Chapter 1188: Yueling Xuan and Yueling Yi

Before he headed towards the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect, Wu Yu went to a few other larger cities or sects. He did the same as before - he found the elders in them to learn more details of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect. 

This included brief information on the location, personnel, details known only to insiders, spirit designs, history, and more. 

At the same time, he verified the existence of the Great Ancient Ink Realm and that the unidirectional tunnels towards the Great Ancient Ink Realm were currently sealed. There were lots of legends revolving around the Great Ancient Ink Realm that drew the interest of the younger generation. However, reality told them that heading to the Great Ancient Ink Realm would be entirely unsuitable. Therefore, the five sects had sealed those tunnels away with layers and layers of restrictions. This was also because they were worried that those from the Great Ancient Ink Realm would come over through these tunnels. 

This gave Wu Yu a headache as the more restrictions there were, the harder it would be for him to get there. Perhaps he needed to negotiate when the time came. 

At the very least, Wu Yu came peacefully. 

Nonetheless, he also knew that the other party might not agree to it so readily. 

He had a certain level of understanding on the experts of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect. 

Similar to what the city lord of Sparrow Star City had said, they had six elite 10th tier Dao Querying experts. Their overall strength was almost on the level of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

Among them were the sect leader of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect and the Pentamerous Moons. 

The sect leader of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect was Yueling Xuan. She wasn't particularly old and had been an elite expert of the Stellar Realm for the last few hundred years. She shocked the world at a young age and was also the youngest sect leader among the five main forces currently. It was said that she had a high chance of fulfilling the same promise as her ancestor, Yue Manying, to achieve immortalhood. 

After a quick investigation, Wu Yu learned that she was definitely one of the most well-known people in the Stellar Realm. She was a leading figurehead with strength that triumphed those at her age. No one wouldn't look up to her and no one wasn't envious of her. Her name was clearly known by the entire Stellar Tribe. 

As for the Pentamerous Moons, they were the elders of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect. They were basically cultivators who had reached the pinnacle but couldn't become immortals. They had a wealth of experience and might even be lineal seniors of the sect leader. Although they were close to the end of their lives, the strength they possessed before their eventual deaths would definitely not be weak. 

Existences like them were common in each world. For example, Ancestor Yang from the Dark North Kingdom. 

Other than the sect leader of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect and the Pentamerous Moons, the rest wouldn't be huge threats to Wu Yu. 

Moreover, the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect did not activate their sect-protecting spirit design fully on most days. That would be highly exhaustive of energy and resources. 

Over the years, Wu Yu had gradually become a master in spirit designs through his Spirit Penetration Art. Ordinary spirit designs wouldn't be an issue for him. Moreover, his Somersault Cloud could enable him to jump over. All he had to do was control the location so the spirit design wouldn't stop him. 

Before he arrived at the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect. 

The Beckoning Moon Sword Sect reminded Wu Yu of the Clear Sky of Shushan. 

The mountains were tall, huge, steep, and reached into the skies like razor-sharp swords! 

Moreover, it wasn't just a sword, but at least a thousand densely packed swords erected from the ground into the skies. 

As he moved towards the center, the peaks were getting higher as well. 

These were the Beckoning Moon Mountain Peaks, and the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect was established on the peaks of the mountain range. The area covering several thousand miles around the mountain range was all the territory of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect.

To reach where Wu Yu was, most ordinary men would have to go through series after series of trials. This wasn't a place an ordinary man could reach. However, it was easy for Wu Yu. Without getting in contact with the spirit designs, he jumped right in. Where he was, he could see members of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect patrolling, cultivating, and going through trials. Just as he had heard, there was quite a number of beautiful female disciples. 

After all, the sect leader of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect and the Pentamerous Moons were all female. 

The eyes of the Stellar Tribe members were exceptionally beautiful and the sword dao that the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect practiced was known as the Starry Sword Technique. When executed, the powers were even greater than dao techniques. Moreover, they had also learnt mystiques from the Stellar beasts. 

Looking at them, Wu Yu felt as though he was back in Shushan. There was a dense atmosphere of a sect. It was just that this place was many levels above Shushan. An ordinary, young disciple would be almost as powerful as one of the Seven Immortals of Shushan. 

The disciples of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect flew on their swords and were swift and furious. 

Wu Yu shrank himself as he moved further up in the forest. Whenever he encountered spirit designs, he would avoid or just skip through them. With his current strength, it was easy for him to infiltrate to the core of the sect. 

There were a few thousand sword peaks here, but only the few most important mountains were the tallest. The higher Wu Yu went, the stronger the pinkish moonlight above his head. He was right below the pink Beckoning Moon. The position of the Beckoning Moon wouldn't change with time. From where he was, he could see a two-foot-wide moon. Wu Yu believed that once he reached the tip of the centermost Rubbing Moon Peak, the Beckoning Moon he would see would be three to four feet wide. 

Wu Yu finally understood why so many beautiful girls were fond of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect. This was because the place was breathtaking. Under the illumination of the pink Beckoning Moon, the place was dreamy. Even the leaves of the trees were pink. Moreover, the color of the moonlight wasn't a cheap and poor-looking pink. It was stunning and mystical. While immersing in the light, any beautiful girl would appear even more alluring. 

