring boy. Now someone had killed his master and threatened the safety of his beloved. This was the biggest violation to him, his achilles’ heel!


Wu Yu nodded.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar remained in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi stayed by Wu Yu’s side. This time, Wu Yu would go to the Jambu Realm through the Gateway to the Jambu Realm.

Nanshan held onto the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm as the key and entered it together with Wu Yu.

Bright lights flickered, then space and time changed. Wu Yu held both of their hands. They were both actually very nervous.

After all, they were facing the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

Even after Wu Yu had devoured the eight demon immortals, he still did not know how powerful the Ancient Emperor was.

He knew nothing about immortals.

Even though he might already be stronger than many other immortals.

The familiar Jambu Realm appeared in front of them. Once again, he appeared in the skies and at the core of the Jambu Realm, the Yan Huang Ancient Country’s Immortal’s Capital.

The whole realm was still peaceful. The Ancient Emperor had kept the realm in good order.

It seemed like at this time, the Ancient Emperor’s change did not affect the realm at all.

He was probably in the East Sea.

Wu Yu controlled the Somersault Cloud. The other two also sat on it, and they rushed towards the East Sea.

This journey would probably be the most dangerous one that they had ever embarked on.

There were no other movements along the way, but this was the calm before the storm, and what awaited them was a battle with destiny.

"You have finally appeared. I'm waiting for you in the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, Wu Yu."

Between the heavens and earth, the wind and clouds started to change and the vast seas became turbulent, forming this voice which rushed towards Wu Yu directly.

When the voice of the Ancient Emperor sounded, a golden flame lit up in Wu Yu's eyes. Even the Somersault Cloud beneath them became irritable.

"Big Sister Wu You said that you must remain calm," Ye Xixi reminded Wu Yu gently.

She knew that Wu Yu was on the verge of losing his mind and becoming a bloodthirsty maniac, especially after devouring the eight great demon immortals.

In the Floating Dreams Pagoda, the Heaven Devouring Avatar’s eyes were bright red and his hands were balled into fists. He was extremely irritable. That scary feeling of hunger was tearing his heart apart. He even felt that he could not see any flesh and blood; otherwise, he would want to devour it.

"It seems like even if it's the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, it will always be tortured by this hunger as well. This is unbearable."

He understood the feeling deeply now.

He raised his head and looked towards the east.

The East Sea! The East Sea!

The Dragon Palace of the Four Seas!

How was she now….

He thought of the time in the City of 10,000 Kingdoms, when they cuddled and chatted under the moonlight.

He thought of the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas and her smile under the moonlight. Her smile was as beautiful as the moon itself.

It was pure, natural, and ethereal.

It was like a pure white flower.

They had already crossed the sea region and reached this hidden paradise!

Wu Yu could already sense the Ancient Emperor’s aura.

He had already opened the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm in his Sumeru Pouch at this current location. In fact, he had opened it several times, making preparations to retreat instantaneously if anything went wrong.


The Ancient Emperor was just there within sight. Wu Yu could see him very clearly.

When Wu Yu passed through the caves and slowly approached him and reached this piece of land, he could see the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas once again from the water’s surface. He could also see the outer sphere of colorful clouds and fog – the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation!

In front of the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation, Wu Yu saw that being.

He was still wearing the same expression he had the night that he revealed the truth to Wu Yu and told Wu Yu that he was his son. From far, he looked very wise, kind, and handsome.

One of his eyes was like a blazing sun and the other was like a cold moon.

His gaze was much scarier than those of the eight great demon immortals. The eight great demon immortals were like mere wild beasts in front of the Ancient Emperor.

But Wu Yu could see clearly that the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation behind the Ancient Emperor was still intact and did not seem damaged at all. 

This was a great turn of events!

Wu Yu had thought that when he arrived here, the first thing he would see would be Luo Pin already being held hostage by the Ancient Emperor.

But apparently this had not happened?

What was going on?

The Ancient Emperor smiled at him and said, "Don’t be so surprised. It will only take me seconds to break this spirit design and capture Luo Pin. As for why I have not taken action yet, that is because I want to show you how I do it."

This meant that Luo Pin was safe at the moment.

Even so, his hatred and murderous intent for this man was about to explode.

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