Chapter 1193: Golden Vortexes of 8,000 Sky Palaces

Wu Yu didn’t fight with women often.

They did not care about their dignity at all. Yueling Xuan, for example. Once she saw that she could not win, she immediately called on the Pentamerous Moons, and even had them fight together.

Looking at the fight, the Pentamerous Moons were prepared.

As for the other spectators, they had already retreated far away on the command of the Pentamerous Moons.

Yueling Yi was also hiding far away in the spirit design, watching. But she knew that if her sister and the Pentamerous Moons lost the fight, even these spirit designs would not protect her.

"What on earth is this person? Why is he so strong?"

"No idea. Luckily, the Pentamerous Moons are here to save the day!"

Wu Yu had also studied the Pentamerous Moons.

They were: Qing Xingyue, Ling Qinqyue, Zhao Wenyue, Yao Guangyue, and Feng Qingyue. [1]

Once, they were all influential figures and great beauties. Even though they were old now, and near the age of death and dao dissipation, they did not look too bad. They were all old ladies with mature charms.

However, those at this age and level would be very vicious. Wu Yu immediately knew that these old ladies would fight with much more vigor than others. 

At this time, the five of them flew up into the clouds and attacked Wu Yu from all directions!

Below, Yueling Xuan was using this chance to counterattack and suppress Wu Yu.

And far away, there were many people of the Dao Querying Realm. They all used swords, and thousands of them formed a sword formation. Another source of strength came flying towards Wu Yu. This was their way of fighting. A swarm of hornets that left nothing in their wake....

The sect leader and the Pentamerous Moons attacked together. Even the other leaders and elders were not sitting idly. They not only activated the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect's spirit designs, but also formed a sword formation themselves. Although they were far away, they had already laid sword qi across the sky. All of them homed in on Wu Yu!

The pressure on Wu Yu was fairly great.

The Pentamerous Moons all used swords and wielded an assortment of seraphic dao treasures. They had 800,000 to 900,000 spirit designs, and were all elite sword dao treasures. They were probably as strong as Wu Yu's Nine-Starred Dragon's Well.

The five formed a sword formation and attacked Wu Yu from five different directions.

Wu Yu immediately felt pressure from three sources. Especially the Pentamerous Moons - all five were 10th tier Dao Querying cultivators. Although they were aged, they had a wealth of experience, and they were definitely more powerful than Yueling Xuan when combined!

Each had their own sword dao spirit designs. Although they were individually slightly weaker than Yueling Xuan, the five sword dao spirit designs combined, in addition to having to deal with Yueling Xuan, was troubling for Wu Yu!

To be harassed to this extent, Wu Yu could only run for now. However, he was not content. He thought it over and decided to go for it. If he could suppress them, then perhaps there would be a chance to convince Yueling Xuan.

"Yueling Xuan, watch carefully. I have such power, and have no need to pull any tricks in the channel! Neither do I need to bargain with you!"

His voice thundered out across the skies. His Door to 10,000 Levels of Hell had already successfully pressed down on the top of Yueling Xuan's head.

But suddenly, he pulled the Jambu Sky Pillar away!

"Violent Art!"

Everyone watched as his arms suddenly bulged. This muscular, golden Immortal Ape seemed to have herculean strength.

No one really paid attention to the patterns that the Jambu Sky Pillar was moving in. The Pentamerous Moons and others continued their attacks, and Yueling Xuan also marshaled her broken red dust world and attacked!

Above, the sword formation created by the numerous women formed a Beckoning Moon that descended on Wu Yu's head. It comprised a huge load of sword qi!

He was being surrounded and attacked by thousands of beauties!

"Poor Yueling Yi. To think that she was taken advantage of by him. Kill him! Take revenge for her!"

The beauties were very angry.

"He didn't! He didn't! You're wrong!" Yueling Yi knew her own body, and that Wu Yu had indeed not touched her. Of course, she panicked as this fake news spread.

Everyone ignored her now. They were all looking at the demonic Wu Yu, to see if he would die!

Surrounded by sword qi on all fronts, Wu Yu was unruffled. The Jambu Sky Pillar in his hand was extremely thick and heavy, but it looked weightless in his hands. He was a berserk ape with sharp fangs and burning eyes!


In his hands, the Jambu Sky Pillar started to burn from the bottom, the flames turning from black to gold. And then the black Jambu Sky Pillar suddenly turned to gold as well! A completely golden Jambu Sky Pillar appeared in Wu Yu's hands. Even the black Jambu Titanic Beast had turned completely to gold as well. Its dragon scales became even more defined, a huge beast with two gigantic wings.

