Chapter 1179: Unforgettable for Eternity

Most members of the mystical dragon tribe had bubbly personalities. This was especially so for the younger dragons, who loved to put on a show. 

They had been waiting for the Dragon Light Festival for some time. Now that night had fallen and the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas was basking in misty clouds and beautiful lights, the younger dragons couldn't be happier. They sang to their hearts' content or moved with the rhythm passionately and lively. This was a rare opportunity for them to do so in their otherwise serene lives. 

Luo Pin wasn't too old, so she could easily blend into the group. She wasn't that strict at most times and therefore the younger mystical dragons would all address her as “Sister Dragon Lord.” They had surrounded her in the middle, like stars that cupped themselves around the moon. 

On this night, she looked exceptionally beautiful. 

On the other side, the majority of the old dragons, who were in their declining years, couldn't get excited even though it was a holiday. For example, the seven Esteemed Elders were close to the limits of their long lives. However, they weren't confident in facing the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao. In fact, many of their ancestors had ends similar to theirs. Either they would exhaust their long lives or they made last-ditch attempts but died in the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao. 

Although Wu Yu was a human, Luo Pin still pulled him into the lively party. The fact was, the younger dragons were curious about Wu Yu. When they saw that beautiful Primordial Immortal Dragon circling around Wu Yu and protecting him in the middle, they were in awe with Luo Pin's bravery and couldn't help but be envious. At the same time, they were exceptionally gossipy. 

"Sister Dragon Lord, do you like that big brother?" A young Ruby-Horned Hell Dragon moved over and looked at Luo Pin with a strange look. 

"What do you think?" asked Luo Pin. 

"I feel that... You like him!" There was another young, pink dragon who was cute and adorable. 


Several other mystical dragons around them couldn't help but burst into laughter from their innocence and vivaciousness. 

Luo Pin was circling around Wu Yu, making him feel as though he was being suppressed by a domineering queen. That was a strange experience, and she had a domineering front. However, Wu Yu didn't feel uncomfortable over it. Instead, he felt warmth. 

That night, Wu Yu was basking in beautiful light and had a beautiful girl with him. He could hear light-hearted and cheerful laughter around him. The young dragons flew up and down, seemingly unaware of fatigue. Occasionally, they would look at Wu Yu and Luo Pin and burst into a commotion because of their intimate acts. The younger generations had more open personalities. Despite their elders constantly reminding them of the nobility of the mystical dragon tribe and how they should never become dao companions of other tribes since they were young, the fact that Wu Yu was able to conquer Luo Pin added a sense of mystery to them. Therefore, they were really curious about Wu Yu. 

In the night sky, the pearl-white mystical dragon lifted her head and asked Wu Yu, "Did you like it?" 

"Definitely. An unforgettable experience for eternity," Wu Yu replied with a smile. In his eyes, regardless of whether Luo Pin was a dragon or a human, it didn't matter. 

"Eternity is too long. Don't tell me you will forget about this in the future." 

"Regardless of how long eternity is, it still can't match your beauty at this moment." 

Although the light was glittering and strong, they only had each other in their eyes. 

No one knew who had given the young dragons the courage. Unknowingly, one of them started shouting, "Kiss." Soon after, over a thousand young dragons surrounded them, each with their eyes wide open and playful smiles across their faces, waiting to catch a show. 

"These kids!" Luo Pin didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She had initially thought the kids wouldn't be fond of Wu Yu. Therefore, she was surprised by what they were doing. Wu Yu made a few transformations before them, drawing more affection from them through play. 

Just as Luo Pin didn't know how to react and when Wu Yu was playing around with the young dragons, Wu Yu leaned forward and accelerated towards Luo Pin amidst the brilliant light around them. Before the anticipated eyes of the young dragons, he gave Luo Pin a deep kiss. It was so quick that Luo Pin could not react to it. At this moment, she went stiff. She was currently in her mystical dragon form, and for most humans, that would be too authoritative and majestic. However, Wu Yu wasn't affected by it. Perhaps he did shock her at that moment. 


The mystical dragon started cheering. A human kissing a mystical dragon was something that hadn’t happened in thousands of years.... 

Obviously, Wu Yu had done so in a moment of exuberance. 

He held her dragon head and didn't allow Luo Pin to break away. How could he possibly let her be the only dominant one tonight? 

However, he would have never expected that the moment he contacted Luo Pin, the snow-white dragon would transform amidst the white light. Eventually, Wu Yu was holding Luo Pin's face, and he was kissing her red lips instead of her dragon mouth. 

At that moment, Wu Yu wondered how many generations of fortune he had accumulated to find a girl like her who would revert back to her human form for him to kiss. Moreover, it was in a place like the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. 

He knew the pressure she would face if she chose to be with him very well. 

At that moment, feeling the warmth from her, Wu Yu immersed himself in her gentleness and beauty. Right before his eyes were her eyes. They were clear like crystals, untainted by anything. Her eyes were like a half-smile, and she had probably seen through Wu Yu's thoughts. When Wu Yu was reeling in shock, she took the initiative by pushing away Wu Yu's hands and pressing on his head. For the younger dragons, this scene was too exhilarating. 

