Chapter 1183: The Sea in the Mountain and the Mountain in the Sea

To Jiu Ying, the view that he saw near the Temple of Heart and Spirit was not much different from the one at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. At most, the trees here were bigger and taller.

The most obvious difference was still in the amount of spiritual qi.

Even Wu Yu, who came from the Immortal's Capital, was shocked by the amount of spiritual qi here, let alone Jiu Ying and Su Yanli, who came from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

There was a vast difference between the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and the Ancient Demon Realm.

To them, this was more exaggerated and shocking than the sky palaces.

The once calm and quiet young man was now brimming with excitement after seeing the Ancient Demon Realm. Su Yanli, in fact, was also the same. She had a cool temper, but at this moment, she looked extremely happy.

Wu Yu brought them around to the nearby places to let them have a glimpse of this vast world. Then he took them back to the Temple of Heart and Spirit and arranged for their living quarters.

Of course, he also introduced the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi to them.

They were very welcoming to Wu Yu's old friends.

Subsequently, Wu Yu spent most of his time guiding Jiu Ying and Su Yanli in martial cultivation while the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi continued to train in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

As they trained, they also familiarized themselves with their seraphic dao treasures.

Without the Spirit Penetration Art, they took much longer than Wu Yu to understand the spirit designs.

Jiu Ying and Su Yanli’s current cultivation levels were relatively low. They were just about to reach the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. However, Wu Yu had a vast amount of cultivation resources. This easy access to resources was sufficient for them to raise their levels.

Jiu Ying, in particular, was from a powerful bloodline and possessed inherent cultivation resources that came from his bloodline. Now, in this realm, he improved rapidly. With his bloodline, even if he failed to become a demon immortal, it would not be a problem for him to reach the Dao Querying Realm.

"Can I stay in this world from now on? There is nothing left in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent for me," Jiu Ying asked Wu Yu.

His only relative was dead.

"Of course. But the demons in this realm are, on average, all very strong. You need to reach a certain cultivation level before you can leave the Temple of Heart and Spirit. Based on your bloodline and current strength, you will easily be targeted once you leave the temple."

"Thank you."

Jiu Ying was quite nervous to speak to Wu Yu. He had not spoken to Wu Yu in a long time and Wu Yu had now become so powerful.

Su Yanli was actually quite nervous too. However, she was comforted by Feng Xueya's presence here.

The temple was more lively now that there were four of them. They could enjoy each other's company. Wu Yu thought about bringing more people into the temple to train.

With Wu Yu's help, they improved vastly within a short period of time. They had even improved at a much faster pace than Wu Yu once had.

In time, they would be on the right track and would be able to train on their own. The Temple of Heart and Spirit could absorb much of the spiritual qi from outside while remaining concealed. As a result, the amount of spiritual qi inside the temple had become denser. 

Wu Yu discovered that the spiritual qi in the Ancient Demon Realm seemed to be highly suitable for demons. After Jiu Ying arrived at the Ancient Demon Realm, his power grew by leaps and bounds. He became stronger at a much faster rate compared to when he was at the Jambu Realm. Wu Yu predicted that Jiu Ying would only require a few years to become powerful enough to ensure his own safety in the Ancient Demon Realm.

Of course, Jiu Ying would only be powerful enough to remain safe on his own during the season of tranquility. At the moment, they were in the season of tranquility, hence the whole world was much more peaceful.

After Jiu Ying and the others had successfully begun their training, Wu Yu also started to train in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. After all, he could gain 10 times the amount of time that passed in the outside world while inside the pagoda. The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were both enjoying their time here. For instance, Ye Xixi had not only gained control of her seraphic dao treasure and familiarized herself with all its spirit designs, she had also inherited another mystique, other than the Black Sand Demonic Shadow, from the Curtain Lifting General. She was also improving in her mastery of the Hell Incarnation Avatar.

The Full Moon of Nanshan had also improved greatly in his mastery of his Nine Cycles of Imperial Immortal Body.

When one month passed in the outside world, 10 months had gone by inside the pagoda. After this one cycle of training, one and a half years had gone by inside the pagoda, while only about one month had passed in the outside world.

From this point, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi both felt as though time was freely available to them. While their lifespans did not increase, they could not help but feel as though their martial cultivation rate had increased by 10 times.

Their visit to the Ancient Demon Realm was entirely focused on training. Now that they had just completed one round of training, the Full Moon of Nanshan decided to take a break. He was in control of the Unbounded Warship, hence he said, "I'm bored. I'm going out to explore. I can't tease anyone here at the Temple of Heart and Spirit. If I remain in here, my little brother is going to be rusty soon. "

"There are eight demon immortals outside on the look out for me. Are you sure you want to do that?'' The Full Moon of Nanshan intended to head out alone, but Wu Yu felt that even with Nanshan's Gone from the Skies mystique, it would be difficult for him to hide from the demon immortals.

"Now that we have a larger group, and none of us have truly taken a look at this world, let's all go out together. We can take the Unbounded Warship. If it is not too dangerous outside, you guys can explore on your own after we return."

Wu Yu thought that this was a safer plan. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if Nanshan headed out alone and ran into trouble.


It was not practical to keep someone like the Full Moon of Nanshan holed up in one place. The exciting world that laid outside was too much of a temptation for him.

However, the demons here probably would not turn into a human form. Hence, to the human martial cultivators, cross-species communication would be a problem….

