Chapter 1191: Beauty of Beckoning Moon

It made Wu Yu think of the Ancient Demon Realm.

"If the Ancient Demon Realm has channels to eight worlds, does it mean that the Ancient Demon Realm is a greater realm? Is it the core of the Jambu Realm? The Stellar Realm also adheres to the Ancient Demon Realm, but perhaps it’s also close to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. So is it connected to two greater realms?

"But the Ancient Demon Realm has eight demon immortals. That doesn't seem like a greater realm! Besides, don't demon immortals go to the Demon Immortal Realm? Even if it's a greater realm, they can't linger!"

This was his new suspicion.

He asked Yueling Yi, to see if she had insights.

Yueling Yi shook her head. "I don't know. Normally, a realm with eight channels is, without a doubt, a greater realm. But greater realms not only have rich spiritual qi, there are supposed to be thousands of immortals and ghostly immortals. Definitely not just eight. Besides, there wouldn't be any season of massacre of sorts. The Ancient Demon Realm you speak of sounds like a cursed world."

She was unsure as well.

This meant that the Ancient Demon Realm was indeed special. It might be some place outside of the 3,000 greater realms and 90,000 lesser realms.

Wu Yu did not care too much about it. Right now, he had to find the channel to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. The Ancient Demon Realm was a very dangerous place for him.

He would rather go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. Although there might be many immortals and ghostly immortals there, at least he would be unremarkable. There were many humans there, unlike the Ancient Demon Realm, which was populated only by demons.

He suddenly recalled the Taigu Immortal Path. On second thought, it was probably a dwarf realm or fragmented realm.

However, he was still quite shaken up. Therefore, he was in no hurry to move, but instead sat here to think about this world. At the same time, it would improve his cultivation level.

He needed to integrate this knowledge of the Heavenly Domain into his own dao.

Only then could he broaden his horizons.

This was also a one-in-a-million chance.

Yueling Yi was still under his control. When Wu Yu stopped asking questions, she sat quietly by his side, like his lover.

After an hour, Wu Yu was still lost in thought, a little involuntarily. Because the structure of the web - the connections between the 3,000 greater realms and the attached 90,000 lesser realms - was too fascinating a concept.

This would have an incredible effect on anybody with sufficient ambition.

Wu Yu was affected by the appeal. His dao was growing, but his thoughts had sunk into a deep and vacant space.

"Alright, don't dwell on it too much. Take each step slowly," Ming Long suddenly said.

Wu Yu came to his senses. He realized that he had sunk a little too deep, and it was a good time for him to distance himself and look at this huge world as an observer. While harnessing his fiery passion, he had to rein it in with some calm as well. He shook his head and stood up. Beside him, Yueling Yi stood up as well.

Wu Yu was considering leaving this place.

Suddenly, there was a disturbance in the spirit design above. A red shadow appeared before Wu Yu. She was an equally beautiful woman, and bore a resemblance to Yueling Yi. Her starry eyes were a little redder and her face was more mature and alluring. Her body was equally curvy, and her fire-red dress and superior air were traits that Yueling Yi could not match. All in all, this was a woman very close to Luo Pin in terms of quality, looks, manner, and spirit. She had a similar allure to Luo Pin. Luo Pin was a little more pure and pristine, while she was a little more domineering.

She was definitely more attractive than Yueling Yi, and men would fall before her in willing worship.

Without question, such a beauty of quality would definitely be able to reach immortalhood. She was definitely one of the most important figures in the Stellar Realm, and had status equal to Luo Pin. She was the Beckoning Moon sect leader - Yueling Xuan.

Wu Yu fancied this type of woman a little more. They were clever and brave, daring to stand by their actions. They bore heavy responsibilities and were heroines. But they also did not lose their warmth, and were more disposed to empathy.

Therefore, his first impression of the Beckoning Moon sect leader was a good one.

However, Wu Yu did not think that he would meet her here, and with such an aura. Therefore, he immediately tightened his hold on Yueling Yi.

"Who are you? You're not a Stellar Tribe member!"

The opponent had a keen eye as well. She immediately recognized Wu Yu as an alien, and her voice was both charming and severe.

"Sect Leader, please do not get worked up. We can talk things out. I won't hurt her for no reason. After all, I've already been here for more than two hours." Wu Yu was very calm, reasoning it out with Yueling Xuan.

Yueling Yi was in Wu Yu's hands, so Yueling Xuan could not do anything. She was a shrewd one as well, and calmed down considerably. With a light frown, she said, "No one has trespassed in my Beckoning Moon Sword Sect in a long while now. Unthinkable. Tell me where you came from, who you are, and what you want."

