Chapter 1209: Nine Levels of Purgatory

The Rose Demon Queen's huge body was expanding rapidly underground, taking control over a large area of land. And the Immortal Jiuying was rampaging within this range.

"Who is it?" The Immortal Jiuying had naturally detected her presence instantly.

"It's me."

Wu Yu's gigantic body sprouted out from underground and appeared below the Immortal Jiuying.

"Rose? I thought that you were dead. What are you doing?" The Immortal Jiuying was annoyed.

"Some unexpected and unbelievable changes have occurred. No matter what, those four from the sea region cannot be trusted. They have always been on the opposing side. The Immortal Locust is sly, so I can only share my great discovery with you."

Wu Yu told him.

"What changes?" It did not even occur to the Immortal Jiuying that the Rose Demon Queen before his eyes was not the real Rose Demon Queen.

The real Rose Demon Queen was much weaker than him and would never attack him.

Hence, he was not worried. He landed in front of Wu Yu and all nine pairs of eyes stared at Wu Yu.

The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast's Replicate was at its peak. Wu Yu could not see any sign of doubt in the other party's eyes.

Even demon immortals who were very familiar with each other could be tricked by Replicate. Wu Yu thought that he would no longer need to worry, regardless of where he was.

He could easily adopt any identity and integrate into any world.

He could even experience different lives.

He was the Rose Demon Queen as far as anyone else was concerned.

"The Immortal Locust has too many informants. Let's speak in secret." Wu Yu stretched out a large number of vines in an attempt to create a sealed environment free of eavesdroppers.

The Immortal Jiuying said impatiently, "Don't be so fussy. Spit it out."

"Alright." Wu Yu acted a little unhappy. At this point when he spoke, the Immortal Jiuying was right before him. Suddenly, and at lightning speed, he used the Rose Demon Queen's Natural Mystique.

"Eyes of Death."

This was a Natural Mystique that was related to the eyes.

The Rose Demon Queen's eyes were another great weapon.

Her eyes instantly turned green and exploded with fierce, green light. As they were very close to each other, the green light directly enveloped the Immortal Jiuying, who did not have the time to react.

It was because Wu Yu was now using the Rose Demon Queen's form that the mystique's power was limited when he used it. He had only managed to execute the mystique a little stronger than the real Rose Demon Queen.

However, after Wu Yu succeeded in using the mystique, he instantly changed back into the Heaven Devouring Avatar's real body.

That was a huge, humanoid beast that looked similar to Jiu Ying. Both of them had black scales and many bony thorns. They also had strong, fleshy wings.

However, Wu Yu looked like he had a much stronger offensive power.

Besides, once Wu Yu returned to his real body, the power of the Eyes of Death increased immediately. The Immortal Jiuying was about to escape from this mystique and question the Rose Demon Queen to find out why she had attacked, when the Eyes of Death's power instantly increased. The jade-green light eroded his blood and flesh and penetrated into his body. Under Wu Yu's gaze, the dragon scales on the Immortal Jiuying started to melt!

This was the combined power of the Rose Demon Queen and the Crimson Blood Roc Demon.

"You!" Under the green light, the Immortal Jiuying could not even see what his enemy looked like. However, he could sense that there was a combined, chaotic, stifling, and fatal aura.

He did not know what had happened, but he instinctively tried to escape.

But he was enraged as well.

"Rose Demon Queen, what goddamn creature have you turned into? How dare you attack me!"

His instinctive fear could not defeat the rage in his heart. He was a prideful demon and if he was scared away now, he would feel embarrassed.

"Die!" The Immortal Jiuying blasted black flames and various negative energies out. He tore apart the light of the eyes and rushed out from within.

At first glance, he sensed the light from outside.

But at the next instant, he saw countless blood-red lightning bolts covering the sky. These blood-red lightning bolts had formed into a huge, humanoid beast. At the core, the Immortal Jiuying seemed to have seen Wu Yu.

This was an astonishing glimpse.

Next, the Lifeless Blood Lightning bombarded the Immortal Jiuying. These Lifeless Blood Lightning bolts were much stronger than those of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon.

"What's going on…."

The Immortal Jiuying was confused.

He knew that this was the Crimson Blood Roc Demon's mystique. The Crimson Blood Roc Demon had always been fighting with him for the position of the strongest demon immortal on land, and they had yet to determine a victor.

However, he also knew that this Lifeless Blood Lightning was much more powerful.

He could not defend at the first instant and was blasted to the ground. He was covered in blood-colored lightning.

However, the key was: what had happened? This was the greatest confusion in his heart.

At the beginning, the Rose Demon Queen had sought help from him but ran away alone. Then she sought him out privately again but attacked him now. After her attack, she turned into another creature but had used the Crimson Blood Roc Demon's Natural Mystique!

He simply could not understand what had happened!

And the more terrifying part was that he did not have the luxury of time to find out what had happened.

Wu Yu was cold and decisive.

In his eyes, the world was the forest and the demon immortals were his prey.

No matter how loudly the Immortal Jiuying screamed, he did not reduce the power of the mystique.

The Lifeless Blood Lightning blasted chaotically onto the Immortal Jiuying's body.

When he had barely withstood the Lifeless Blood Lightning and was gasping his last breath, Wu Yu closely followed up with another Natural Mystique, the Devil Incarnate.

With the Devil Incarnate, countless demons descended from the sky. No matter how strong the Immortal Jiuying's body was, he would be torn apart now. He was once again pushed near the brink of death.

