Chapter 1185: A Plan

Putting jokes aside.

It was the Full Moon of Nanshan’s genuine mistake this time, and Wu Yu also had some responsibility for it, so no one blamed him.

Nanshan also knew that they needed to be more cautious in the Ancient Demon Realm. This was also a place full of danger.

Although they were already very strong, there would always still be stronger beings in the world.

Any tree outside could become the Rose Demon Queen. It was as though her body was everywhere. And there were also the eight demon immortals who were all eyeing Wu Yu with hostility. So Wu Yu was thinking of ways to deal with them, especially the Rose Demon Queen.

Otherwise, it would be difficult for them, other than Wu Yu, to even go out of the Temple of Heart and Spirit in the future. They could not be trapped here forever.

After thinking for a while, he had some ideas.

He left the Heaven Devouring Avatar and Puppet Wu Yu in the Temple of Heart and Spirit. The Full Moon of Nanshan was arranging other spirit designs. In this realm, even the demon immortals were not very familiar with spirit designs, so with the protection of spirit designs, the Temple of Heart and Spirit would not be discovered that easily.

"I’ve a conflict of interest with the eight demon immortals.

"I want their Ancient Demon Stones.

"And they want to leave the Ancient Demon Realm and go to other realms.

"But once they break the balance of the original realm, then I will be in trouble, so I can never agree to their demands. I simply cannot do that.

"So my conflict with them is inevitable. Before I become an immortal, the Ancient Demon Realm is not the safest place for my sister and the others. On the contrary, it is a very dangerous place for them. It is even more dangerous than the Jambu Realm."

Hence, he came to a conclusion.

"Now our only option is to go to other realms to find a safe hiding place. The Ancient Demon Realm is full of demons. Except for Jiu Ying, it's not convenient for us to stay here. It will be much better if we can go to the Stellar Realm or the Immortal Sword Realm."

Wu You, Su Yanli, and Feng Xueya were all more suitable to stay in a realm with the human race.

Wu Yu did not want them to return to the Jambu Realm for the time being. Of course, the Jambu Realm was the most suitable place for them, but Wu Yu did not fully trust the Ancient Emperor yet.

"Since I cannot give in to the demands of the demon immortals, I can only go to the other realms. I must see if there's a place in the rest of the realms where we can stay and settle down.

"It's not necessary to return to the Jambu Realm for the time being. Then I, oh yes, the Rose Demon Queen saw my friends just now. This method should be feasible."

He came up with a plan. With this plan, he could at least see what the Stellar Realm was like.

It was not possible to make peace with the Rose Demon Queen, but Wu Yu could still trick her.

His real body left the Temple of Heart and Spirit temporarily. This time, he went directly to the place where he first saw the Rose Demon Queen.

Only the Rose Demon Queen knew that he had friends with him here.

A few hours later, Wu Yu was almost at his destination. He touched the nearby trees a little and said, "Rose Demon Queen, I have something to discuss with you."

Suddenly, the ground cracked open and a large number of thorny vines appeared. Among which, one transformed and a beautiful, dark red rose bloomed. That pretty woman reappeared. She looked so pitiful and said, "Big Brother, you are finally here."

Wu Yu said lightly, "I had no choice. My family and I can't leave this realm, so we can only try to survive here. But your body is everywhere and we can only hide. We cannot live this way anymore. I thought that maybe I could talk with you. To be honest, the other demon immortals are not as willing to cooperate as you are. They always speak of killing me and snatching my treasures. I cannot be bothered to discuss anything with them. "

The Rose Demon Queen said sadly, "I can't help it. It's too hard and miserable to live in the Ancient Demon Realm. The season of massacre is scary and terrible. I just want to leave this place. I’m sorry if I offended you, my big brother."

Her voice and words were really delicate. Those who heard her could not bear to hurt her.

Wu Yu would not be tricked by her. He knew how cold the eyes of the real Rose Demon Queen were.

He said, "I can understand, but you have to understand my concerns as well. I know nothing about the Stellar Realm. You are a demon immortal - if I bring you into the Stellar Realm recklessly and you destroy the balance in that realm, causing life to be wiped out, then the sin falls on me."

The Rose Demon Queen replied anxiously, "That won't happen. Big Brother, I only want to avoid the season of massacre. I will be satisfied with having a safe environment. I will definitely not cause any trouble."

While she said that, Wu Yu had heard from the other demons through the use of his Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul that this Rose Demon Queen was not a kind demon. While she was not as vicious as the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, she was also not any kinder than him.

Her innocent and harmless appearance now was just a weapon for her deceit.

Wu Yu shook his head and said, "I do have my worries. Your presence in the Ancient Demon Realm has also caused me much trouble. I want to leave this place too. So, I have thought of an idea. I will venture into the Stellar Realm alone first. After I have taken a look at the Stellar Realm, understand the situation over there, and find it suitable for you, I will bring you over when I return from that realm. What do you think?"

The Rose Demon Queen's tears poured as she listened to Wu Yu. She said, "But I'm afraid that once Big Brother has left, you will not return."

Wu Yu said, "Don't worry about that. My family is still here. My master, my blood-related big sister, as well as my other brothers and sisters are all still here. There is no way that I will not return. Otherwise, I would have used the key to enter the Stellar Realm directly at the start."

