Chapter 1182: Past Matters of Divine Continent

Initially, Wu Yu had thought of entering the Ancient Demon Realm in the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. 

However, he had decided to leave now. The reason for him leaving was to not disturb Luo Pin. If he had entered the Ancient Demon Realm from the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, it would be too easy for him to return. 

They had made a promise to meet again in the sky palaces. 

Therefore, they would have to work hard individually after this journey. 

Since he left the place, Wu Yu kept to his plan to visit the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. 

It had been a long time since he returned to Dong Yue Wu, the Heavenly Sword Sect, and Yan Huang Imperial City. 

He travelled above the East Sea on his return trip and didn't encounter the Ancient Emperor along the way. 

It had been a year. 

Looking at this peaceful world, Wu Yu felt like he had been too suspicious. 

"Immortal Su Sang. My mother.... If I could see her, how would it feel?" 

Wu Yu's mother in the mortal realm had passed away when he was still young. Therefore, he didn't have a deep impression of her. As for his father, he was the emperor. Wu Yu rarely received any attention from him and therefore had a vague impression of him. 

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, Immortal Su Sang. 

"They are my parents. I...." Wu Yu felt a little weird as he had come to know of them so abruptly. At this point, Wu Yu didn't feel any connection with them at all. 

While he was recalling this, he was back within the area of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.


The first was the Four Islands of the East Sun. 

This was once the territory of ghostly cultivators. After the Ghostly Emperor was annihilated, various major forces from the divine continent occupied this place, so the situation had improved greatly. 

It wasn't as miserable and pitiful as before. 

Wu Yu had been to the Ancient Demon Realm, and the spiritual qi there was way better than the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. In comparison, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was just like the mortal realm. It was not surprising that the strongest expert was only at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. 

First, he went back to Dong Yue Wu and Capital Wu, where he grew up. 

He was familiar with all the streets and the royal palaces. 

Those that he sent over had long taken roots in Capital Wu. They had told the people of Dong Yue Wu that their queen, Wu You, had been brought away by his younger brother for cultivation. When she returned, she would be exceptionally powerful. Those that Wu Yu had sent over were like immortals to the people of Dong Yue Wu. Therefore, the situation in Dong Yue Wu was very stable. 

In fact, many kingdoms in the surroundings now knew that an elite immortal, Wu Yu, came from Dong Yue Wu. 

He was once the crown prince of Dong Yue Wu. 

Wu You was now in the Ancient Demon Realm. Therefore, the only things that Wu Yu recalled fondly were the streets, fields, and martial arts ground that he worked hard in previously. 

He chose not to disrupt the peace in this place and went towards the Heavenly Sword Sect, the place where his dreams began. 

There were also people from Yan Huang stationed here. As the Heavenly Sword Sect grew stronger each day, they had long broken away from Shushan. 

Many disciples were now Jindan cultivators or Violet Kingdom cultivators. They had caught up with the elite sects in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. 

Yanli's Mountain.

Su Yanli's residence had become more illustrious too. 

There were some servants on the mountains, working. Wu Yu sat a far distance away while watching them feed the Immortal Cranes and taking care of the immortal essences. Looking at the beautiful Bipo Mountain Range and the cultivators that rode on their swords, Wu Yu felt as though he had gone back in time. 

The grave of Sun Wudao had now become the abyss towards the Taigu Immortal Path. 

Wu Yu still insisted on giving three kowtows and nine bows before sprinkling wine on the ground. After which, he went into Yanli's residence. Su Yanli was standing at the entrance, looking blankly far away. 

"Junior Brother, you are back." 

When she saw Wu Yu, she was almost moved to tears. Wu Yu could still remember how stunning she was when he first saw her. Up till today, she still lived in Wu Yu's heart. 

"I heard your brought our master to another place for cultivation." Su Yanli's eyes were brimming with tears. 

Wu Yu pulled her along and said with a gentle smile, "This time, I'll bring you over too. When you guys return in the future, reaching the Primordial Spirit Realm wouldn't be an issue."  

"Really?" Su Yanli covered her mouth in surprise and started trembling a little. 

"Follow me." Wu Yu summoned his Somersault Cloud and got her onto it. 

"Let me settle some matters first." She released a few Message Talismans to inform her friends. Wu Yu had thought of bringing her along a long time ago. 

He didn't leave immediately but headed for a mountain peak in the vicinity. At that place, he saw a tomb with the engraving Wu Yu's Jiu Er. 

Su Yanli remained behind and did not enter. 

Her corpse had dissipated into the world and vanished forever. 

Wu Yu stood around for some time before leaving. 

"If everything I've experienced was designed by the Ancient Emperor, could the Ninth Spirit almost killing me have been part of his plan too?" 

He didn't have an answer to this question. 

Wu Yu brought Su Yanli along and arrived in Yan Huang Imperial City soon after. This was the place where he had met Luo Pin. Yan Huang Imperial City was rather huge and could be considered the territory of the Yan Huang Tribe. Because of Wu Yu, there were a lot more members of the Yan Huang Tribe here. Moreover, the people in this place knew Wu Yu had become Emperor Yu. The Imperial General, who was on good terms with Wu Yu in the past, was well-respected. Knowing they were doing well, Wu Yu chose not to disturb them. 

He wanted to pay the Shushan Immortal Sect a visit. 

The highest point of the Clear Sky of Shushan was where the Seven Immortals of Shushan resided. Wu Yu landed at that place that was rumored to be able to see the sky palaces. Now that he was here, he knew that this place was still far from the sky palaces. 

"You are...." 

