Chapter 1203: Limitless Devouring

Sometimes, the more intense his desire for something, the harder it would get as it progressed. 

For example, he once wanted to enter the Immortal Pair Hall with Nangong Wei. However, he had failed. The moment their daos clashed, Wu Yu knew it would be impossible. 

He had since given up. and so had Nangong Wei. 

And now he had his own dreams. He thought of becoming an immortal and meeting Luo Pin in the sky palaces, being free with her where no one could restrain them. However, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor stood between them and was in control of whether they would live or die. 

Perhaps just a thought of his would extinguish Wu Yu and Luo Pin's dreams and desires! 

Wu Yu was indignant! 

Ming Long had provided him with a possibility, though this possibility sounded crazy and no one knew if it would work. 

Wu Yu wasn't certain how well he could control the Heaven Devouring Avatar. He also didn't know the level the Heaven Devouring Avatar would reach. He knew nothing other than the fact that he had to discard all miscellaneous thoughts and restraints of morals to devour! 

Perhaps at this moment, he was the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast and the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. 

Whenever he thought of Feng Xueya, Luo Pin, or the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, his heart went icy-cold. One could say that he was demonized. However, with reality facing him, he had no regrets! 

"You guys wait for me here. Nanshan, protect them." 

Wu Yu took a deep breath. 

He was emotionless and stored Feng Xueya's corpse within the Floating Dreams Pagoda for now. Among the treasures within the Yan Huang Golden Bead, there were crystal coffins that could preserve corpses for a long time. 

"Master, your disciple is useless and has caused you misery.

"Your disciple, Wu Yu, makes a vow here. If I can't avenge you, I'll be struck by lightning and shall never be reincarnated!

"Don't rest in peace for now. When I get through this hurdle, I'll bring the blood of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor to pay tribute to you." 

After speaking, Wu Yu's main body and Heaven Devouring Avatar stood up and walked towards the exit. 

"Brother, what are you thinking of doing? I said I don't want you to face this alone. I, the Full Moon of Nanshan, might be craven and cowardly at times. However, I'll definitely not be this time." The Full Moon of Nanshan wanted to stop him. 

Wu Yu patted his shoulder and said, "Rest assured. Give me a day. I'll need to make some preparations. I'll make the decision when I get back. Regardless, it's definitely worth it to have a brother like you after hearing what you've said." 

"Big Brother Yu, are you thinking of letting your Heaven Devouring Avatar...." Ye Xixi was astute and got it right immediately. 

Wu Yu nodded and said, "Just remain here and rest." 

Wu You collected her emotions and said to Wu Yu with teary eyes, "No matter what you do, don't forget that I'll always be supportive." 

"Sister, don't worry." He had calmed down substantially. 

She was still his sister from the same father but different mothers. They were still deeply connected by blood. 

After he emerged from the dream of him being Emperor Yu, he found the dream to be preposterous and laughable when he looked at Wu You now. How could Wu You and him not be sister and brother? 

Ye Xixi gnashed her teeth as she said, "Big Brother Yu, don't forget about me. I have the same personal foe as you! A mortal foe!"  

She wanted Wu Yu to know her thoughts. 

Wu Yu smiled and said, "That's better. I won't let you down, Xixi." 

"Big Brother Yu, you don't have to feel like you have let me down, ever," said Ye Xixi solemnly. 

"Alright, we aren't parting at death. Wait for my news." 

From what the Ancient Emperor had said, he probably needed a day to destroy that spirit design. Wu Yu losing the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm had probably given him a scare this time. 

Therefore, he was in a hurry to make his move on Wu Yu. 

"You are really fortunate to have such great friends and relatives. They are all supportive of you and willing to die for you. As for me, I was alone at that time. Wu Yu, I really feel like these are the machinations of fate. I failed back then and wasted the incredible legacy that I'd inherited. However, I don't want you to fail. You are more incredible than me," said Ming Long.

"Yeah, they are the most precious treasures in my life." 

Wu Yu knew what was most important to him. For them, it didn't matter what he would become. 

His main body was fully equipped with seraphic dao treasure. As for his Heaven Devouring Avatar, it was prepared too. 

"In that case, let's devour to our heart's content! No limits, no restrictions!" 

He had never felt as hearty as at this moment. His Heaven Devouring Avatar was always hungry. He had always been fighting the desire. On this day, the barrier he had erected vanished. His Heaven Devouring Avatar had long been hungry and was about to go crazy. 

First, Wu Yu moved away from the sea region, where the Unbounded Warship was. He went onto the land. At the location where the eight demon immortals fought previously, other elite demons were gathering after learning that the Rose Demon Queen had obtained the key. There was quite a number of ninth and even 10th tier Dao Querying demons. 

The demon immortals were still searching for Wu Yu. 

As for Wu Yu, he wasn't planning on concealing himself at all. 

He appeared above a group of demons with the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm in his hand. Immediately after, he shouted down, "Can you see this? This is the key to the other world. Whoever wants to make a name for himself can try snatching it from me."

