Chapter 1210: A Stranger

Four demon immortals, gathered together in one body.

A few days ago, Wu Yu himself would not have dared to dream of such power.

He could easily kill his real body.

But he was not satisfied. He could not let the four sea region demon immortals off.

Partly because of his devouring nature, partly because of the Ancient Emperor.

Even his real body was fired up the moment he recalled the situation.

His hatred flared to life and threatened to consume him. Just thinking of it made his chest burn with fury and hatred, until he felt like it would burst out from him.


How could he forget that he had been the one to bring Wu Yu on the path?

After devouring the Immortal Locust, he had all of the Immortal Locust's powers.

When he turned into the Immortal Locust, he could create infinite bodies, billions of locusts that served as Wu Yu's eyes.

The four sea region demon immortals were next.

His swarm of bodies rolled on to the sea region. There were already no more demon immortals left on land in the Ancient Demon Realm.

The Unbounded Warship was still in the sea region. The five people below were tensely holding ground, their heads hung low.

They did not know yet, but the Red Devil was already closing in.

They also did not know that Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had already locked on to the Red Devil's real body, which was right in front of him.

"Come on out. I've found the warship already. Let's attack it together so they can't escape." Wu Yu appeared in front of the Red Devil in the Immortal Locust's form.

"You found it?" The Red Devil rose up from the seas. His body was similar to the Rose Demon Queen's. She had vines, while he had blood vessel-like appendages that were extensions of his body. The real core of his body was a red ball-like sea urchin. The red blood vessels replaced its spikes.

When he rose up from the sea bed, Wu Yu immediately changed into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast and used the Immortal Jiuying's Nine Levels of Purgatory!

This was the best mystique of all the demons. Wielded with the power of four demon immortals, it absolutely destroyed the Red Devil!

And this attack was out of the blue.

In just an instant, Wu Yu had immediately used a version of Nine Levels of Purgatory that was powered up many times over.

Every layer was a level of Purgatory. When it crashed onto the opponent's body, each one emitted a different sort of debilitating might.

Darkness, corrosion, bitter cold, death, and so on. The nine types of purgatory combined and collided onto the Red Devil's body.

"Impossible! That is the Immortal Jiuying's mystique. What are you!?"

Wu Yu was cold and silent, watching his prey's struggling death throes without remorse.

His dao had changed.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar and his real body were one.

Such drastic changes to the Heaven Devouring Avatar made his thinking different from before.

As for what the changes were, Wu Yu himself was not sure.

In any case, he could not be bothered to discuss it, especially while hunting. The Red Devil was nothing but prey and food to him. Wu Yu was waiting for him to lose all resistance before he took a big bite of him.

Such a devouring would create a sublime feeling of happiness and satisfaction in a short moment. It was a blessed feeling after a good meal.

But such satisfaction and bliss would not last very long. One would very quickly become hungry again. Wu Yu knew that he had to curb this feeling eventually, or he would be in trouble next time. Eventually, but not now.

As he devoured the Red Devil, he knew that there were three demon immortals left.

Right now, none of the demons of the Ancient Demon Realm knew that the demon immortals that they had followed for so many years were vanishing. Five were already gone.

And now, Wu Yu was so much stronger than the remaining Green Emperor, Azure Dragon, and Quintessential Tree Demon.

They were already not on the same level.

And he was adept in more than 10 different mystiques, perhaps even more.

It would only continue to increase.

Perhaps even 30 types.

And each was an elite mystique. Wu Yu had sufficient dao to execute them.

The next target: the Azure Dragon.

Before long, he was famished again. It was difficult to quell those feelings. Thinking of the huge body of the Azure Dragon and how his flesh would taste, his stomach rumbled loudly.

The more he thought about it, the hungrier he got!

The sharp and gnawing hunger was hard to bear. It prickled like ants crawling all over his body.

His stomach was empty.

His mind was wild.

"So hungry. So hungry." Wu Yu's eyes grew even redder than before.

The Azure Dragon was very prominent in the sea region, and Wu Yu had already located him. He put on a fresh burst of speed.

As he grew nearer, his eyes grew wilder.

"I'm so hungry...." Wu Yu gritted his teeth. He had changed into the huge form of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. There was no need to hide this time as he charged towards the Azure Dragon.

"Wu Yu, you're so pitiful...." Ming Long said, a little brokenly.

"Why, why do you say that?" Wu Yu did not understand.

"The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord is terrifying. I hope that you can resist this madness after this is over. And control yourself," Ming Long said hoarsely.

She seemed fond of Wu Yu.

"Don't worry. Once I finish devouring these demon immortals, I won't devour anymore. I want the real body to improve. That's best. That's correct. And only then can I become myself," Wu Yu said through clenched teeth.