Everyone was very excited upon hearing that they were going out - even Feng Xueya was exuberant. At this moment, the Full Moon of Nanshan took out the Unbounded Warship. Actually, the Unbounded Warship had much more powerful spirit designs than the Temple of Heart and Spirit. Theoretically, they should be safer in the Unbounded Warship. However, the Unbounded Warship was on the move, and this would increase their risk of exposure.

The Unbounded Warship was also relatively well concealed. When it flew, no one outside could see it, while those who were inside the ship could see the scenery outside clearly.

The Ancient Demon Realm's scenery was really majestic!

Wu Yu informed the Full Moon of Nanshan of the few places that they must not venture into and left it to Nanshan to decide where to steer the ship to.

The few out-of-bounds places were, firstly, the prohibited lands of the eight demon immortals. They could not even go near these places.

Then there were two other places they could not enter either.

The layout of the Ancient Demon Realm was in a taiji shape. It was like two Yin-Yang Fishes, and at the eyes of these two Yin-Yang Fishes, there were two places called the Mountain in the Sea and the Sea in the Mountain.

Previously, when Wu Yu used the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul and questioned the demons in the Ancient Demon Realm, he learned that these two places were the forbidden grounds of the Ancient Demon Realm. Even the demon immortals did not dare to venture near these two places. If one approached these places, they would be killed by the disasters surrounding these two places. He heard that the flames, hurricanes, and lightning surrounding the two forbidden grounds came from heaven. These disasters were no weaker than the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao.

While Wu Yu was curious, he had not had the opportunity to see these places for himself. Besides, it was wise to avoid these dangerous grounds at the moment. At least to the average demons here, they felt that the Mountain in the Sea and the Sea in the Mountain were much scarier than the demon immortals.

Other than these few places that they had to avoid, they were free to explore everywhere else.

The Ancient Demon Realm was very large, especially its land area, which was already much larger than the Yan Huang Ancient Region. And the Yan Huang Ancient Region was about 20 times larger than Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Now that Jiu Ying and the others were suddenly in this new realm, a realm that was about 60 times larger than the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, they could only remain awestruck. Anyway, no matter where their ship flew to, the vast, oddly-shaped terrain seemed to stretch on endlessly.

The few of them, especially the new members, Jiu Ying and Su Yanli, were engrossed in the beauty of this realm. They had seen basically all the land sceneries. The Full Moon of Nanshan flew the ship past the sea. The sea was also undoubtedly grand, but the truly interesting sceneries lay under the sea.

As a land demon, Nanshan did not really enjoy going into the sea.

Occasionally, they would stop upon reaching some places to fill their senses with the vastness of this realm. For instance, at this point, they were under a tall mountain. That mountain was jade-green in color, like a huge, glittering jewel. And from the top of this mountain, a waterfall poured down. Due to the great height of the waterfall, the river at the end had directly evaporated into mist, obscuring the waterfall’s end. It was so breathtakingly beautiful.

As Jiu Ying stared at this endless realm, he could not help but utter in wonder, "Another realm. If I had not seen this place with my own eyes, I would not have believed it even if you beat me to death."

"I feel the same way." Wu You would be in even more disbelief because she and Wu Yu were both born as mere mortals, the weakest existences. However, Wu You's cultivation level was not low anymore. She had gradually stepped into the road of martial cultivation and was no longer just an ordinary mortal.

After exploring so many wonderful places, the Full Moon of Nanshan stood beside Wu Yu and said, "So, what do you think? We met many demons along the way, but nothing happened. Can I go around by myself now?"

"And have a romantic encounter with some beautiful demons?" Wu Yu laughed.

"Beautiful my ass. Till now, none of them have met my expectations." The Full Moon of Nanshan snorted.

Wu Yu thought for a moment and said, "Very well, then. You must remain careful and alert. But let them have their fun first. You can explore on your own near the Temple of Heart and Spirit after sending them back."

"Alright. Sigh, I didn't expect myself, such a fine man, to have to listen to your orders one day."

Of course, he was joking because he also knew that the Ancient Demon Realm was very chaotic, and Wu Yu was also thinking about his safety. He could not imagine how he would end up in the Ancient Demon Realm if Wu Yu was not around.

Wu Yu's friends, senior sister, big sister, and master had an eye-opening experience and had endless yearning for this realm after their exploration. Now their martial cultivation would be more purposeful. Wu Yu got ready to return to the Temple of Heart and Spirit first.

The Temple of Heart and Spirit was still safer. It was far away from the eight demon immortals. Although there was still some distance between their current location and the eight demon immortals, there were still hidden dangers.

The Unbounded Warship moved forward at lightning speed. As there wasn’t much happening on their way back, the Full Moon of Nanshan relaxed a little. He maneuvered the Unbounded Warship and pushed his way through. Occasionally, he would play tricks on the other demons by bumping into them from behind. Those demons could not see the Unbounded Warship at all. It was really quite frightening to them to be suddenly hit. 

This was the Full Moon of Nanshan’s character. He did not like to do things in a serious way and loved to have fun. That was his dao. Wu Yu did not bother to stop him. After all, it was nothing serious.

But unexpectedly, the entire Unbounded Warship suddenly started trembling. Then, when it accidentally hit a tree, the trunk of that tree exploded instantaneously. A vine with thorns stretched out from within and wrapped around the Unbounded Warship immediately. With a loud whooshing sound, countless vines rushed out from the ground and entangled the Unbounded Warship several times!

This was the Rose Demon Queen’s move!

But Wu Yu was not alone this time.

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