Chapter 1200: Behind the Cardinal

A farce, a comedy. 

The eight demon immortals were stumped and rooted to where they were. 

When they extended their senses to search the region, they realized that they had lost all signs of Wu Yu. They didn't even know which direction Wu Yu had escaped towards. 

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon wanted the key even if it would cost him his life, partly driven by his pride. Although he had failed this time, he burst into laughter at the thought of what had happened, seemingly forgetting about the brutal wounds he had and the fact that he was on the brink of death. 

"How laughable! Haha! Hilarious! Other realms? Leaving the Ancient Demon Realm? Where are you guys going now? How dare you even dream of leaving me behind! Now you guys will know the feeling of karma striking back! The evil you guys bring upon yourselves is the hardest to bear! Haha!" He was laughing at their expense! 

As for the other seven demon immortals, they were livid with rage. They assumed everything was within their control and even wanted to deal a blow to the Rose Demon Queen through the hands of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon before acting. But now they had lost the key to Wu Yu. They felt like they had been slapped furiously on their faces, and they were still feeling the scorching pain from it. 

Only the Crimson Blood Roc Demon was taking pleasure at their misfortunes.

The Immortal Jiuying said gloomily, "This is an accident, but there's nothing to be worried about. Wu Yu can't get away from our hands! However, this fool that doesn't have an ancient demon stone must die. Otherwise, he will just constantly create trouble for us!" 

Now everyone was seething with anger. 

"Let's not waste another second. Kill him now before we pursue Wu Yu!" 

"Let's strike together!" 

Having pushed the Crimson Blood Roc Demon to this extent, they wouldn't let him escape alive. Since they had shed all pretense of cordiality, letting him escape alive would be catastrophic in the future. A lunatic like the Crimson Blood Roc Demon would be feared by anyone who encountered him alone. 

All seven of them wasted no time to make their moves. 

It wasn't the time to hold back further. 

"Thinking of killing me? What a shame! I got you guys figured out." While flying, the Crimson Blood Roc Demon seemed to have used a mystic technique. Before their eyes, his body dissolved swiftly into a pool of blood. Immediately after, all they saw was a flash before the Crimson Blood Roc Demon vanished completely. 

The Immortal Jiuying growled angrily, "Who would have thought that he would use his Igniting Blood Dive! How crazy! Regardless, he was severely injured to begin with. Together with the Igniting Blood Dive, he won't return to his peak condition for at least the next 10 years. Once we get the key, we can head over to the sea of blood to finish him off!" 

"There’s no hurry since he won't be able to put up much resistance any time soon. Moreover, a monk may escape the temple, but the temple remains. He can run, but the flying birds tribe is huge. Unless he is willing to witness the annihilation of his tribe, he will definitely show up." 

"Let's stop the nonsense. It's more important to search for Wu Yu now!" The Rose Demon Queen was the most furious. A great situation had been tarnished because they were scheming against her. However, she couldn't make her displeasure known. This was because once she stood on the opposite end of the group, her outcome would be tragic. 

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon was the best example. She was fortunate that she had not lost her ancient demon stone in the beginning. 

"As long as he's still in the Ancient Demon Realm, I will be able to find him. I have eyes all over the land." The Immortal Locust divided himself into hundreds of millions before scattering.


"Same for me!" The roots of the Rose Demon Queen dug deeper into the ground and continued extending. 

"Leave the sea region to me." The Red Devil dove into the ground and headed for the sea region expeditiously. 

"I can help too," remarked the Quintessential Tree Demon. 

They had allied together and were determined to find Wu Yu. They wouldn't rest until they could get the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm back. 

"The worst case would be him taking the Gateway to the Jambu Realm and entering the Jambu Realm." 

"However, why did he still choose to remain here?" 

"Perhaps the Jambu Realm isn't suitable for him." 

"Regardless, we don't have much time left." 

While they were discussing, Wu Yu took a deep breath before diving towards the Unbounded Warship hidden at the bottom of the sea. 

The rest were waiting impatiently for him. 

It was especially so for Feng Xueya, Wu You, Jiu Ying, and Su Yanli. They were all weak currently and were worried about Wu Yu. The truth was, they no longer cared about returning to the Jambu Realm. What was more important to them was the ability to live in the Ancient Demon Realm safely. 

When Wu Yu got the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm back, he informed them. All six of them were euphoric. Even Feng Xueya revealed a knowing smile. He wasn't particularly old, but he was a senior to Wu Yu. Therefore, everyone was especially respectful towards him. In a way, he was the only senior here, while the rest were still young adults. 

In no time, Wu Yu's main body returned. 

Before he returned, he had told them about the situation through the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

"The Ancient Demon Realm is the territory of the eight demon immortals. Now that they have their eyes set on us and are searching for us, we can no longer remain here." 

"What should we do, then?" 

