Chapter 1208: Replicate

Wu Yu knew that they would be suspicious when they gathered and realized that the Rose Demon Queen and the Crimson Blood Roc Demon had disappeared.

He had only devoured two demon immortals. There was no way that he could defeat all the other demon immortals in one go.

At this moment, he still had to defeat them one by one.

When his Heaven Devouring Avatar was digesting the Rose Demon Queen's dao, memories, Natural Mystiques, and the essences of her blood and flesh, his real body suddenly appeared at the gathering place of the six great demon immortals. They were calling for the Rose Demon Queen to discuss strategies.

Wu Yu was smart. When he appeared before them, he acted as though he had not expected those demon immortals to be present and immediately attempted to escape.

"It's that Wu Yu!?"

"He's still alive!"

"He ran away at the moment that he saw us. The key must still be with him."

The six great demon immortals immediately gave chase. They were much more terrifying than Wu Yu's real body.

Wu Yu remained silent in fear of giving away his act.

His expression was grim and he had purposely avoided using the Somersault Cloud to run further away.

Each time he appeared, the demon immortals would know his next position and they would chase after him crazily.

"Wu Yu, tell us your condition! We can promise you many things as long as you give up your key!

"Otherwise, you will know how regret feels like when I find your family and friends!" the Immortal Locust said confidently.

"It's not the first time that you've broken your promise. I don't believe you." Wu Yu showed no fear and continued to escape. When he was a little distance away from the other party, he used the Unshackled Doppelganger immediately. His few thousand doppelgangers dispersed in all directions. In an instant, the whole realm fell into chaos because of his doppelgangers.

And no one could tell the difference between Wu Yu’s real body and his doppelgangers.

The most important thing was that Wu Yu's words, although not explicitly, had already revealed to the other party that the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm was still with him. The only way that they could get the key from Wu Yu was to split up, look for his family and friends, and take them as hostages.

Just chasing after Wu Yu was far from enough.

If they split up, Wu Yu would have a chance to defeat them one by one.

After subtly giving the demon immortals this piece of information, and leading them into a pointless chase for some time, Wu Yu's real body somersaulted and leapt out of their range of pursuit.

Sure enough, from the eyes of his doppelgangers, he could see that the demon immortals were furious. After discussing, they decided to split up and search for Wu Yu's Unbounded Warship.

Based on their abilities, it would not be very difficult to find Wu Yu's group in their own territory, the Ancient Demon Realm.

The Unbounded Warship was now in hiding, and there was no movement at all. If it started to move and escape, it would be easier for the demon immortals to find it.

When the demon immortals separated, Wu Yu's opportunity came.

In the vast mountains, deep underground, a large area of the ground suddenly cracked open.

From the cracks, a large number of thick, thorny vines, tens of thousands of them, like the tentacles of an octopus, extended out and swung in the air.

In the middle, there was a huge tree trunk. The trunk was thick and strong, and most of the vines were growing out of it.

In the middle of the tree trunk was a pair of huge eyes, intense and domineering, and slightly tinged with a blood-red color.

"Unexpectedly, after the Heaven Devouring Avatar evolved, in addition to having a fighting machine-like physical form, and being able to devour dao, memories, Natural Mystiques, and the essences of flesh and blood, it gained an ability other than Return."

Wu Yu's real body was suspended in the air high above the ground. He was carrying a fat and lazy cat in his arms.

He looked down at the larger-sized Rose Demon Queen with excited eyes. Of course, this great pressure came from his desperation to defeat the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. Now he was short on time. This so-called excitement was also from his desire to rescue Luo Pin from this madness.

There was not much time left.

The Return ability of the Heaven Devouring Avatar had awakened long ago.

Wu Yu named the new ability Replicate.

Actually, when he had devoured the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, this ability had already presented itself. It was just that at that time, this ability had not manifested itself clearly yet. He thought that it was probably because at that time, his body was in an unstable stage.

Now, after devouring the Rose Demon Queen, his ability to Replicate had stabilized.

Return and Replicate were both abilities built on the premise of devouring. The ability Replicate had only appeared after Wu Yu's devouring ability had become more terrifying, and after he had fully absorbed his prey.

To put it simply, the current Heaven Devouring Avatar could transform into any prey that he had devoured before.

He could turn into the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, the Rose Demon Queen, and use their mystiques. This transformation would be so complete that he could even pass off as the real demon immortals.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar's Replicate ability was truly terrifying. It was perfect and simply contained no weakness in its replication of the prey.

After devouring, Wu Yu could digest the other party's memories. He could retrieve and read the memories as and when he wanted, and there was nothing that the memories could hide from him. He would know everything. Then he could possess the other party's form, dao, Natural Mystique, and demonic aura. To be honest, right now, it seemed like it was really the Rose Demon Queen herself who was standing below Wu Yu's real body.

Wu Yu predicted that when he turned into the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, he would look like the real demon and no one would suspect that his avatar was actually a Spirit of the Universe.

