Chapter 0119: Fight to the Death

 "How about I help you analyze it?" Feng Xueya said.

Wu Yu handed the immortal root over to Feng Xueya.

Deciding upon an immortal root was an act deserving the weightiest consideration. It was better that he analyze this more thoroughly. 

"The Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike that you used today possesses power no less than when you use your Demon Subduing Staff. This means that you also hold talent for the sword. And if this is an immortal root that possesses a sword shape, if you eventually lay it down, you might still walk the path of the sword. And if you can use two types of offensive immortal treasures that do not clash, that would be for the best."


Wu Yu had thought of this as well.

In terms of the most suitable type, it was still the Demon Subduing Staff. But if he took up sword training again, it might not affect his usage of the staff.

"I don't have many staff weapons. But in terms of immortal treasure longswords, I have many. When you reach the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, I will give you one that is worth at least 20 times the Demon Subduing Staff," Feng Xueya suddenly said.

Wu Yu was overjoyed. "Many thanks, Master!"

The Demon Subduing Staff had been a gift from him. To receive a sword worth 20 times that was a blessing indeed.

Wu Yu himself did not know how he could repay him.

As though sensing Wu Yu's train of thought, Feng Xueya said, "You and I have a destiny to fulfil. And what I want to see the most now is you growing peacefully, and even surpassing me. If I cannot hold on any longer, then your generation will have to protect the Heavenly Sword Sect."

"Master, you will definitely go further." Feng Xueya's own path of cultivation had not yet reached its limit.

"You may go."

Feng Xueya had something on his mind, and Wu Yu could see it. He could even guess what it was. But with his current power level, he could not be of much help for something so major. All that was left to him was to redouble his efforts at cultivation.

"Disciple takes his leave."

He returned to Heaven's Equal Peak, and had just reached his own Immortal Beast Garden when he saw someone he had not met in a long time. It was Qing Mang.

"Wu Yu, you're really ridiculously hard to get hold of. This time, I really thought you were dead. I cried for you for so many days. You bastard, you're alive!" Qing Mang said furiously. Her angry look was very cute.

She was quite talented, and had actually reached the 10th tier of the Body Refining Realm - the Sky Realm.

As time passed, she had grown as well, and was now an energetic young lady.

When Wu Yu had returned from Dong Yue Wu, he had entered the Valley of Immortal Fate before long, and had not been able to meet her. All in all, it had been a year since they last met.

"I saw you beat Jiang Junlin today. You're really awesome. You're such a monster. I foolishly thought that if I trained hard, I could beat you in the future. Thinking about that now, I really know that's a fool's fantasy."

Seeing her had lifted Wu Yu's spirits. The two reminisced as they strolled through the forest.

They spoke of the changes in the last two years.

"I heard that you and Lan Shuiyue are together. Is that true?" Qing Mang asked.


"I already said that last time I saw Lan Shuiyue. She's an odd one, and not worthy of you."


To Wu Yu, Qing Mang was indeed much cuter than Lan Shuiyue.

The two sat on a limestone rock, chatting happily till late into the night. Qing Mang gazed out over the vast Bipo Mountain Range, her eyes tinged with worry. She looked over at him. "Wu Yu, tell me. Do you think we will die soon? I hear that the Heavenly Sword Sect will soon be finished."

Her voice was fraught with the fears of youth.

"Why do you say that?" Wu Yu asked seriously.

"Don't you know? Because the Bipo Mountain Range's spiritual qi density has increased, we became coveted by others, and the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts have linked up with the Zhongyuan Dao Sect. On top of that, a 1,000-year demon with a Yaodan is leading a horde of demons to form a tripartite alliance. They will divide up our Heavenly Sword Sect. I also heard that the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts are joining because you killed their disciple."


Wu Yu finally truly understood the crisis that the Heavenly Sword Sect was in.

An ordinary man was free from guilt, but a talented individual would arouse the envy and ire of others.

No wonder the Ghost-Faced Ape had said that the Heavenly Sword Sect was finished.

The Zhongyuan Dao Sect, the Scarlet Sea's seven Ghosts, the 1000-year demon….

"I have indeed killed one of their disciples, but it is clearly just an excuse for them," Wu Yu said.

"Do you believe that the Zhongyuan Dao Sect came today to make peace?" Qing Mang asked.

Wu Yu shook his head. "Of course not. It was just a show of strength. No wonder Master has been so somber recently, and the atmosphere in the Bipo Mountain Range has been so grave as well. Outside of our vision, the enemies are gathering."

"Mm, yeah. I can't believe it either. It's said that the Zhongyuan Dao Sect wants the mountain range, while the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts want our cultivation resources, immortal treasures, dao techniques, and the like. I just don't know what the 1,000-year demon wants." Qing Mang's voice was a little constricted. She was like the other disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect. Faced with imminent danger, she was a little fearful.