Wu Yu smiled slightly, and said: "As you said, I am not Stellar Tribe member. I came from another lesser realm, and blundered here. I cultivate spiritual qi, and this world only has stellar glint. Therefore, I do not wish to stay here in the slightest. I heard that the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect has a channel to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. I wish to ask the Sect Leader to let me go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. If the sect Leader Accedes, I will be eternally grateful. Also, my name is Wu Yu."

Wu Yu was very courteous in his manner.

"Oh, I see. A new sight. I haven't had anyone blunder into my Stellar Realm for years now. There is nothing wrong with your request. But your manner of asking shows me no respect. Are you threatening me with my sister?" The Beckoning Moon sect leader stared at him coldly.

Wu Yu thought for a bit and then said, "Not so. But before, I had many doubts. Therefore, I used a little technique to ask her things. But she does not know about the channel. Now that the Sect Leader has appeared, I can discuss this directly with the Sect Leader. I wonder, is the Sect Leader willing to let me leave? After all, there is nothing for me in this world. I think there's no benefit for you either if I stay."

The sect leader regarded him for a while.

After some time, she said, "Alright. It doesn't matter where a disaster like you came from. I'll just send you away. Although I'm not a man, as a sect leader, I have my word as well. Remove your demonic technique and return her to me."

She was a being of the Yan Huang emperor's level, so her word could be trusted. Wu Yu could see from her face and the look in her eyes. The way she had handled things had impressed him. He had not intended to hold Yueling Yi either. That would be churlish. Therefore, he nodded and directly removed the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul. He said, "Sect Leader, please do not worry. Although my technique can control the soul, I only asked about the Great Ancient Ink Realm and the channel. I definitely did not violate Miss Yueling Yi in any way. After all, I have my own loving dao companion. My wish to go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm is also to seek her out and be reunited."

From start to end, he had spoken courteously.

Wu Yu returned Yueling Yi to her. At first, Yueling Yi was disoriented, then she gradually came to her senses. She looked at Wu Yu and shouted, "Wah! It's that pervert, he spied on me bathing! I will kill him!"

Her cultivation level was high, so she vaguely remembered some of what had happened.

"Go back!" Yueling Xuan said loudly, then she sent her far, far away. Suddenly, many things happened. Wu Yu could see that Yueling Yi was pushed out of the spirit design’s radius and caught by an old crone and led away. Suddenly, many martial cultivators appeared outside the spirit design. There were five elite beings, all old women. They had to be the Pentamerous Moons!

As for the Beckoning Moon sect leader, she looked at Wu Yu more icily than ever.

Wu Yu was taken aback. "Sect Leader, didn't you just promise me? You gave your word...."

She had been so righteous a moment ago, and now she had changed completely.

"Do you believe a woman's word?" Yueling Xuan laughed slyly. Her aura blasted out strongly as she moved in on Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was dumbfounded. He didn't think that she would do this.

He clarified, "I really did not hurt her."

"If you did, you wouldn't even be a whole corpse right now."

Wu Yu was stung. "Why kill me? Weren't you going to allow me to leave and head to the Great Ancient Ink Realm?"

The negotiations had been going well.

The Beckoning Moon sect leader laughed coldly. "Who knows if you are what you say? Or a spy from the Great Ancient Ink Realm? Who knows if you will change the channel and allow the Great Ancient Ink Realm people into the Stellar Realm again, and cause another rain of blood."

She was very cautious, and her reasons were good. Wu Yu was speechless.

Of course, her reasoning was not wrong. After all, the Great Ancient Ink Realm was full of unknowns to her. This meant that she was quite wary of the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

"Your logic makes sense, but you've guessed wrong this time. I'm not from the Great Ancient Ink Realm. I have no interest in ruining your place either. Wait! I think I know a way to prove what I'm saying. I come from another world called the Jambu Realm."

Wu Yu was racking his brain for a way to prove himself. The Beckoning Moon sect leader had lunged at him immediately, an elite opponent on the level of the Little Roc Demon and the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon.

"Don't be too hasty!"

Wu Yu shouted.

"Go to hell!"

He did not want to fight, but she was a lot more impulsive than he had counted on.

Wu Yu looked at the sword in her hand.

It was a divine dao treasure with 1 million spirit designs.

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Wu Yu looked at the sword in her hand. It was a divine dao treasure with 1 million spirit designs.

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