Chapter 1190: 3,000 Greater Realms

Wu Yu could picture it now.

Sky palaces, towering above, the core of countless worlds, where only those who attained immortalhood could go.

Hell, buried below, where the ghostly immortals gathered.

And Demon Immortal Realm, enigmatic and ethereal, shrouded somewhere in reality.

Unlimited worlds supported them.

And with the sky palaces as the core, the endless worlds revolved around them. That was Heavenly Domain!

Demon Immortal Realm and 10,000 Levels of Hell were all within Heavenly Domain.

After all, this was still a super-huge world ruled by the immortals.

Before, Wu Yu knew that the world was sky palaces, mortal realm, and hell.

The cycle of three realms.

And then later he knew that sky palaces were huge, and hell was vast as well. He was dismayed to learn of how few the number of immortals the Jambu Realm had, and how infinite the possibilities of sky palaces and hell.

And now he knew.

Jambu Realm was the mortal realm, but the mortal realm was not just the Jambu Realm. There was also the Great Ancient Ink Realm, Stellar Realm, Divine Battle Realm, and many others.

"Heavenly Domain is everything in the world, made up of Heaven, Earth, and People. Heaven is the 8,000 Sky Palaces, and Earth is the 10,000 Levels of Hell. People are the endless worlds. I am not too sure about the Demon Immortal Realm, so I haven't paid too much attention to it."

And then she said gravely: "The human realm is huge. Endless worlds that fill the Heavenly Domain. They have provided countless immortals, ghostly immortals, and demon immortals to the sky palaces, hells, and Demon Immortal Realm. There are 3,000 greater realms and 90,000 lesser realms. There are also broken realms such as dwarf realms, fragmented realms, ethereal realms, and portable realms, which also made up the human world. The human realm is much bigger than both the sky palaces and hells, but it is presided over by both sky palaces and hells.  And sky palaces and hells are its rulers. These were all told to me by my big sister, in order to expand my horizons. The number of people on Stellar Realm that know about the 3,000 greater realms and 90,000 lesser realms do not number more than 20."

She naturally would not lie to Wu Yu. And the Sparrow Star City Lord did not even know about the human realm. He would not know about Heavenly Domain.

"3,000 greater realms, 90,000 lesser realms. Jambu Realm is one of these 90,000 lesser realms. And there are also dwarf realms, fragmented realms, ethereal realms, and portable realms......"

Wu Yu sank into a reverie.

Actually, Ming Long was as well.

As Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar told the others in Temple of Heart and Spirit, they were all speechless as well.

Especially Jiu Ying, Wu You......

Compared to them, Wu Yu still had some mental preparation, and was better able to accept it. But the shock he was feeling was even stronger than when the Imperial City Lord had told him about the Jambu Realm. More than ten times stronger.

In any case, Wu Yu was speechless for a long time.

And in Ancient Demon Realm, the group of people looked at each other.

Full Moon of Nanshan rambled: "If the world is so big, there must be many beauties just dying for my attention. And I'm on this Ancient Demon Realm, where even birds wouldn't shit on. All I can find is sows, damn it......"

Ye Xixi was thunderstruck. They already knew of sky palaces and hells, and that there were many immortals. But they did not know how big the human realm was, and the extent of sky palaces.

Wu You laughed bitterly: "Once, I thought that Dong Yue Wu Kingdom was a very big place. Now, I see that I was a naive frog in the well. Perhaps many mortals are such frogs. Yu'er has jumped out of the well. That is why he can tell us how vast the world is. Before, I thought that I could just be an empress, and work on behalf of the Dong Wu citizenry. Now I realize that this world is so vast. Only cultivation allows one to transcend all of it. That is the greatest pursuit."

She had started from the bottom, and now knew how far the top was. Therefore she knew how difficult it was for others to believe all that Wu Yu had said. They could only believe the world that they saw.

"The world is too big. It makes us feel insignificant. Before, I thought that the whole of the Jambu Realm was the human realm. But now it seems the human realm has 3,000 greater realms and 90,000 lesser realms, and the Jambu Realm is just one of 90,000 lesser realms." Feng Xueya exclaimed.

Ye Xixi said: "Before, I heard that there were 8,000 Sky Palaces and 10,000 Levels of Hell. I thought that if the sky palaces and hells were so huge,how was it possible that the human realm was limited to the Jambu Realm? This makes more sense. 90,000 lesser realms. Even if each one only produces one immortal every 3,000 years, then we'll have 90,000 immortals in 3,000 years."

A whole, thorough, and overwhelming picture of Heavenly Domain appeared in Wu Yu's mind.

With the sky palaces and hell as the core, all mortal cultivators, ghostly cultivators were trying to ascend life, and enter this core, to pursue a higher existence as immortals. Some succeeded, and most failed. Martial cultivators were like carp swimming upriver.

This was awe-inspiring!

