Chapter 1184: A Tenuous Journey

The thing that Wu Yu feared the most had come to pass!

Even in the Unbounded Warship, he knew that it had been completely encircled by the Rose Demon Queen!

The Full Moon of Nanshan was shocked as well.

"Aren't we still far from the Rose Demon Queen's territory? The one closest to this place should be the Immortal Jiuying, right?!"

His reasoning was sound.

This was also why Wu Yu had been a bit more lax. Strictly speaking, this was the Immortal Jiuying's territory.

The Full Moon of Nanshan had only accidentally brushed past the tree, and now the Rose Demon Queen was on their tail.

It was a careless mistake. But if the Rose Demon Queen had not come into the Immortal Jiuying's territory, that meant her real body was uncomprehendingly huge!

"What are we going to do? It's a demon immortal." When Ye Xixi heard the news, she began to panic. The other four paled as well upon hearing that a real immortal-level being was upon them.

"Don't panic. Everyone stay here and don't move."

With a crisis at hand, there was no time for blame or despair. He had to think of a way out of the danger.

If it had been Wu Yu alone, it would have been easy. He could use the Somersault Cloud and escape. The Rose Demon Queen had not been able to catch him before.

But this time, all the people important to him were by his side!

A tense moment!

Wu Yu immediately reappeared outside. As expected, the Unbounded Warship was tightly bound by vines. This was the body of the demon immortal, and it was extremely robust. The spirit designs of the Unbounded Warship were resisting it, and blasts of sword qi from the ship were blasting away at the vines. But more vines kept coming on! They held the Unbounded Warship dead fast.

The Unbounded Warship was like a little animal in a cage. As many moves as the Full Moon of Nanshan had, he was helpless here. He could only look to Wu Yu.

Perhaps he was regretting his lack of caution just now.

Wu Yu looked out to see that rose brambles were rising out of the ground in a radius of 100 li.

Perhaps tens of thousands of them!

Before Wu Yu's eyes, a tendril budded with a dark red rose and an otherworldly beauty stepped out, her black hair cascading flawlessly. Her sexy body and snow-white skin seemed to have been referenced on the most beautiful models in the human race.

When the Full Moon of Nanshan saw this, he instantly turned his thoughts elsewhere. He hollered, "Damn me, this Rose Demon Queen is a real looker. Any chance for me to talk to her about love?!"

"Despicable!" Ye Xixi and Lazy both stared at him. She was exasperated at the passion of her Big Brother Nanshan.

Wu Yu was too busy to answer him.

Seeing him, the Rose Demon Queen was still posing coyly and pitifully. She said gently to Wu Yu, "Big Brother, have you thought about what we spoke of the last time? I definitely won't harm you. I just want to go to the Stellar Realm with you. Just bring me to Stellar Realm, and I can give you the Gateway to the Stellar Realm. I can guarantee that I won't bring any harm to the Stellar Realm either. Big Brother, I'm begging you. Promise me, okay? No matter your request, I can satisfy you."

Her stance and tone were not something that many could say no to. Especially with such devastatingly beautiful looks.

Wu Yu did not reply. Her words sounded more like a threat, because Wu Yu had many people in her hands!

Wu Yu looked around but did not see the real body of the Rose Demon Queen, which was the huge tree and the pair of eyes.

He suddenly came to his senses!

"This Rose Demon Queen has a huge body, but her real body must be very far from this place. Or perhaps this is not even her real body, but an extension that she uses to control other trees! Therefore, she might be buying time, and I might actually be able to fight her!"

In any case, he could not spot the Rose Demon Queen's real body.

This was his only chance.

Thinking thus, Wu Yu knew that it was meaningless to negotiate with her.

He shouted, "You're completely insincere! If you are here in good faith, release my friends immediately! And don't threaten me with your strength!"

Wu Yu wanted to see her reaction.

She cried bitterly, "I- I was afraid you would not promise me. I want to go to other worlds. Big Brother, I'm begging you.... Wu... wu...."

This divine beauty was sobbing her heart out before Wu Yu.

"So pitiful! So adorable!" The Full Moon of Nanshan sighed to himself.

"Damn you!" Wu Yu did not know if he was cursing the Rose Demon Queen or the Full Moon of Nanshan. After he cursed, he attacked. The Jambu Sky Pillar appeared in his hand, as did the Heaven Devouring Avatar and Puppet Wu Yu. The three combined their strength, laying into the thicket of vines. All sorts of spirit designs blasted out!