This time, the demons were in ecstasy. 

Some were informing their demon immortals, some used their Natural Mystiques immediately, while others charged towards Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu held the Jambu Sky Pillar and the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, while the Heaven Devouring Avatar held the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well, the Atlas Pagoda, the Jambu Realm Scroll, and other seraphic dao treasures. 

At this moment, Wu Yu cared nothing about exhaustion. He went into his strongest state with the Jambu Sky Pillar in his hands. 

"Door to 10,000 Levels of Hell!" 

The colossal Jambu Sky Pillar smashed down, knocking the demons rushing upwards back down and suppressing them on the ground. A large area on the ground turned into the door to hell. A myriad of monsters emerged, tearing the demons apart. It was exceptionally brutal, and Wu Yu showed no mercy at all at this point. 

The white-haired, red-eyed Heaven Devouring Avatar dove down into the vortex below. As for the struggling demons, they became the targets of his devouring. Regardless of their cultivation level or strength, regardless of their gender, they were all devoured! 

Wherever the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well reached, the demons were killed and a cloud of black mist would sweep past the area. In the end, regardless of the species of demon, not even a bone was left. 

When he let all reins loose, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was terrifying. Wu Yu had been restricting his avatar all this time. Now that he wasn't exerting any restraints, even he didn't know what the Heaven Devouring Avatar would become if this went on! 

Devour! Devour! Devour everything between heaven and earth! 

All the living creatures and demons! 

After devouring demons, the demonic aura surrounding the Heaven Devouring Avatar became stronger. 

"Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!" 

Wu Yu's hatred for him was getting clearer and clearer. 

What he had lived through on the Dong Sheng Divine Continent wasn't Ancient Emperor's plot. It was all real. Neither that father of his that focused on national affairs, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, Feng Xueya, or even Sun Wudao were him. They were all real, and most importantly, Sun Wudao! 

He was deserving of the Ruyi Jingu Bang and it wasn't given to him by the Ancient Emperor. 

In that case, Wu Yu didn't feel any emotional stress anymore. When his opponents showed their fangs, he no longer had to feel conflicted! It would be a battle to the death! 

"How dare you, Wu Yu! How dare you kill my men!" All of these were demons under the Immortal Jiuying. Soon after, Wu Yu could hear the Immortal Jiuying berating him, then he saw a nine-headed giant beast approaching him at high speed. 

"The key is in my hands. If you have the guts, come and get it!" Wu Yu scoffed. The Heaven Devouring Avatar returned to his side and entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Before the Immortal Jiuying arrived, Wu Yu fled the scene using his Somersault Cloud. The Immortal Jiuying couldn't catch him! 

Demons were searching everywhere for the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. 

Previously, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had made huge progress and was constantly getting stronger. On several occasions, Wu Yu would kill with his main body so the Heaven Devouring Avatar could focus on devouring. Gradually, the energy accumulated in the avatar exceeded the main body. The strength of a Spirit of the Universe alone would be no different from an ordinary 10th tier Dao Querying demon. 

And all of this took less than an hour! Since Wu Yu had made up his mind, this was just the beginning! 

It wasn't just on land. A large number of demons had gathered in the sea region as well! 


Wu Yu charged towards the sea region and flashed the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. All of a sudden, sea region demons of all shapes and sizes charged towards him relentlessly, including 10th tier Dao Querying demons! 

The battle was brutal and gruesome. Wu Yu ignored the weak demons and focused on killing the 10th tier Dao Querying demons. He teamed up with his avatar, killing his opponents with direct attacks from dao treasures. After killing them, the Heaven Devouring Avatar would start devouring. An hour passed, and he had devoured his seventh or eighth 10th tier Dao Querying demon. It was then that Wu Yu felt like the Heaven Devouring Avatar had reached the pinnacle one could get to in the mortal realm. There seemed to be a bottleneck, and Wu Yu felt stuck there. In order to break through this bottleneck, he would probably need a new encounter. 


Whenever a demon immortal caught up to him, he would flee immediately. Regardless of which demon immortal it was, they couldn't stop Wu Yu from escaping. 

Wu Yu chose not to be tied down by battles. 

Due to Wu Yu's brazen acts, the demon immortals who were searching for the Unbounded Warship initially were all affected. After all, they couldn't just watch Wu Yu kill their men. 

Therefore, they could only instruct their subordinates to run. However, it wasn't useful, as Wu Yu would chase after them. As the Heaven Devouring Avatar continued the terrorizing strengthening, his eyes were getting redder and redder. Demons at a level similar to the Little Roc Demon would still be instantaneously killed when they encountered the Heaven Devouring Avatar. As such, Wu Yu let his Heaven Devouring Avatar use the Jambu Sky Pillar. This increased his destructiveness. When the 10,000 Levels of Hell was used, a large number of demons would be plunged into hell immediately and be devoured! 

"Devour! Break through! Break through!" 

Despite constantly consuming, he still felt exceptionally hungry....

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