Chapter 1186: Stellar Glint

Stellar Realm. 

Wu Yu recalled that when he first entered the Ancient Demon Realm, he appeared in the right center of the entire realm too. 

Naturally, he also felt unacclimatized from entering a whole new realm. 

This was because the difference between the two realms was huge. It felt a little like jumping from a system of rules to another system of rules. 

For some of these realms, one would feel that the mountains and rivers, trees and flowers were a little tougher than others even without the reinforcement of spirit designs. 

Even plain earth, under the nourishment of dense spiritual qi, could be enhanced to the level of precious treasures. 

When he first arrived in the Ancient Demon Realm from the Jambu Realm, the strongest feeling he had was that the spiritual qi in the Ancient Demon Realm was denser! 

And when he arrived in the Stellar Realm from the Ancient Demon Realm, the first impression he had was the severe lack of spiritual qi before he had the chance to see the realm clearly. 

He had never expected the spiritual qi level in the Stellar Realm to be even worse than Dong Sheng Divine Continent by a little. 

This was such a barren world! 

Could it be that the strongest expert on the barren Stellar Realm was at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm? 

In mid-air, Wu Yu looked around him. 

Just as he had seen previously, this was a dazzling and beautiful world. 

The land resembled a calabash. On the left of Wu Yu was the smaller end of the calabash. It was occupied by Stellar beasts, and a large number of them currently resided there. 

To his right was the larger end of the calabash. This was occupied by the Stellar Tribe, a highly developed human world similar to the Yan Huang Ancient Region. The people of this place specialized in spirit designs as well and had the borders and cities decorated exceptionally stunningly.

Looking across, the earth to his right seemed to be embedded with innumerable gemstones. The distribution resembled the stars in the sky, and each gemstone was, in fact, a city or cultivation sect. Such prosperity suggested that this world was unknown times more flourishing than the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. 

And there was the sky. The sky was similar to what he had seen previously. There were five ginormous moons of various sizes, and their colors varied slightly. Other than the moons, there were endless stars of differing colors, decorating the sky to form a scene that could take one's breath away. 

"How could there be experts in a realm with no spiritual qi?" Harboring a curious mind, Wu Yu moved towards the borders of the Stellar Tribe. 

Now that he was in the Stellar Realm, he could return at any time by opening the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. For his first return, he would probably be in the center of the Ancient Demon Realm. This was because Wu Yu would be entering the Ancient Demon Realm from a new realm.

When he used the return function of the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm again, he would be able to return to the Stellar Realm. Unless Wu Yu entered the Jambu Realm and refreshed the memory function, he would always end up in the Stellar Realm moving forward. 

"Initially, I was thinking of sending my master, Big Sister, and Senior Sister Su here. However, spiritual qi isn't present here. This only shows that this realm isn't suitable. Looks like I've worked for nothing again.” However, since he was here, he would want to find out the reason why a prosperous country like this could be built in a realm with such scarce spiritual qi. 

Carrying his doubts with him, Wu Yu quickly flew through the Stellar Realm. The trees in this realm were faint blue in color. Wu Yu observed the trees and realized that they had roots laid in the ground. Vaguely, he could sense they were absorbing the starlight to grow further. Therefore, they were fairly pretty. Between leaves, the glitter of the stars could be seen flowing, and the entire forest resembled a faint blue interstellar sea. As wind blew by them, they swayed slightly and displayed an alarming beauty. Moreover, perhaps because they had absorbed starlight and moonlight, Wu Yu found these trees to be even more resilient than those in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. 

"This is a magnificent world on its own too!" 

Wu Yu really wanted to know how many similar realms there were in total. He had since verified that the Jambu Realm wasn't the only one. 

As he traversed through the faint blue forest sea, made his way through the high mountains and perilous lands, he finally found the first gemstone on land, a city. He didn't see any kingdom border spirit designs in this world, different from Yan Huang, where sects formed immortal kingdoms. 

His guess was that the powerful forces of this world existed in the form of sects, similar to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Sects focused on legacy and secrecy, while immortal kingdoms were about authority and efficiency. If an immortal kingdom were to battle a comparable sect, an immortal kingdom would almost certainly emerge triumphant. This was because an immortal kingdom was fairer with clear laws and a system of rewards and punishment. All the citizens practiced cultivation. On the other hand, the legacies of sects were more secretive and held them back. Nonetheless, the legacy of a sect might result in more elite superb experts. 

Regardless of the format, Wu Yu had experienced both. 

The city of the Stellar Realm right before his eyes was like an embedded gemstone on the land. There might be a protective spirit design over the city, but it wasn't fully activated. The city gate was opened and members of the Stellar Tribe could be seen entering and exiting. There were also numerous counties around the cities and more villages surrounding the counties. As such, the city probably controlled the region within a several hundred mile radius. 

