Chapter 1196: Fire in the Backyard

Actually, Wu Yu could have brought them over to Stellar Realm first, while he searched for the channel to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. That was the safer course.

But as he heard about Great Ancient Ink Realm, he had been too worked up.

He had also been sure that the Rose Demon Queen would remain at her original position to wait for him. She could not possibly find the Temple of Heart and Spirit - after all she had not found it after all this time.

But in order to save himself some trouble, he had run into even more trouble.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar was over there, and he could see that Temple of Heart and Spirit was being dug out of the ground. Coarse, thorny brambles wrapped the Temple of Heart and Spirit up tightly, and continued to wrap it in more and more layers, until the whole thing became a huge ball.

Wu Yu assumed that things would be different this time. The last time, the Rose Demon Queen's real body had been too far, so they could escape. Wu Yu knew that things would not be that easy this time.

In response, he sent the Golden Mystical Dragon out, which immediately used the 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer. The fearsome energy blasted a huge number of vines, and a hole was also blasted in the ball of vines, which revealed the outside. But peering out of the hole made one's heart sink. Because the huge body of the Rose Demon Queen, which was the clump of vines and the pair of eyes, appeared in the hole. 

This was her real body. A honest-to-goodness demon immortal was right outside the Temple of Heart and Spirit.

Wu Yu knew that they were in trouble now.

He wanted to go to Great Ancient Ink Realm, but urgent circumstances called. Although Great Ancient Ink Realm was right before his eyes, but he had no choice. he said to Yueling Yi: "Tell you sister I have to go attend to urgent matters. I will come again next time. At that time, I still have to go to Great Ancient Ink Realm."

"Eh?" Yueling Yi was confused. She knew of Wu Yu's Herculean efforts to secure the path to Great Ancient Ink Realm. Why was he just leaving?

And he left immediately, like the wind. He breezed out of Beckoning Moon sword sect, already opening the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. Although he was in a rush, but he still had to wait for a quarter of an hour for the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm to open fully.

After dripping his blood, the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm began to change from a pair of eyes into a gateway.

This door led to the Ancient Demon Realm. It was Wu Yu's first time heading from Stellar Realm to the Ancient Demon Realm. He assumed that he would appear in the middle of Ancient Demon Realm. Luckily, it was not very far from where the Temple of Heart and Spirit was.

"Why is the Rose Demon Queen attacking us at this time? I was checking out Stellar Realm for you. I'm on my way back to bring you there."

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was playing for time.

But Rose Demon Queen's gaze was chilly. She ignored him, and continued to layer more vines on the Temple of Heart and Spirit, until it became a gigantic, indestructible ball. Besides Wu Yu's real body, probably no one could get out of it.

"The immortal of Stellar Realm is hiding. The Stellar tribe there have five factions, and the strongest are only tenth tier Dao Querying cultivators. They pose no threat to you. Therefore, I'm currently searching for the guardian immortal of that realm, and waiting for him to appear. Also, I have made a fairly important discovery, which delayed me. You will definitely be interested in this!"

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was still speaking from within the vines. His voice was very loud, but Rose Demon Queen seemed bent on one goal only. She did not respond at all. She busied herself with tying down Wu Yu's Temple of Heart and Spirit.

There must have been a thousand layers of vines in that ball.

Even the Heaven Devouring Avatar would find it difficult to break out of such a dense construction!

"This monumental discovery will definitely make you very excited. But your barbaric actions have ruined our cooperation!"

Wu Yu said from inside.

"Alright, enough with your crap. Spit it out." Rose Demon Queen finally spoke. It was no longer the coy, dithering, girlish voice from before, but that of a middle-aged woman.

She had finally shown her true self.

That she was willing to speak meant that she was interested.

Wu Yu said seriously: "Stellar Realm is but a lesser realm, and not your best choice. From Stellar Realm, there is a channel to a place called the Great Ancient Ink Realm. That world is about 10 times the size of Stellar Realm, and there are many demon immortals, immortals, and ghostly immortals there. It is a place that can accommodate the presence of a demon immortal. And within Great Ancient Ink Realm, there are channels to other greater realms. You might not know that the human realm is that big, and there are many more greater realms. This means that once you go to Stellar Realm, you will have true freedom! Other worlds like Divine Battle Realm and Immortal Sword Realm might not have such channels!"