Wu Yu held his breath for the longest time. Today had been a fortuitous meeting with Yueling Yi. He probably could not have obtained the same information from anyone else. Some were strong, like the Beckoning Moon sect leader, and difficult to control. Others were ignorant of it.

Even if there were rumors, most would not be willing to believe it. Many would only believe what they could see.

"Heavenly Domain!"

"3,000 greater realms, 90,000 lesser realms!"

These three phrases constantly rang in Wu Yu's mind.

Great Ancient Ink Realm was 1 of 3,000 greater realms.

Jambu Realm, Stellar Realm belonged to the 90,000 lesser realms.

The 3,000 greater realms had immortals and ghostly immortals that could abide for 2,000 years.

The 90,000 lesser realms had an immortal or ghostly immortal each as a guardian. They would not appear usually.

As for sky palaces and hells, they were where the immortals and ghostly immortals gathered.

The human realm had countless demon immortals, all headed for the Demon Immortal Realm.

The entire flow of the world was extremely just and clear, and filled one's imagination.

As for Yueling Yi, she was oblivious to Wu Yu's total shock. She was still explaining.

"The human realm has twin cores of sky palaces and hells. And within a designated area, a few dozen lesser realms will revolve around a greater realm."

"There are basically channels between each lesser realm and the greater realm. Some are controlled by individuals, while others have been tinkered with and sealed. But the greater realm is connected to the lesser realms around it. Ordinarily, each lesser realm will only belong to one greater realm. Of course, there are exceptions."

"And the 3,000 greater realms are again connected. Some have well-established channels, that allow the immortals to traverse the 3,000 greater realms. It is more difficult for them to enter the lesser realms. Generally, it is not allowed. But it is allowed for them to move amongst the 3,000 greater realms. Of course, they cannot move as they wish. Each greater realm has native immortals and ghostly immortals. Willful trespassing onto others' territory will definitely invite reproach."

She spoke about the unique features of greater realms and lesser realms.

Lesser realms depended on the greater realms, and were weaker. Once someone became an immortal or ghostly immortal, they would leave immediately.

Generally, lesser realms had channels to the greater realm that they depended on. For example, Stellar Realm had a link to Great Ancient Ink Realm.

But the Jambu Realm did not seem like it had one. Or if it did, it was in the Ancient Emperor's hands. If he did not let others out, they could not. Wu Yu could ask him about this.

It did not mean that the Jambu Realm did not have one. For example: If Phoenix Supreme had appeared suddenly, how did she come to Jambu Realm? Or perhaps it was linked to the channel.

And some lesser realms might be sandwiched between two greater realms, and be attached to two greater realms.

But most central of all were the 3,000 greater realms.. They were the main flow of the mortal world, and had many native immortals. Between them, each greater realm could be tied to several other greater realms through channels, creating a huge network. Each greater realm was like a confluence point on the web. Of course, these points were also like grapevines, extending out to other lesser realms.

The network of the entire world, regarding Heavenly Domain, had become clearer now.

Heavenly Domain was divided into sky palaces, hell, and the human realm. The human realm was further divided into 3,000 greater realms, which branched out with 90,000 lesser realms.

Lesser realms could not connect directly with each other, but were indirectly connected through the greater realm. But after all, there were no immortals in lesser realms, and those that could roam the greater realms were immortal-level beings. Otherwise, going to others' territories was asking for death.

"Why don't you go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm, and then go to other greater realms to search for stellar glint?"

He asked Yueling Yi.

"Your thinking is too simplistic. If you are not at the immortals and ghostly immortals level, roaming amongst greater realms is suicide. Besides, my big sister said that the number of human tribes who cultivate with stellar glint are too few. In 3,000 greater realms, there might not even be 10. To roam so many greater realms to find that rare few is suicidal. Therefore, we should stay on Stellar Realm. Although it is small, but as long as we have a chance to reach immortalhood, we can go directly to the sky palaces. We don't need other realms."

This made sense. Therefore, Yueling Xuan was not looking at other realms either. She focused on attaining immortalhood, because she knew that once she reached there, anything was possible.

This conversation was of monumental importance for Wu Yu. This was even more significant than the location of the channels. His cultivation realm was completely different now, because his horizons had expanded. He was a frog who had leaped out of the well, and seen how wide the world was.

More crucially, he could see the network of the world!

It was like some sort of plant.

"If I went to the Great Ancient Ink Realm, I could ignore everything else. I can choose not to return to the Jambu Realm, and go wherever. After all, I am only at the second tier Dao Querying cultivation. The Jambu Realm does not have resources for me to reach immortalhood, but these 3,000 greater realms definitely do."

Therefore, he did not need to search for the Divine Battle Realm or Immortal Sword Realm. What was most important was for him to go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. Once at the Great Ancient Ink Realm, he could fly high and free as a bird, and he did not need to fear the Ancient Emperor either.

Then all he had to do was to reach immortalhood, and go to the sky palaces to find Luo Pin.

His future was nothing but light!

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