As for the Rose Demon Queen, she was instantly blasted into smithereens by Wu Yu!

"Damn me, you barbarian. That poor flower, she was my ancestor!" The Full Moon of Nanshan sighed.

Wu Yu could not be bothered with him. With the Jambu Sky Pillar in hand, he could deal with a demon immortal when her real body was not nearby.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar's Nine-Starred Dragon's Well's move was effective. It shredded the vines!

At the same time, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were also working hard from within. One activated the Unbounded Warship's spirit designs, the other used a seraphic dao treasure to fight.

As for Puppet Wu Yu and the Golden Mystical Dragon, they appeared alongside. At Wu Yu's command, the Golden Mystical Dragon unleashed a super-charged version of the 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer. This suicidal attack blew a gigantic hole in the vines.

And then Wu Yu worked off this huge hole to carve out a tunnel and release the Unbounded Warship from the Rose Demon Queen's clutches!

From a far away branch, another dark-red rose blossomed, and the beautiful woman was crying within, heartbroken.

"Don't be like that. Don't be like that.... Don't...."

She sounded like a young girl that was being abused.

"Ah, I can't do it!" the Full Moon of Nanshan shouted. He revved the Unbounded Warship and flew out. The unbounded sword light tore away at the surrounding vines.

"Go!" Wu Yu's puppets charged into the Unbounded Warship. His real body was still outside, on the Somersault Cloud, pushing the Unbounded Warship along as he went. The already speedy Unbounded Warship was given a huge boost thanks to Wu Yu, and zoomed away. The tendrils were closing in now. Wu Yu flew away from the chasing tendrils diagonally, darting into the clouds before quickly entering the Unbounded Warship!

After he entered, it was all up to the Full Moon of Nanshan. He yelled and whooped, but still activated the speed and camouflage at full throttle. They were far from the ground and the Rose Demon Queen. However, the Rose Demon Queen still managed to find some tracks and started to pursue them.

Looking down, the Unbounded Warship saw that below its flight path, thorny vines continued to appear, and the beautiful woman would appear amidst the petals, hugging her knees and crying. The plaintive crying sounded weak, but it was transmitted clearly to them.

"Other demons are chasing as well!" Ye Xixi said.

Wu Yu whirled around. Indeed, there was a demon army of thousands chasing them. Many were the subordinates of the Rose Demon Queen. Perhaps they were already nearby before. Luckily, Wu Yu ran quickly; otherwise, he would have been trapped amongst these demons, probably until the Rose Demon Queen appeared in person. Perhaps the Immortal Jiuying, the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, and the others would all show up as well.

They had agreed on a common goal amongst themselves.

The Unbounded Warship continued to increase speed and change directions. The commotion behind it grew smaller and smaller. The Rose Demon Queen was probably extremely far and her underlings were too weak to continue chasing a seraphic dao treasure warship.

Finally, the coast behind them was clear. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

"I was wrong. Next time, I won't be so rash. That was eye-opening. Demon immortals are scary. Her body is so shockingly vast. We're already so far, yet her claws can still reach us!"The Full Moon of Nanshan immediately regretted it.

Ye Xixi was very angry. "Remember that well! Don't fool around next time. The Ancient Demon Realm is a dangerous place."

"Yes, my young aunt. The next time I do it, you get to bite my ear off. Will that do?"

Wu Yu said, "Truly. I didn't expect her body to be that huge either. Looks like our Temple of Heart and Spirit might not guarantee our safety anymore. This shows that the Rose Demon Queen might be even more dangerous than the Immortal Jiuying or the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, or even the Immortal Locust that we've yet to encounter. They're all demon immortals. Best be more careful around them."

This expedition had put them into more danger. Wu Yu was thinking - how could he overcome this trouble? After all, it was him who had first stirred up the demon immortal.

First, they returned to the Temple of Heart and Spirit. The Full Moon of Nanshan had wanted to go wander out, but his blood turned cold when he recalled the Rose Demon Queen. He was too afraid to go out. After all, there were trees everywhere here on land. And any tree might become the body of the Rose Demon Queen.

"What a murderous thing that leaves others in tears!" the Full Moon of Nanshan lamented.

"Weren't you talking about love just now?"

"I thought that beauty was her body. But now I know it's just bait."

"Since when did you care, as long as it looked good?"

"C’mon. Am I that unfussy an eater?" the Full Moon of Nanshan said indignantly.

"Yes." Unanimously, everyone chorused their replies.


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