Chapter 1178: Dragon Light Festival

"What's the matter?" asked Luo Pin. 

Wu Yu looked at the scenery before his eyes. Truth be told, he naturally wanted to be with his girl. 

However, reality wouldn't allow him to do so. 

He said, "The old dragons would not be happy with me here and would clash with me daily. And now, you will be facing the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao. It is of grave matter, and I'm most wary of miscellaneous matters affecting your mood. Therefore, before you become an immortal, I would rather choose to roam in the Ancient Demon Realm on my own. After you achieve immortalhood, I will fulfill my end of the promise. I will definitely look for you in the sky palaces. At that time, I will probably have a better understanding of the Ancient Emperor. At that time, I'll be more willing to stay with you for eternity and roam the world together." Luo Pin pursed her lips and said, "Sometimes, I feel really sorry about us. Why can't we be together when both of us have the intention to?" 

Wu Yu chuckled and answered, "A long time ago, I was just a mortal without any powers of the Immortal Dao. Even then, I knew that sometimes one couldn't be himself due to the circumstances. Now you are shouldering the responsibilities for the dragon tribe. Your life isn't just yours, and those kids still need you. Therefore, no one probably has absolute freedom. Nonetheless, we still have the right to pursue the freedom we so desire. I still believe the lack of freedom is all because we aren't sufficiently strong. When you reach the level that can control everything, no one will obstruct our freedom further." 

"Are you saying that once we achieve immortalhood, we will be sufficiently strong?" Luo Pin was intelligent and naturally had thought of matters after becoming an immortal. 

Wu Yu was daring as he reached out his arm, placed it on her shoulders, and pulled her closer. Just next to her, he said, "That's not a given. There are still heavenly rules and restrictions in heaven. Moreover, the Jade Emperor and the Heavenly Queen Mother are rumored to be fond of controlling all matters. It's unlikely that we would get absolute freedom. Nonetheless, we could still fight for it. Isn't living all about constant struggling? I guess the meaning of life lies in it. For now, we are mere mortals. Therefore, let's aim to become immortals first. As for what happens after that, we have to let heaven decide. These dreams are still too far from our control." 

Luo Pin leaned on his chest, tilted her head slightly, and looked at him. She smiled gently and said, "I couldn't tell that you were this thoughtful!" 

"Of course. I'm your man after all. At the very least, I have to be a little better than you in terms of wit and intelligence to have some advantage," Wu Yu joked. 

"Glib-tongued! Who allowed you to say that? In the mortal realm, I'm heavily bound. In the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, no one would agree with you saying you are my man now!" Luo Pin looked at the setting sun while mumbling. The beautiful light cascaded upon her, and he was moved to the brink of tears from the beauty in front of him. 

Wu Yu didn't smile while staring at her beautiful face. He said, "We have a long way ahead, and our dao could go even deeper. There will be a day when I convince everyone. Even if they don't want to, it won't matter. As long as I'm sufficiently strong, I won't have to be concerned with the opinions of ants." 

An ambition to grow had silently flourished after being with Luo Pin. This was like a gentle fire growing in intensity, or water boiling. 

"The path of immortals is fraught with danger. I wouldn't pursue eternal life. As long as I can live for 10,000 years with you by my side, I will have no regrets in life," said Luo Pin. 

At that moment, Wu Yu felt out of breath. If there was someone who chose to be with him for 10,000 years rather than having eternal life, there was no reason for him to not be a real man, to fight for her eternal life and be with her for eternity. 


He didn't know what to say for now and could only come up with a word. 

This response was sufficient. Luo Pin knew his stance and that he would risk all things to make it happen. 

Both of them leaned on each other as they watched the clouds change before their eyes. They kept silent for a long time, but their hearts were conversing silently. Their sounds of their heartbeats were so close and clear. When he first saw her, Wu Yu had many thoughts in mind. He was constantly thinking of being with her. However, after thinking about it, he wasn't sure if he could survive until he met her in the sky palaces. Even if he was confident, he would choose to be cautious. This wasn't the right time.

His love for her was real. The feelings that originated from the bottom of his heart compelled him to choose letting Luo Pin have a better future. Nonetheless, he would fight for it. It was just that he wouldn't want to make a grave promise to her when he didn't have anything yet. 

He had probably overthought things. When his hand got a little naughty, Luo Pin stared daggers at him. She had been the Lord of the Four Seas for a long time and her dominance couldn't be masked. With just a glare, Wu Yu retracted his hands quickly. Just touching was arduous, let alone taking a further step....

"Hehe...." Wu Yu smiled awkwardly. 

"I'll be yours in the end. Why be in a hurry?" Luo Pin bit her lips, making her look even more mesmerizing. 

"Since you will be mine, can't I advance for something?" 

"This wouldn't do. All I'm hearing are fanciful words. I have yet to see any practical action. When we meet in the sky palaces, you can start having these little thoughts." The truth was, Luo Pin was shy too. It was especially so as her face blushed.

