Chapter 1198: Internal Conflict

After the demon immortals arrived, only the Crimson Blood Roc Demon was in a bad mood, looking coldly at the other demon immortals. Usually, they got on as badly as water and fire, but now they were breaking the ice like old friends of many years. They had racked up many deaths between them in the past over territorial fights.

"I suggest that each person brings 200 names with them. This is enough to cover all your dear ones. Too many and we'll inconvenience Rose. As for how many Rose wants to bring, that's up to her," the Azure Dragon suggested with a generous smile.

Naturally, they would not go to other worlds alone. They would also bring their children, and 200 names was not a lot. But it would inconvenience the Rose Demon Queen.

"200 it is then. Rose should understand us. After all, they're our descendants. We can't leave them here to suffer," the Immortal Jiuying also said smilingly.

The Rose Demon Queen was irritated, but she knew that she was outnumbered and in a difficult position to say no. If they were willing to push the issue, they might even attack her, and her life would be in danger. She also knew that if she were in their position, she would do the same.

"Forget it. It might be a bit more troublesome, but the result does not change. I will go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm," she thought to herself, then she agreed. After all, the key would remain in her hands, and she could bring her entire tribe to the Stellar Realm.

Next, the other three sea region demon immortals arrived one after the other.

First was the Green Emperor, a huge pair of green eyes in the sea. He was caged in watery mist and looked like some sort of shell. When the shell opened, spooky, green eyes shone out with a mesmerizing effect. He was clearly well versed in illusion techniques.

Second was the Red Devil. Similar to the Rose Demon Queen's omnipresent vines, his blood-red vessels extended throughout the sea. These thick blood vessels appeared now as well, fresh blood pumping through them. It was hard to see what sort of demon he was.

Third was the Quintessential Tree Demon, a tree demon. But she was not like the Rose Demon Queen. She was diminutive, an ordinary, little tree, but completely transparent. The inner system of her body could be seen. Although she was a demon, she had a pure feel to her, like an immortal beast. And the Quintessential Tree Demon was rarely seen. The other demons were unfamiliar with her.

"Now that everyone is here, I'll say everything we’ve agreed upon again."

The Rose Demon Queen paused and then continued, "I’ve obtained the key. Everyone suggested that I bring you all to the realms of your respective ancient demon stones. Each person can bring 200 people with them. After everyone has been sent off, I will go to the Stellar Realm. Any objections to the 200 names? I feel like bringing one's closest people will suffice."

The Immortal Jiuying was the first to respond. "No objections. It's just right. All that's left will be to consider the order of priority."

The Immortal Locust also said, "I don't see a problem either. There's no real problem with the priority either. We all trust Rose. We're all on the same side, and won't betray each other."

The Azure Dragon said, "I'm used to living alone. As for descendants I favor, I don't even have 200 of them. No problem for sure."

The Red Devil said, "I move alone. I don't need 200."

The Quintessential Tree Demon also said, "It's just me as well."

The Rose Demon Queen gaged the room and said, "Seems like there are no objections. It is decided, then. As for the order, don't worry. I've already promised, and I won't go back on my word. I will send you all away first. There's no disadvantage to me. Everyone is headed for different worlds. Let's go by distance, then, ending with me. First should be the Immortal Jiuying, who is closest. And then the Immortal Locust, then the Azure Dragon, the Green Emperor, the Red Devil, the Quintessential Tree Demon...."

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon sneered. "I see that none of you plan to give me a share of the benefits this time, right?"

The other seven did not speak, they only looked around at each other. Finally, it was the Immortal Locust who burst into laughter. "Brother Roc, you don’t even need to ask. Honestly, it was not us who lost your ancient demon stone. In any case, we feel that each person should have their own world. Your Gateway to the Jambu Realm is in Wu Yu's hands. I think you had best go find Wu Yu. He's not long gone."

The Rose Demon Queen said, "Brother Roc, I’m very sorry. I was only able to get the key, but not your ancient demon stone. I think that I might return to the Ancient Demon Realm in the future. At that time, I'll ask Brother Roc if you managed to get your ancient demon stone back. If you did, I will definitely send you on to the Jambu Realm."

The Immortal Jiuying said, "Unfortunate. You had better head back first this time. Best to look for Wu Yu and get the ancient demon stone back as quickly as possible. He doesn't have the key now either, and can't go anywhere else. The entire Ancient Demon Realm will only have one demon immortal, and that might feel pretty good. The entire world is yours, although the season of massacre is still here. But I think that if you can get your ancient demon stone back, Rose could definitely find some time to make a trip back."