Wu Yu saw the Stellar Tribe. Just as he expected, other than the faint starlight on the surface of their skin, their greatest difference from the Yan Huang Tribe would be that their eyes were like the starry skies. They were dazzling, and Wu Yu could confidently say that the brighter they were, the stronger they were. 

There were lots of spirit designs fashioned in the city, and they vaguely had a connection with the stars in the sky. In fact, Wu Yu found that one of the stars seemed to be shining exceptionally warmly on the city. It was as though the city was a projection of that star onto the land. 

Because of such, the city appeared extremely tough and powerful. Naturally, it also looked exceptionally beautiful. 

Wu Yu didn't fit in with the people of this world at all. One could tell by a single glance at his eyes.

He stood near the city gate to observe the people entering for some time. Among which, the weakest adults were roughly at the Qi Condensation Realm, and they were commonly those at a lower social standings. The strongest was roughly at the sixth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Clearly, there were people in the city at the level of a Dao Querying cultivator. This showed that the level of the Stellar Realm wouldn't be inferior to the Jambu Realm. After all, this was just a small city at the border. 

After observing for some time, Wu Yu cast the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to shrink his body. After which, he darted through the city gate into the city. There was probably no one as strong as him and therefore they couldn't see him. After entering the place, he saw the words "Sparrow Star City" on the city gates. 

There was a certain possibility that the star that was shining on this place was the Sparrow Star. 

Sparrow Star City was like any ordinary city, with the streets bustling with activity. Although it wasn't huge, it was lively. There were sales of immortal essences, precious treasures, dao treasures, talismans, and other things that were related to the stars. Although this was a city, it was similar to a sect as well. In this place, the city lord was probably the one in control of everything within hundreds of miles. 

Wu Yu walked towards the center of the city while listening to the conversations around him. 

From their conversations, the most commonly heard word was “stellar glint.” Wu Yu guessed that stellar glint was probably the light from the stars in the sky. It carried energy, and the Stellar Tribe probably could absorb it to cultivate and eventually achieve immortalhood. In other words, stellar glint was the equivalent of spiritual qi to the Stellar Tribe. The only shame was that Wu Yu and the others couldn't absorb stellar glint for cultivation. 

Soon after, he arrived in a region with magnificent buildings. The spirit designs in this place were exceptionally dense, similar to a city lord residence in the Jambu Realm. Moreover, there were various other spirit designs around it. With the Spirit Penetration Art, Wu Yu broke through layers after layers of spirit designs. Without causing a ruckus, he entered the depths of the city lord’s residence. Soon, he found a fourth tier Dao Querying old man. He was cultivating in a forest, and Wu Yu could clearly see the glow of the Sparrow Star shining on him, being absorbed into his body. 

This man was really old, probably above 500 years old. He probably had no hope of achieving immortalhood. Several dozen more years would likely be the limit of his life. 

Wu Yu had lots of questions to ask. An old man like him was the best as they would know more. 

Therefore, Wu Yu showed up before him suddenly and asked, "Are you the city lord of this place?" Hearing a voice coming so close to him so suddenly and yet not noticing it beforehand, the old man was taken aback. He took a step back, and when he saw Wu Yu, he exclaimed in surprise, "You are from the Ancient Ink Tribe!" 

The truth was, Wu Yu had scared him to get control of him. At this moment, the old man’s Primordial Spirit was shaken and panicking. Therefore, Wu Yu released the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul to rush into his Primordial Spirit and control him. Although the other party had a higher cultivation level than Wu Yu, his Primordial Spirit wasn't as strong as Wu Yu’s. Therefore, Wu Yu didn't need to put much effort to gain control. 

"I'll ask you a few questions. Just answer me honestly and it won't take up much of your time. I won't harm you either." Although he was in control, Wu Yu still reminded him to calm him down. 

"Alright, I'll answer whatever I know." 

"Are you the city lord of Sparrow Star City?" 

The old man answered, "Yeah. My name is Yan Xiong. My family has been in control of Sparrow Star City for generations. I'm from the 53rd generation. Those in the city are basically all descendants of our Yan family." 

"Tell me about the Stellar Realm. There's no spiritual qi in this place. Are you guys relying on stellar glint for cultivation?" asked Wu Yu. 

"I have no idea what spiritual qi is. You are right that we use stellar glint for cultivation. Stellar glint is something that our ancestors have left behind for us. The members of the Stellar Tribe are protected by the moon and stars. We absorb stellar glint from them for cultivation. Each sect or force has a star that protects them specifically. The citizens of our Sparrow Star City are the citizens of the Sparrow Star." 

Similar to what Wu Yu had conjectured, they were relying on stellar glint for cultivation. At the same time, Wu Yu was certain that he couldn't bring Feng Xueya and others over and he had worked for nothing this time. 

This vast world was the territory of the moons and stars. 

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