Chapter 1201: Wu Yu's Achilles’ Heel

This was none of his business.

Then, everything the Ancient Emperor had told him was simply lies.

Ever since he had learned that his birth mother was alive, Wu Yu had occasionally fantasized about meeting her.

He had imagined how she would look the day he arrived at the Su Yu Sky Palace. What expression would she wear?

He had thought of many interesting interactions that he might have with his mother.

For this one year, he had lived in peace. This peaceful period made him gradually and subconsciously believe that the Ancient Emperor had told him the truth. He had taken the web of lies created by the Ancient Emperor as the truth.

Even the Full Moon of Nanshan had gradually lowered his guard. For instance, he was not worried about Wu Yu when Wu Yu returned to the Jambu Realm.

But today, with what had happened, with the truth that was exposed, it was like a tight slap to Wu Yu's face.

Wu Yu had never experienced such a heart-trembling moment in his lifetime. All his deepest fears were slowly becoming reality now.

All his guesses were not empty suspicions. It was actually his instinct that was warning him that everything the Ancient Emperor had said was fake.

The Ancient Emperor had plotted such an elaborate plan just to trick him!

Now the five behind Wu Yu were anxious. Even Wu Yu himself was a mess. The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was not like the eight great demon immortals. Wu Yu had never feared when he fought with the eight great demon immortals. However, the Ancient Emperor was a fearful enemy. He knew everything about Wu Yu!  He was the true immortal in Wu Yu's heart. All of Wu Yu's secrets were laid bare in front of this true immortal.

He had a helplessness that reminded him of his weakness when he had faced the heavenly immortals in the sky as a mortal.

Especially when the other party had appeared as Feng Xueya, the master whom he was indebted to.

"Since you are not my father, nor my master, what have you done to my master?" Wu Yu glared at the Ancient Emperor with bloodshot eyes.

Feng Xueya smiled and said, "You mean the original soul of this body? Isn't it obvious? I have absorbed his soul. I used a sliver of my immortality to absorb his memories and mannerisms. I have allowed him to continue to exist momentarily. So if you think that he is still alive now, then he is alive. If you think that he is already dead, then he is dead."

He was never Feng Xueya!

He was also not the Emperor of Dong Yue Wu. He was not Wu Yu's father.

He was not Sun Wudao either!

These three people were three separate people. They were definitely not one person!

This confession was a heavy blow for Wu Yu. He felt thunderstruck.

After he had gained fame, he had always wanted to protect Feng Xueya.

He had even left behind his puppet at the Heavenly Sword Sect.

However, how could a mere puppet defend against the strong and well-prepared Yan Huang Ancient Emperor?

How could a mere mortal fight against the heavens?

At this moment, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was like the Heavenly Immortals to Wu Yu when he was a mortal. The Ancient Emperor was like a god!

"You mean that you have killed my master!"

A raging fire burnt in Wu Yu's chest. His blood boiled and hatred poured out from his pores. At this point, his eyes were covered in blood-red color and he stared at the other party like a wild beast. He had never felt such pouring rage and hatred before. His memories flashed past in his head. He had survived only because Feng Xueya had bothered to save him. It was because of Feng Xueya that he had the opportunity to start his journey of cultivation. Regardless of how far his abilities would take him in the future, Feng Xueya would always be his respected master. He was the person who changed his life. Feng Xueya and Sun Wudao were both equally important figures in his heart!

In the past, he had been enraged by Sun Wudao's death and slayed Situ Jin on the spot.

Pain and regret filled Wu Yu.

However, the god in this world had now killed his master!

There was even more rage exploding from every micron of his body. That explosive rage rushed to his throat and burnt it so much that he could barely speak.

Feng Xueya, still smiling serenely, said, "You can also understand it that way. Either way, you will definitely hate me. Of course, your hatred is useless. I used so much effort to lure you into the Ancient Soul Tower and had to spin such a story to trick you. I have even made you the Yan Huang emperor just to announce to the world that you are my son. I have not worked so hard for a mortal before. You should be content to receive such an honor."

Wu Yu could not attack now because this was Feng Xueya's body. He would never destroy his master's physical body. He knew that the one whom he should unleash his fury on was the real Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!

He still had some sense of reason now and knew what he should do. 

"What do you want?" Every word that he had uttered dripped with potent murderous intent.

Feng Xueya shook his head and said, "You should know. There are only a few things on you that attract me. Forget it, let us wait until you are back at the Jambu Realm. I will let you know the details then. It is then that you will know that any struggle is useless. This will make things easier for me."

"You must not go back, that will just be falling into his trap!" the Full Moon of Nanshan said anxiously.

"Big Brother Yu, don't go back. He can't do anything to us!" Ye Xixi echoed Nanshan's words.

However, Wu Yu knew that since the Ancient Emperor had exposed himself at this moment, he would definitely have a way to force Wu Yu back into the Jambu Realm. After all, he was in the dark, while Wu Yu was in the open.

Indeed, without waiting for Wu Yu's reply, Feng Xueya chuckled and said, "Youngsters are really naive. Although, you are really lucky. All three of you have received excellent immortals' legacies. Wild boar, and you, a Ghostly Yan Tribe member dreaming of taking revenge for your parents. Do you know why I let you guys live? That is because the two of you will be useful too."

