Chapter 0118: Mysterious Immortal Root

The Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike had a completely unfathomable depth to it that Wu Yu could not fully comprehend.

His success today could only be considered modest. He had barely executed it, but not plumbed its true depths.

But even so, it gave him exceptional attacking power. His spiritual and physical powers combined to achieve penetration. It broke through the Supernova Golden Body that was Jiang Junlin's point of pride.

This was a severe sword dao technique!

Ancient dao techniques were truly different!

Wu Yu had secured victory in that instant.

And in the instant that Jiang Junlin wailed in defeat, Wu Yu's calmness was an additional blow to his psyche.

"I yield!"

Wu Yu pulled out the Golden Bauble of Day and kicked Jiang Junlin away. He rolled before Jiang Xie.

Victory was decided.

Not just victory, but Wu Yu had destroyed one of Jiang Junlin's spiritual sources. This was tantamount to destroying a significant portion of his efforts.

Destroying his opponent's Chest Meridian spiritual source meant that one of the opponent's spiritual sources had collapsed, the spiritual power fading. His ability had degenerated to the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm.

On top of that, it meant that although he could continue to condense qi in the future and activate the other spiritual sources, the Chest Meridian would forever be given up. Even if Jiang Junlin finished the tenth spiritual source in the future, then he would still be short of one spiritual source, and forever remain at the ninth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, unable to enter Jindan.

One of the requirements to enter the Jindan Dao Realm was to have a complete set of 10 spiritual sources.

Of course, Wu Yu had heard that if one's spiritual source was destroyed, one could obtain a certain type of immortal essence with two lines of spiritual marks called the Reunion Pill. It could regenerate the spiritual orifice, and one could condense qi again.

But the problem was that an immortal medicine like the Reunion Pill was worth more than 100 Spirit Concentration Pills. Ordinary people did not have such things.

"My apologies. The sword was blind and difficult to manage. But I think that Sect Leader Jiang must have a Reunion Pill. So, Jiang Junlin, you need not be too desolate," Wu Yu said indifferently.

He had lived up to the sect's expectations and fulfilled his duty.

Only now did the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect burst into cheers.

Seeing Jiang Junlin roll in pain on the ground, they felt a vindictive pleasure. The discomfort in their heart had been swept clean. Seeing Wu Yu, their hearts were filled with content and respect.

Wu Yu had defeated his opponent in one blow. To them, this was an overwhelming surprise.

Of course, Jiang Junlin had come to challenge them of his own accord, wielding his immortal root to bully others. He had called this upon himself, so he elicited no sympathy whatsoever.

The grudge of generations, brought to fruition on this day.

Wu Yu looked at Jiang Xie's face. His own son's spiritual source had failed, and he still looked on without emotion. There was no sorrow when he looked at Jiang Junlin. Yet Wu Yu could feel that he wanted to kill him.

That was a beginning.


From behind Jiang Xie, a few people rushed up to help Jiang Junlin. They were angry, and flexing. Extreme pressure crushed Wu Yu.

Jiang Junlin opened his blank eyes, and his hatred for Wu Yu shone through his pain. He had lost twice in a row, and this time around, he had been given a wound that would never heal.

Today, his pride was in the dust. His dignity was in the dust. And his confidence was laid right alongside them.

He was so shaken that he wanted to break down and cry.

But he controlled himself.

Lan Huayi looked on Wu Yu with shock as well. At this time, she hurriedly stood up and said, "Sect Leader Jiang, youngsters fight with abandon. I hope Sect Leader Jiang does not take this badly. We, the Heavenly Sword Sect, will bear the price of the Reunion Pill."

"Who says we will? Victory and defeat is common for military families. Sect Leader Jiang has the wealth of nations. Does he need a single Reunion Pill from us?" As Lan Huayi spoke, Feng Xueya cut into her words, opening everyone's eyes to the truth.

The war between the two sects was an inevitable affair. Today, Wu Yu had won glory for the Heavenly Sword Sect, and Feng Xueya could not be bothered to engage in niceties with Jiang Xie. After all, the result would be the same. He understood Jiang Xie even better than Lan Huayi did.

"Haha!" Jiang Xie laughed genially. "Old Brother Feng is right. The youngsters fight without moderation. Such outcomes are very common, and my Zhongyuan Dao Sect does not lack Reunion Pills. How could I be so ill-mannered as to beg it of you? However, it is indeed getting late. We had best head back."

His seemingly polite words were heavy with killing intent.

They were ready to leave.

"I will see you out," Lan Huayi offered warmly.

"Many thanks...." Jiang Xie said. Wu Yu saw them help Jiang Junlin up and prepare to leave.

"Gentlemen, a moment please. Jiang Junlin lost, but his wager has yet to be paid."

Lan Huayi was having a headache. This Wu Yu was a chip off the old Feng Xueya block. The conflict had escalated this far, with Wu Yu basically rendering Jiang Junlin invalid. And he was still demanding Spirit Concentration Pills....

"Oh, I almost forgot." Jiang Xie's facial muscles twitched. It was a small motion. Heedless of Jiang Junlin's objections, he took his Sumeru Pouch and counted it out. After removing some objects, he tossed it into Wu Yu's hands. "There are 30 Spirit Concentration Pills inside. Along with the Sumeru Pouch, it is yours."

