Chapter 1192: Beckoning Moon Drunken Godfire Obliterating Sword Formation

Of course Wu Yu had already studied the sect leaders of the five powers before he came. All of them held divine dao treasures with 1 million spirit designs.

The Beckoning Moon’s sect leader, Yueling Xuan, had one such dao treasure!

And now she had subdued Wu Yu within the spirit design of the Snowy Moon Valley.

Besides, she had immediately suspected Wu Yu of bad intentions towards the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect and the Stellar Realm even without any negotiation.

The divine dao treasure in her hand was a sword. It was dark pink in color, a dream-like reflection of the Beckoning Moon in the sky.

It was called: Beckoning Moon Divine Spirit Sword.

An ancestor of the Stellar Tribe had gone to the Beckoning Moon and brought back special materials to forge this.

And now, no one could ascend to the five great moons anymore.

As for Yueling Xuan, the Beckoning Moon Divine Spirit Sword looked sturdy and pristine in her hand, elegant and classy. And also a fatal weapon!

Wu Yu felt that he could not possibly get through to her even if he had 10,000 mouths.

Without a word, Yueling Xuan came lunging towards him!

The space in this spirit design was too small, so he could not execute his moves properly. He used the Somersault Cloud to flip out of the spirit design, appearing outside.

There were many disciples of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect gathered here.

All the ones that dared to get close were Dao Querying cultivators. The younger disciples had hidden far away.

They were being led by the Pentamerous Moons, and Yueling Yi had already recovered. She was cowering behind them. Seeing Wu Yu jump out, she jumped in fright, raging, "Quick, kill that molester!"

Many did not know what had happened, but they reacted to Yueling Yi's outcry. So it was a molester. He had dared to even target the little sister of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect’s leader herself. A ballsy guy.

"Who is this? How dare he? Why have we not seen him before?"

"Something's off. Look at his eyes! He's not a Stellar Tribe member!" 

"What is he, then?"

Everyone had crowded around in alarm. The entire Beckoning Moon Sword Sect was shocked. The quiet Beckoning Moon Mountain Peaks were very seldom encroached upon. It had been centuries since such a fuss had arisen. Everyone was looking at this invader with loathing and curiosity.

"Sect Leader! She's fighting personally! Seems like this guy has really laid hands on Demon Yi!"

"To think that a day would come when even Demon Yi would be taken advantage of."

Demon Yi was a nickname they had given Yueling Yi, in respect of her outstanding achievements in the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect. Not many people had avoided being tormented by her....

They could see that Demon Yi was crying and sobbing and cursing, as though she had been taken advantage of.

"Don't tell me... she's been taken?"

Everyone looked around at each other. This was no easy matter. After all, more than 80% of the disciples of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect were female. Female disciples were extremely gossipy, and such scandalous tales were very compelling for them. 

More importantly, the usually enigmatic sect leader was now furious. She rushed up from below and again appeared before Wu Yu. The Beckoning Moon Divine Spirit Sword in hand, she prepared her killing spirit designs.

"I say, there's really no need for this. I don't want to fight here at all. Let's discuss this peacefully," Wu Yu said.

"Sure, let's discuss. But I like to discuss it with your corpse."

Yueling Xuan brandished the Beckoning Moon Divine Spirit Sword divine dao treasure. Her spirit designs already activated, she attacked! The power of the Beckoning Moon Divine Spirit Sword was nothing to be trifled with! Wu Yu did not wish to fight, but his hand had been forced.

He rushed into the sky. With everyone watching, he seemed to be in the middle of the Beckoning Moon. Wu Yu suddenly transformed. Against such a powerful opponent, he had to reach his strongest state. The Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth helped him grow, then he used the Immortal Ape Transformation to turn into the savage golden Immortal Ape!

"Finally, the fox shows its tail! So this is your true form!" Yueling Xuan gripped the Beckoning Moon Divine Spirit Sword in both hands and pointed it at Wu Yu. No matter where he went, he felt like he was trapped.

But at this time, the Jambu Sky Pillar divine dao treasure suddenly appeared in his hands! The Jambu Sky Pillar was completely black and had black mist shrouding it like a beast. It looked like a huge beast that could devour the Beckoning Moon Beast.

When this divine dao treasure appeared, it looked completely capable of matching the Beckoning Moon Divine Spirit Sword. This made all of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect disciples cry out in dismay!

"It's a divine dao treasure. Everyone, get back."

"And the evil type!"

"Get back!"

Some who did not know the danger had been crowding forward. Warned by the Pentamerous Moons, everyone except the five of them made a run for it, Yueling Yi included. They were trying to avoid being injured in the most elite fight of the Stellar Realm.

