Chapter 1202: A Decision That Will Never Be Regretted

The Ancient Emperor had arranged for Feng Xueya to follow Wu Yu so he could transmit the key information.

As for the real Feng Xueya, he was probably dead. 

Fortunately, he still had conscience in him and Wu You was alright. But she was flustered. 

When Su Yanli and Jiu Ying learned that Feng Xueya was the embodiment of the immortal from the Jambu Realm, they couldn't say a word. 

Tears covered Su Yanli's face as she watched helplessly, knowing her master was dead. 

Not too long ago, she was still speaking with Feng Xueya, who was no different from before. 

But before she knew it, the sky was collapsing on her. 

Feng Xueya was dead and Luo Pin was in imminent peril. 

"No one can escape fate. Born in my realm, everything you obtain is destined to be mine too. Therefore, I have the same words for you. All five demands, not a single one is to be missing. Otherwise, I'll have no other option but to let that Primordial Immortal Dragon experience some misery. Wu Yu, think about it. What's the most important thing to you?"

Feng Xueya laughed heartily. At some point, his smile faded gradually and the vitality in his eyes dissipated slowly. Eventually, he fell to the ground. The sliver of immortal spirit left in Feng Xueya had now scattered. 

Feng Xueya had become a real corpse, falling before Wu Yu's eyes. The current him was Wu Yu’s real master, and he still had the same emotionless look as before. However, he had moved on. When he was first controlled by the Ancient Emperor, he had probably died. 

"Master." Su Yanli stepped forward to help him up. However, all she felt was a cold corpse. 

To Wu Yu, this was a double blow! 

Feng Xueya was dead. 

As for Luo Pin, the Ancient Emperor had given him a day. 

Perhaps he was getting a little worried when Wu Yu lost the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. He was eager to collect his rewards. 

And now it was silent, or rather tragedious in the Unbounded Warship. The next step forward was a huge question for them. 

Since Wu Yu had started the path of cultivation, it wasn't that he had not experienced the dangers of death. However, he had always been able to neutralize the threat and emerge victoriously in the end. This time, the blows to him were unprecedented. 

It was like asking him to go against the heavens and the entire world. 

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was in control of everything. 

It was him that killed had Feng Xueya, Wu Yu’s master!

And now, he even wanted to go after Luo Pin. This extinguished all hopes that Wu Yu was harboring and reducing the oath of love between them to nothingness. 

"Master...." Su Yanli could hardly be understood through her sobbing. Feng Xueya had raised her and could be considered her father. 

But now, all she was left with was an icy-cold corpse. 

The Ancient Emperor had made an exorbitant demand for everything. He wanted the legacy of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, the Full Moon of Nanshan's legacy from Marshal Tian Peng, and Ye Xixi's legacy from the Curtain Lifting General! He even had his eyes on the Floating Dreams Pagoda and the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

A day of consideration was a day of torment instead. 

At this moment, the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and the rest were staring at Wu Yu. 

As for Wu Yu, he felt himself sinking into the vortex of hatred and was having difficulty pulling himself out.


For a very long time, he had not encountered a situation where he lost all rationality. 

He resisted with all his might, but it was futile. The catastrophe had come too abruptly! 

After Feng Xueya had fallen, he wasn't given much time to react. 

Wu Yu was now filled with hatred. He needed to vent it out, or he couldn't keep his composure to make a sound decision. However, he was fearful of the only decision he could make. The Ancient Emperor wasn't leaving him with any other options. He wasn't a coward or a useless scoundrel. He couldn't possibly choose to evade the issue. He wouldn't want to feel regret for the rest of his life. If Luo Pin lost her life, the Ancient Emperor might not get what he wanted. However, Wu Yu would be ruined as well! 

He felt like he was drowning in an endless sea of flames and couldn't escape no matter what he did. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan's expression had ashened and he probably had never been as flustered. However, he steeled himself and said, "Wu Yu, you don't have to worry about us. It wasn't easy for us to reach where we are today. No doubt, I, the Full Moon of Nanshan, am really afraid of dying. However, since we are brothers and have sworn to fight together, I won't retreat a single step! For this trip to the Jambu Realm, I'll follow you regardless of what you say! Alright, I'm not good with emotional words. Regardless, I'd rather live with a purpose than regret my decision in the future! After being with you for so long, I wouldn't want to be seen as inferior to you." 

He had said a lot to convince himself. At the same time, he wanted to convince Wu Yu. He was resolute, unlike the craven and cowardly attitude he normally had. Wu Yu knew it required lots of courage to say those words. 

Ye Xixi said, "I only managed to leave the Infernal Inferno because Big Brother Yu helped me. Otherwise, my life would be meaningless. Therefore, no matter what happens in the future, I will never hesitate as long as I can contribute. I'll follow you too to rescue Big Sister Luo Pin." 