"When you have finished devouring the three demon immortals, and are starving again, I pray that you can still think that way."

"Don't worry...."

He did not wish to elaborate. Ming Long did not believe in his self-control, but he did.

He would devour the remaining three demon immortals to give himself the best chance of dealing with the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

Wu Yu could not afford to lose at this crisis. This was the most important fight of his life in a century. If he lost it, he would lose everything. Including his love, including his dreams.

Including the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal; the Victorious Fighting Buddha.

"I cannot lose! I must devour!"

Wu Yu told himself.

He told himself this very clearly.

And then, when he met the Azure Dragon, he seemed to have forgotten all of this. His world was a red haze.

The Azure Dragon stared at him, uncomprehending as to what he was. Wu Yu immediately ripped into his body with claws, destroying his flesh.


The Azure Dragon screamed in agony.

In less than 20 breaths of time, Wu Yu had already torn the Azure Dragon into huge pieces, staining the entire sea region red with his blood. The entire world seemed to be dyed red, but soon, the sea region was clear again. Wu Yu's devouring had not left a single speck of blood behind.

The Azure Dragon's huge body had been completely devoured.

"Who are you!?" When the Azure Dragon died, Green Emperor had been attracted over by the commotion.

Wu Yu had just finished devouring and digesting. But when he saw the Green Emperor, his sense of satisfaction vanished.

He was hungry again.

"What do you think?" In a flash, Wu Yu transformed into the huge Azure Dragon, appearing before the Green Emperor's eyes.

He was a huge pair of green eyes in the sea.

"Azure Dragon?" theGreen Emperor exclaimed, shocked. "Impossible! You're not the Azure Dragon!"

"But I am!" Wu Yu roared with laughter.

"Destroy the seas."

As he laughed, his huge mouth opened, spewing out navy blue waves. They were frigid, and encased the Green Emperor.

This was the Azure Dragon's mystique. The Green Emperor naturally knew this.

But this mystique was often stopped completely by closing his shell. But this time, when he closed his shell, it was shattered into pieces. Wu Yu's single move had ended him, to his utter disbelief.

Before he died, the Green Emperor shrieked, "You- who are you!?" 

"I don't know," Wu Yu said.

And then he recalled it. "I am Wu Yu."

But the Green Emperor was already dead. Wu Yu saw the demon's body and devoured it with the cavernous mouth of the Azure Dragon.

Seven demon immortals were in his body now, and he could feel how terrifyingly strong he was.

But this feeling of fulfillment only lasted half an hour. He had to start searching for the Quintessential Tree Demon because he knew he could devour her.

He changed into the Red Devil and went to call the Quintessential Tree Demon.

He called and called, but she did not reply.

"Maybe she knows, and has hidden herself."

Wu Yu sniggered.

The Ancient Demon Realm was only that big.

"Where can you hide?"

He now had the combined bodies of seven demon immortals, so it was all too easy to find another demon immortal. He turned into the Red Devil, and his body began to expand throughout the sea region. Finally, he found the Quintessential Tree Demon's location. She was hiding and trembling.

Wu Yu came to stand before her.

"How did you know?" Wu Yu asked.

The jeweled tree was shaking like a leaf at the sea bed. She babbled, "I can see what is happening in other parts of the world. I saw you devour them, become them. You are the ultimate monster."

"Oh, you know so much. All the more reason you cannot be allowed to live." Wu Yu moved closer.

She was already helpless before him.

Quintessential Tree Demon quaked. "No. I cannot leave the Ancient Demon Realm, and can only stay here. I have seen that I can do nothing to you. I am willing to work for you. The Ancient Demon Realm needs a demon immortal to maintain order, or this place will descend into chaos. I beg you."

"Wu Yu, why not let her go? Seven demon immortals are enough," Ming Long said.

"No way. I might be lacking this difference to overcome the Ancient Emperor. If that turns out to be the case, will you take responsibility?" Wu Yu charged her.

"You have to stop. Don't worry. It won't be that coincidental. You have to remember not to lose yourself," Ming Long said anxiously.

"You worry too much. I'm very alert. I cannot lose, so I must prepare to the fullest. Don't waste my time. After devouring him, I will go to the Jambu Realm. The final battle."

"You better not... you're too scary like this." Ming Long herself did not know if she had made the right decision back then. She had helped Wu Yu get this second Primordial Spirit.

"I'm not afraid. Trust me. I can control it. I need revenge. I will take her."

Wu Yu snapped.

He ignored Ming Long.

He killed the Quintessential Tree Demon.

All eight demon immortals, now in one body.

There were no longer any demon immortals in the Ancient Demon Realm.

"Don't worry. See, I've stopped now, haven't I?" Wu Yu forced a laugh.

But he was still ravenous.

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