"Who is this!? Why does he have a divine dao treasure!?"

Such questions sprang forth.

Of course, Yueling Xuan was the most astonished. She clearly knew how difficult a divine dao treasure was to obtain. For example, this Beckoning Moon Divine Spirit Sword was the legacy of the Beckoning Moon sect leader. Even if one reached immortalhood, it had to be passed on to the descendants, and could not be taken away.

This sword had been passed through the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect for countless generations of sect leaders.

This was also why she knew that Wu Yu was a huge threat!

Therefore, she was even more merciless when she attacked. As her people retreated, she was already attacking with her longsword!

"Beckoning Moon Drunken God Fire Brand Dust Smothering Sword Formation!"

This was one of the best combinations of sword dao and spirit design that Wu Yu had seen to date. Thousands of rays of light burst forth, sword qi and light gathering above Yueling Xuan's head. She twirled beneath the light, her long skirt and black hair flowing in an enchanting choreography. And every move she made, each time she brandished her sword, 10,000 zhang of red dust coiled up as sword qi and gathered above her head!

Her movements would make even a god drunk. Wu Yu had never seen such a graceful killing move before. In comparison, he was much more direct and violent.

As Yueling Xuan whirled in the air, her movements grew faster and more complex. Very quickly, she had built a world of red dust above her head. It was a huge world of pink sword qi that caught up much red dust in it. From within the red dust, there was laughter, song, and dance. Some people were drunk, others were swaying back and forth. It looked like a real world that would swallow people whole, then the sword qi would grind them to grey dust.

Beckoning Moon Drunken God Fire Brand Dust Smothering Sword Formation!

Within the sword dance, the red dust shimmered under the radiance of the Beckoning Moon. The pink light fell like a waterfall from above, passing through Wu Yu to reach the red dust sword formation below. This light boosted the sword formation's power drastically. It was just like how the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia would be powered up within the Yan Huang kingdom border spirit design!

Wu Yu sensed that it would be very difficult to defeat his opponent on her home ground!

But he had been locked on to, and with so many beauties watching, Wu Yu could not lose face. Wu Yu would never back down from a fight with an evenly matched opponent!

If he did not take her down, how would she believe that he was innocent of all her accusations?

"Door to 10,000 Levels of Hell!"

This was the first spirit design of the Jambu Sky Pillar. It was already fairly strong. Wu Yu was simply testing the waters. The 8,000 Sky Palaces, Shattered Rebirth was even more powerful, but he would not use it yet.

The Jambu Sky Pillar in his hands grew extremely large, resting against the arch of the sky. Wu Yu held it like a pillar-shaped mountain and crashed down. His savage strength and the heavy Jambu Sky Pillar descending made the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect disciples break out in cold sweat.

While the humongous sky pillar was descending, the world of red dust created by sword qi was already flying out towards Wu Yu.

One staff barreling down against the world of red dust!

The Door to 10,000 Levels of Hell opened!

With the base of the Jambu Sky Pillar as the core, a huge, black, swirling vortex began to form. It was the same size as the red dust sword qi below. The Door to 10,000 Levels of Hell coming from above and the red dust sword qi coming from below - they crashed together in a titanic clash!

Ding, ding, ding!

The red dust sword qi was rushing into the Door to 10,000 Levels of Hell, while the vortex was releasing many monsters and an enormous amount of blood-red sword qi!

They clashed and struggled!

Wu Yu was standing near the clouds. He could naturally see that the two great spirit designs were clashing at the lower end of the Jambu Sky Pillar. His hands were propped up against the Jambu Sky Pillar, and he unleashed his strength with heroic effort, pushing it down!

The sword formation that had been aimed at him was now being devoured by the Door to 10,000 Levels of Hell. Under Wu Yu's prodigious strength, the Door to 10,000 Levels of Hell even continued to press downwards, while Yueling Xuan's Beckoning Moon Drunken God Fire Brand Dust Smothering sword formation was being devoured! It looked like it was about to crumble!

This proved that even for divine dao treasures, there was a difference in their deadliness. The Beckoning Moon Divine Spirit Sword was too beautiful and elegant. In comparison, Wu Yu's Jambu Sky Pillar was savage and built for the battlefield.

Bang, bang, bang!

Yueling Xuan was supporting the Beckoning Moon Divine Spirit Sword from below, but she could not believe how strong Wu Yu was. She herself knew the strength and layers of her own sword qi. Although Wu Yu's vortex was turning pink, the nightmares continued to spring without end!

"What divine dao treasure is this!? It's so evil! This person must be a very powerful demon! Pentamerous Moons, hear me! Kill him!"

Yueling Xuan commanded.

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