Chapter 1207: Parasite

Hit by the Forbidden Hell of Blood, the Rose Demon Queen was dyed red!

In her eyes, this wasn't Wu Yu. Instead, he had the looks of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. She knew exceptionally well and perhaps even felt that the might of the mystique was 50% stronger than when the Crimson Blood Roc Demon used it!

Shock, fear, and confusion took root in her heart immediately, causing her to forget about resisting at the moment.

"Impossible! This isn't possible!" 

She screamed frenziedly in her mind. 

Wu Yu was swift and couldn't be bothered with what the Rose Demon Queen was thinking. He soared into the skies, retrieved the Jambu Sky Pillar, and triggered the spirit designs to use 10,000 Levels of Hell above Rose Demon Queen!

When the huge, black vortex appeared, the Jambu Sky Pillar came down on her from above to bring endless destruction to her body, she heaved a sigh instead. This was the Wu Yu she knew! It was just that she couldn't understand why he would have the strength of a demon immortal so suddenly!

"Lifeless Blood Lightning!"

After the Rose Demon Queen perked herself up. She informed the rest to save her as the situation had changed. She wasn't that worried and was prepared to focus on dealing with Wu Yu. With her immense strength and Natural Mystique, she pushed aside Wu Yu's Jambu Sky Pillar.

To her surprise, Wu Yu put it away at the same instant. Immediately after, she could clearly see bolts of blood-red lightning emerging from the black scales. The blood-red lightning snapped and formed a silhouette 10 times the size of his body. It was way more terrorizing than the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, and it came crashing down abruptly!

Pitter patter!

Struck by her disbelief, she failed to dodge in time again!

She was stumped!

Wasn't that the Natural Mystique of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon?

The Natural Mystiques of demons came from their bloodlines. No one else could learn them or copy them. Only the Crimson Blood Roc Demon would be able to use the Forbidden Hell of Blood and Lifeless Blood Lightning.

However, it was undeniable that Wu Yu was using Lifeless Blood Lightning. Moreover, it was even more powerful!  When countless bolts of blood-red lightning came crashing down, coiling around the Rose Demon Queen, trapping her roots and invading her body, terrifying destruction ravaged through her body!

"Who the hell are you!?" the Rose Demon Queen questioned tragically! Decimated by Wu Yu again, she was passive. She was definitely not a match for Wu Yu for now, and she had all her hopes pinned on the other demon immortals saving her. Previously, she informed them that she had found Wu Yu and he was right in front of her. Under these circumstances, they would definitely rush here with all their might!

The answer she got when she was trapped by the Lifeless Blood Lightning and surrounded by the vortex of lightning was Wu Yu's fangs. All of a sudden, the black titanic beast pounced on her, sinking his claws and tails into her body and hanging onto her tightly. Immediately after, he extended his savage mouth and started crunching on her!

The most frightening thing about the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was its devouring!

The fangs that seemed to be imbued with some forms of power ripped out a huge chunk of wood, which Wu Yu devoured and digested immediately. Even though this wasn't the essence of her blood and flesh, it wasn't too far off. Moreover, Wu Yu's devouring speed was swift. He wasn't just capable of devouring corpses, consuming a living demon immortal wouldn't be an issue!

Within a short period, a huge part of the Rose Demon Queen was devoured by Wu Yu, leaving behind a huge hole. And now, the Rose Demon Queen was still suffering as the Lifeless Blood Lightning ravaged through her body. This was like being attacked on two fronts.

"What are you!?" The Rose Demon Queen was scared out of her wits. After crunching a hole out of her body, Wu Yu dove into her.

This was like having a piranha ripping a hole on the stomach of a harmless seal and entering the belly. More importantly, this piranha had an insatiable appetite!

The difference in the size of Wu Yu's body and hers was similar to a seal and piranha! She was larger, but Wu Yu was stronger than her. Now that he had entered her body, the Rose Demon Queen couldn't imagine the horror that was upon her! 

The Rose Demon Queen was now experiencing the most frightening thing in the mortal realm.

A giant beast had dove into her body and there was nothing she could do about it

"What are you doing?! Get out! Get out!" 

The Rose Demon Queen was thoroughly flustered. Initially, she wasn't worried Wu Yu would be a real threat before the others arrived. Therefore, she was confused and shocked. She had never expected the horrifying events that were happening to her! 

Outside, the Forbidden Hell of Blood and Lifeless Blood Lightning were still restricting her. Inside her, it was similar to having parasites frenziedly chomping on trees! The issue was that Wu Yu was even more horrifying and quicker than parasites. Following the sounds of each crunch and crack, the Rose Demon Queen could feel her body breaking apart. Since becoming a demon immortal, she had never expected herself to be devoured. This was something that could only happen in an era of wild beasts! 

