Chapter 1206: A Bigger Target

What words should Wu Yu use to describe the transformed Heaven Devouring Avatar?

All the transformations, from the white horn to the blood-red eyes, from the rows of sharp fangs to the bony barbs, the long tail and wings - they formed the arsenal of natural weapons for the transformed Heaven Devouring Avatar. While still humanoid in form, he was larger and more muscular. Every single transformation projected that he was a machine born just for battle and killing.

Every part of his body possessed ultimate lethality.

Wu Yu had thought that the Heaven Devouring Avatar's physical body would resemble the Jambu Titanic Beast in the Jambu Sky Pillar. He thought that his avatar's body would be like a giant bug with a huge mouth, a huge head, and a long, heavy body.

He had not expected the Heaven Devouring Avatar's body to turn out this way.

The pitch-black dragon scales covering his body were unbelievably heavy. After he devoured the demon immortal, his physical structure surpassed the strength of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. At this moment, the Heaven Devouring Avatar appeared in this realm like a demon immortal.

The Natural Mystiques of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon had even appeared in his head. The Crimson Blood Roc Demon's understanding of dao was gradually becoming clearer in his head.

Unknowingly, he felt himself gaining control of these abilities. Indeed, his devouring had changed. His Heaven Devouring Avatar could evolve and, undoubtedly, could devour more than just pure strength and power.

Of course, he had also devoured the many chaotic memories of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. These memories were useless to Wu Yu, hence he could automatically discard them and be free of them. What he had retained from his devouring of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon was the essence. He was like a filter, keeping only the essences and discarding the unnecessary.

This was also an amazing ability.

Actually, after gaining the Heaven Devouring Avatar, Wu Yu knew that this avatar was a treasure that was as precious as an immortal's legacy. It was just that he did not know if he would end up like the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord and be scorned by the realm's leaders.

Now the Primordial Spirit of the Heaven Devouring Avatar had surpassed the Primordial Spirit of Wu Yu's real body significantly. He realized that the core of his thoughts were now running through the Heaven Devouring Avatar instead of his real body. He even felt as though the Heaven Devouring Avatar was now his primary body, while his real body had been relegated to the subordinate position of an avatar.

If this situation carried on longer, he would be in danger. However, they were now in an extreme situation. After experiencing the sweetness of power from his avatar, Wu Yu had no other choice. He had to continue to strengthen his avatar.

He would take responsibility for any terrifying consequences that were to follow with his decision. He would take responsibility for the consequences.

He was quite satisfied with such a strong physical body for the Heaven Devouring Avatar. He had actually tested out the body. Even the blood of the Heaven Devouring Avatar could open the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. This meant that this body was still strongly connected to his real body. Or rather, this avatar was still his own body. It was just that it looked different and he now operated under a different mode.

In his head, mystiques, dao techniques, and dao were becoming clearer. His eyes narrowed and he could sense the dao level of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. It was totally different from Wu Yu’s dao. However, his Heaven Devouring Avatar’s devouring power was limited to just application. It would not affect Wu Yu’s fundamentals. He had his own dao in his heart and yet he could use other kinds of daos as well. This once again made him feel awe toward the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast’s miraculous abilities.


Now the Heaven Devouring Avatar had three forms. Other than the original black mist form, it was actually very similar to a demon. It also had the human form and the beast form. The Heaven Devouring Avatar was in his beast form now. Wu Yu controlled him in his mind and he transformed into the human form. He still looked the same, white-haired, red-eyed, and wearing black clothes. He emitted a demonic and indifferent aura, and his gaze was icy-cold. His white hair fluttered in the wind, but every strand of his hair could instantaneously transform into sharp needles. These white hairs were the pure white horn he had when he was in beast form. 

It felt really unique when the Heaven Devouring Avatar became a demon immortal.

Now not more than half of the time had passed. His real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar exchanged glances. Wu Yu now had a strong belief. He was no longer the same as before and was at a loss for what to do. He knew the direction he desperately had to work towards!

However, he had to think about things. "If I have to rely solely on the Heaven Devouring Avatar, I will never defeat the Ancient Emperor.

"If the situation is already so crazy, why limit the degree of madness? Anyway, there is no turning back. It is better to be ruthless and let him know that I, Wu Yu, am no fool...."

He had crazier ideas.

Maybe it was the Heaven Devouring Avatar who had thought of this idea. He even thought that it was possible, but he laughed it off as it did not matter anymore. No matter how he was now, at least he had not become a devil yet. At least in his belief, he still wanted to save Luo Pin and take revenge for his master. That was enough. When he reached the point where he only wanted to devour and even forgot about rescuing Luo Pin and revenging his master, then that would be a really bad situation.

"Who shall be my next target?

"I think I shall choose you. You are not a powerful one among the demon immortals, and you were wounded by the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. Now you are still looking for me all over the realm. It is you who is seeking your own death."

He chose the Rose Demon Queen. 

"Lazy, bring me to her." Wu Yu's real body carried Lazy.

