Chapter 1204: Law of the Jungle

In this secret-filled Ancient Demon Realm, a huge, mysterious beast was quietly growing in strength.

Wu Yu's real body looked at the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Other than his eyes, which had already become redder, he looked exactly like Wu Yu. His long, snow-white hair fluttered in the wind. In terms of appearance, it had not changed much. But after devouring many demons, the Heaven Devouring Avatar now emitted a strong demonic aura - a sinister, domineering, manic aura that would make people think that he was an otherworldly demon!

As the Heaven Devouring Avatar was his own body, Wu Yu could not feel its terrifying aura, but he clearly felt that it was changing unprecedentedly. The Heaven Devouring Avatar had not transformed so much before.

In fact, he knew that until this point in time, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was still equivalent to an infant. He was just a simple ball of mist and very fragile.

He did not have many moves. Besides relying on dao treasures, he had only one skill: Return. It would be very difficult for him to take the initiative to attack. If not for the protection of his real body, he would not be able to grow to his present level that easily. 

But now, he was about to change. Wu Yu clearly felt that every molecule in his avatar was restless and growing in another direction. He was becoming more and more like a demon. But not in terms of fundamental quality.

The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast would grow in the direction of what it devoured.

"I must not stop, I cannot stop. I must continue. Otherwise, the avatar will be useless when I'm fighting the Ancient Emperor.”

Since he had made a choice, since he had convinced himself, and since this was his only hope, even though he had already felt a certain degree of fear towards the Heaven Devouring Avatar, he remained firm in his belief and never had the slightest regret.

Those demons were all frantically running away from Wu Yu's devouring and slaughter, but with Wu Yu's speed, they were unable to escape. Wu Yu could often intercept and kill them all! Unless the demon immortals themselves protected them.

At this point, even if they were demons at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, Wu Yu did not let them go. 

They were all demons who had gathered to follow the demon immortals into other realms and attempt to occupy them. The demon immortals were not so kind. All of them were heading out to the other realms with the goal of occupying them.

However, Wu Yu gradually found out that even when he had devoured a 10th tier Dao Querying demon, the Heaven Devouring Avatar would just be accumulating repeatedly without much effect. He might continue to become stronger, but he could not break through to the next tier. Wu Yu was extremely eager for a breakthrough to the next tier. This time, he had to push the Heaven Devouring Avatar into a stronger tier!

"Could it be that I need to devour a demon immortal?"

Wu Yu's blood-red eyes looked towards the west.

He thought of a demon immortal.

And that was the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. He was heavily injured and had escaped in haste using the Igniting Blood Dive. If not for the other demon immortals, who were also chasing Wu Yu, Wu Yu would have caught up to the Crimson Blood Roc Demon and finished him off. After all, the Ancient Demon Realm was only so big, and with such heavy injuries, the Crimson Blood Roc Demon was unlikely to escape to other territories.

Wu Yu could not contain his excitement after thinking of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar was even more excited.

Devouring a demon immortal!


In the past, the idea would not even have crossed his mind, as that would simply be a crazy act. There was a large existential disparity between demon immortals and demons. If not for the special characteristic of the Ancient Demon Realm, these demon immortals would have ascended to the Demon Immortal Realm. They were the immortal beings of the Ancient Demon Realm, and they controlled everything here. When enraged, they could litter the realm with dead demon bodies, tear apart mountains and rivers, and even cause the sky and earth to shake.

These demon immortals were beings that existed high above every other living being in this realm.

However, to Wu Yu, based on his current judgement, this was a valuable opportunity for him because this would be the only time that the Crimson Blood Roc Demon would be this heavily injured!

Usually, there was no way he could battle the other demon immortals!

"Crimson Blood Roc Demon!"

This was a bloodthirsty demon that had slaughtered millions of demons.

It was a pity that he was not the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. The beast could devour and swallow but could not strengthen him!

Wu Yu did not have much time.

He did not speak again. He returned to the sea region, to the Unbounded Warship.

"Big Brother Yu, why have you returned?" Ye Xixi asked.

"Can it find the Crimson Blood Roc Demon for me?" Wu Yu pointed to the All Amalgamating Cat in Ye Xixi's arms.

"During the eight great demon immortals battle, the Crimson Blood Roc Demon bled heavily. I only need a drop of blood or a feather. Lazy will be able to find him even though he is a demon immortal. But, Big Brother, why are you looking for a demon immortal…." Ye Xixi knew what Wu Yu had wanted to do. Hence, she was a little worried.

"That's great."

Wu Yu took Lazy. Lazy was a little nervous to be carried by Wu Yu but was calmed down quickly by Ye Xixi. The Floating Dreams Pagoda could carry even two people now, so there was no problem in bringing Lazy along.

"Be good, help Big Brother Yu find that large demon immortal," Ye Xixi told the All Amalgamating Cat.

"Meow." The All Amalgamating Cat could also sense the impending danger. The situation was desperate. While it was scared, it wanted to help.

Wu Yu brought Lazy and went out again. He was now acting very cold and distant. He took Lazy and returned to the previous battle field to search for a feather, blood, or piece of flesh from the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. Then he would get Lazy to lead the way. These mysterious Spirits of the Universe had their own talents in tracking down targets. Their tracking talents could work on anyone - even the demon immortals could not escape from its tracking.