He stared at Wu Yu and said, "Wu Yu, remember to bring along your real body, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, this wild boar, the Ghostly Yan Tribe girl, and the Floating Dreams Pagoda. All five items have to return to the Jambu Realm. I shall wait for your return at the Jambu Realm. Remember, five items - they all will have to return. Otherwise, I will not be happy."

He spoke calmly but with an undeniably terrifying aura.

However, great hatred had devoured Wu Yu's sense of reason. While 10,000 ways to kill the Ancient Emperor were racing past his mind now, he had to endure and hold back!  Because he did not have the strength to defeat the Ancient Emperor now. However, he had the potential to reach the level of the Ancient Emperor. If he fell into the Ancient Emperor's ploy now, he would be a real idiot!

He had already been foolish enough to trust him for so long. Wu Yu had really been tricked by the fact that the Ancient Emperor had allowed him to take Feng Xueya, Wu You, and the others with him from the Jambu Realm. He had not believed the Ancient Emperor at the beginning. It was as time had passed that he had more and more trust in the Ancient Emperor. Also, Wu Yu had heard the Ancient Emperor mentioning the Ancient Soul Tower just now. This made Wu Yu feel even more uneasy.

"What if I don't return to the Jambu Realm?" Wu Yu asked.

He wanted to know what the other party would do to threaten him. He knew vaguely that there was something that he was missing.

As expected, Feng Xueya simply laughed and answered, "The mystical dragon tribe is really too naive. They think that the spirit design of the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas can block me. I don't know where they have gotten their confidence. I'm only too lazy to give them a warning. Of course, breaking that spirit design will waste some of my time. It will take about one day, so you will have one more day to consider your options. Anyway, she will be facing the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao in about 10 days. What do you think will happen when I destroy her protective spirit design at that time, and reduce her defenses by half? Will she perish? Besides, there is a limit to my patience. To me, it is easy to smash one little fellow who is only on the verge of attaining immortalhood."

He spoke casually as though he was simply sharing a heartfelt conversation with a friend.

But Wu Yu now finally knew why the Ancient Emperor had been so confident in allowing Wu Yu to roam the Ancient Demon Realm. He was even willing to allow Wu You and Feng Xueya to be sent to Wu Yu's side. That was because the Ancient Emperor had a firm grasp of his weakness. Immediately, Wu Yu thought of the first sentence that he had said to Luo Pin on the Windy Fiery Skies Platform. At that moment, he already knew that Luo Pin was about to undergo the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao. That was what he had cared about, hence he paid extra attention.

However, at that time, Wu Yu had not thought so far into the future.

The Ancient Emperor had never worried that Wu Yu would escape, because he knew that no matter where Wu Yu ran off to, he would return if Luo Pin's safety was threatened. There was no suspense at all. Any ordinary man, not only Wu Yu, would not choose to escape on his own when his beloved's life was threatened just as she was about to realize her dream and attain immortalhood. If he chose to escape, he would be a weakling, a coward!

In this way, the Ancient Emperor had full control over Wu Yu.

If he did not return, even if he did eventually attain immortalhood and went to the sky palaces, Luo Pin would have already died. How would he then fulfil the promise of meeting her in the sky palaces?

The many nights of long conversations, her expression when they parted, her smile, gentleness, and beauty, everything about her was engraved in Wu Yu's heart. Their reunion in the sky palaces was Wu Yu's biggest goal. It was his motivation to become stronger. Even if he could die, he would still strive to move towards that goal!

But the reality now was that she would die before she became an immortal. And that was only because of Wu Yu. The Ancient Emperor’s aim had always been Wu Yu.

"Remember, I'll give you a day to think about it. I will have the five things, not one less. The three immortal's legacies, the Floating Dreams Pagoda, and your Heaven Devouring Evil Lord body. Otherwise, she will die before she becomes an immortal. Wu Yu, you cannot afford to take chances, or you will live in regret even if you are lucky enough to survive. What kind of man would you be if you did not even dare to save your beloved woman? Such a person cannot even be compared to a lowly beast. Ha ha...."

He laughed wildly in front of Wu Yu while wearing the face of Feng Xueya. Because his plan had succeeded.

The mystical dragon tribe was indeed arrogant, and they trusted their own spirit designs wholeheartedly. Wu Yu had no way to communicate with Luo Pin. After all, they were two realms apart. He had no way to judge whether the Ancient Emperor's threat was true or not, but this concerned Luo Pin's life! How could he hesitate?

The Dragon Palace of the Four Seas!

All in all, both Wu Yu and the mystical dragon tribe had underestimated the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

Wu Yu had already overestimated him as much as possible, but he had not expected the Ancient Emperor to be able to grasp his achilles’ heel so accurately. His weakness was neither Wu You nor Feng Xueya, it was Luo Pin. It was not possible for Luo Pin to leave the Jambu Realm, so the Ancient Emperor knew that no matter where Wu Yu went, it would all simply be futile attempts to escape.

Wu Yu would still have to return.

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