"Meow." Lazy curled up in Wu Yu's arms. Each time it looked at the Heaven Devouring Avatar, its fur would stand. It would act fierce, but its body was, in fact, shivering with fear.

"Don't be afraid, that is me as well." Wu Yu stroked Lazy's head.


Even though Wu Yu had assured it, it was still afraid.

However, it still did as Wu Yu had requested and led the way for Wu Yu to look for the Rose Demon Queen. Now the Heaven Devouring Avatar's speed had entirely surpassed Wu Yu's real body.

"I just need to devour one more demon immortal! Then the other six demon immortals are bound to die by my hand!

"Then I will have nothing left to worry about in the Ancient Demon Realm."

The Heaven Devouring Avatar's eyes gleamed with a bright red color.

He would slaughter all the demon immortals and retrieve their essences. They would become the power that he would rely on for his crazy plan to fight the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. Such madness was Wu Yu's true goal at the moment!

The key in his plan lied with the Rose Demon Queen.

Wu Yu organized the Crimson Blood Roc Demon's mystiques on the way to the Rose Demon Queen. He was aiming for a quick battle with the Rose Demon Queen. After digesting the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, his strength had been boosted from his existing tier. He had also undergone a metamorphosis that made his avatar grow from the infant stage to a child. Hence, Wu Yu could sense that he was even more powerful than the Crimson Blood Roc Demon at his peak condition.

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon at his peak condition was much stronger than the Rose Demon Queen. More importantly, Wu Yu was about to face an injured Rose Demon Queen. The vast difference in strength would allow Wu Yu to reach his goal of devouring the Rose Demon Queen in a quick battle.

The many plants in the area could all be the Rose Demon Queen's body, making it even easier to seek out her true form. After all, she was openly searching for Wu Yu. Actually, she was probably thinking of getting the key for herself after finding Wu Yu! So Wu Yu easily locked on to her position.

While Wu Yu was moving towards the Rose Demon Queen, he was gradually familiarizing himself with the four Natural Mystiques of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. The Little Roc Demon had used these mystiques before when he fought him. It was just that the Little Roc Demon's strength was not on the same level as the current Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Previously, the Rose Demon Queen had fought the Crimson Blood Roc Demon alone and one-third of her body was torn out. Now she had extended her body and was searching everywhere for Wu Yu. She was now positioned atop a tall mountain. She had grown out of the soil and was peering out into the entire realm.

Suddenly, two black dots appeared before her. They had appeared very suddenly. The Rose Demon Queen recognized these two people. They were no doubt Wu Yu! Especially Wu Yu's real body, who was holding the key at this moment.

"Big Brother."

Two jet-black roses bloomed from the vine behind the Rose Demon Queen. Then, from each of the roses, a naked beauty formed. One looked at Wu Yu's real body, while the other looked at Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar.

"Why can't you understand me? I only want to leave this place to go to other realms," the woman pleaded.

Wu Yu raised the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm in his hand. It was a golden eyeball. He smiled and said, "Actually, I can give it to you, but I have a condition."

"What is your condition? Don't worry, I will not tell the others."

Wu Yu's real body put the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm away and started to retreat. As he retreated, he said, "I want your life in exchange."

"What?" The Rose Demon Queen did not seem to understand the condition.

But at this moment, Wu Yu's real body somersaulted and retreated to somewhere far away. The only one remaining with the Rose Demon Queen was Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. It was only now that she realized that the Heaven Devouring Avatar was staring at her peculiarly. The avatar was looking at her like a famished beast would look at its prey.

"Demon immortal?!" The Rose Demon Queen almost shrieked and her face paled.

The instant she had that idea, the Heaven Devouring Avatar exploded into black mist and spread out. It then reformed and turned into a huge beast! Or rather, this was a huge, humanoid beast. It looked even more domineering and aggressive than the Immortal Jiuying. In this instant, the Rose Demon Queen felt a chilling shiver down her spine.

"Forbidden Hell of Blood!"

Wu Yu used the mystique in his memories at the first instant. After locking on to his prey, Wu Yu did not want to waste any time talking. At this moment, all he wanted to do was kill, devour, kill, and devour!

When the Little Roc Demon used the mystique, Forbidden Hell of Blood, it was disrupted by Wu Yu's Spirit Chaser Art! Now the power of this mystique was truly being executed, and it had formed a territory! Blood color instantly covered the sky and ground. It had even seeped deep underground and stained every root of the Rose Demon Queen red. This was practically a blood-sucking mystique. When this mystique covered the other party's body entirely, it would suck the other party's blood or liquid in a frenzy. The other party would have to retaliate to defend against such sucking.

Of course, Forbidden Hell of Blood was not fatal to the Rose Demon Queen. What confused her was Wu Yu's avatar using a Natural Mystique that belonged to the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. She had experienced this mystique before when she fought the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. However, this time, it was Wu Yu's avatar who had used this mystique, and his avatar looked to be of a demon immortal level!

This confusion scared her.

This was something that she could not comprehend at all!

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