Wu Yu answered, "Although I'm not sure about the guardian immortal of the Stellar Realm, he might not find us immediately. Let's head to the Stellar Realm. Spiritual qi is sorely lacking in the Stellar Realm, so that place is not suitable for us. However, I have found the tunnel towards the Great Ancient Ink Realm. When we get there, let's visit the Great Ancient Ink Realm. As I've told you guys before, that place will only be more exciting and more beneficial to your cultivation. Although it will be troublesome to return to the Jambu Realm in the future, this is something we can’t help for now." 

"Alright, let's head to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. It does sound exciting. As for the Ancient Demon Realm, it's so boring. Also, I heard you saying that the Stellar Realm has lots of beautiful ladies. Spending some time there would be great as well." The Full Moon of Nanshan started hallucinating about the intriguing experiences he would have. 

Although returning to the Jambu Realm would be arduous, Ye Xixi had no affection left for that place. She was raised in the Infernal Inferno. Now that there was a new world that she could roam freely, she was excited too. 

Jiu Ying was equally interested. 

As for Wu You and Su Yanli, they had some fond memories of the Jambu Realm. Now that they were getting further and further from it, they were less able to take the decision positively. 

Wu Yu had informed them that they would move out once his main body arrived. Along the way, Wu Yu had activated the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. 

He was certain that the sea region demon immortals would find him soon. With what they were capable of, finding the Unbounded Warship wouldn't be an issue. Wu Yu had underestimated them before this. 

When his main body returned, Wu Yu opened the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm immediately. He let the Heaven Devouring Avatar go first but turned to remind them, "You guys just have to follow me. Spiritual qi isn't present in the Stellar Realm, so it will take some time to acclimatize to it." 

The rest nodded. Only Feng Xueya remained seated on the ground, maintaining a gentle smile while looking strangely at Wu Yu's main body. 

Wu Yu thought of moving out immediately. However, seeing Feng Xueya still seated and showing no intention of standing up, Wu Yu was a little puzzled. "Master, are you unwilling to part with the Jambu Realm?" 

The rest of the group were puzzled and also looked at Feng Xueya curiously. 

His smile was abrupt and sent chills down their spines. Feng Xueya was wise, mature, and poise at most times. He wouldn't just smile for no reason now. 

"Master?" Wu Yu asked again.

Feng Xueya pursed his lips before slowly saying, "The truth is, I don't think you should be heading to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. That is not where you belong. Although that world is huge, there are places that are better and more suitable." 

"Huh?" These unexpected words left the group stumped and puzzled. 

Even the astute Full Moon of Nanshan was taken aback. In his impression, since Wu Yu's master was here, he had been honest as he was way weaker than the rest. Over the recent period, he had been cultivating diligently under the guidance of Wu Yu and rarely spoke. Why would he say something so strange now? 

As for the rest, they looked at him with puzzled expressions. They couldn't afford any delay to escape! 

Wu Yu had a bad premonition. In fact, he felt like he was struck by lightning. 

Feng Xueya stared at Wu Yu and said, "I wanted to leave you alone, but you almost lost the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. Also, Luo Pin is about to pass the Great Trial of Immortal Dao soon. That's a little sooner than I thought. To play it safe, it's better for me to complete this." 

When he talked about Luo Pin, Wu Yu was horrified. 

At that instant, everyone except Wu Yu took several steps back. They looked at Feng Xueya with horror in their eyes because they recalled something. 

The Ancient Emperor had said that Feng Xueya was himself. 

Wu Yu naturally knew it better than the rest. 

At this moment, he felt like he was struck by lightning. He stared blankly at Feng Xueya and knew better than anyone what had happened. 

Perhaps what he was most worried about in the past had now materialized. 

Over the past year, all the circumstances were rejecting this thought of his. Moreover, he believed he had done all he could without leaving a trace. 

And now, he couldn't tell where he had gone wrong! 

As no one entered the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm, it closed automatically. 

Within the Unbounded Warship, it was deathly silent. 

Wu Yu's mind was blank. 

"So you... Or should I say, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, isn't my father? What about my master?" 

Although what Feng Xueya had said wasn't direct, the meaning was clear. The first two lines were indicating that it was time for him to collect the rewards of his setup! 

Feng Xueya had been brought to Wu Yu by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. Wu Yu was also certain that he was Feng Xueya and that he had all his past memories. Wu You was also certainly Wu You. At this point, Wu Yu was lost and puzzled. 

Nothing had happened to Wu You, but something had happened to Feng Xueya. 

Feng Xueya tittered, "You are really naive to even believe those lies. I would take the effort to act for over 10 years just to raise a descendant? That sure sounds like a noble father. However, how is that possible? Just ask around in the sky palaces if this is my expected conduct and behavior!" The rest of the group could feel their hairs standing on end upon hearing him. 

Wu Yu had almost forgotten about this since it hadn't happened after such a long time. Now that it had happened so abruptly, he couldn't believe it. 

It was too abrupt. 

"So what about Immortal Su Sang?" 

Feng Xueya answered, "Oh? She's my dao companion, but she has nothing to do with you!" 

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