The Dubhe Sword Immortal, the Merak Sword Immortal, the Mizar Sword Immortal, the Alkaid Sword Immortal, and the other Sword Immortals were alarmed by Wu Yu. 

"Wu Yu...." 

They had heard about Wu Yu from the Yan Huang Tribe and knew that he was the one ruling the entire world now. 

When the Dubhe Sword Immortal saw him, she was so frightened that her legs went soft. 

"Please get up. Let's not do this." 

"Alright, alright!" 

They got up in a hurry. 

Wu Yu took a look at the Mizar Sword Immortal and asked, "Have you heard from Nangong Wei?" 

Mizar Sword Immortal could feel a chill down his spine. He no longer had the air of superiority he once had in front of Wu Yu. He answered, "Yes. Some time ago, she sent me a Message Talisman. I know that she's doing well now." 

Wu Yu nodded and said, "That's great. I guess she still has a heart. She's doing pretty well, so you don't have to worry about her. It is just that it wouldn't be convenient for her to return. I have some cultivation resources for Shushan. Please accept them." 

Wu Yu retrieved a Sumeru Pouch that he had prepared. For them, these treasures were definitely priceless. 

"This won't do. This won't do...." Perhaps they were a little embarrassed that they brought a huge catastrophe upon Wu Yu previously. 

"Please take it. I was once a disciple of Shushan too." 

As such, they were finally willing to accept it. The Ursae Sword Immortal almost became Wu Yu's master in the past. It was just that fate had prevented it from happening. Now tears were streaming down as he remarked, "Once, our Shushan let you down. Now... Sigh..." 

"Those matters have passed. They were just small matters after all." 

Now that he was standing at a great height, he found that there was nothing to be furious about when he looked back at his encounters. 

He still needed to find another person. 

Jiu Ying. 

Wu Yu wanted to bring him to the Ancient Demon Realm. That would be the place that would be most suitable for him. 

He arrived at the Endless Demon Seas and dove down to the core area. 

"Who dares to barge into my Gloomy Dreams Seas!?" Wu Yu caused a huge commotion when he arrived. A Torch Dragon emerged from below him and morphed into her human form. It was a girl in a red outfit, Zhu Huang. 

"Where's Ying Huang?" asked Wu Yu. 

Seeing it was Wu Yu, she felt a chill down her spine. 

Her disciple, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, once brought great tragedy to Wu Yu. 

"Ying Huang is dead. Some time ago, he died suddenly without reason!" 


Wu Yu knew that this was the doing of Nangong Wei, even if she had not been here personally. 

In the end, she still wanted to avenge her mother. Although she had a new mother now. 

"What about Jiu Ying?" 

"I... I don't know...." Zhu Huang didn't dare to speak much before Wu Yu.

If Ying Huang was dead, Jiu Ying would definitely leave. Therefore, Wu Yu chose to scream the loudest he could. His voice was powerful and reverberated across the entire Dong Sheng Divine Continent. 

Subsequently, he released 10,000 doppelgangers to search in all directions. 

Finally, he found Jiu Ying after a day. He wasn't on the divine continent. Instead, he was on an island to the west of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. He was cultivating in seclusion. 

Wu Yu brought Su Yanli with him to that place. Entering the cave where Jiu Ying was, Jiu Ying was shocked. When he saw Wu Yu, he could almost not believe his own eyes. 

The past incidents flashed across his mind rapidly. 

He was still that suave and good-looking young man. 

"Brother, have you thought of becoming an immortal among demons one day?" Wu Yu asked him with a smile. 

"Of course! I even dream of achieving it day in and day out. I would have liked to go to the Yan Huang Ancient Region, but I've failed.... Wu Yu.... 

He was crying tears of joy. 

However, the next moment, he said in a dejected tone, "My father is dead." 

"This is karma. After so many years, we still couldn't stop it," Wu Yu said. 

In the past, it was him stopping Nangong Wei from killing Jiu Ying that caused the huge incident that changed his entire life. 

"You are saying Nangong Wei is behind this...." It seemed like he wasn't aware yet. 

Since they wouldn't meet Nangong Wei again once they entered the Ancient Demon Realm, Wu Yu didn't mind being frank with him. 

"Will you seek revenge against her?" asked Wu Yu. 

"If revenge breeds revenge, will there ever be an end to it? Let it stop right at my time. If I can walk out of the divine continent, I will be able to account to my father." 

He was still that young man who wasn't devoured by hatred. 

"In that case, let me bring you to witness a greater world." 

Jiu Ying nodded and said, "Yeah, this world is really huge. Other than the divine continent, there's an even larger Yan Huang Ancient Region and a larger sea region." 

Wu Yu chuckled and said, "Soon, you will find that the world you know is just a very small portion. This world is even greater!" 

He activated the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. 

"What is this?" 

"You will know once I bring you in." 

He waved at Su Yanli. 

Wu You, Feng Xueya, Su Yanli, and Jiu Ying. They were the most important people to Wu Yu on the divine continent. 

"A greater world?" 

Jiu Ying was getting used to having his concept of the world being overthrown.

When they arrived in the Ancient Demon Realm and saw the vast world from high in the air, they were astounded. 

"Master!" Su Yanli saw Feng Xueya and cried tears of joy. 

They had never expected to meet again in the Ancient Demon Realm. 

Now their team had seven people. 

"Once a demon passes the Great Trial of the Demonic Dao, the demon can become a demon immortal. This is a different realm from the Jambu Realm. It is called the Ancient Demon Realm. In this world, there's a demon named Jiu Ying too. He's a demon immortal, and everyone addresses him as Immortal Jiuying." When Jiu Ying heard those words, his eyes lit up. 

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