"Save me! Save me!" 

At this point, the Rose Demon Queen could only call for help tragically. She dove deeper underground but still couldn't shake Wu Yu off. At the same time, she couldn't get Wu Yu out of her body. She extended a large number of tendrils into her body, attempting to wring Wu Yu out. After all, she didn't have a mystique that she could use to attack the interior of her body! 

However, Wu Yu was stronger than her - how could she possibly pull him out with her tendrils? 

"Devil Incarnate!" 

At this moment, Wu Yu had lost sanity in her body. He used the third mystique of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. Endless black mist took the shape of demons, destroying the Rose Demon Queen from the inside frenziedly. The moisture of the interior was drying up swiftly and the Rose Demon Queen was facing blows from four fronts at the same time!

Bang, bang, bang!

Her body was shrouded with constant explosions. 

"Who are you?! Are you the Crimson Blood Roc Demon? Or Wu Yu? Or did you guys fuse into one? What the hell are you!?" 

The Rose Demon Queen was petrified and was no longer speaking to Wu Yu in her pitiful voice like before.

The power of Devil Incarnate was immense. Before Wu Yu could devour, endless devilish aura had occupied her body and started rampantly destroying it. This dealt unprecedentedly heavy blows to Rose Demon Queen!

When the Crimson Blood Roc Demon was targeting her previously, she had no means to deal with him. Wu Yu was even stronger than the Crimson Blood Roc Demon now, and he had even entered her body to release a Natural Mystique. The Rose Demon Queen's condition plunged to a similar level of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. Buried deep underground, she naturally couldn't stop Wu Yu from devouring her. Wu Yu's body separated and turned into a cloud of black mist. He swept through for the final devour!

He had almost succeeded against the Rose Demon Queen!

After he devoured another demon immortal, he would have overwhelming strength against the other demon immortals.

Wu Yu naturally knew that the other demon immortals were approaching.

Therefore, he accelerated his devouring.

With most of her body devoured and her struggling at the brink of death, her last drop of vitality was devoured by Devil Incarnate! 

The Rose Demon Queen had lots of tendrils. However, the majority were useless for Wu Yu.

The central trunk was the main body, and Wu Yu had surrounded that completely in his black mist form. All he needed to do next was devour and digest her. 

As the other demon immortals were approaching, the Heaven Devouring Avatar returned to the Floating Dreams Pagoda to digest.

After which, Wu Yu cleaned up the area and fled to a different area so the other demon immortals wouldn't catch him. 

He wouldn't want others to know he had killed and devoured the Rose Demon Queen at this stage.

Less than ten breaths of time after he left, the Immortal Jiuying arrived. He surveyed his surroundings carefully upon arrival and found signs of a battle. However, he couldn't find the Rose Demon Queen.

"There's a lingering aura from the Crimson Blood Roc Demon's mystique?  But the Rose Demon Queen said she found Wu Yu." The Immortal Jiuying was confused.

"Could it be that the Rose Demon Queen left immediately after getting the key?" Immortal Jiuying berated.

"However, she was calling for help."

The Immortal Jiuying was bewildered. Logically speaking, if Wu Yu had shown up and she wanted to leave on her own, she probably wouldn't tell them. 

The four sea region demon immortals arrived one after another subsequently.

"What's going on?  Is the Rose Demon Queen fooling us?" the Azure Dragon reviled.

"She's completely gone. It's clear she must have headed for the Stellar Realm! How deplorable!" 

The Green Emperor was equally infuriated.

The Immortal Jiuying remarked, "Don't get angry so fast. I have a nagging feeling that something isn't right. If she was going to leave alone, why would she call us to save her?" 

"Moreover, there's a lingering aura from the mystique of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon.  It's apparent that the Crimson Blood Roc Demon was here. Could it be that they got into a fight? And both of them have gone into hiding now?" 

"Regardless, the key might be in the hands of either of them.  Therefore, we will get an answer once we find them. But they aren't responding to our calls at all now!" 

"This isn't right. There are signs of an intense battle. Moreover, the Crimson Blood Roc Demon doesn't have his ancient demon stone. The Rose Demon Queen would never allow him to enter the Stellar Realm, and our ancient demon stones are all with us!"

What they didn't know was that the Gateway to the Stellar Realm had fallen into Wu Yu's hands. After all, the Rose Demon Queen had been carrying it with her.

"What should we do next?" 

The six of them suddenly didn’t know where to go from here.

What they didn't know was that an even more frightening demon immortal had been born in the dark and that the six of them were food in his eyes.

Having devoured the physical body of two demon immortals, he now stood far above the other six demon immortals.

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