Chapter 1187: Great Ancient Ink Realm

It has to be said that it was rather impossible to move here.

But Wu Yu was still interested in the Stellar Realm.

Therefore, he asked the Sparrow Star City Lord about the powers in this world.

"May I ask if there are immortals guarding this world?"

"Eh? What are guarding immortals?"

Surprisingly, he did not know.

Perhaps they did not exist.

Or perhaps they were hiding too well and were not as high-profile as the Ancient Emperor.

"Did anyone remain here after attaining immortality?"

"If anyone has reached immortalhood, they would already fly up to the sky palaces, right?"

"How long has it been since anybody reached immortalhood?"

"I hear it's about 2000 years ago? The previous, previous sect leader of Beckoning Moon sword sect. Ancestor of the current sect leader. Name of Yue Manying."

"Beckoning Moon sword sect?" This was probably a superpower in Stellar Realm, so he asked: "Which are the strongest powers in Stellar tribe? How many ninth and tenth tier Dao Querying cultivators are there?"

He could confirm that this world was not like the Ancient Demon Realm, with eight demon immortals. There were no immortals lingering here. But whether there was an immortal like the Ancient Emperor watching over them, it was not certain.

The elder answered: "We Stellar tribe occupy most of the area on the stellar land mass. There are five main powers, that are blessed and sheltered by the five mystic moons in the sky. They enjoy the purest and finest stellar glint. The disciples of these five powers are the most admired. They are also the most talented in this world."

Wu Yu looked up at the sky.

"These five mystic moons, from furthest to closest, are: Black Moon, Dark Moon, Beckoning Moon, Clear Moon, and Devil Moon. They are places where the stellar glint waxes strongest, the treasures of the Stellar Realm. The five powers also flourish because of the five great mystic moons."

It seemed like these five powers had occupied places which were rich in spiritual qi. Just like how the Shangyuan Dao Sect, Clear Sky of Shushan, and Yan Huang Imperial City had done, or the eight demon immortals of Ancient Demon Realm.

"The five sects are called Black Moon dao sect, Beckoning Moon sword sect, Dark Moon dao sect, and Devil Moon spirit sect. Because their legacies and daos are different, and their benefactors' stellar glints are different, each has different cultivation techniques. Black Moon dao sect is the most orthodox sect, and has the most stellar glint. Dark Moon dao sect also claims the title of most orthodox sect, and has the second most stellar glint. As for Beckoning Moon sword sect, they train with the sword, and most of the sect are women. Clear Moon mystic sect has a mystic cultivation technique that is quite magical. As for Devil Moon spirit sect, they train via the spirit, and are extremely secretive. The five powers each have their strengths."

"And how many experts?"

Wu Yu was keen to find out.

The elder said: "Black Moon dao sect is a bit more high profile. As far as I know, the number of tenth tier experts - including those old ones who have plateaued and can't reach immortalhood - might number ten or so. About the same for the Dark Moon dao sect. The other three have maybe five or six people."

This was not a huge number. Yan Huang Ancient Region would probably have more than them, because Yan Huang Ancient Region had many powers. But on the whole, the two worlds were roughly the same.

"For example, in this world, there are no immortals presiding. Or perhaps the immortals do not reveal themselves. Therefore, in this world, I can roam freely."

The other areas were not bad either. This was a place that was easy to live at. A pity that there was only stellar glint and no spiritual qi, so Wu Yu's plan fell flat. He was a little discouraged by this.

"This world looks much better than the Ancient Demon Realm. If not for the spiritual qi problem, thhey would love it here."

Wu Yu sighed.

He suddenly recalled something.

"Oh right. Why did you call me Ancient Ink tribe when you first saw me?"

He recalled that the name had been his immediate reaction.

The old man was a little blank at this. He mumbled: "You, you're completely different from us. We're the Stellar tribe, and we have constellations in our eyes. But you don't. In the Stellar Realm, everyone is of the Stellar tribe, even the Stellar beasts cultivate with stellar glint. And I once heard somebody important say that outside the Stellar Realm, there's a place called the Great Ancient Ink World, where the experts of the Ancient Ink tribe live. They cultivate with something called spiritual qi. There are even records in history that show the Ancient Ink tribe once invaded the Stellar Realm. They devastated us. It was a long time ago, but the legends still remain. And at first, we heard wrongly, and called them the Ancient Demon tribe."

[TN: The characters for ink and demon have a similar sound.]

Great Ancient Ink World!

Who would have thought that a mere city lord here would actually know of other worlds.

Wu Yu did not know if any of the demon immortals had an ancient demon stone that led to an Ancient Ink Realm.

Perhaps the world he spoke of was joined through one of the ancient demon stones that the eight demon immortals held.

And as Wu Yu heard it, a strange thought came to him: It was Great Ancient Ink Realm. Not just Ancient Ink Realm.