She was indeed shocked by this news.

"The channel to the Great Ancient Ink Realm is in the hands of the five powers in Stellar Realm. When you came here, I was almost to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. I had thought to bring you directly to Great Ancient Ink Realm after I had finished scouting. It is a place which will not impede your advancement. I was willing, even happy, to work with you. But what you've done now chills my heart. Didn't you say that your only goal was to leave Ancient Demon Realm? Isn't threatening my friends and family too much?"

Actually, if she were brought over to Great Ancient Ink Realm, it wouldn't mean much. She would find that Stellar Realm was not suited for her, and as for Great Ancient Ink Realm, there were no demon immortals there, but Wu Yu could totally lie on that one. As long as he brought her there, any rash actions would bring the immortals and ghostly immortals running to deal with her, and it was none of his business.

But her current actions were overboard.

However, this was probably the Rose Demon Queen's true personality.

Callous, selfish, stubborn.

As Wu Yu spoke about the Great Ancient Ink Realm, she could hear that this was not a lie. She believed him. That was why she was so shocked.

She froze for a long time. Finally, she said: "You are a cunning person. I never trusted you. Having your family and friends in my control is the safest way. You might be laying a trap for me. Since I have your vulnerabilities in my grasp, I don't need to cooperate with you anymore. Give me the key, and I will return your friends and family to you. I can't be bothered with you after that."

She had made the most advantageous choice for herself, and did not trust Wu Yu at all.

At this time, Wu Yu's real body had already rushed back. He could see clearly from the outside, that the Rose Demon Queen's body was like a mountain. All the vines underfoot were hers. There was a huge ball of vines almost the size of her, and it was connected to her.

Temple of Heart and Spirit was in the middle of this ball, and perhaps not even 1 percent of its size. Given how strong she was, it would be difficult to break through indeed.

Rose Demon Queen only focused on Wu Yu's real body, knowing that it was the hardest to deal with.

Her huge eyes were surveying Wu Yu. "I said that I will definitely not trust you. Hand over the key, and exchange it for their life. Otherwise, I will completely crush them within 10 breaths' of time."

Things had come to a head now.

"At Stellar Realm, with me leading the way, both you and I will be able to go to Great Ancient Ink Realm much more easily. There is no need for this. Forcing the issue is beneficial to nobody."

Rose Demon Queen laughed. "Who do you think you are? I am a demon immortal. Do I need you? All I need is for you to hand over the key. Otherwise, you will be collecting corpses in 10 breaths' time."

She was indeed a demon immortal. Wu Yu was a mere mortal in her eyes. If not for the Somersault Cloud, she would not even bother with him. She would simply kill him and go. She had many tricks up her sleeve, and was not as simple as she appeared. Her hard attitude also made Wu Yu realize that he had underestimated these demon immortals. Before, he had become much more confident after successfully tricking them, but now he knew how terrifying they were. At least in terms of ability, they outclassed him by far.

"Listen up. You only have 10 breaths' of time. My patience is limited."

Rose Demon Queen said again. This time, she began to move, the huge vines starting to tighten. Temple of Heart and Spirit would crumble very quickly. Within the Temple of Heart and Spirit, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar could clearly see that the entire seraphic dao treasure was crumbling.

Before long, the insides would be reduced to powder. Perhaps his Heaven Devouring Avatar could endure it, but Feng Xueya, Su Yanli, Wu You, and Jiu Ying would not.

In order to avoid the Ancient Emperor, Wu Yu had brought them to the Ancient Demon Realm. But this was an even more dangerous place, and he had put them all into harm's way this time. He regretted it a little. Perhaps all would be well if he had trusted the Ancient Emperor.

And now, he felt that he might have over-thought things with the Ancient Emperor.

Rose Demon Queen was threatening him with this group of people, who were more important to him than anything else. Wu Yu had no choice. He nodded and said: "Alright, I'll give you the key. But you have to show me that they can leave safely first."

Rose Demon Queen laughed. "No problem. I only want the key. As long as I have the key, you're of no more worth to me, and I won't be bothered with you anymore. I know what's most important here."

In order to get Wu Yu to hand over the key quickly, she began to loosen the vines.


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