Wu Yu knew this too. She dearly wanted to meet Wu Yu again in the sky palaces. Therefore, she was dropping hints to Wu Yu, hoping he would be more motivated. This was what she really wanted too.

"In heaven, if you aren't around, I'll stay alone forever." She turned solemn suddenly as she stared at Wu Yu seriously. 

"Unless I'm dead, I will definitely appear before you," answered Wu Yu.

He didn't know if this was an oath of their eternal love. However, he would definitely achieve it unless he died and vanished from this world for good.

"Alright, I'll remember it." From a blushed face, her eyes were turning teary. 

"Don't cry. In my impression, you would never tear up." Wu Yu was a flustered. 

Luo Pin smiled soon after and said, "Alright. Let me maintain my high and saintly image in your mind. After all, many are saying I'm preying on someone younger. Controlling a little brother like you would be an easy task." 

"That's right. You are really fortunate to find a young man like me," Wu Yu laughed.

"Are you asking for a beating?" 

"Spare my life! Haha...." 

Who would have thought that the two people with the highest authority in this world, Emperor Yu and the Lord of the Four Seas, would be fooling around like this in the Dragon Lord Palace?

"You came at the right time. In two days, it will be the Dragon Light Festival of our mystical dragon tribe. It will be really lively. After all, the few thousand mystical dragons are all in the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas almost all the time. We rarely interact with those outside. Every event each year is lively and raucous." 

Wu Yu could understand. To put it simply, they were using festivals to liven up their place. 

Although the mystical dragons were immortal beasts, there were too few of them. Just a few thousand was pitifully little. Although the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas was huge, one would be familiar with all the places if one were to live in it for several years. 

"At that time, the teenagers will sing, dance, and play some games. It is always fun and lively each year. You should join us too." Luo Pin looked at him in anticipation. 

"Sure. I'm great at those things!" 

"Stop blowing your trumpet. I might just get you to do a solo performance, then." 

For the rest of the day, Wu Yu was kept in the Dragon Lord Palace by Luo Pin as though he was a lady. Both of them played around, chatted, and shared their encounters over the past year. Time passed by quickly. 

When they talked about the Ancient Emperor, Luo Pin said, "I also feel that he has had countless opportunities to make his move if he truly harbored ulterior motives against you. Since he hasn't done so, perhaps we might have overthought things." 

"Did you manage to contact your ancestors from the sky palaces?" asked Wu Yu. 

"Not at all. I can't reach them and I haven't heard anything from them. It has been a long time since we were able to contact those above." Luo Pin shook her head. 

The matters of the Ancient Emperor still weren't clear. Regardless, Wu Yu rarely showed up in the Jambu Realm and therefore the issue wasn't grave. If he could get other ancient demon stones, he might be able to enter other realms. 

"Stellar Realm, Divine Battle Realm, Ancient Demon Realm, Immortal Sword Realm... There are so many realms out there. If I wasn't so close to facing the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, I would really want to accompany you around to solve the mysteries around these realms."


"Don't think about it. Focusing on getting through the calamity is the most important thing," Wu Yu responded. 

The time they had together always passed by quickly. To not affect her, Wu Yu had thought of leaving after the Dragon Light Festival. Only when he left could Luo Pin be fully focused on the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao.

He had also spoken to Luo Pin on this.

The truth was, Luo Pin was unwilling to part with Wu Yu.

However, for their future, she endured it. After all, the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao was really important. If she was careless in the slightest, she would perish in it. She could still vividly remember her failure and the blow she had taken from the calamity previously. 

Therefore, she wanted the Dragon Light Festival to be a little more light-hearted. Regardless, she didn't have to be in charge of the festival personally. On that day, the entire Dragon Palace of the Four Seas would be well lit. At night, the mystical dragons would all be in their dragon forms, flying and hovering around the newly-built, dreamy stage. The stage was a huge crystal floating on the sea, glowing in colorful and beautiful light. On this day, the young dragons would be running and playing around, and couldn't be happier.

It was about time, so Luo Pin led Wu Yu to where the others had gathered. Luo Pin had arrived in her dragon form, and all of them would remain in the mystical dragon forms for today. Only Wu Yu was from the human tribe. When Wu Yu saw several thousand mystical dragons gathered at the same place, the scene was majestic and stunning. 

"The Dragon Lord is here." 

"Sister Dragon Lord!" 

When the mystical dragons saw the protagonist of this grand event, they were exhilarated. However, when they saw Wu Yu beside Luo Pin, their expressions changed a little. Wu Yu could tell from the gazes of young dragons that the majority of them were more curious about him than they were against him. As for the more senior dragons, their animosity towards Wu Yu was clearly more apparent. 

"I heard that there are many human tribe members in the external world!" 

"Other than the human tribes, there are demons. Some demons live in the seas, but their bloodlines aren't as precious and noble as immortal beasts like us." 

"But I heard that Emperor Yu of the human tribe is also very powerful! As powerful as our seven Esteemed Elders! He's the son of an immortal!" 

"Is he as powerful as the Dragon Monarch, then? I heard that the Dragon Monarch isn't any weaker than our Dragon Lord!" 

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