And this world had invaded Stellar Realm before, which meant that a passage existed between the two realms.

Wu Yu asked: "Why did you call that the Great Ancient Ink Realm, but refer to yourself as the Stellar Realm? Does the word "Great" have any special meaning?"

The elder's soul was controlled, and he answered frankly: "Because that world is said to be huge, tenfold the size of Stellar Realm. A huge and terrifying world. There are supposed to be many experts there, including immortals and ghostly immortals. And many of them!"


Wu Yu was shocked.

He felt that the Stellar Realm, Jambu Realm, and even Ancient Demon Realm were roughly the same size.

Ancient Demon Realm was a little special, with eight demon immortals.

But after all, it was the core, so that was to be expected.

He felt that Great Ancient Ink Realm might be one of those eight realms.

He felt that these eight worlds were roughly the same size. For example, Immortal Sword Realm, Divine Battle Realm.

But this Sparrow Star City Lord actually said that Great Ancient Ink Realm was more than 10 times the size of Stellar Realm.

"What else do you know about the Great Ancient Ink Realm?"

Wu Yu hastily asked.

He was very curious about this world. "Whether the Great Ancient Ink Realm is one of the eight worlds or not, if this Stellar Realm has a channel through to the Great Ancient Ink Realm, then I can bring master, sister, and the others there. There must be spiritual qi there."

Sparrow Star City Lord said: "Let me think. I only heard of this, but can't be sure. I heard that the five major sects all have a one-way channel to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. This means that the Stellar tribe can go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm, but the Great Ancient Ink Realm people cannot return. I don't know why. Perhaps because of the previous invasion, it was shut down. But in any case, the Ancient Ink tribe cannot come, but we can go over. Although normally we wouldn't. Firstly, if we go there, there's no stellar glint, so we can't improve. Secondly, we couldn't come back either."

They had no need to go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. After all, their cultivation technique was rather niche, and would not work in the Great Ancient Ink Realm. But Wu Yu could go over! Although he did not know how this one-way channel was formed, but all Wu Yu needed to know was that he could go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm!

As for how the realm was, he would know once he went there!

After all, Stellar Realm was not suited for him. Right now, his only channel onwards was to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. Naturally, he wished to check it out.

"All five sects have a channel?" Wu Yu confirmed this.

"Indeed. Of course, this is all hearsay."

Wu Yu intended to visit the five powers, and ask someone important. The truth would out.

"Which is the nearest sect from here?"

The elder produced a map which showed the five powers. He pointed to the nearest one, saying: "This is Beckoning Moon sword sect. Sparrow Star City is ruled over by Beckoning Moon sword sect, and we also send our talents there. Why, my daughter is cultivating at the Beckoning Moon sword sect right now."

Wu Yu saw that the Beckoning Moon sword sect was indeed much closer than the others, so he decided to head there. And it would probably be a little easier to deal with compared to the Black Moon dao sect.

He had many others he could ask as well, therefore, he left quickly. The Sparrow Star City Lord came to his senses, and he looked around. All was quiet, as though nothing had happened. He exclaimed to himself: "Daydreaming at this level of cultivation realm? Could it be my great limit is almost reached?"

He looked up at the Sparrow Star in the sky, despairing.

Unfortunately, despairing at being unable to attain immortality was not just his worry alone.

At this moment, Wu Yu was riding his Somersault Cloud, headed for Beckoning Moon sword sect.

"Say, what sort of things will be in the Great Ancient Ink Realm, you think?" Wu Yu asked.

Ming Long rolled her eyes. "How the hell would I know? Your cultivation realm is higher than mine was already. Although I lived longer than you, but I know no more than you already."

"You have to have some guesses?"

"I think that there might be many other high-level realms similar to the Great Ancient Ink Realm, which are outside of the 8,000 Sky Palaces and 10,000 Levels of Hell. Otherwise, if the sky palaces and hells are so numerous, but there are so few immortals, then even an eternity wouldn't be able to fill them all up, right? Stellar Realm only produces one immortal every few thousand years. Jambu Realm is the same as well."

"That's what I thought as well. If we acknowledge the 8,000 Sky Palaces and 10,000 Levels of Hell, then the mortal realm cannot possibly be limited to eight or nine realms. There must be many more. Of course, it's possible that we're thinking too much. Maybe the sky palaces and hells are all very small, and there aren't many immortals and ghostly immortals." Wu Yu noted.

"Therefore, discussion right now is pointless! Go to Beckoning Moon sword sect, and see if anyone knows. Speaking of which, you did this on purpose didn't you? You heard that this sect is mostly beauties, so you chose it? I'm going to help the little female dragon keep an eye on you. If you cheat, I'll tell her."

"What are you going on about? This matter has nothing to do with you. Go to sleep!"

He looked up at the sky, where the pink Beckoning Moon floated. It was divinely beautiful.

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