Chapter 1177: Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation

"Go on and play."

Many of the mystical dragons returned to their business, but the young dragons were unwilling to go, staring curiously at Wu Yu. Luo Pin could only shoo them away with a smile.

"Yes, Big Sister Dragon Lord."

They nodded, but turned back after a few steps to continue staring at Wu Yu. They must’ve been extremely curious about the strange relationship between him and Luo Pin.

In the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, the sea below and clouds above were all pristine and beautiful. Some palaces shone like jewels at the bottom of the clear sea floor. Others floated like sky palaces in the white clouds. The mystical dragons weaved through them and played in a carefree manner, while the older dragons sprawled lazily, enjoying some peace.

Luo Pin led him from the water region to the clouds. She asked, "This is where I grew up. What do you think of it?"

Wu Yu said, "It's no exaggeration to call it heaven on earth." Luo Pin smiled slightly, tutting, "You're just saying sweet things to make me happy."

"Not at all. Only heaven could produce an angel like you."

His words sounded mushy, but they were straight from his heart.

"Alright, then. I'll take you to a few other places. They are all places that I like to go to."

The Dragon Palace of the Four Seas was huge, and one could not immediately see its ends. Within the clouds and sea region, there were many more marvels. Some places were covered in rainbows, while others were filled with star-like crystals. Some were within the clouds, while others were in caves. There were even waterfalls that flowed straight from the clouds. There were many beautiful places that took one's breath away.

Of course, no matter where Wu Yu went, there were mystical dragons surreptitiously watching him from a distance. In private, the discussions were heated. If not for Luo Pin's instructions, they would probably crowd even closer.

"Don't mind them. They've never seen life forms besides mystical dragons, which is why they're curious," Luo Pin explained affectionately.

Wu Yu smiled. Such a small thing did not bother him at all.

"Now that I think of it, the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas is not big. In just half a day, I've just about brought you everywhere."

Wu Yu said with deep feeling, "To me, it doesn't matter where I am, as long as you are by my side. You are the most beautiful scenery."

Luo Pin blushed slightly to hear this. She said, "You've become naughty. Learning so many honeyed words - are you up to something?"

Wu Yu laughed gaily. "Perhaps. Each moment without you feels like three autumns have passed. Now that I've finally met you again, standing here and behaving myself is already the height of self-discipline."

He indeed longed to take this beauty into his arms, but they were still in public, and many were watching.

"Less wayward thoughts," Luo Pin said, throwing him a look. Then she said, "Come to my Dragon Lord Palace. It's quieter there."

Although she had said less wayward thoughts, she was looking for a quieter place. Could she be....

He could not keep his thoughts proper if he tried.

Dragon Lord Palace was her resting chamber, and naturally only she could enter. No other mystical dragon had entered before. When Luo Pin brought Wu Yu into Dragon Lord Palace, there was a huge uproar within the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas.

"Grandfather! Grandfather! They're in! They went in!"

At another palace in the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, the seven Esteemed Elders and the middle-aged Shackled-God Rogue Dragon had been brooding for a long time. Suddenly, three young dragons ran in. One was a Ruby-Horned Hell Dragon. He was crimson all over, and had a single blood-colored horn. One was a Maple-Leaf Zephyr Dragon, whose body was covered in maple leaf-shaped scales, a beautiful sight. And there was another pink dragon, petite and cute. It was a Peach-Blossom Snow Dragon. The three young dragons had run in, hollering like children.

"Blood Thorn, Maple Feather, Little Peach, what are you three chattering about? Who's gone in?" the Ruby-Horned Hell Dragon admonished them.

Blood Thorn was the young Ruby-Horned Hell Dragon. He said loudly, "Grandfather, Father told me to come tell you. He said that Big Sister Dragon Lord brought the human into Dragon Lord Palace! They looked really happy."

The Peach-Blossom Snow Dragon was a girl, and her eyes were shining. "That human is handsome, and Big Sister Dragon Lord is pretty. Do they like each other? But doesn't Uncle Dragon Monarch like Big Sister?" Her eyes were round and innocently ignorant as they looked at the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon.

"Get out, all of you!" another elder dragon with a temper trumpeted, scaring the three young dragons, who ran out cringing.

The atmosphere here became extremely suffocating after the three left. The Ruby-Horned Hell Dragon ripped the arms off his chair immediately, raging, "What is up with Luo Pin!? She was not like this before! Why is she so stubborn now? So impertinent! A human? In Dragon Lord Palace?! Blasphemy! She doesn't treat us seniors with respect! How shall we deal with this?!"