He guessed that even if he had stayed with the Crimson Blood Roc Demon's son, the Little Roc Demon, for a few years, the Little Roc Demon would not even suspect that his father was no longer his original father anymore.

This was actually the most terrifying part.

Replicate allowed Wu Yu's avatar to transform into any prey that he had devoured. Every characteristic of the prey would be replicated entirely. He would be identical to the target prey. Additionally, he could also devour the complete memories of his prey. He would not be suspected even if others questioned him.

This meant that he could kill and replace any being in the world.

For instance, if he wanted to change his identity and become the son of the strongest being in some realm, even that immortal-like being would not be able to realize that he was a fake.

He could turn into a young demon at any time and the other six great demon immortals would not notice him.

As long as he had devoured something, he could replicate and transform into it flawlessly. And there would be no difference or weakness in his replication.

For instance, at this moment, Wu Yu was switching forms between the Crimson Blood Roc Demon and the Rose Demon Queen. There was practically no weakness that would give him away as a replica instead of the real demon immortal.

Even Ming Long was impressed and said, "Actually, if you use your Replicate ability well, you will be really terrifying. You can even use the Rose Demon Queen's body to execute her mystiques in battle. You can also replace any being that you devour and transform into them entirely."

The abilities of the Heaven Devouring Avatar were starting to become strong and terrifying.

"When battling, the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast's original form is still the best. It has the strongest battle strength. When I replicate into others, the battle power will be restricted at their original level. If I want to use the full extent of my power, the replication will break."

Wu Yu was now much stronger than the Rose Demon Queen and the Crimson Blood Roc Demon were. However, if he replicated the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, then his battle power would not be any stronger than the original Crimson Blood Roc Demon. This was because that body would have its limits and would not be able to bear Wu Yu's greater battle power.

"Well, that's good too. Otherwise, it would be suspicious if you replaced someone and yet exhibited a much stronger battle ability."

What Ming Long said was logical too.

Wu Yu nodded. 

"Let's go, let's go and find the Immortal Jiuying."

Now he had only about half a day left. He had to devour the other six demon immortals.

Otherwise, he would have no confidence at all in facing the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. The avatar would be his greatest trump card in this final battle with the Ancient Emperor.

He had to be quick.

He reminded himself at all times of the danger that lurked around Luo Pin.

He reminded himself of their great promise.

Their promise to meet again at the sky palaces.

Even if Wu Yu had to pay a heavy price, he did not want his reunion with Luo Pin at the sky palaces to end up as a life and death separation in the mortal world.

"Devour! Quick! I cannot wait to devour anymore."

This time, Wu Yu could find the position of his third target alone.

"You need to take note. Your desire to devour is too strong. You are losing your ability to reason," Ming Long said worriedly.

Wu Yu laughed. It was a sinister yet hollow laugh. He said, "It's useless to talk about that. I have no reason to stop, and I cannot stop now."

He knew clearly in his heart that his thoughts were slowly changing. When he looked at the world now, he had actually begun to see it as his dinner table.

In fact, he even wanted to eat this “dinner table.”

"But this is the most terrifying devil born from the heavens and earth since ancient times."

Wu Yu knew. He knew very well how terrifying this Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was, and knew it even more so after he had awakened these new abilities.

The Rose Demon Queen had a mystique called Endless Doppelgangers.

She could pour this mystique into the ground and connect to a large number of plants. She could control these and turn them into her own vines. This was a way to seamlessly extend and expand her body.

Now he used the Endless Doppelgangers. When his body expanded endlessly, about half of the Ancient Demon Realm was in his control. He now knew where the other demons were.

The forests, trees, flowers, and grass in a 10,000 li radius were all now under the control of Wu Yu's mystique. He knew very clearly where changes had been affected or where the demon immortals had touched.

It was just like when the Unbounded Warship had touched an ordinary tree and the Rose Demon Queen could immediately find them.

He had locked on to the Immortal Jiuying's position.

This guy was now crazily searching for Wu Yu's Unbounded Warship. His gigantic demon immortal body crashed through the forest.

"Let's go."

The huge Rose Demon Queen transformed with a whoosh and turned back into a white-haired, red-eyed Wu Yu.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar and Lazy entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Wu Yu had already locked on to the Immortal Jiuying's position. Now he only needed to rush there. The speed of his real body's Somersault Cloud in leaping through great distances and transferring positions was still a faster way to get to his target.

He could barely wait.

His third prey.

This was a demon immortal who belonged to the same top-class bloodline as his youthhood friend.

The Immortal Jiuying.

He was the most arrogant and violent of the eight great demon immortals.

He was also the one who wanted to kill Wu Yu the most.

When Wu Yu neared him, his Heaven Devouring Avatar left the Floating Dreams Pagoda and landed on the ground. Instantly, he transformed into the Rose Demon Queen and went underground. Then his body stretched out limitlessly and directly locked on to the position of the Immortal Jiuying, who was nearby.

His eyes sparkled with bloodthirst as he looked in the direction of the Immortal Jiuying.

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