Chapter 1195: Sisterly Love

These beings seemed a bit like the demon ancestors in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques, but they were not completely similar. Those were the remains of Primordial Spirits, but Wu Yu was guessing that these were flesh and blood.

Most of them were female, and on the older side. They had died long ago, but their bodies had changed to some sort of light pink crystal, a little like zombies.

Evidently, this was some sort of technique to reanimate the dead into puppets. Or perhaps the ancestors of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect had willingly chosen to remain here after they knew that they could not attain immortality. This way, they could be the guardian deities of their sect, and be the sect's strength when the occasion called for it. If they could use even half of their former strength, the sheer number of them would be a deadly calamity for Wu Yu.

"This Yueling Xuan really doesn't stand on ceremony. She returned me so many presents so promptly. That seraphic dao treasure was a wasted gift." Wu Yu was sweating profusely.

These bodies were like stars, shimmering with a pink fluorescence in the darkness. The dead faces were extremely eerie.

They were closing in on Wu Yu. As corpse puppets, they felt no pain, only the obligation to defend their sect. In battle, they could bring forth reckless strength and would not fear death at all.

Of course, Wu Yu was not strong enough to fight them. This was not even the channel to the Great Ancient Ink Realm, and he had wasted his time. 

He fused the Somersault Cloud into his body. While the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect ancestors were clambering over each other, he flipped out. This time, in order to leave successfully, he leaped through a greater space in the void. After all, he had to at least clear the belly of Rubbing Moon Peak.


One flip, through the void.

He appeared in the Stellar Realm when he came back. However, he was in the midst of a crowd on another mountain. He realized that a bunch of girls were alarmed, but calmed down after they saw that it was him. Because they had seen Wu Yu make a deal with their sect leader.

Wu Yu saw that there was one person who he recognized in this group. Who else but Yueling Yi? He had dealt with the Beckoning Moon sect leader in good faith, and had his kindness repaid in wickedness. Wu Yu was angry. Since she didn't like it easy, he would have to go hard. Coincidentally, he had run into Yueling Yi again. Without a word, he pulled out a seraphic dao treasure with 700,000 spirit designs. It was called the Burning Blood Dragon Sinew. He had once blood bonded with it. The Burning Blood Dragon Sinew snaked out like a viper and accurately snagged Yueling Yi from amongst the crowd. She was trussed up good and proper, but unable to move. She was completely in Wu Yu's hands now.

This girl was sexy and cute, and her body bulged tantalizingly when she was tied up like that. She was no slouch compared to her sister.

"You, you... what do you want? Didn't my big sister bring you to the channel?! Why are you here to catch me again?!" Yueling Yi did not seem too afraid, but she was blushing slightly. She did not dare to look directly at Wu Yu.

"Go ask your sister. I gave her the seraphic dao treasure, but she brought me to the Dark Side of the Beckoning Moon. She's clearly trying to kill me, wouldn't you say? Luckily, I escaped." Wu Yu carried her and flew away. With a hostage in hand, he would not hand it over to Yueling Xuan easily.

"What? Why is Big Sister like this?! That's too much. You're so sincere, and she went too far. Tricking you into the Dark Side of the Beckoning Moon, that's...." She was speaking up for Wu Yu, and then realized that it was a tricky position for her to be in. She shut up. But she mumbled, "Actually, I still believe you...."

"No use in that now. She deceived me twice. This time, I won't let you go until I find the real channel."

"Don't worry. I'll help you. You- you wouldn't hurt me, right...?"

"If she cooperates, of course not. Alright, enough chatter. You're a hostage."

"Okay...." She pouted with a huffy look.

Wu Yu had again caused a great stir. He had appeared at the edge of the Beckoning Moon Mountain Peaks, where Yueling Yi was hidden away. It was indeed an amazing coincidence. With Yueling Yi strung up in the air, Wu Yu was a conspicuous sight, and news would quickly spread to Yueling Xuan and the Pentamerous Moons!

As expected, in less than 10 breaths of time, Wu Yu saw Yueling Xuan and the Pentamerous Moons emerge from Rubbing Moon Peak. Their faces were very grave now, a mix of panic and doubt. Especially Yueling Xuan. She exclaimed, "How did you get out!?!"

She had not thought anyone could get out of that place, and instantly as well. When the news reached her, she had not even left the place completely. And Wu Yu was already all the way here, and had captured her sister.

"What's wrong with you? He released me, defeated you, and even gifted you a seraphic dao treasure. All to go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. And you sent him to the Dark Side of the Beckoning Moon. What ridiculous treatment!"

Even before Wu Yu opened his mouth, Yueling Yi was raining scathing words down on Yueling Xuan on his behalf.