"Many thanks to Sect Leader Jiang. Sect Leader Jiang is indeed a man of his word. This junior pays his respects." Wu Yu smiled as he kept his spoils of war.

Jiang Xie looked at him. "Of the talent here at the Bipo Mountain Range, Little Brother Wu Yu must be the best pillar that the Heavenly Sword Sect has. The scenery at the Bipo Mountain Range is wonderful. We will come again. It is just so amazing."

Saying thus, they mounted their Pegasi and left, while Lan Huayi and a few elders mounted their own Heavenly Cloud Rocs and escorted them away. When they left, only members of the Heavenly Sword Sect remained at Immortal's Battle Stage.

"Wu Yu, Wu Yu!"

Instantly, the disciples were in high spirits. They swarmed up, throwing Wu Yu up into the air as they cheered.

In this moment, the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples in the Bipo Mountain Range made Wu Yu truly feel like it was home. He turned his head, and Su Yanli and Feng Xueya were all smiling at him.


Mo Shishu was the one who had thrown him up. And now he made everyone move back, causing Wu Yu to almost fall into the mud.


Everyone burst out into laughter.

They were not making fun of him. Instead, it was a form of revelry and recognition.

One's character and conduct was one thing, guts another. Today, Wu Yu had used his guts to win back their pride.

"All of you, get back to your training. Wu Yu, accompany me to Heavenly Palace." In the end, Feng Xueya lifted Wu Yu up from the ground. They mounted his sword, and he flew Wu Yu back towards Heavenly Palace. As they sat on the huge sword, feeling the breeze against his face, and the lightning peeling around him, Wu Yu felt incredibly proud.

"A day will come when I too will have the Art of Sword Flight and roam the world!"

This was his first goal.

To become immortal, there were many steps. And entering the Jindan Dao Realm and wielding the Dan fire to create medicines was his first step!

The Golden Bauble of Day had already been returned to Su Yanli.

Today's battle had helped Wu Yu rediscover his own talent for the sword.

Returning to Heavenly Palace, Feng Xueya turned back to look at Wu Yu. "The matter of the Valley of Immortal Fate is the oversight of Shentu and myself. We have put you through much hardship."

Wu Yu shook his head. "Master, that is no hardship. Throughout my cultivation of dao, I had yet to experience true danger. That was good training. Besides, the path of dao is a difficult one. The fact that I managed to survive, and gained boons on top of that, already makes me more than content."

"Knowing that you think this way makes me glad." Feng Xueya clasped his hands as he paced before him. There was clearly something on his mind.

After a while, he said, "The ancient dao technique you used today must be well protected. The execution of the technique has been observed by all. What is it called?"

"Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike."

Hearing this name, he lapsed into thought. "Since it is an ancient dao technique, then it must have a rich history. After all, you were able to use it to great effect even before entering the Jindan Dao Realm. I won't hide it from you. I have done research on sword dao techniques, and this dao technique is marvelous. It has already surpassed all the Jindan dao techniques that I possess."

Jindan dao techniques were far superior to ordinary dao techniques, and were extremely powerful.

And Feng Xueya had actually said that the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike surpassed all the dao techniques he knew.

Wu Yu took a deep breath. He had not known this dao technique was this powerful.

"You must use it well. Do not let that elder down," Feng Xueya said.

Wu Yu considered this. The Ghost-Faced Ape had said that the Heavenly Sword Sect was in danger. And Jiang Xie's challenge today had made Wu Yu realize it as well. In the future, the Heavenly Sword Sect would face many hurdles, and Feng Xueya shouldered a tremendous burden. He said, "Master, I would like to tell you the incantation, for you to also cultivate it and gain some power."

Feng Xueya had saved his life on many counts, changing his life forever. Since it was an ancient dao technique, and something better, Wu Yu was willing to give it to him in repayment.

But Feng Xueya shook his head decisively. "Don't joke. I, Feng Xueya, am the master. I will definitely not take what is my disciple's."

His attitude was firm and brooked no room for discussion. Wu Yu recalled his temper, and did not insist.

Feng Xueya was someone worth trusting. Ever since accepting him as his disciple, he had treated Wu Yu like kin.

"The Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike requires both yin and yang spiritual power. Even if I gave it to Master, he might not be able to cultivate it." Wu Yu only remembered this now.

He thought of something else, and hurriedly pulled out the immortal root-like crystal out, handing it over to Feng Xueya. He explained everything to Feng Xueya.

"Master, what is that?"

Wu Yu wanted him to appraise it.

Feng Xueya frowned and examined it for a long time. His expression changed, then changed again. Generally, he was pleased. He said, "You have really gained a great fortune amidst your disasters. Although, by my knowledge, immortal roots are not preserved for so long, and cannot return to an immortal root form after being laid down, but this crystal indeed has a quality about it that only belongs to immortal roots. And this is definitely an uncommon immortal root. Even I have never seen such an existence before. My guess is that this must have been the most precious thing of that ancestor, even more so than the ancient dao technique!"


Wu Yu had been worried, unsure if he had obtained an immortal root.

"You have much time to analyze it. Once you reach the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, I will bring other immortal roots for you to choose. Whether you choose it in the end depends on you. After all, there is still the possibility that it is not an immortal root. And if what you lay down is not an immortal root, then that will be troublesome."

On this matter, Feng Xueya would have Wu Yu weigh it for himself.

Of course, there was still time, no need to rush.

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