They were the people that the Ancient Emperor had demanded specifically that Wu Yu should bring along. 

The Ancient Emperor had said it wouldn't do without them. 

Luo Pin would still have to die. 

However, regardless of their inclination, this was a tough choice for Wu Yu! Undoubtedly, he wanted to rescue his love. However, how could he send his brother and sister to death with him? 

This was all the torment and conflicts the Ancient Emperor had delivered to Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu could clearly feel how brutal this moment was and how deep and intense his hatred for the Ancient Emperor was. 

It was even several times more cruel than when Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian gave him the Spirit Severing Powder in the past. After all, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was only harming Wu Yu then. 

However, the Ancient Emperor wasn't just going to harm him. He had killed his respected master and even wanted to do the same to his love, his brother, and his sister! This was the same as demanding everything Wu Yu had! 

Ming Long heaved a sigh. "Alright. It's over now. It's really tragic that you were born in the Jambu Realm and encountered an immortal like him. Truth be told, there's no way out. You only have your bad luck to blame. Don't be too hard on yourself. This isn't an issue of your strength or intelligence. At the very core, you aren't at the same level as the Ancient Emperor. He knows everything about you, while you know nothing about him. Think about it. You are just like an ant without intelligence. He could have played and toyed with you to his heart's content with just a finger, right?" 

"Shut up!" Wu Yu didn't need her to analyze this for him. He felt it dearly. 

"You don't have to vent your frustration on me. I know the hatred in you and how intense it is. You want to kill him, but getting revenge now isn't possible. Perhaps I'm the only clear-minded person who can still provide you with some plans. Wu Yu, listen to me. Don't try to rely on your thinking now. You have been devoured by your lunacy. If this goes on, you won't solve anything." 

Ming Long said worriedly. 

What she had said wasn't wrong. Although Wu Yu was standing on the spot and clenching his fist tightly, his eyes had turned completely blood red. Flames were emitted from his entire body and he couldn't possibly think clearly with the hatred clouding his mind. This was to be expected. His respected master had died and his love was being held ransom. If he could still keep his cool, he wouldn't be Wu Yu. Perhaps even an immortal wouldn't be able to keep calm in this situation! 

"What do you think? How am I supposed to go against an immortal?" 

Wu Yu asked in an erratic voice, seemingly growling. 

In fact, it wasn't as simple as going against an immortal. The key was that the Ancient Emperor had been paying attention to Wu Yu ever since he was weak. He knew everything about Wu Yu. 

His perfect understanding of Wu Yu was truly the most frightening weapon. This was because he could make all arrangements in advance. For example, the set up of using Luo Pin left Wu Yu with no other option. 

Ming Long shouted, "Then you better listen carefully! Summarizing all your mysterious encounters, the most unexpected thing is your Heaven Devouring Avatar! All along, you have been keeping him in check, ensuring that he would not exceed the main body and spiral into the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. However, what are the circumstances now? Your respected master was killed and your girl is about to lose her life! Why are you still caring about the other lives in this world? Why are you caring about the annihilation of the world? Only your Heaven Devouring Avatar has the slim possibility of resisting the Ancient Emperor now. He is also the only option to surprise him. What are you waiting for? Why don't you try to see how it will turn out when your Heaven Devouring Avatar exceeds your main body before venting your frustration at me?" 

Ming Long had really thought it through. 

Whatever the circumstances or dangers they were facing , she had always spoken in a joking tone to Wu Yu. 

However, even she was enraged this time. Wu Yu was now surrounded by hatred. He was blaming himself, regretting and angered. With these negative emotions, coupled with his memories of Feng Xueya and Luo Pin, the blow to Wu Yu was unprecedented. It was impressive that he had not lost his mind. Therefore, no one was expecting Wu Yu to keep his cool. If he could, it would mean that he didn't care much about Feng Xueya's death or about Luo Pin. 

The truth was, he cared about them extensively. He dearly wanted to slice Yan Huang Ancient Emperor into a thousand pieces and boil him in a pot of oil to vent his frustration! 

"You are right! If I can't even protect her, why would I care about the other lives in the world? Why would I care about the annihilation of the world? Your thoughts are selfish, but I like them! Perhaps my decision today is erroneous, but I'll never regret it. Heaven Devouring Avatar!" 

His main body stared at the white-haired, red-eyed Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

The white-haired, red-eyed Heaven Devouring Avatar also stared back at Wu Yu's main body.


After turning into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, Wu Yu had not fully released its horror. At this moment, what else would he care about? 

Only devouring! 

Devour! Devour! Devour!

In Wu Yu's eyes, only the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast and the idea of devouring were left. 

"I'm going to survive and she's going to become an immortal. We are going to meet again in the sky palaces and be together for eternity...." 

Tears streamed down from Wu Yu's eyes. 

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