Moreover, Wu Yu could clearly sense the immense stellar glint from the Beckoning Moon. Even though he couldn't use it, he believed that the stellar glint here was something that everyone in the Stellar Tribe would dream of. 

At this place, even his skin became rosy and pink. 

"Who would have thought you would have such a girly moment." Ming Long burst into laughter. 

Wu Yu was too lazy to respond to her as he continued ahead. Further ahead would be the pinnacle of the Rubbing Moon Peak, which was right in the middle of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect. This was the place where experts gathered, and he believed that the unidirectional tunnel might be located in this place. There were more influential figures there, and Wu Yu needed to find someone whom he could get more information from. 

After getting through three extremely powerful spirit designs, Wu Yu finally arrived at the pinnacle of the Rubbing Moon Peak. This was several times higher than the Clear Sky of Shushan. The Stellar Tribe was known for their skills and artistic acuity, and these beautiful girls were even better in these aspects. Therefore, when he arrived at the top of the mountain, he was shaken to the core. The pinkish world was too beautiful and the structures were like art pieces. Located closest to the Beckoning Moon, they were fighting for attention with the Beckoning Moon. Each structure and the spirit designs on them were exquisite to the limits. 

"These girls are really incredible!"

His Yan Huang Royal City, Qian Kun Palace, and 10,000 Immortals Palace were majestic and domineering but also appeared to be slightly roughly made. However, the palaces of the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect were way more exquisite. Wu Yu believed that any girl would fall in love with this place. 

"This place is really feminine! However, your old mother likes it too. I once had the dreams of a young girl as well. This is heaven for all young girls! Oh, damn! Even the leaves on the trees are glittering!" 

Even Ming Long was screaming and getting excited. 

Wu Yu was also stumped by the place. 

"I wonder if Luo Pin would like this place. I definitely would like to bring her here...." 

However, reality wouldn't allow him. 

First, he had come to the Stellar Realm using the memory function. At the moment, he couldn't return to the Jambu Realm. 

Second, Luo Pin had to focus on achieving immortalhood. Wu Yu couldn't go disturb her anymore. Otherwise, the older mystical dragons would probably want to gobble him up. 

"Don't think too much for now. Let's go take a look at the Great Ancient Ink Realm first. Your friends and relatives aren't entirely safe in the Ancient Demon Realm." 

"Yeah." Wu Yu was worried the Rose Demon Queen was too large and could extend even further. 

He was indeed pressed for time. 

Therefore, he infiltrated the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect to search for someone with high standing and that he could control. He had several candidates in mind, and Wu Yu started searching for her from the beginning. 

He controlled several girls that he had chosen casually to question. "Do you know where Yueling Yi is?" 

He could pretty move at ease within the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect. 

After asking several people, Wu Yu finally found someone who knew. That person answered, "She might be cultivating in the Snowy Moon Valley. She got herself in deep water the previous time and was sent to seclusion in the Snowy Moon Valley as punishment. It's still not time that she could leave." 

"Where's the Snowy Moon Valley?" 

After getting the exact location from this person, Wu Yu headed for the Snowy Moon Valley. This place wasn't near the Rubbing Moon Peak. Instead, it was near the edge of the Beckoning Moon Mountain Peaks. This was convenient for Wu Yu as it would be easier to take control of her. After all, Yueling Yi was pretty powerful, a seventh tier Dao Querying cultivator. In terms of cultivation level, she was way higher than Wu Yu. 

Nonetheless, she probably knew the most other than the sect leader of the Pentamerous Moons. This was because she was the sister of the sect leader. 

Wu Yu had heard she was a bubbly and lawless girl who often got herself in hot water as she was spoiled from young. Although her talent was great and her cultivation level was high, Yueling Xuan still attracted the majority of others' attention. 

Regardless, the sisters were on really good terms. Yueling Xuan was her sister but was also like her mother as she had taken care of her as she grew up. 

Wu Yu took some time to find the Snowy Moon Valley. This was a beautiful valley with white jadestone paving the ground. Looking from afar, it looked like the ground was covered in snow. When the moonlight shone on it, the reflected light would turn the world into one that seemed covered in snow. 

There's a spirit design known as the 73 Moon Piercing Sword Design at the exterior. Yueling Xuan had set it personally so Yueling Yi could reflect on her wrongdoings in this place. As she always got herself in trouble, she would stay in this place for some time each year. 

It just so happened that she was trapped in it when Wu Yu came this time. 

Wu Yu could sense the 73 Moon Piercing Sword Design. Honestly, it wouldn't be difficult to dismantle it. However, the sect leader, Yueling Xuan, would definitely notice it. If Wu Yu wanted to enter without alarming anyone and take control of Yueling Yi, he could only do so by the Somersault Cloud. This would require the most precise control over the Somersault Cloud. 

After he made the necessary preparations, he jumped in directly with his less than half-inch-tall body. Luck would be a factor in this. 


Wu Yu moved through space and successfully appeared within the spirit design. The Snowy Moon Valley wasn't small - it was over 10 kilometers long. Therefore, Wu Yu was still rather well concealed. Although he didn't see Yueling Yi in the first instant, he could roughly sense her presence. 

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