"Why not give it some thought? I must gain an understanding of that realm's situation. For instance, whether or not they have a guardian immortal and if this immortal is stronger than you. And will this immortal be willing to let you go over? I have to understand all this. Otherwise, if the other party does not welcome you, you may be killed after entering the new realm. Then that will just be a loss for you. For instance, when I gained the Gateway to the Jambu Realm from the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, I was targeted by that realm's immortal upon entering it. The other party seemed to want to kill me. I could only escape. "

The Rose Demon Queen must have known that he had the Gateway to the Jambu Realm. However, she did not know why Wu Yu had remained here. Wu Yu explained the reason why, and it was because the immortal of that realm did not welcome him there.

He was also silently erasing her doubts and caution against him. If she did not trust Wu Yu, then she would be on guard against him. 

"So, this time, I'm also going in to scout the realm, to see if this Stellar Realm is really suitable for our survival. If it is unsuitable, we will not go to the Stellar Realm. We can only look for other realms. To be honest, the Ancient Demon Realm is not suitable for us. The season of massacre here is too terrifying," Wu Yu said.

The Rose Demon Queen considered his words. She was almost convinced by Wu Yu.

"Let me ask you, which realm did you guys come from?" the Rose Demon Queen asked.

Her question was not surprising.

Wu Yu had long thought of an explanation, and he answered, "The Dong Sheng Realm. I have entered this realm by accident and might never be able to return to my realm again. So, I'm seeking a more suitable realm. At the very least, I know that the Ancient Demon Realm is not suitable for my survival. I've gone to the Jambu Realm, and the guardian immortal there is too scary. I cannot stay there."

She knew that Wu Yu's family were all here. This was the reason why she was considering Wu Yu's suggestion. Of course, she had no idea about the existence of powerful items such as the Floating Dreams Pagoda. It was a pity that Wu Yu's Floating Dreams Pagoda could not carry too many people.

But Wu Yu's greatest trump card was that after he had gone to the Stellar Realm, he could return directly by using the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. After that, when he opened the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm again, he would no longer be passing into the Jambu Realm, but the Stellar Realm.

It meant that he only needed to enter the Stellar Realm once, and as long as he did not return to the Jambu Realm from then on, then he could go into the Stellar Realm at any time.

"Okay, Big Brother. However, you must not leave me behind. You must go and take a look if there is an immortal guarding that realm, and how powerful he is. I have just become a demon immortal. If that realm has a seasoned immortal, then he could kill me easily."

It looked like she was conflicted too. She had wanted to escape from this place but still feared the guarding immortals in the other realms.

"Don't worry, I keep my promises. I will not betray you on this. After all, I also know that you guys have a hard time here. If that guarding immortal is welcoming, I will definitely explain things to him. After all, we all have our troubles, don't we?"

"Big Brother, you have said it well. We are all too pitiful here…. Wu wu…."

She was putting up yet another act.

But this time, Wu Yu had successfully convinced her.

Obviously she knew that she had to take this gamble. Otherwise, Wu Yu, who moved mysteriously, was a difficult person to find. She had been using this appearance to deceive Wu Yu. Perhaps she had thought that Wu Yu had been successfully deceived by her and taken her to be someone pitiful.

At least she knew that Wu Yu's family was in this realm. It sounded like he would most definitely return. From his past actions, Wu Yu seemed to really care for his family.

To be honest, while she had agreed to Wu Yu's suggestion, she could change her mind any time before Wu Yu reached the Stellar Realm. And during the time of their conversation, Wu Yu was quite close to her real body. This was quite dangerous. Perhaps she was just pretending to agree to Wu Yu's suggestion so she could lure him into a trap and then ultimately kill him to retrieve the key. If that was the case, she would be able to act freely and would not need to consider anything else.

Hence, from now on, Wu Yu had to be even more careful.

"Then come with me."

The vine that was carrying her moved on the ground and brought her towards her crater. On the way, a large number of demons stared at Wu Yu greedily. They had all been trapped in the cages before. Very quickly, Wu Yu could see the Rose Demon Queen's Ancient Demon Stone. He was now beside the Ancient Demon Stone. At this moment, all the demons had surrounded him, and the huge body of that Rose Demon Queen definitely lay beneath his feet.

"Big Brother, don't lie to me. I hate it the most when others lie to me. I will be enraged," that beauty said gently in front of Wu Yu.

"Lying to you does not benefit me at all." Wu Yu nodded. At this moment, he suddenly stretched out his hand and stroked that beauty's head and long hair. He said, "Wait here for my return."

"Okay." She was stunned and blushed slightly.

Perhaps it was Wu Yu's this action that caused the Rose Demon Queen's murderous intent to subside. It was at this point that Wu Yu, without saying anything else, took out the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm and instantly knocked it against the Gateway to the Stellar Realm. He rushed in and instantly disappeared.  After all, he already had the experience of entering into the Jambu Realm.

"Why did the demon immortal not kill him? Wasn't she…."

These demons were gossiping under the ground.

"I only hesitated for a moment. It was unexpected that he could move so quickly. Forget it, I shall trust him once. After all, I have almost found out where his family lives."

Under the ground, a strong voice spoke.

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