Chapter 1189: Heavenly Domain

Shrunk by the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, Wu Yu was not even as big as a carrot.

In the Snowy Moon Valley, there were many cedar trees. Wu Yu traversed through the cedar forest. He had already locked on to Yueling Yi's location.

He kept moving deeper.

The sound of burbling water came from ahead. It was probably a stream or a winter pool. Before long, Wu Yu saw a stream running. This river seemed to flow like a snow melt. Under the light of the Beckoning Moon, it even had a pinkish tint to it.

The pink leaves of nearby trees floated in the current, carried downstream. They looked like peach blossoms. 

Wu Yu continued to follow the river's flow. Ahead, there was a waterfall amongst the mountains which cascaded into the valley, creating a winter lake below. It was wide, and the water was clear. There were indeed a few peach blossoms growing along the lake, and many petals had fallen into the water.

Perhaps because the lake water had basked in the light of the Beckoning Moon for a long time, the stellar glint had fused with the lake water. It was a little like the Azure Dragon's Fishing Dragon Region in the Ancient Demon Realm. It was extremely beneficial for martial cultivators.

Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold saw from a long distance away that there was a snow-white girl in the water of the winter lake. Her hair tumbled down like a waterfall, straight into the water. Her complexion was pale and her eyes had pink pupils. Under the coral sky, she was cute and charming. Perhaps she was swimming or bathing. She was thoroughly enjoying herself, and her clear laughter could be heard from a long ways away.

The clear water caressed her alabaster skin. Ripples flashed out. Smooth skin and peach blossoms. A scene of unearthly beauty. Wu Yu had also seen the face of that girl. Her cherry mouth, clear eyes, and teeth made her pretty as a picture. She was a rare beauty, with a youthful face but a body as ripe as a peach. It was captivating.

"Your peach-blossom luck has come again, lucky you." Ming Long cackled. [1]

Wu Yu did not expect her to be here bathing so liberally, but there was no choice. He had to get information on the Great Ancient Ink Realm. Therefore, he crept closer, choosing to act from a place of proximity.

If it had been the Full Moon of Nanshan, it would have been easier. His Gone from the Skies mystique was harder to detect.

At this time, Wu Yu was about 10 zhang behind her. He was close to her, but she was playing with abandon in the water, oblivious to Wu Yu's presence. After all, this place was closed off, and only Yueling Xuan could be here.

Therefore, her guard was completely down.

Wu Yu wanted to end this quickly. After all, sneaking a few more looks at this naked beauty seemed to be cheating on Luo Pin, somehow.

"Big Sister, you're here. I.... Ah...."

Wu Yu was just about to act when she suddenly sensed his presence. Before she saw him, she had thought it was Yueling Xuan. But suddenly, Wu Yu entered her view.

After seeing Wu Yu clearly, she screamed in shock.

"Spirit Chaser Art!"

This was no time to be soft-hearted. In order for the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul to be even more effective, Wu Yu decided to use the Spirit Chaser Art to weaken this seventh tier Dao Querying Primordial Spirit.

Wu Yu could call forth considerable deadly power now.

Even though the Spirit Chaser Art was but a fleeting moment of control, it could cause a dizzying attack. Yueling Yi's mind was blank, her Primordial Spirit thrown into disorientation. This was the best time for Wu Yu to use the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul.

"Quiet your mind and spirit and submit to my will."

The Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul flew from Wu Yu's eyes to hers, completely capturing her Primordial Spirit without too much trouble. This beauty in the water was now completely pliant in Wu Yu's control.

"Put on your clothes first." Wu Yu released her.

"Alright." Yueling Yi was the very picture of obedience.

After she put on her clothes, both of them came to shore, standing under the peach trees. Among the scattered petals, Yueling Yi wore a long, salmon-colored dress and was wrapped in a rosy gauze, revealing a pair of slender legs. Although her expression was vague, her cute charm had not changed. Although her face was just a tad on the chubby side, it was so slight that it only added to her appeal. 

"Sit down, let's chat."

She sat on a mossy rock beside the winter lake, dangling her little legs. She blankly looked out at the winter lake. Wu Yu sat by her side, like a friend. "I'm going to begin asking questions."

"Master, if you have any questions, Little Yi will answer honestly."

So Yueling was her surname.

Wu Yu thought it over. "There is a path between the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect and the Great Ancient Ink Realm, right?"

"There is," she answered firmly.

"Where is it?"

"Only Big Sister knows, or perhaps the Pentamerous Moons. I asked a few times, but Big Sister was afraid that I would sneak out to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. Therefore, she did not tell me. She said that we could not go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. They do not have stellar glint there, so we cannot progress if we go. Besides, there are many experts there. Moreover, if we go there, we cannot return."

Although she was under Wu Yu's spell, a look of fear still crossed her face. Fear of the Great Ancient Ink Realm. This Yueling Yi was said to be a rather mischievous girl, so it was also reasonable that the sect leader would not tell her about the location.