She had quite the respectable character.

"Shut your mouth! What do you know!" Yueling Xuan was especially stern, and reprimanded Yueling Yi sharply.

But her anger quickly dissolved into a smile. She said, "Since you know so much, then tell me, He released me, but why am I in his hands again? Is this the ability of your knowledge? What are you going to do now? He just wants to go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. Just let him go quickly and be done." Their argument was pretty comical, but Wu Yu didn't want to waste time. He was especially stern this time, and said to Yueling Xuan, "I trusted you twice. First, I returned your hostage. The second time, I even gave you a gift. But you still want to hurt me. I don't trust you anymore. Bring me to the channel, and I will not quarrel further with you. But this time, I will not let the hostage go unless the channel is right before my eyes. If you don't agree, I'll just have to lay hands on her. Hehe, what a pretty little girl, quite attractive."

"Wahh, don't! I'll agree on behalf of my big sister, okay? Don't do anything foolish." Wu Yu's threat had scared Yueling Yi to tears. She sniffled and cried. It was embarrassing, as if Wu Yu had already taken advantage of her.

Clearly, Yueling Xuan and the others were humiliated, and could do nothing about it.

"Think carefully now. I'm no bad person, but no saint either. Killing someone or doing other things to them would be very easy for me. If you treat me unkindly, I can return the unkindness."

Wu Yu felt that he had to make some threats to be taken seriously.

Saying so, his palm clamped down on Yueling Yi's head, saying, "This frail, little skull. One squeeze and it would be crushed."

"Don't! I'm so beautiful - if you kill me, you'll be ruining nature's great work!" Yueling Yi wailed.

So there was a good reason why she was called Demon Yi.

Although there were some bumps, the threat went smoothly on the whole. The Beckoning Moon Sword Sect members were flustered, and Wu Yu could hear that many agreed with Yueling Yi, and did not understand Yueling Xuan's actions. 

Why would she abuse Wu Yu's kindness this way?

Yueling Xuan stammered under Wu Yu's glare and said, "Alright, but if there is any problem in the process of going to the Great Ancient Ink Realm, you will bear that responsibility yourself. That channel is not stable. You might be trapped inside, and crushed to death."

"Just take me there," Wu Yu said tersely.

"Let's go."

Again, an agreement was reached, but this time, it seemed more unlikely that he would be tricked. In the end, violent methods were the most effective.

But this time, she did not lead Wu Yu to Rubbing Moon Peak, because the channel was not there at all.

Finally, they returned to Snowy Moon Valley.

"The channel is in Snowy Moon Valley? Why didn't you say so earlier? I was shut here daily!" Yueling Yi hollered.

"The spirit design was laid down by the ancestors, and you can't even go in. What does it matter?" Yueling Xuan said crossly.

"Nonsense! You must be trying to rinse your hands of me, and send me to the Great Ancient Ink Realm!" Yueling Yi replied furiously.

"Think what you want! After this ends, I'll imprison you! For a year!" Yueling Xuan raged.

"Why are you like this!? I don't have a big sister like you! You're a nasty wench! All you do is bully me!"

Wu Yu reckoned that even if he let her go, she would probably fight her own big sister.

Yueling Xuan ignored her, but changed some designs in Snowy Moon Valley. Slowly, a spirit design appeared. It was black in color and had complicated and intricate patterns. It was no ordinary spirit design. "One must enter the spirit design to reach the channel. There are also some spirit design tests inside. Come with me." Yueling Xuan and the Pentamerous Moons stood on the spirit design and vanished. This was just an entrance, but it was fairly well concealed. One had to fashion the spirit design in order to get in.

Clearly, others did not know about it.

Wu Yu now had Yueling Yi's life in his hands, so he was not worried. Dragging Yueling Yi with him, he was about to go stand on the spirit design.

Suddenly, something happened.

It was not from the Stellar Realm, and not from the Great Ancient Ink Realm. It was the Ancient Demon Realm.

At the Ancient Demon Realm, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and Wu Yu's kin, brothers, and master were all cultivating.

Something was happening at the Temple of Heart and Spirit.

It was surrounded by something.

The Full Moon of Nanshan, who was wielding the Temple of Heart and Spirit, immediately reacted. And then his face changed. "The Temple of Heart and Spirit has been captured. I think it might be the Rose Demon Queen!"

Wu Yu had a bad feeling about this. He had been in the Stellar Realm for too long.

As long as he reached the Great Ancient Ink Realm, he could bring the entire Temple of Heart and Spirit over. But the Rose Demon Queen had actually discovered the Temple of Heart and Spirit!

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