Even the carving roared at this time, and the reverberations shook everything within 1,000 li!

"8,000 Sky Palaces, Shattered Rebirth!" This was the most terrifying spirit design of the Jambu Sky Pillar. Wu Yu used it after he activated the Violent Art, in order to show off his greatest attack.

Both hands wrapped around the golden Jambu Sky Pillar, he called forth golden light that radiated from the Jambu Sky Pillar!

Pivoting on one leg, his hands wrapped tightly around one segment of the Jambu Sky Pillar, he spun violently!

The Jambu Sky Pillar began to spin. From a line, it became a plane, and then a full sphere, with his body at the center!

Bang, bang, bang!

After increasing his speed, Wu Yu himself could no longer be seen. Only a huge, golden vortex, shrouded in golden mist. It was like a magnificent immortal palace was built on this golden vortex! And then the golden vortex started to change both upwards and downwards. A second layer of the vortex appeared, then a third.

From one to two, two to four, four to eight! It continued to divide, and Wu Yu disappeared in a flash. In his place were 8,000 golden vortexes. Each one had sky palaces, just like the 8,000 Sky Palaces of legend. It was said that these sky palaces were built on the clouds, on which were countless immortals and experts.

It was like the sky palaces had descended to the human realm.

In the next instant, the 8,000 vortexes suddenly dissolved into golden particles that flew in all directions. They scattered everywhere. This was Shattered Rebirth. Everything was shattered, including Yueling Xuan's sword formation, the Pentamerous Moons' sword formation, and the disciples and elders' sword formation. All was shattered!

Gold color, like a huge, super-powered beast, devoured everything in its wake! The 8,000 Sky Palaces were in the guise of creatures, enormous golden mouths that devoured all. They devoured Yueling Xuan's sword formation, the Pentamerous Moons' attack, and even the imitation Beckoning Moon in the sky. Wu Yu's Jambu Sky Pillar's new spirit design shocked even Wu Yu with its power!

Of course, the drain was fairly intense!


He could hear Yueling Xuan's order. She had the ordinary elders and disciples retreat even further.

As for herself and the Pentamerous Moons, they had been forced back by Wu Yu's spirit design. The six of them had also backed away because their combined attack had been neutralized by Wu Yu. The golden particles were invincible and would make one despair. When the golden mouths disappeared, they flew back to Wu Yu's Jambu Sky Pillar, which resumed its black color in his hands.

This spirit design had taken a lot out of Wu Yu. Also, after using the Violent Art, Wu Yu's physical prowess had also taken a severe hit. He had almost bitten off more than he could chew. Of course, this attack of his had shocked everyone from the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect thoroughly. Even the Pentamerous Moons and Yueling Xuan felt a pang of fear that they would not be able to deal with Wu Yu. Wu Yu guessed that from the way they halted and looked at him, pale.

Actually, if they continued to attack, Wu Yu could only run for it. But because they were currently hesitant and timid, he seized the chance. He focused on Yueling Xuan. "I'll say it again. All I want to do is leave this world for the Great Ancient Ink Realm. I don't belong here, and this world is not suited to my existence. See it another way. I am a dangerous presence to you. As long as I wish it, I could kill the entire Beckoning Moon Sword Sect army, and you can do nothing to me. Why not calm down and talk it out? Such a fight will only make you angry and cause your Beckoning Moon Sword Sect to take considerable casualties. You have seen for yourself what I am capable of!"

Of course, he would not let this chance pass by him. He was intimidating them.

Yueling Xuan had indeed been intimidated by Wu Yu's show of strength. She knew that she would have died without question if she had been alone. This meant that Wu Yu was stronger than her.

Which meant that he could back up his threat.

The Pentamerous Moons appeared around her.

They were probably conferring in secret. Wu Yu was in no hurry. He could even recover a little with his God's Way Pills.

The others were fearfully backing away to a further place.

"What the devil is this?! The entire sect's experts combined can't do anything to him!"

"He said he's not from the Stellar Realm, and wants to go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm!"

"Then why doesn't the Sect Leader let him go? Hurry and get this demon away from us!"

"I wonder what the Sect Leader is thinking...."

"That guy is scary...."

Finally, Yueling Xuan seemed to have come to a decision, and she started to talk to Wu Yu.

1. The common "yue" in their names is the character for moon.

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