The Violet-Star Cosmic Dragon said, "How can we deal with it? Remove her from the Dragon Lord position? Cast her out of the mystical dragon tribe? What use is that? Firstly, she is a rare Primordial Immortal Dragon. Secondly, she is the current Dragon Lord, and it was us who chose her. Thirdly, she is about to become immortal and rise to the sky palaces. This is the most crucial moment for her. If we make her unhappy or oppose her, accidents might happen to her. If she dies during the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, all of us elders will bear a crushing sin!"

The Violet-Star Cosmic Dragon voiced out the difficulty of their position.

"But does this mean that we have to tolerate her wanton ways? Let her throw away our pride and be a bad example to the children?" the Raging-Seas Nautical Dragon thundered.

"This Wu Yu is the son of the Ancient Emperor. He's too hard to deal with. We can't kill him, can we? If we do, the Ancient Emperor will probably wipe out our entire tribe."

Their faces were grim.

"It's understandable. She has spent all her life in the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. The first time she left, she almost lost her life. It's said that this Wu Yu helped her get the Precursor Dragon Scale and saved her life. No matter what, he's her savior," the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon said in a morose voice, looking outwards.

"We feel sad for you as well. All these years, you have shown her great care, but she has always treated you as an elder brother. We elders hoped that you two could reach immortalhood as a couple. That would have been ideal. But this Wu Yu barged onto the scene."

They all felt regretful.

"We should believe in her. She promised us that she would not let the tribe down before attaining immortality. She wants freedom after immortalhood," the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon rumbled.

"Alright. Sheesh. In the end, we are very satisfied with her on all counts, save this Wu Yu. Why would she like this Wu Yu...."

The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon thought it over. "Isn't it the Dragon Light Festival in another two days?"

"It is. We are all preparing for it. An annual occasion that brings rare cheer, but this Wu Yu came. A real wet blanket."

"What are you thinking?" the Ruby-Horned Hell Dragon asked the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon.

The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon rubbed his chin. "I can't touch Luo Pin. But that Wu Yu, he's improved a lot. I'm thinking that if he can defeat me at this time, I will be convinced. The Ancient Emperor's progeny will prove to be something special."

"You want to fight him?"

"An exchange of skills. I have to state my attitude somehow, in some way. Given the nature of that Wu Yu, I don't believe that he won't participate. This is the time. While he's progressing quickly and arrogant, there is a chance."

"You speak rightly. If we don't take some wind out of his sails, he will not want to leave. If he doesn't leave, he will be a bad influence on both Luo Pin and the younger dragons."

The seven Esteemed Elders and the Dragon Monarch looked towards Dragon Lord Palace, their minds made up.

At this moment, Wu Yu and Luo Pin were at the highest spot in Dragon Lord Palace. They were sitting on a tall tower, the Defensive Spirit Design right above their heads. It was a multi-colored cloud. As they sat below it, they could see the sea and clouds below them, and the many mystical dragon palaces. They could also see the mystical dragons moving about below. Their vision was unhindered at such a high spot.

They were at the highest point in the clouds. Luo Pin was sitting on this high platform, her lovely legs dangling in the air. Wu Yu was by her side, not a chi[1] away from her. They took in the scenery together.

"This spirit design is called Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation. It is said that the mystical dragon ancestors in the sky palaces created it. I can control it, but not tune the fine details. But in truth, it is powerful enough in the Jambu Realm. This is also the reason why I say that the Ancient Emperor cannot enter here," Luo Pin told him proudly.

Wu Yu separated out a bit of his Primordial Spirit and used the Spirit Penetration Art to roam about the spirit design. It was indeed as complicated as the Yan Huang kingdom border spirit design. Of course, because Yan Huang's kingdom border spirit design was so huge, it suffered a little on the whole in terms of defenses. As for Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation, it was closely knit, and therefore an immortal spirit design of the highest quality.

Besides, it was quite deadly as well. If one stumbled into it, the first time it would toss you out. A second intrusion would reduce you to dust immediately.

Looking at this spirit design, Wu Yu was put at ease regarding Luo Pin's safety. The Ancient Emperor likely could not touch this place. After all, Luo Pin was his greatest attachment in the Jambu Realm now. If there was anyone else, it might be Nangong Wei.

But he could no longer change Nangong Wei.

"I want to say that if you think the Ancient Demon Realm is dangerous, you can stay here in the future as well. Until you become an immortal. I can wait for you. If I smoothly pass the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, I can wait before ascending. I hear that for the ascension of immortal beasts, the ancestors personally come from the sky palaces to escort us, so there should be some flexibility in time," Luo Pin said both tenderly and hopefully.

This was definitely her wish.

But Wu Yu shook his head resolutely.

1. ⅓ of a meter or 13.1 inches

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