The channel's location was probably the greatest secret. Only Yueling Xuan would know.

But since he had her under his spell, Wu Yu thought of more things to ask her.

He said, "What do you know about the Great Ancient Ink Realm? Tell me all the details."

"Mm, alright." Yueling Yi nodded obediently like a little puppet. And then she cocked her head. "The Great Ancient Ink Realm is a huge world, about 10 times the size of the Stellar Realm, or perhaps even more. The Stellar Realm is a small world. There are many experts in the Great Ancient Ink Realm. And also many immortals and ghostly immortals. Many of them are originally from Great Ancient Ink Realm, and the immortals and ghostly immortals are allowed to stay in the mortal realm for 2,000 years. Some also come from other, greater realms, or even lesser realms."

Wu Yu had not expected to get much information from her.

But he was rendered speechless by this answer. He interrupted Yueling Yi. "You said greater realm? Lesser realm? Is the Stellar Realm a lesser realm?"

"Yes. the Great Ancient Ink Realm is a greater realm, while the Stellar Realm is a lesser realm. There are more lesser realms," Yueling Yi said seriously.

Wu Yu thought about what she had just said. "You said that the Great Ancient Ink Realm has many immortals and ghostly immortals? And they are mostly native immortals and ghostly immortals? They can stay in the mortal realm for 2,000 years? After passing the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, won't they fly on to the sky palaces?"

Yueling Yi explained patiently, "There are indeed immortals and ghostly immortals, according to what my big sister says. Generally, martial cultivators of lesser realms - whether they are immortals, ghostly immortals, or demon immortals - will leave immediately for the sky palaces, hells, or the Demon Immortal Realm. Because a lesser realm cannot bear their immortal power, they will destroy the lesser realm. This is a standard rule for the sky palaces, hells, and the Demon Immortal Realm. But greater realms are different. They are vast and stable. Therefore, after attaining immortalhood, one can remain for 2,000 years, but must leave after that. Of course, they can leave earlier for the sky palaces or hells. Of course, most will choose to go directly to the sky palaces. They only linger to protect their descendants."

These words held great significance.

Hearing her words, it meant that the Jambu Realm was a small world. After all, it only had one immortal - the Ancient Emperor.

"Ordinarily, lesser realms are assigned a guardian immortal by the sky palaces. But they will hardly ever show themselves. Unless other immortals learn of the realm. If it is a world with more ghostly cultivators, it might be guarded by a ghostly immortal."

Yueling Yi clarified.

"Greater realms, lesser realms...." From this concept, he recalled the Ancient Demon Realm. Why did it have eight demon immortals who had not gone on to the Demon Immortal Realm? Unless Ancient Demon Realm was a greater realm? But why was it so different from the Great Ancient Ink Realm? And why the season of massacre?

The Ancient Demon Realm was indeed very mysterious.

But what Wu Yu was interested in was the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

There were many immortals and ghostly immortals there!

"Are there demon immortals?"

"No. No matter where demon immortals are, they will be brought to the Demon Immortal Realm the moment they pass the Great Trial of the Demonic Dao."

The Demon Immortal Realm seemed to be different from the sky palaces and hells.

But Wu Yu had a new suspicion. He felt that the scope of realms he was working with might be a little narrow.

He asked, "Do you know how many realms there are? How big are the sky palaces and hells?"

Originally, he had thought that the Ancient Demon Realm was surprising enough.

And then he had learned of eight realms, including the Stellar Realm, the Divine Battle Realm, and the Immortal Sword Realm, centered around the Ancient Demon Realm.

And now, he heard of this channel to the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

And the Great Ancient Ink Realm even had external immortals and ghostly immortals.

Therefore, he decided to ask about size.

After all, Yueling Yi would answer to the best of her knowledge. Wu Yu noted that although the Stellar Realm was about the same as the Jambu Realm, she knew much more than he did.

Hearing this question, Yueling Yi nodded. "The sky palaces are very big. There are 8,000 levels, and each one has many immortals. Hell is very big as well. There are 10,000 levels, and each has many ghostly immortals. Within the Heavenly Domain, the Demon Immortal Realm is in a mysterious place, while the 8,000 Sky Palaces are above, and the 10,000 Levels of Hell below. The middle is an endless world."

At this time, Wu Yu had heard a very important phrase.

It was a phrase that he had not understood before.

That phrase was: Heavenly Domain!

He recalled that when he obtained the Ruyi Jingu Bang, the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had referred to himself as an outstanding member of the Heavenly Domain!

At that time, Wu Yu only knew about the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, but not the Heavenly Domain!

And later he learned about the Yan Huang Ancient Region, and about the Jambu Realm, but still not the Heavenly Domain!

And later on, he learned about the Ancient Demon Realm, the Stellar Realm, the Great Ancient Ink Realm, but still not the Heavenly Domain!

And now he knew.

The Heavenly Domain was all-encompassing. It was everything

1. Peach-blossom luck refers to romantic luck.

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