"You, who are you?! You are not the Rose Demon Queen! You are also not the Crimson Blood Roc Demon! Who are you? Where did you come from!" The Immortal Jiuying had finally saw Wu Yu clearly and was terrified.

"I... am you." Wu Yu held the Jambu Sky Pillar up and descended from the sky. At this most desperate moment of the Immortal Jiuying, Wu Yu bashed all nine of his heads within a short period of time.

"Wu Yu!" 

From the Jambu Sky Pillar, the Immortal Jiuying finally saw that it was Wu Yu who had attacked him. However, it was too late. Wu Yu killed him very easily.

This was not the most terrifying sight.

What was terrifying was that Wu Yu would become more and more powerful. He would learn more and more mystiques and absorb more and more dao. He could even retrieve all their memories.

He could also transform into the Immortal Jiuying, appear and pass off as the real Immortal Jiuying.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar had already completely surpassed his real body in all aspects. Wu Yu was really in awe when he thought about how powerful his Heaven Devouring Avatar was. He was really afraid that if his Heaven Devouring Avatar continued to devour, he would lose control of it. However, when he thought of the death of Feng Xueya, the present situation of Luo Pin, all the promises he had made to her, and the fact that he loved her so much, he could not stop.

He became very hot-blooded and his murderous intent escalated. Now all he thought of was killing, devouring, and protecting.

All demon immortals deserved to die.

His next target was the Immortal Locust.

Wu Yu’s speed of devouring and absorbing the demon immortals would only become faster.

He spent the most amount of time devouring the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. By the time he was devouring the Rose Demon Queen, the time he used had been reduced by half. This time, the amount of time that he used to devour the Immortal Jiuying was reduced by half again.

His devouring ability had become scarier and more powerful.

In less than half an hour, the Immortal Jiuying was completely digested by Wu Yu, disappearing from this realm forever. Wu Yu had also gotten his Gateway to the Divine Battle Realm.

Now Wu Yu could go to any realm that he wanted to go to. Unfortunately, he still had to return to the Jambu Realm to protect and fight for Luo Pin, his lifetime of happiness and commitment.

Wu Yu was in full control of the mystiques, memories, and dao of the Immortal Jiuying.

After gathering the abilities of the three demon immortals, he could definitely crush the other demon immortals.

However, the Immortal Locust’s body was very large, so Wu Yu had to attract his attention first.

The method that he was going to use was very simple. This time, he would pretend to be the Immortal Jiuying.

To the Immortal Locust, the Immortal Jiuying was still normal at present.

He did not know what had happened to the Rose Demon Queen. Hence, it was normal for him to form an alliance with the Immortal Jiuying. After all, they were the only few land demon immortals.

Wu Yu told him that he had something important to tell him, and the Immortal Locust really came over quickly. Wu Yu was extremely envious of the Immortal Locust’s body, which could be split into billions of doppelgangers. Although his doppelgangers had no combat power, they were still quite powerful in gathering information.

They were also very good at escaping.

Wu Yu had already made all the arrangements.

When he saw that many locusts flying towards him, and then gathering together in front of him to become the huge Immortal Locust, he knew that all was in place.

"Immortal Jiuying, what happened? You got the key?"

"Yes, but I don't want to share it with the other four sea region demons. I don't know where Rose has gone, so it will just be the two of us!" Wu Yu said.

The other party was still on guard.

However, Wu Yu now had the absolute power to defeat the Immortal Locust even when he was on guard.

He was not even afraid that the Immortal Locust would send a message to the other four demon immortals. In addition, the Ancient Demon Realm was only so big—the other four could not hide forever. No matter how large the sea region was, Wu Yu could not be stopped.

This would be especially so after Wu Yu devoured and stole the Immortal Locust’s moves.

Wu Yu smiled and said to the Immortal Locust, "I have a transformation art. Do you want to see it?" 

"Just show me."

In fact, the Immortal Locust was still very alert. He was prepared to escape at any time because he knew that there was no need for the Immortal Jiuying to share the key with him.

Because the Immortal Jiuying’s relationship with the other seven demon immortals usually was very casual and distant.

Wu Yu gradually transformed from the Immortal Jiuying to the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. His body changed from the beast form to the human form. His nine heads gathered together to form one with a white horn.

This transformation from the Immortal Jiuying was not as big as when he had transformed from the Rose Demon Queen, so the Immortal Locust was just stunned and said, "How can you have this kind of form? I haven't seen it before, and I haven't heard of it before."

"I transformed into this form just to kill you."

Before saying this sentence, Wu Yu had already used the Immortal Jiuying’s mystiques decisively and cold-bloodedly.

"Nine Levels of Purgatory!"

Nine pitch-black rings, arranged from bottom to top, had already formed nine levels. They came from all directions and gathered together in an instant. From the bottom to the top, they entangled the Immortal Locust completely and locked him into the Nine Levels of Purgatory.

"Devour him." This Natural Mystique of Wu Yu's was already quite scary.

"Immortal Jiuying, what are you doing? Are you crazy?!"

Actually, they must have exchanged blows before. Hence, the Immortal Locust should be familiar with Nine Levels of Purgatory. He was not flustered at the beginning. Instead, he was shocked and confused.

The Immortal Locust was still under the impression that Wu Yu was the real Immortal Jiuying.

However, the Immortal Locust was about to experience the combined power of three demon immortals. It was a vast difference from the amount of power of just one demon immortal.

The Immortal Locust died depressingly under Wu Yu's Nine Levels of Purgatory while screaming in confusion.

Now Wu Yu's avatar had devoured a large number of mystiques. He was practically invincible.

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