"Meow meow." On the way, Lazy seemed to be comforting Wu Yu. It looked at Wu Yu and licked Wu Yu's arm gently.

"Good kitty."

Wu Yu stroked its head.

Perhaps he had calmed down a little.

He could now rationally think about how to survive in such a difficult situation.

However, the aggressiveness and hunger of the Heaven Devouring Avatar could not be hidden, especially when they neared the Crimson Blood Roc Demon.

He wanted to fight the demon immortal using the Heaven Devouring Avatar!

What made Wu Yu surprised was that the Crimson Blood Roc Demon had not escaped towards the west into the sea of blood. Instead, it had hidden nearby.

"It looks like he is not giving up yet. He still wants to get the key. His words will only carry weight if he has the key. It is only then that he can take revenge."

He was still secretly looking for Wu Yu. It was just that he was being more careful now. It was also because he was nearby that Lazy could find him easily.

When they got close to the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, Wu Yu put Lazy in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Then his Heaven Devouring Avatar held the Jambu Sky Pillar and many other seraphic dao treasures and ran at his fastest speed towards the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. The Heaven Devouring Avatar's speed was now even faster than Wu Yu's real body when he was using the Somersault Cloud! This meant that the Heaven Devouring Avatar had surpassed Wu Yu's real body in every aspect.

There was a deep crevice in front of them, and the Crimson Blood Roc Demon was in the crevice. He was probably hoping to spend some time recovering from his injuries.

"Come out, I want to make a trade with you. The key is with me."

Wu Yu had just stepped into the crevice, and the Heaven Devouring Avatar's deep voice had spread throughout the area. He used the Heaven Devouring Avatar to enter the crevice, while his real body was watching from the outside. This was because a demon immortal, whilst heavily injured, was still a demon immortal. He must not be underestimated. This time, he was prepared to fight to the death using his Heaven Devouring Avatar.

"Luo Pin, wait for me." Wu Yu looked at the sky while breathing heavily.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar could be described as a fierce beast. It had no fear. He looked down and a huge, blood-red demon immortal appeared. He was still covered in rotting flesh and dripping blood. There were remnants of the other seven demon immortals' mystiques in his body. They were still torturing his body and worsening his injuries!

Especially the Igniting Blood Dive, which had burnt almost half of his blood. Actually, he was now just struggling at the edge of life and death.

But even so, the Crimson Blood Roc Demon would have no problem defeating a 10th tier Dao Querying cultivator.

Of course, Wu Yu was now looking at the demon immortal like he was looking at prey. The heavy injuries of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon would not affect Wu Yu’s flesh. Devouring this demon immortal would still transform the Heaven Devouring Avatar!

Devour and digest!

He would take everything the demon had and use it for himself. This was the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast!

"You are really brave. If not for you, I would not have ended up in this sorry state today. Tell me, what kind of trade do you want to do with me?"

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon only glanced at Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar before staring at Wu Yu's real body, which was standing high up above the crevice. He was treating the Heaven Devouring Avatar as a simple clone.

A mere clone was not a concern for a demon immortal like him.

"The deal is, I'll take you to the Jambu Realm and you'll trade your life for it." The red, bloodthirsty eyes of the Heaven Devouring Avatar was fixed on the Crimson Blood Roc Demon.

His gaze stunned the Crimson Blood Roc Demon for a moment. Immediately, the demon immortal burst out into laughter. However, at the first instant of his laughter, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had already attacked him directly with the Jambu Sky Pillar. Wu Yu's real body, however, stood at a distance and used other seraphic dao treasures to assist the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon did not expect a mere martial cultivator to dare to attack him. While he was still in shock, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had already used the Jambu Sky Pillar to hit him on the head and smash him into the ground. His head had exploded and he was almost knocked out!

"Are you crazy!?"

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon cursed angrily. However, he had not managed to react, and while he was shouting, he was once again suppressed by Wu Yu. At the top of the crevice, Wu Yu's real body stood upright and held onto the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. He attacked the Crimson Blood Roc Demon’s head with the Archaic Twin Dragon Immortal Vaporizing Design again.

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon's strength had already been exhausted. Otherwise, he would not have been suppressed by Wu Yu that easily. The scariest attack was still from the Heaven Devouring Avatar - its power was terrifying. At this moment, the Jambu Sky Pillar in the Heaven Devouring Avatar's hands bludgeoned the Crimson Blood Roc Demon’s head continuously. He did not give the Crimson Blood Roc Demon a chance to breathe and he was smashed nearly to death!

What had shocked him the most was Wu Yu’s avatar's terrifying power. How could a clone possess such great strength? His avatar's strength was practically a few times higher than that of a 10th tier Dao Querying cultivator!

Bang. bang. bang

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon's whole body was pressed onto the ground by Wu Yu with the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. As he could not move at all, he was smashed violently with the Jambu Sky Pillar!

"You are seeking death!" the Crimson Blood Roc Demon screamed loudly.

Wu Yu did not say anything.

It was as though the Heaven Devouring Avatar had become mad, but the avatar was also Wu Yu himself.

And as Wu Yu's real body looked at his other body, he instead thought of another image.

It was as though they were in a forest and there was a boy who was frantically bashing a wild wolf with a stick. He wanted to kill the wolf for food because he was extremely hungry.

This was the law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest.

Who had asked the wolf to be injured and dying?

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