Wu Yu wanted this moment to freeze forever when Luo Pin lifted her head, pursed her lips, and said, "How dare you do this to me in the public! If I don't show you what I'm capable of, you will probably think I'm an easy pushover!" 

What she meant by what she's capable of would be her taking back the initiative and forcing a kiss on Wu Yu. 

"Regardless, I only stand to gain!" Wu Yu regained his consciousness from a moment of blankness. Truth be told, that moment was dreamy. 

At the very least, those mystical dragons were cheering, screaming, and moving around rampantly at this point. 

The Dragon Light Festival was bustling with noise and excitement at this point. 

Surrounded by the mystical dragons, both of them stood face to face. Wu Yu was looking at her and she was staring back at Wu Yu. Perhaps they were head over heels in love. At this moment, Wu Yu couldn't get enough of seeing her. He wasn't willing to leave this place and be away from her. However, everything before him was telling him that he had to leave. 

Conquest, beauty, dao, immortal path. 

All of a sudden, this world was so vast to Wu Yu.

"This is truly an unforgettable moment for eternity," Wu Yu remarked. 

"Yeah, you got all the benefits this time." Luo Pin also had the flirtatious look, making Wu Yu understand that she had an adorable side to her. 

"Truth be told, that was your first time, right?" Wu Yu smiled sheepishly. 

"So what?" 

"Just feeling a little sorry for you that no one was interested in you before this." 

"So you are asking for a beating now?" 

As time passed, they had become more and more familiar with each other. She had also gotten used to jokes like this and wasn't mad at all. 

At that moment, Wu Yu looked at her and was certain she was the one for this lifetime. 

In Luo Pin's eyes, he saw the same. 

He wouldn't want anyone to disturb their perfect moment. Therefore, when the seven Esteemed Elders and the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon showed up, dousing cold water down the passionate atmosphere, Wu Yu was a little enraged. 

Those few old dragons coughed a few times and their expressions darkened. The young dragons who were chorusing previously could do nothing but quiet down. The night became silent all of a sudden, and the young dragons knew that the seven Esteemed Elders were against Wu Yu being with Luo Pin. Their elders had seen them cheering Wu Yu and Luo Pin on previously. When they got back, reprimands would be a given. 

It was especially so for Blood Thorn, Maple Feather, and Little Peach, who were the loudest previously. 

"Emperor Yu, the Dragon Light Festival is the most lively festival for our mystical dragon tribe. Are you aware of it?" the Dragon Monarch, the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon, asked Wu Yu plainly before the seven Esteemed Elders. 

"I do. It's really something. This time, my trip wasn't in vain." Wu Yu answered with a faint smile.


The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon said, "However, those dances and songs weren't the most exciting portion. Often, the most anticipated segment is a sparring match. In the past, the Dragon Lord and I would perform for the younger mystical dragons." 

"Oh?" Wu Yu nodded and said, "So, what you are saying is that you want to continue that tradition? However, the one performing would be you and I?" 

Direct, simple, or even just blunt. 

Everyone could tell that this was a confrontation between the two. 

The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon nodded and said, "The son of the Ancient Emperor is known for his incredible strength. It would be my honor to spar with you." 

When they spoke, they had not taken Luo Pin into account. 

"That would indeed liven up the festival. I'll just be watching from the side anyway. You guys can start any time." Wu Yu couldn't tell if Luo Pin was angry or happy. She shocked many dragons by not stopping this. Regardless, from her perspective, many believed that she wouldn't want Wu Yu to clash with the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon. 

However, Wu Yu could understand her. 

She wasn't an ordinary girl. She understood Wu Yu and knew that he was enraged because they had disrupted his perfect moment. She also knew that Wu Yu was confident when he had shown his decisiveness. This festival wasn't a confrontational one. Seeing that he had agreed to a sparring match, she clearly wanted the mystical dragon tribe to see if Wu Yu was truly deserving of her. 

Otherwise, those who had not seen would always doubt Wu Yu. In this world, only one's strength could truly convince others. 

"I'll activate a Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Minor Formation for you guys," Luo Pin instructed. She led the crowd of small dragons and retreated a far distance away. After which, under her control, a transparent sphere had Wu Yu and the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon surrounded. Half of it was immersed in seawater, while the other half was the sky. 

The space wasn't huge, but it was sufficient for a battle. 

As for those outside, they could still see the interior clearly. 

The seven Esteemed Elders stood outside the sphere. Luo Pin was casual and stood at the other end. Her eyes were on Wu Yu, while the seven Esteemed Elders were pinning their hopes on the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon. 

Around them were all the other mystical dragons. At this moment, they were holding their breaths while watching the Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Minor Formation. This battle carried huge significance. 

"I wouldn't want you to shut their mouths with your strength, but this is the only way," Luo Pin said behind Wu Yu. 

"It's alright. This is just a small matter. Today, I'd just like to teach the one who disrupted my unforgettable moment a lesson." 

Wu Yu entered the battlefield. 

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