After all, they were just too young.

It was possible that the alliance might bring war and disaster to the peaceful Bipo Mountain Range, turning it into a barren land of corpses, and turning the river to blood.

"That Ghost-Faced Ape was a subordinate of this 1000-year demon?"

"I heard so, yes. Wu Yu, I wanted to ask you. I heard that the other disciples in the Valley of Immortal Fate were eaten by the demon. Is that true...." Qing Mang had curled up. She shook as she imagined that scene, and her face grew paler.


At that moment, Wu Yu's heart ached painfully.

He recalled those brethren who had been slain! They were not bad people, just rash youths. And their future had been bright and endless.

Only, they had been killed and eaten before his very eyes.

And the blood that had been spilled represented grudges and war.

"Yes." Wu Yu could not lie to her. He had also fought in the mortal realm before. When the spiritual qi spring emerged, Feng Xueya had already known that they would come. He had anticipated this four-way battle to the death. It would come!

"I'm afraid...." Qing Mang leaned over and hugged Wu Yu, her face pale. Her arms trembled as her eyes brimmed with tears.

Perhaps many of the younger disciples were just like her.

"Many servant disciples have already fled this place. If I was still a servant, I could escape. But now I can't, and I don't want to. But I don't want to just die here...."

She was choking now.

She was normally a courageous person, but now she had been reduced to this state, let alone others who were not so brave.

"Don't worry."

Wu Yu did not know how to console her. This was going to be a deadly battle that he could not avoid.

The next day, the sun rose as it always did.

Wu Yu escorted Qing Mang back to Sky Gazing Mountain, and suddenly thought of the Spectral Concubine's Sumeru Pouch.

He had wanted to give it to Qing Mang, only there had been no time.

He took hold of Spectral Concubine's Sumeru Pouch, but then hung it back, saying, "This was the Sumeru Pouch of the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts' disciple, the Spectral Concubine. I had wanted to give it to you, but forget it."

"Why? I want it!" Qing Mang knew how valuable it was.

Wu Yu smiled slightly. "That Spectral Concubine used it to store corpses, dismembered limbs, and all sorts of filthy things."

"Argh!" This gave Qing Mang a scare, and then she decided she did not want it after all.

Wu Yu smiled and retrieved another Sumeru Pouch. This was the one he had won just two days ago from Jiang Junlin, and he hand already retrieved the Spirit Concentration Pills inside. Wu Yu pulled out two Spirit Concentration Pills and put them inside before handing the Sumeru Pouch to Qing Mang. "I wish you an early entry into the Qi Condensation Realm."

"Thank you! Wu Yu!" Qing Mang had completely swept away the despair from the previous night, now hopping with joy.

Seeing her regain new life, Wu Yu was also very satisfied. But he was clear that if the Heavenly Sword Sect could not clear this hurdle, then the happiness would only be short lived.

The dark clouds of worry hung above the heads of everyone trapped at the Bipo Mountain Range.


A few days later, Wu Yu, Su Yanli, and Mo Shishu raised the matter of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect, ghostly cultivators, and demons.

Su Yanli and Mo Shishu exchanged looks.

Su Yanli pursed her lips, her face worried. But she spoke firmly. "Junior Brother, this is the affair of Master and the elders. At our level, we have no say. Master has given us but one mission, which is to strengthen ourselves. Even if we lose, we must take revenge for the Heavenly Sword Sect in the future and gain back our homeland...."

"Is that all we can do?" Wu Yu was not content. Feng Xueya had done too much for him, and he felt like he had to do more.

Previously, Sun Wudao had treated him very well, but he had not been able to repay him.

Mo Shishu guffawed. "Junior Brother, don't worry. When it comes to it, we'll still fight. If they send one, we'll kill one. If they send two, we'll kill two."

"Stop your nonsense." Su Yanli shook her head. On this matter, no one had answers.

"Junior Brother, I know that not being able to help is difficult to bear, but... we are no different from you. Master has done so much for us. I grew up here from young, and Master is like a parent to me. All the brethren here are my siblings. How can I bear to let demons invade us?"

Su Yanli looked at the sun rising in the east. Her eyes were filled with a deep resolution to fight to the death.

"Alright, if we have to put our lives on it, count me in. After all, this wretched life of mine was also given by Old Man Feng." Mo Shishu wafted his fan, assuming an indifferent look.

"I'm going back first." Wu Yu took his leave.

"Going back to do what?" Mo Shishu asked.

"Train, and repay the debt. It will be a fight to the death."

This was Wu Yu's reply.

No matter how much strength he had, he would push it to the limits to fight for this piece of land that belonged to the sword cultivators.

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