In the end, they were rivals. Because of the common gains, they were standing together for now, but as one who had lost his ancient demon stone, no one was willing to share their world with him. The Crimson Blood Roc Demon was very clearly being ostracized by the others. Wu Yu guessed that if the Crimson Blood Roc Demon remained uncooperative, or got unruly, he would only face even more hostility. The other seven might even decide to join forces to remove this "obstruction."

It would depend on whether the Crimson Blood Roc Demon was shrewd enough to push and pull, and if he understood his situation. But from what Wu Yu knew, the Crimson Blood Roc Demon was quite an arrogant one. He might not even sense how bad his position was, and he might even fly into a rage.

One of the sea region demons, the Green Emperor, said, "Brother Roc, you better go back. If I were you, I would make haste to hunt Wu Yu down. Maybe he hasn't gotten far yet."

The Red Devil smiled. "Actually, there's no need to. After we leave, Brother Roc will have the whole Ancient Demon Realm to himself. You will rule the entire place. That's not bad. Whether land or sea, insect or beast, or even sea region demon, all of it will be yours."

The Quintessential Tree Demon also made her view known, which was, "Best go."

All seven had expressed their views. They did not want the Crimson Blood Roc Demon to interrupt them.

The seven of them were watching the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, waiting for his decision.

And then the huge red roc suddenly burst into laughter. He said, "GOOD! GOOD! GOOD!

"Alright, you bastards! You want to join forces and abandon me here?! You make it sound so nice, but you're just afraid that I'll take your worlds, aren't you!? Vicious and selfish, all of you. Why pretend at solidarity? Today, for your own personal gain, you've humiliated me! You treated me like nothing! You're all bullies!"

His rage was towering. It was not just that he was being left behind, but that their attitudes were too poor. The sudden joining of forces and then laughing him off.

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon's outburst was intolerable to the seven as well, especially when success was so close to them. The Immortal Jiuying said, "Brother Roc! Watch yourself! The one who lost the ancient demon stone was you! Why blame us? If you are capable, get your own ancient demon stone back, and all will be well! What does your rage against us accomplish?"

"Yes, you're quite something to even lose your ancient demon stone."

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon had actually been ostracized from the start. After all, he was violent, a lone wolf, and also arrogant. He did not treat anyone with respect, and had quarrels with the Immortal Jiuying as well. The two tribes clashed frequently. Even when the Immortal Jiuying met him personally, the Crimson Blood Roc Demon would not show him any respect.

More, throughout these years, the Crimson Blood Roc Demon had drunk a considerable amount of blood from all the tribes. This was a grudge that the other demon immortals still bore. Now that they had the chance to hit him when he was down, they would definitely not pass up on the chance.

"Brother Roc, don't overthink it. No one is bullying you. You're just asking for it by staying here." The Rose Demon Queen was not in a good mood either. After all, her gains were about to be divided between everyone. It was still a rather unsatisfactory feeling.

However, Wu Yu noted that the Crimson Blood Roc Demon's temper only flared hotter the more they criticized him. Finally, he laughed maniacally. "Fine, then! Humiliate me, will you? You think I'm easy to bully? Fine! Very well! Then let's see how you all go to other worlds with me here! Let's see if you dare to take out your ancient demon stones. I'll dash all your hopes! And when no one has ancient demon stones, will you still be able to look at me so condescendingly?!"

His temper was in full throttle now, and unstoppable. After all, the Crimson Blood Roc Demon was originally a savage creature.

But upon hearing this, the others fell silent.

"Brother Roc, if you're going to be like that, don't blame us for not being civil." The Immortal Jiuying laughed coldly.

He could not wait to join forces and remove this nuisance. Everyone was more than happy to do so.

They surrounded him.

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon was fit to burst now. "What, you want to join forces and get rid of me? Don't blame me, then. If I die, I will take at least one of you with me. Who is willing to have their hopes dashed!?"

"You think it's so easy to take us down with you? Seems like your casual violence has addled your brain. Fine then. Brethren, I think we're done talking. Let's get down to business. We will have his blood as vengeance! Who can say that your tribe juniors haven't been sucked dry by this bloodsucker?"

The fire of battle soon overtook them. The Crimson Blood Roc Demon was an impetuous one, and was raring to go. Wu Yu was more than happy to watch them fight.

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